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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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appearance wednesday morning. david schuman: "more information is expected to come out regarding what exactly happened friday night when metro holds a press conference tomorrow morning at 930. on the strip..david schuman ch13 action news" supers: david schuman, las vegas boulevard (44-49) run 55 we're staying on top of a developing story right now in north las vegas where police are investigating a murder. according to police.. a woman's body was found after call. action news reporter stephanie zepelin has the latest from the scene. it's been seven hours since i domestic call lead police here to ferguson, where one woman was killed and one man taken into custody. we're still waiting for more information but here's what we do know. they got the call around 945 this morning i when they came the woman was already dead. the man is being considered a suspect and there considering the situation a domestic but they still won't tell us how the man in the woman knew each other. they will say they've been called out to this house before and there were several people including children inside the home at the time of the
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we don't know how the woman died or what the motive for this crime may have been. we're waiting for more information. they said they're going to use the previous visits to this house as part of their investigation new hope for homeowners.... with solar panels.. n-v energy's on board with "grandfathering" in people..... with n-v energy's on board with "grandfathering" in folks who made investments in solar..... with lower rates. they announced it..... just after the p-u-c voted to continue discussing the possiblity..... of keeping those lower rates..... for some customers. action news reporter parker collins attended the meeting. he tweeted this picture.. of the overflow! attendees had some.,... pretty strong words! take sot no super 10:28:27 screw you! we don't want you anymore the vast majority in the room.... own solar panels. many are retired... and... worry that the new rates for the p-u-c's hearing about...
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february eighth. a major solar company here in the valley wants to take the fight over the new solar rates straight to voters.. after it was forced to stop operations in nevada. it follows a p-u-c decision to change the rates for tens of thousands of n-v energy customers. action news reporter marissa kynaston explains how the future of hundreds of employees could ultimately be in the hands of voters. take pkg sot lyndon rive, ceo solarcity nevada has essentially lost all its solar jobs ceo of solar city-- lyndon rive-- took to the streets today-- joining the 550 employees he was forced to lay off-- after the pucs decision to hike up solar rates in nevada. solar city-- and other rooftop solar companies-- are hoping they can gather enough support-- to reverse parts of the pucs decision. a decision that affected over a thousand solar employees. take sot jack mcclary partner, radiant solar solutions of nevada we've had to have people file for unemployment, they don't know how they'll make
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how to feed their families. in order to reverse parts of that puc decision-- a petition that seeks a referendum would pucs decision prevented competition-- and prevented consumer choice-- so he doesnt think the public will vote against it. sot lyndon rive i think the referendum will allow those rules to be undone and solar can come back to nevada and we can, again, be one of the top states in the country marissa tag signitures for that referendum will start in april-- at that time solar city officials will be contacting everybody that showed their support from today-- theyll need 55 thousand signitures. reporting at town square-- mk-- ch13an. new at -6-... a push for new tourists.... in our city. here's a live look.... at mc- carran. soon we could see more tourists.... from india walking through... those halls. lt. governor hutchinson is opening a new travel nevada office.... in new dehli. according to the release..
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in the world. based on growing tourism numbers.. it's safe to assume the economy in other parts of the nation is showing improvement. but down on the ground.. a lot of people who work at those resorts.. and elsewhere in las vegas.. apparently aren't feeling it. action news reporter lesley marin has details on a new report that says nevada is one of the worst states for 'financial security.' we may have been 36th to join the union--- but today the silver state came in at 48th...when it comes to the financial security of residents. (nats) one person who can tell you just hard it's been-- father of six-- ricci meeks. 12:23:40-:23:51 today meeks is back at job connect-- it's been 6 months since he's had employment. 12:24:13-:24:17 "i've jus been out here struggling just trying to make ends meet for my family" but meeks isn't the only one-- according to a new assets and opportunity scored card-- nevada gets an "f" when it comes homeownership, wages for employees and
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show one in 3 people are still unemployed or seeking work in north las vegas. we sat down with financial expert jeremy aguero-- who says its all because the recession hit us harder. 12:58:30-:58:36 "many people just didn't get back to the jobs they had before all of that is just a part of the community were living in" so could this be the new normal for nevadans?
