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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  January 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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on boise state tomorrow night. it's going to be decked out in red uniforms. make sure you make it out to the thomas and mack. >> it's going to be a sea of red. if you don't have red, go shopping right now. thank for spending your morning with us. i'm dao vu. >> i'm shawn tempesta. make sure you get your red on or just wash your browns with your lights and it will come out red. >> coming up today on "the morning blend" from a triple lungs to a double-actionel learn how to ice skate like a champion for free. >> we're going to go where time standing still. >> first up the roots in the community run deep. america first credit union continues to partner with and support many local charities and organizations. >> including highlighting someone special in our community
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here with more is nicole cypers, as well as dawn newburg, the chief development and operations officer of opportunity village. she is here to accept on behalf of the january give back winner. her name is linda smith. welcome to both of you. how are you? >> great to see you. >> let's start with you. america first, you do so much in the community in southern nevada and you have an exciting announcement about a new location. >> we are opening another branch location in downtown summerlin. >> oh. >> we're excited to launch that. the branch will open up february 22nd, so next month. and we'll do our grand opening celebration the following week, beginning february 29th. >> congratulations. that means more jobs here in the valley. >> yes. >> that opens up in february. >> yes. >> and, of course, you'll do a huge party. >> we'll have a big celebration, so watch for more information on that. we're excited to be adding a location in summerlin. >> that brings you to 14 locations in southern nevada.
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in the durango location is being well served. so let's talk about financial transactions being made easier with america first. i know you have apple pay, but you're adding more to the -- >> we recently added samsung and android pay. now members have additional options for their mobile wallet. and what's neat about apple, samsung and android is that it's safe and secure. it gives members another option to be able to use their cards but not have to worry about their name, their identity, their -- you know, all that personal information, and their card number being out there. it's a more secure way, uses a token where it's a code that the transaction is processed through but doesn't have any of your personal information. >> what can you pay on that? >> what can you pay? anything out and about. i ran into a situation recently where they said they were out to dinner and that they both realized her husband is like i
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and he is like do you have it? and she says i have the diaper bag, i don't have anything. so he was able to pay for dinner on his phone. >> how much embarrassment. the beauty is when it does make that -- instead of sending your card number it gives a one time code and it's done. so heaven forbid somebody were to get that code -- >> love it. the wallet is exciting. we're happy to offer that to our members. >> you can download that easily. >> yes, from the app store, download the apps if you're an android or iphone user, whatever one works for you, and use it on your phone. >> every single month we do a thing with you called give back. you award someone in the community for all the work they do. and this month we awarded opportunity village. >> yes. >> $500. >> thank you. >> what did you think when you got the call? >> i was just -- first of all on behalf of opportunity village i
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it's a wonderful opportunity for us and to recognize what we do in the community, i just can't thank you enough. >> you're here on behalf of linda smith, the one who was ma'am nateed. >> i am, yes. >> tell us about the good that linda has done in the community. >> linda has been six years with opportunity village, she has been there for 30 years. she started opportunity village but actually opportunity village has been in the community for 60 years. but she has single-handedly made opportunity village what it is today. we have the fabulous events, the magical forest we were talking about. >> and you're -- >> she is raised funds for opportunity village, over $300 million. >> wow. >> in the years in a she has been there. >> can you talk about the programs that you have? >> absolutely. we're 80% self funded. we provide job training and job placement for over 2,000 adults
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we have an employment resource center for draft training. each one of our campuses we're the second largest in the state of nevada. we make over 6,000 cookies a week. lots of things we do at opportunity village. >> do you have quality control on the cookie side? >> i'm a taste tester. >> the dream job. and really the work that you do and the fundraising is incredibly important to continue that work. >> absolutely. we do need the funds. they go back into the programs to make sure they are the best offer. >> and nicole has a check she would like to present to you. >> yes, i'm excited to be here today to present you with the $500 check, america first has been involved in opportunity village in the past with the magical forest. it's a honor to be able to recognize you this month as our give back winner and all the community. >> thank you so much. on behalf of opportunity village honor.
