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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  January 26, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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also police releasing brand new video of what happened... the man highlighted is 20year old black who is holding a gun in this footage which prompted friday night's shootkng we've learned the suspect had a short criminal record but a lengthy police knew about. also new -- we know the gun he was waving around was stolen and that he pointed it at reporting ... it took some time for police to that remains the case this morning. jess ad libs and remember that released today painting a better idea of the fear this caused on the strip jj channel 13 action news back to you. and more on the breaking news... from san diego... police there are working on a reported active shooter
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the naval medical center... the center says the building where someone reported three shots fired, houses offices and barracks for wounded sailors and marines. of course we are continuing to monitor this breaking situation and will bring you any updates we get. 42 deaths are being blamed on the historic blizzard that shut down much of the northeast. here's a live picture of the massive clean-up... federal government offices in washington are close for a second day. schools in d-c, baltimore and philadelphia are also closed again. hundreds of flights remain grounded. abc's elizabeth hur is in new york with the latest. in baltimore overnight.. unplowed streets made it impossible for fire trucks to reach this house going up in
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forcing crews to drag equipment down the street.. ((nat)) "plow truck being towed" in new york.. this plow truck was no match for the near-record snowfall.. reaching its breaking point.. just two days after the blizzard blasted the east coast. ((nat)) the nation's capital.. still partially paralyzed.. with growing frustration in the surrounding suburbs.. homeowners upset their streets haven't been cleared since friday. ((sot)) mos: "plan a went down the drain and they did not have a plan b." ((nat)) crews in d-c are back at work today.. plowing 44-hundred miles of roadway.. the national park service.. clearing 300 more miles and 155 thanks to this special rail yard plow.. but there is limited service for bus-riders with many of the city's buses still snowed in.. ((sot)) mos: "it's getting old real quick ." in new york.. the long island railroad used a jet engine to clear its tracks.. and while much of queens with some commuters even singing praises. ((sot)) jose ramos, taking
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"not delays at all. very nice ride." ((sot)) kay brathwait, commuter:"it was the train was about five minutes delayed, but that was about it." elizabeth on cam tag: so while the digout continues.. officials are urging residents to use caution.. because of those storm-related deaths.. we are told at least a dozen people died from shoveling. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. and now a live look at mccarran... we just checked outbound flights to the east coast... and some good news... we didn't find delays or canceled flights. a devastating crash at craig and lamb... roads shut down all night... because of a bad split second decision. police say a driver turned left in front of another car, causing the two to slam into each other. that second car... rebounded... hit a light pole... and flipped on it's roof! the driver of that vehicle is hanging on to life in critical
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injury.. the passenger in that car died. the driver in the left turning car the passenger in that car died. richard strader, lvmpd 00:53:30-00:53:38 "we're talking to him right now. not impaired... made a bad decision, made a left hand turn when he shouldn't have." police say this can be a confusing intersection. there's just a green light here sometimes... instead of that flashing yellow sometimes. that intersection is back open this midday. and a breaking news update from overnight... metro is investigating a stabbing that overnight. police were called out to this parking lot outside a family dollar and a dottys at eastern and owens... around 3 this morning. officers think this all started with a fight, and escalated. the victime was stabbed in the back, but is expected to survive. police say the suspect and victim know eachother. a high school teacher wasn't in her classroom this morning... she's on leave after being arrested for sexual misconduct with a student. jillian lafave is a teacher at valley high school. the district says they are
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details are limited right now. the alleged incident happened earlier this month. overnight... firefighters rush to a home near las vegas boulevard and lake mead... crews knocked down the fire before it spread to the house. unfortunately whatever was inside the shed was destroyed. no word on what sparked the fire. new today -- ford is recalling nearly 391-thousand ranger pickups because the driver's air bag inflators can explode with too much force and cause injuries. the recall covers trucks from 2004 through 2006 in the u.s. and canada. it comes just days after the government announced that a south carolina man was killed when an inflator exploded in december. the government says automakers will recall another 5 million vehicles equipped with faulty inflators made by takata corporation of japan. ammon bundy may not be able to meet with community members in oregon..
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sheriff. a county judge ruled there will be no more community meetings, until the armed standoff at the wildlife refuge is over. the judge contends since the protestors carry guns keeping everyone safe may be a problem. bundy and his supporters claimit that's not fair. the sherrff is trying to find a peaceful resolution to the standoff. new housing numbers were released by s&p case shiller this morning..... home price gains picked up again in november, with several metro areas getting double-digit annual increases. it's the strongest reading since july 2014. portland, san francisco and denver continue to report the highest year over year gains. las vegas increased 5.2 percent year to year. -- we are down point one percent month to month. imagine calling 9-1-1 as someone's breaking into your house and waiting for hours for police to show up! that's what one valley homeowner said happened to him... but new evidence paints a different picture.