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our valley. here's a live look outside..... of a beautiful night. meteorologist karla huelga is joining us from the weather center now. karla.. is this wind gone... for good? the breezy winds we've seen today will taper off a bit tonight, before picking back up tomorrow afternoon. expect sustained wind speeds between 10-15 miles per hour tomorrow, with highs in the upper 50s and sunny skies. high pressure will be in control of the forecast through most of saturday, which means warmer temperatures are on the way. highs will rise to the low 60s on wednesday, mid 60s on thursday and upper 60s for friday and saturday. new at -6- tonight....
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cacti.... at "saguaro national park". right now... park officials do not have any suspects. the vandals could face felony charges. still ahead.. find out where you can get a day of free skating lessons for your children. plus.. a death in the family leaves a woman owing money she doesn't just vacate the property and lose my family's home find out why she says they've become squatters in thier own home. coming up... from contact -13- tonight... the construction boom.. means good news for.... renters here in the valley. and.... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers... any weekday.... between -11- am and -1- pm. our hotline number is....
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now an update on allegations against musician chris brown. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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metro says it has ended its investigation into claims by a woman that he punched.. and all charges are being dropped. metro says there isn't enough evidence in the case. the woman claims it happened a few weeks ago during a party at the palms. new at six.. a new medicial marijuana shop is opening... in las vegas. it's located.... at the corner of sahara and rainbow. this saturday.... "the source" is hosting.... an open house and green ribbon cutting.
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also new at -6-. free ice skating lessons.... in las vegas! "the fiesta rancho sobe ice arena" is celebrating national skating month tomorrow..... tomorrow..... at 3:30 and goes for two hours. "the fiesta ranch sobe ice arena" is on the corner of carey and rancho. still ahead.. more on an unusual set of circumstances that led to a woman becoming a squatter.. in her own home. plus... chipping away.... at the california coast. massive waves are leaving homes.... dangerously close.... to falling into the ocean. t's a series of issues, none of which is truly catastrophic, but when you take them together, they are clearly outpacing whar the city can do to respond the unusual measures officials are taking.... to get help. and.. in queens.. a rough morning commute. city streets are covered in snow and not a plow in sight. and residents are fuming!
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at the california coast. in dramatic drone video.... you can see... several yards of a cliff... in pacifica.... fall away.. right at the base of some apartments. two complexes have been condemmed. now... officials are watching.... a third. i don't think even we knew how bad it was until yesterday or the day before when it actually
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people's houses are now on the edge of the cliff. the waves are expected to slam the coast for another month or so.. further exposing homes.... to the ocean. pacifica's city manager has declared.... a "state of emergency". new at six... a new perspective on the problem with squatters around the valley. looking at this home.. you wouldn't think it's own home. action news anchor jessica janner explains why the homeowner may be in an impossible situation. "i'm basically a sqatter in my own home" family photos on the wall, report cards on the fridge even a fresh brew of morning coffeee.... a long history within these four walls but patricia knows she doesnt belong here nats- knock "we grabbed the soda, cigarettes, it was just a mess i had no time to prepare." -- patricia wingfield, squatter patricia's dad took out a reverse mortgage on the house nine years ago... and when he died in 2012 it was
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she admits she wasn't on top of things... letting it get to this point. paperwork shows the bank has tried to collect on the debt for at least four years... money patricia says she simply doesn't have. "what would you like me to do? just vacate the property and lose my family's home" nats when constables kicked the family out, they left... but afterwards broke back in through an open window. standup - the family is trying to be discreet, even taking her kids out through the side fence. "but at this point, the fact that the homeowner ows the bank money, the bank is really calling the shots." -- steve budin, financial analyst the best advice? talk to the banks sooner than later to avoid father wouldn't want me on the street. but it does look like patricia's only option is to move out and let the banks sell the home... what patricia and her husband and four kids are doing now is illegal and could be considered trespassing. jessica janner channel 13 action news.