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you're giving back to the community. this is the third year now? >> yes. >> my goodness. and this is something that you -- wherever america first is you always try to give back where you are. people helping people. it's an opportunity for us to give back and have a presence in the community where we do business. >> and you have 14 locations? >> soon to be 14. currently 13. >> 14 with hammers on it right now. >> yes. >> it's a pleasure having both of you. thank you so much. >> to nominate someone deserving go to or america back. >> america first credit union has 13 locations in southern nevada, soon to be 14 with the new one in downtown summerlin. for more information head to the website or call the number on your screen. >> much more to come on the blend including where to skate for free.
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stay there. it's a new year so why not start with a tight you. thanks to cutting edge technology bring back your beauty no matter your age. here with more deshani fitch, good morning to you and welcome. >> good morning to you, too. >> let's talk about some of the services you offer to make people look good and feel good, as well. let's start with instalift. >> instalift is a procedure that we do to tighten, lift and contour the face. it's primarily a treatment that we do with ultrasound and radio frequency. and there is some of the bullet points on the picture.
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with instalift, it's excellent for anybody. and for the first time we are offering a great special on this. it normally goes for a thousand dollars but we have brought it down. >> fantastic. and who would be a good candidate for instalift? >> it can be anybody from 25 all the way to about 60, 55, 60, even further, 65. >> it depends. >> there is no down time and that means what. >> no down time meaning you're not going to be red, you're not going to be swollen, you're going to walk out there as if you had a facial but you are getting a very intense face tightening treatment. >> and let's talk about instay tight. >> it's very much the same thing. the only difference is the energy. we treat both genders, whoever has the problem and wants to tighten, contour and lift it. >> do you find that men are coming to see you more often
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>> yes, they seem to be calling a lot more but they are a little shy. please come on in. >> obviously you keep everything confidential. >> absolutely. and we do want to encourage men because men do have the same problems that women do. they just don't like to come into a place that is primarily full of women. but i'm sure once they come in they're going to be very comfortable with it. >> and we can see the results, so great befores and great afters. >> right. and i think especially for men their issue is right here. and the neck, which gets that way, so that's probably the primary concern. >> its concerns is the eye area. >> we just put one on there. and this is a very common problem with all kinds of men and women. and we do this treatment with several different devices that operate on radio frequency,
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tighten the area around the skin. it actually looks amazing even after the first treatment, but you do require -- we recommend three sessions to get up to results. >> it's a series of sessions and you get the best results if you do all three. >> yes, if you think about it you get that way after years of -- underneath your eyes. it's impossible to go in there and treat it the first time. you have to keep coming back at least two times to get the optimized result. >> how far apart should you wait for the treatments? >> i would suggest three weeks to be at a good place to get it treated again. >> and some people want to go as soon as possible but you encourage three weeks. >> right, or they forget about it and think the first treatment a second one. but you need the second one to make sure you don't get the same problem again. >> now let's talk about some of your other signature treatments.
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>> i'm waiting until it comes on. wrinkle reduction, age spots and and -- >> what are your hours? >> hours are monday to friday, 10:00 to 5:00, saturdays by special appointment only. >> when people come in do they get a free consultation? with me. nobody else does the consultations. i'm the only one that does the consulting. >> and when it comes to these series of treatments that you do, you should complete all to get the best results? >> exactly. it's like you don't want to stop in the middle of an antibiotic when the doctor gives you an antibiotic, you want to finish it. that way you know you won't get the problem back. it's the same thing with noninvasive skin tightening. you have to finish the recommended sessions that we prescribe to you in order to get your best results. >> and you have some special
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for the first time ever in the new year. >> you can see it on your screen for those specials. and when people come in for whether it's instalift, instatight, how long does the procedure take? >> about 60 minutes. and they're in and out of there, and there is nobody needs to drive them, nobody needs to take care of them. they're fine. >> so when people come, they can drive themselves. >> absolutely. >> not going to be put out. >> not at all all. >> and when it comes to seeing results typically you can see it immediately? >> absolutely. and if anybody needs to find out testimonials we have a blog, and we have facebook that a lot of people that have come from facebook go and put their reviews. so between the two of that i think we're pretty tight at my >> fantastic. obviously can see the befores and afters online. thank you so much. >> would you mention the one time special. >> yes, of course, we will do
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right now at my tight face lip sculpt much is $99. instalift is $499. new age thermage is $900 with three consecutive treatments. that's a deal that has never been offered before. the savings right there on your screen and the limited offer expires at the end of february. my tight face skin tight lounge is located on west sahara in the lakes business park. to learn more about the specials or to book an appointment go to the website right there. they have a financing and also offer free consultations. >> get closer to the action than ever before. catch the blue men group live. it's comedy, theater, rock concert and comedy rolled into one in an experience you will never forget. enjoy new music, new way to electrify your night. get your tickets today by heading to the website blue locals get two for one tickets
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and provided the tickets for looking to turn your hobby into a profitable business venture? start or recharge your business this year. >> ceo and cofounder of nellly akalp is here to help. how are you? welcome back. a lot of people looking to turn their hobby into a business. and you need to do it the right way.
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>> if you have a passion or a craft that you are absolutely dying to make into a reality, the opportunities are endless nowadays. especially on the internet. and i want to share with you some tips as to how you go about doing it. >> first things first. when we have a great idea should we go all in or just start on the side and see if it grows? >> i think it's really important to figure out what that passion is, and if you really believe in it. you have to absolutely check and see if there is a need for it, if it's going to solve a problem and possibly test it with a out. >> you got to do your research. >> absolutely. >> and fill the need as you just >> absolutely. >> and you have to do the research of your competition and business. >> well, i think it's really important to test out the idea first. and then if the idea is such
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it, then it's important to make sure the business is official and there are steps to doing that. >> so that's the difference between making this side money thing and actual business venture. >> exactly. the irs looks at a business. what you call a hobby versus business rule. and in order for the irs as you know the irs will tax you on any profitable income you make out of a business. so you know, the general rule is that if three out of the five years your business is making a profit, then the irs will look at it as a viable business. >> the irs wants it's money. >> exactly. >> this is a business and we do want to incorporate. what are the steps we need to know and how do we do it? >> absolutely. so incorporating a business nowadays is so simple. you can simply go online. there is tons of reputable companies including our company corpnet that can handle the paperwork for you to incorporate
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online for you. at a fraction of the price of what an attorney or accountant would cost you. it will take about three to five minutes to place your order online, and then generally depending on the state entity and which state you want to incorporate in, typical processing time is anywhere from about ten to 30 days. >> awesome. if people have already started a business and they're like okay, i have my business but creativity is kind of -- how do you recharge that? >> i think we all go through that as entrepreneurs. and it's good to step back, take time off, even if you are working out the business full time maybe take a friday off and slap on a monday on the other side and time to recharge, restock. for me it's a great time to reset, right before the new year's, i'll take time off between christmas eve and january 1, and i'll go away. it's a really good time for me to read my favorite book. >> to breath.
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and just recharge and set up the new year on a good start. >> let's talk about you have an offer. and you have free consultations with your company? >> yes. we do. so corpnet is offering free business consultation for anybody interested in setting up a business or if you have an existing business and you would like us to do a business needs consultation to see what stage of the business you're at, and what steps you need to take to make sure your business is in compliance. it's free, available monday through fridays from 6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. and we would love to assist anybody who is interested in either starting a business or keeping their business in compliance. >> and forming something like an llc can protect you down the >> absolutely. you know, a corporation or llc really creates ashed between you business. and really the plain benefit of liability protection. >> and heaven forbid something happened your home could be on
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home, college funds, savings account, retirement fund, your house, your car, anything that is your personal asset. >> say that we incorporated as a small business, but our business has grown over the years. do we need to change anything? >> you can. i mean, there are states that allow you to convert from a corporation or to an llc or vice versa. but my recommendation is that you definitely consult your tax adviser, your accountant, your lawyer, and see really what type of business structure will give you the maximum tax benefit and the maximum personal protection. >> excellent. if we want more information where do we go? >> you visit us online at or pick up the phone and call (888)449-2638. >> and you offer the free consultations? >> yes. >> great having you. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> corpnet offers you the tools you need to jump start or recharge your business in 2016. to learn more call the number or
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they're also on facebook and twitter. meantime remember to check out on our website. you'll find past interviews,
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and a whole lot of how do you know if you're being scammed? the panda guys from peters and associates can you help you. judah zakalik joins us, as well as the panda. great to finally meet you. how are you? >> we're great. >> let's talk about scammers, are so prevalent, the face that the scammers have changes from time to time. what should we be on the lookout? >> you want to be on the lookout for people who are aggressive when they speak to you on the phone, who pressure you a lot to give you money now or give them money now. you want to look out for people who use your information to make it seem like they have some kind of access to your accounts, so for instance if they use the last four of your social, your birth date, your address, all these things can make it seem like they have intimate