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what's left of winter storm jonas.... made for a rough commute.... this morning!!! this bus.... in queens, new york..... couldn't quite make it through an intersection. residents there say.... they had to dig out their own once.... all weekend. but in nashville.. in her white dress and snow boots... jessica reed married her fiance john pyle. the couple met.... there... on the anniversary of their first meeting. they turned to facebook.... to get jessica a fur coat.... when the storm moved in. the couple said.... their "i do's".... in the middle of a blizzard. the breezy winds we've seen today will taper off a bit tonight, before picking back up tomorrow afternoon. expect sustained wind speeds
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10-15 miles per hour tomorrow, with highs in the upper 50s and sunny skies. high pressure will be in control of the forecast through most of saturday, which means warmer temperatures are on the way. highs will rise to the low 60s on wednesday, mid 60s on thursday and upper 60s for friday and saturday. partly cloudy skies are expected each afternoon. the winds will pick up to the breezy category on saturday, ahead of our next system which will bring more cloud cover and chances for rain on sunday, along with cooler air. highs will drop to the low 60s on sunday and along with the chance for scattered showers,
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monday will see a cool down to the mid 50s, windy conditions and a little clearing by the afternoon. time now... for the latest consumer news...
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honda faces a class action lawsuit... with its electrical wiring!!! a courthouse news service report says... drivers from -3- states have they claim... breach of warranty.. after honda refused to cover caused by rabbits... mice... and squirrels... chewing.... on soy- based through 20-15... honda vehicles. there's some some good news for renters... in 20-16. the cost of your rental... bit. in fact... real estate website... "zillow"... it expects...
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to slow dramatically... to an annual rate... of only -1- point -1- percent for the year. one major reason:... contractors went on a building if you want to see the superbowl in person.. get ready to dig deep into your pocket. the average resale price for one ticket to see the carolina panthers play the denver broncos on february 7th is now $5,178. according to ticket price tracker 'seatgeek'.. a pair of club seats near midfield have already sold for $12,100 each. that makes then the most expensive seats sold so far. super bowl 50 will be played in levi's stadium in santa clara, california. coming up.. details on how you can land one of 200 job openings up for grabs in las vegas. plus.. a florida man is on a mission... to put an end to a mystery.... he says.... has been un-solved for two years! he's hoping what you're about to see is enough to help get valuable memories.... back in the hands of the rightful owners.... and.. uber is launching a new food delivery service.
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anytime soon in las vegas. you're watching channel 13.... action news... where "you ask, and we investigate".
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off.
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i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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tt2w>rxli @%o j# h_< tt2w>rxli @%!!*n 8_t tt2w>rxli @%4!j# ni tt2w>rxli @%x#*&`:igt tt2w>rxli @%t#j'`:]g0 tt2w>rxli @%t#j)`:v't tt2w>rxli @%p#j*`:arxli @%p#j,`: f( tt2w>rxli @%l#*.`:)o$ tt2w>rxli @%l#*0`:2yl turning to the media.. hoping to reunite some newlyweds with a few of their wedding pictures. jeff rosner says he found these wedding pictures mistakenly mixed in with his order.. but the ft. myers walmart couldn't track down the family. he's been holding on to them for the past two years.. hoping one clue will solve the mystery. it's a picture of a man who was somehow involved in the wedding. he's either a limo driver or a bartender or something, but his path and my path have crossed rosner says he's holding on to the hope that somone from the wedding party might see the picture.. and get the photos back to the rightful owners. "uber" is expanding its services! the ride-sharing service is launching a food delivery service.... in -10- cities... and... they promise to deliver meals.... in -10- minutes or less. the service will come as a stand alone app.... by march.
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we'll let you know.... if that changes though! -3- new medical marijuana dispensaries are opening soon.... here in the valley and... the company behind it.... is looking to hire -1- hundred -25- workers! "terra tech" is set to open the dispensaries.... this march. there's -7- different positions... everything from a "bud-tender".... to delivery drivers. if you're interested... you can still apply... on-line. the m resort needs to fill 90 spots before summer. they're holding a three-day job fair. it starts tomorrow inside the ravello lounge at the m resort. for a list of all local job fairs.. and links to apply.. check out our website.. next on action news live at 6:30.. a prison break-out that looks more like a blowout. we'll show you the explosion before 60 inmates race to freedom. plus.. getting to the hospital in a blizzard is no small feat... we'll show you... how a communtiy comes together to help a mom-to-be... about to give birth..
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blizzard of 2016. we'll show you some of the mess caused by old man winter. plus... the race for the white house the candidates are feeling... the pressure. but first..
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right now for 3 inmates..
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