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income and then essentially force you in to giving them money. >> what do the scams look like? i know it's probably a lot of cold calling. >> from the irs, it can come from people who look for -- >> hey, we have a possible refund for you. please call right a wage exactly. from government sources, supposedly government sources, even from the law firm. for instance a client of ours got a call that looked lime it came from our law firm. >> no kidding. >> yeah, no kidding. from someone who said we're from the bankruptcy court and you need to give us money or we're going to come in and garnish your wages. that was a major problem. the client called me back and said we got a call from your law firm saying we owed money can you tell us what this is about? it didn't come from us at all. there was an app on the phone. >> this is the problem, if you want -- if you get a call like this and jot down the phone number, you're jotting down the
9:24 am
may not be the -- >> you need to verify the number. call that person or that government agency or that private company back and say i got a call from you, is this in fact, legitimate. >> who should i report these scams to if i feel like i'm getting scammed? >> the attorney general, the ftc, the fbi. a lot of these things can be considered wire scams if they're over the phone or over the internet and that's a federal jurisdiction there, so you want to call some of those agencies. >> so often it seems as though the senior community is targeted the most. metro right now is holding a press conference to answer questions about last week's officer involved shooting. >> before i begin this briefing i would like to take a moment and express my sore owe and apology, provide apology to the innocent victims and families that were struck by our officer's gunfire during the event.
9:25 am
sustained were minor and full recovery is expected. we're accountable for every round we fire from an officer's weapon, and frankly in this event we're very lucky the situation did not end up in a very much worse scenario. i would like to set the stage for you of the scene that particular night. as you all are aware, friday night the las vegas strip is a very busy place. this night in question was no different. there is a large crowd gathered watching the show. there was heavy traffic at the corner of flamingo and las vegas boulevard. approximately 7:00 p.m. witnesses began observing a young man armed with a gun walking on the sidewalk, across the intersection. the man was later identified as calil black of las vegas. we have been notified that mr. black was pointing a gun at pedestrians and motorists. placed a 911 call from several of the callers describing the
9:26 am
you can see surveillance video where black was observed walking with the handgun in his hand. during the incident we're fortunate that black's gun was not loaded or we might have had a different and tragic outcome. since the shooting our investigators looked at black's background which shed light on why he may have been on the strip that night and why he was exhibiting such threatening behavior that evening. black has a long history of mental health issues that the department dealt with previously and i will detail that moment. his case is one that officers face on a regular basis and usually without the prior knowledge that i have the luxury before you. this is another example of the people in our community and country that are in the mental health crisis. between officers and hotel security, always on the lookout for people at the corridor that might cause harm to others.
9:27 am
something, say something campaign work. in both crime and terrorism l terrorism our best defense is the public. when people saw this man with a gun, they immediately started calling it in and we're very glad that they did. as in all officer involved shootings the action of our officer and response protocols will be thoroughly reviewed criminally and administratively. i'm going to give you the facts of the case as i know them. i want to run through a couple photographs so you know what you're looking at prior to us getting started. the very first photograph that you're going to see here is a prospective shot of our officer. here. and youe about ten yards. the next photograph is you see that same perspective shot. go ahead.
9:28 am
some of the details as i move through this. there had been an incident previously at another location. we know that mr. black came down las vegas boulevard, pointed a gun at several citizens on the first awdw, which is assault with a deadly weapon. the second incident he pointed the weapon at a family that was walking. weapon that you see up there is the weapon that mr. black was armed with that particular day, you can see it's a .38 caliber unloaded. it was reported stolen and i'll give you the details in a moment. and the mugshot of calil black. like i told you this is the first officer involved shooting of the year. same time last year we were at zero. the date is january 22nd, 2016 at 7:10 p.m. the call was a person with a gun.
9:29 am
involved shooting was the bellagio hotel. the time the shots were fired were at 7:16 p.m. the involved officer in this event is jorge smith. he is 45-years-old. investigation of this eventsuspect a khaleal black. he is 20-years-old, a black male adult, 6'1", 150 pounds. black has a very short criminal history. he was booked in as a john doe into the detention center
9:30 am
himself when asked by officers. so additional information on black was that he was -- that is a mental health hold on the morning of january eighth, 2015, from the clark county detention center, for making suicidal threats after obstructing arrest. this is a common released from the jail and the criminal charges and the corrections officers decided to legal 2000 him. during that particular event, he was taken to the hospital. he convinced the doctors he wasn't a threat and he was released. same day he went back home and threatened suicide and -- to his brother, and his brother called the police. he was again placed on a mental health hold on the evening of january eighth of 2015. on january 26th of 2015, black's brother filed a missing persons report on him.
9:31 am
detailing -- leaving his clothes and jewelry to his brother. he went to work where he tried to provoke a fight with his boss and was subsequently fired from his job. our last contact with him again was on february 21st of 2015, where he was again placed on a mental health hold. i don't have a lot of the details associated with that particular event. in this incident the weapon that mr. black was carrying was a mark .438 caliber revolver. we know it was stolen in 2015 in december. the weapon was sole enduring a residential home burglary. we know that there was a -- during the incident there were over 35 guns stolen, and the suspects in that particular case
9:32 am
a room where the firearms were located behind the steel door. the investigation of that incident continues and is ongoing and we're trying to find out whether or not black was case. on this officer involved shooting we know that black did not fire any rounds, and that the handgun he was holding at the time the officer confronted him was unloaded. give you the specific details of the officer involved shooting is that earlier in the day black left a note for his brother to him. went to his job, like i said, where he attempted to get into a fight and quit. this is very similar to the actions that are described to you previous -- the previous year where he had a confrontation at his work, as well. prior to this particular event being generated, we know that black was escorted off another local strip property for causing a disturbance and that happened at approximately 6:51. as it sits today, we do not believe we were notified of that
9:33 am
of the investigation continues. a few minutes later several people began to call 911, at 7:10 p.m., and they reported to us that black was in the intersection of flamingo and las vegas boulevard and he was waving the revolver in the air. it was reported he pointed the revolver at several vehicles. at 7:11 p.m. the officers were dispatched to the scene. during that time it was reported that black approached the couple on the corner of that mink other and las vegas boulevard. as you well know there is street performers in that particular area. this couple indicated they were watching a street performer and black approached them, pointed the revolver at their heads and pulled the trigger. you see in the video, as well that black then walked southbound on the sidewalk, and passed a family of three that were walking northbound on the sidewalk in front of the
9:34 am
and as black passed that family, he pointed the revolver at them and pulled the trigger and continued walking south. officer smith low add vited he located black. he began issuing verbal commands. officer smith yelled several times, metro police. show me your hands. and during that -- during the commands black did not comply with officer smith's commands. during that time, officer -- the suspect black turned towards officer smith, raised the gun, and pointed it directly at him. officer smith fearing for his own life and the lives of the numerous citizens assembled there on las vegas boulevard discharged his weapon two times at black. we know through the investigation that officer black.
9:35 am
immediately went down to the ground and within seconds of the shooting being fired several other officers arrived, arrest team was formed and black was taken into custody. while black was being taken into custody, they located the revolver on his person and subsequent to that arrest black became very combative, with the officers on the scene. they physically had to restrain him and place a spit mask over his face. the investigation by our force investigation team revealed that one of officer submit's rounds grazed a citizen's jacket on the left shoulder and struck the pillar that he was leaning upon. that round did not wound that citizen. the second round that officer smith fired correct o'sheaed off
9:36 am
who was sitting on his father's shoulders. he was treated at a local hospital and released in good condition. the total investigation continues, and officer smith remains on paid administrative leave pending the outcome. i will now show you some of the video obtained from the security camera depicting black in the crowd with his firearm drawn. and i'll play the 911 calls for you. so first we'll start with the video and you'll see in the upper right corner as this plays i believe it's about two minutes, our suspect will be highlighted in that upper right corner. go ahead. it comes up in the top right corner.
9:37 am
the firearm in his hand. goes out of view just for a few seconds here. see him back in the top right corner coming back into view, and walk up behind the couple of citizens there on the bottom
9:38 am
this is where we have the first incident in the witness statements of assault with a deadly weapon against the victims. that is during the fountain show, yes. now you see that first -- the first victims, he begins to walk away and walk southbound down in front of the actual show. as you watch, as he's walking you see him in that middle of your screen on the right, eventually have that -- very difficult to see in this video but he does the same thing with this family walking northbound on the strip.
9:39 am
back at him. okay. and now we're going to play 911 calls to our lvpd dispatch. >> 911 emergency,. >> state police, fire or ambulance. >> as soon as possible please. >> to which address do you need an officer? >> intersection of las vegas boulevard and thatming owe there is a black male adult waving a gun in the middle of the street. he has a grey hoodie on about 6'2" in the middle of street [ bleep ] >> 911 emergency. police, fire or medical? >> police. possibly medical. >> to what address. >> it's not an address in the middle of the las vegas strip. on the corner of flamingo. >> what's going on?
9:40 am
black male, probably mid 20s, and he is in the middle of the road. >> do you need police, fire or medical? >> police. >> to what address. >> it's on las vegas boulevard and thatming owe a guy in the middle of the street walking with a gun in his hand. he has a grey hoodie with a grey hoodie. >> what was he doing with it? >> he's walking up to cars, walking up to cars with it out. >> was he pointing it at the cars? >> yes, pointing it at traffic. >> i'll take any questions that
9:41 am
>> what was the age of the young victim? >> 4-years-old. >> and where from? >> i'm not exactly sure where that victim is from. i know we know but i'm not going to release the details of those, where the victims are from. >> did the individual lean against the pillar when the shoulder? >> through the jacket. >> from las vegas? >> local homeless individual, yes. >> you can't tell us where the 4-year-old and his family -- >> no. >> were. [ inaudible ] >> both parents were with him. >> did the ricochet penetrate? >> no, it did not. it caused a bruce to the right leg. >> do you know what -- [ inaudible ]
9:42 am
actually spoke to any of the victims that he pointed the gun at? i'm not aware of that. no. [ inaudible ] >> was he struck more than -- are you taking -- to protect targets that there are many people walking through? >> absolutely. there is a number of things being done, certainly lead by the sheriff in regards to the safety on the strip. as you all know we utilize a safe strip where we have a significant number of officers provided to the strip because of the large number of people there. the safety and security of the strip remains paramount. we continue to have the discussions with our local property ownership. >> why was it -- [ inaudible ] >> okay. so the initial time that he was booked into the clark county detention center he provided a false name to us.
9:43 am
criminal history, so oftentimes it's how we end up identifying a particular individual. we were able to identify him through fingerprint, but he remained absolutely uncooperative over the course of the next couple of days. and while he was in the clark county detention center. in fact, today he remains uncooperative, not talking to us at all. >> you indicated he quit his job. did he say where he worked? >> i don't have that information. >> the prior incident was at dac. [ inaudible. [ . >> we're running all the details of where -- we know he came south on las vegas boulevard. we believe that's where it was located. we continue to investigate that. like i told you before it was not initially reported to the police, so we continue to run down the details. >> how did he get into the street? did he go over the barriers? >> i don't know the answer to that. i would assume if he had to come
9:44 am
had to have happened. anybody else? >> is there some sort of exposure to the department? an innocent person was hit by a round. >> yeah, like i said at the beginning, we're accountable for all the rounds that we fire from an officer's weapon, and that will be part of our -- both criminal and administrative investigation as we move forward. >> the officer -- does it seem like he followed all protocols as far as opening fire on somebody when there is obviously a crowded place? >> listen, one of the things that we certainly are looking at is, you know, as an officer when you go out there and confronted with deadly force you have a right to use deadly force, but as well we ask them to consider the backdrop that they have. that's one of the considerations they have to take and no doubt about that, that is certainly one of the things that we'll look to place into our training as we move forward and learn
9:45 am
how is it that we can better focus our officers on shot placement and allow them the opportunity to have an understanding of what that backdrop looks like. listen, we're talking over 90 yards that the rounds pillar. i believe there was 91 yards, is that correct? >> approximately 95. >> 95 yards, so the rounds went a fairly significant distance before they struck the pillar and ricocheted off. those are things that we have to undertake in our critical review of this incident and find ways to mitigate that through the training of our officers. >> these are relatively unique experience in las vegas with the number of people on the strip at any given time. you got a show well attended, as we saw people standing there, having just gotten over it.
9:46 am
care taken in circumstances like this? you said the words shot placement. what does that mean? >> well, clearly you know, one of the things that you have to pay attention to is how close you are. we train our officers up to a distance for shooting up to about 25 yards. in this particular incident he was much closer than that, i believe it was about ten yards. that is significant part of the qualifications that they go to four times a year. and so -- but look, you're talking about the fountains going off, large crowds, lot of people, and armed individual confronting our officers, and so it's a difficult situation for them to find themselves in. we know that he attempted to close the distance between himself and the armed individual. and so we'll continue to evaluate that through the administrative review of this particular incident. >> how is that officer doing? you know, knowing that --
9:47 am
>> he's obviously as upset as anybody else would be. our organization certainly like i expressed before, you know, we're very sorry that it happened. but you know, that's part of the actual review that we have to conduct. and is there ways we could have mitigated it? i don't know yet. i don't know what the answer is to that question yet. >> you mentioned the officer what he identified, is that part of the standard procedure if you have the opportunity to close down and minimize that? >> well you know oftentimes we don't teach you to leave cover if you have it, right? he had his vehicle there with him. we know that he moved away from his vehicle, and that's part of the review that's being conducted why he chose to do what he did at that particular time. >> has officer smith been involved in any other shootings? >> no. >> when was the last time officer smith had to qualify for marks man ship? >> every quarter. i'm not sure the date that he --
9:48 am
>> yeah, he didn't have a partner with him at that particular point but his backup did arrive within seconds. >> with the tourists -- [ inaudible ] >> you know, this is -- we all know that las vegas boulevard is the economic engine of our state. the sheriff takes the safety and security of las vegas boulevard at the utmost. we absolutely pay attention to how it is that we as an organization can better secure that las vegas boulevard and we work with the significant number of our partners up and down the strip. most of those casinos have larger security forces than most police departments across the country. i'll go back to what i said to you before. the public is our best weapon against both crime and terrorism. the more that they see and the more that they report, the
9:49 am
opportunity to respond to the particular issues that are -- doesn't matter whether it's in a neighborhood or on the las vegas boulevard. but we continue to evaluate how it is that we can target las vegas boulevard, and we can be more effective at responding to both crime and terrorism in our communities. >> is there any accommodations given to the family of the child that was hit? >> i'm sorry, what do you mean? >> anything more than we're sorry? >> yeah, our detectives have been working with the family, as well as insuring they got appropriate medical care and keeping them up to date on where we're at with the particular investigation. >> can you tell us where they're from? >> i don't know where they're from. might be able to get that when we're done. >> are they still in las vegas? >> i don't know the answer to that, either. ma'am? >> you mentioned that he was combative when you tried to arrest him. was he taken -- [ inaudible ]
9:50 am
he was fired upon but he wasn't hit and he immediately complied with the officers. once he was taken into custody he remained combative with the officers and struggling with him. they did place him in restraints and put a spit mask over him as he was spitting and remained combative. and i'll tell you as he went to the clark county detention center and remained, that combativeness continued. >> was he injured during restraints? >> was he injured? what do you mean? >> was he injured during -- >> no, he -- no, he wasn't injured in the incident at all. [ inaudible ] >> is he in medical? >> i'm not sure where he's housed at in the detention center. >> you said that police -- [ inaudible ]
9:51 am
outpatient with local mental health facilities. okay. >> can you tell me how many charges he might face and what are the charges? >> we'll provide that to you after we're done here. i don't remember exactly how many counts they have submitted at this point. >> okay. >> okay. the bullet that grazed but did not penetrate the -- is the same bullet that -- >> they were two separate bullets. >> okay. >> two shots. >> did the shooting happen during the -- [ inaudible ] >> thank you. >> there you have it. metro laying out the case as to why that officer felt it was necessary to try and use deadly force friday night on the las vegas strip. perhaps the most damming piece of evidence was the surveillance video we saw, the suspect walking up and down the strip
9:52 am
>> looks like they got video from the cameras around the property, and you could see the kind of reaction and characteristics of the suspect. you can see the spotlight there in the right of your screen. you see them walking around. he does have a gun in his hand. police say it was not loaded but obviously you don't know that at the time. they watch him walk around. at one point he actually points the gun at a couple, and they're saying he pulley pulled the trigger but the gun was not loaded. he continued on down in front of the bellagio found dains, continued to wave the gun. they say people actually calling police, that is what helped this case. >> okay.
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