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panels reaches some resolution... for some customers. the latest when we come back. a man outraged because it took police hours to respond when
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house in mountain's edge was broken into.. now, we're getting to hear his 9-1-1 calls, and they tell a whole different story! "dispatch: i'll let them know you're upset about about the delay." (sot) (butted with) "upset? i want to kill people." (sot 58:40)(use 911 graphic over video we shot today) "let them know i'm entering my house there were no people inside his home when michael prescott got there and found it had been broken into... and ransacked. so why would he say that? (michael prescott, victim, sot 00:21) "did i enter the house? absolutely not. was i holding a gun? absolutely not." (butted with) (michael prescott, victim, sot 00:29) "the key was to make this a priority to get an officer out here to address situation." two and a half hours later, our cameras were there and rolling
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metro says the delay has to do with how calls are prioritized. officers respond first to crimes in progress, or when a person's life is in danger. next is things like domestic situations, when both parties are still there. last on the list-- crimes that have already occured. (officer larry hadfield, lvmpd 45:07) "unfortunately, there are times when individuals must wait due to resources on the ground and we just have to passed a sales tax to help pay for more officers. a possible ray of sunshine for solar customers in nevada. n-v energy says it's on board with an idea to let people who spent thousands of dollars on rooftop panels.. sell their energy back at the old rate. the issue came-up again at yesterday's meeting of the public utilities commission. customers also spoke out. steve benton, rooftop solar customer 10:05:04-10:05:14 "i want my $20,000 back, at least $20,000 because you effectively have what i'm getting out of this system and i think that's
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the next hearing is february 8th. todd and greg front after front continue to develop within the pacific northwest and track east/southeast. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies will be common for southern nevada as a whole with small chance for rain and snow to the mountains and potentially red rock today. temperatures do fall slightly as compared to yesterday's high temperatures; we will hover in the upper 50s this afternoon but by
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back to the low and potentially mid 60s. there is a discrepancy in our models for tomorrow afternoon in regards to another front passing overhead. most information points to energy build to the north of clark county; allowing for rain and snow, a couple models however, are pushing in a small rain chance through las vegas.
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to go with these two models but we will be none-the-less. as it stands now, i have only partly cloudy skies for tomorrow afternoon. not much changes as we move partly cloudy skies hold with highs in the 60s clear into you... "the fiesta rancho sobe ice arena" is celebrating national skating month today..... there'll be free skate rentals and group lessons. it's starts after school at 3:30 and goes for two hours. "the fiesta ranch sobe ice arena" is on the corner of carey and rancho. coming up in our health report... more concern about the zika
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and its presence in the u-s. we'll tell you who should be especially concerned. plus.. inmates in one prison come down with a mysterious illiness... one dying...
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while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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experts say the disease is likely to spread where the infected mosquito is found. that include the u-s. we told you last week some in florida. the rare tropical disease is primarily spreading in parts of caribbean. it's been found in 21 countries. birth defects... risk. experts think most people infected with the virus dont' get sick. inmates at a western indiana prison are falling sick with an illness no one understands. one person has already died because of this mysterious
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inmates are getting sick for unknown reasons at the putnamville correctional facility, and parents are understandably concerned. the jail confirms the inmates are suffering from pneumonia-like symptoms. they began early last week. those affected have been moved to a regional hospital for observation. ((it hurts, it really hurts down in my soul./butted to these are human being in the facility. me as a parent and other parents will love to see their loved ones come back home safely.)) the indiana state department of health said in a statement they are working to obtain and test specimens from the individuals who've become ill. good news this miday for valley health patients. dignity health-st. rose dominican, which operates three acute-care hospitals in henderson and las vegas, today announced it will build four new neighborhood hospitals in the greater las vegas area. this will happen in the next two years. the presidential race is heating up...
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better for donald trump. the latest polling numbers when we come back. plus... we've all been worried about the economy a lot lately with volatility in the market... seems people in the valley should be especially concerned. we'll tell you why. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us
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20-16 political cov do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs
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but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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the democrats go head to head in iowa... a huge focus of last night's debate... health care. py-28mo the ideas i am talking about are not radical ideas. //butted to//we may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health care premiums for individuals and for businesses." (butted with) when i worked on health care back in '93 and '94, //, i was trying to get us to universal health care coverage. the iowa caucus is 9 days away... hillary clinton trying hard to maintain her 6 point lead over
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thisisjust in..... we're getting the lastest poll number from c-n-n. they put trump at an all time high in the race. take a look....trump leads with 41-percent nationally...the only other candidate to even be in the double digits is senator ted cruz. everyone else vying for the republican nomination is polling in the single digits. the newest bourne movie filmed again this morning on the strip. traffic is not backed right now-- but was overnight. its believed that this is where they're filming a big car chase scene for the newest franchise film starring matt damon. all lanes opened again around seven. still ahead on action news at midday... more on the strange and scary shooting outside the bellagio on friday...
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of the story.. plus... a valley burglary caught on camera. can you help find the culprits? and have you downloaded the all new channel 13 action news app yet? it's simple to use and features live streaming, video on demand with photos that are free in the app store and in
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ay: breaking news from las vegas and also san diego.. where they have an active shooter situation... here at home... metro releases new video of last week's scary shooting outside the bellagio... and 9-1- 1 calls. and the manhunt continues for 3 inmates who planned a movie-like escape from their california prison. hello. i'm todd quinones. and i'm dayna rosselli. breaking news from san diego... and las vegas... new information about the shooting on the las vegas strip last week. they're telling their side of the story about last week's scary shooting outside the janner is live on the scene with some startling new video... more this half hour of what
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shooting on the las vegas strip. a man waving a gun during the bellagio fountain show last friday night. action news anchor jessica janner is at metro headquarters with the dramatic 911 calls police released this morning dayna/todd - the calls are chilling... especially when we remember that this happened during the bellagio fountain show... witnesses describe a man terrorizing the als vegas strip. that man said to be 20 year old khaleal black... who we learned this morning has a lengthy battle with mental health problems. take a listen "there's a guy with a gun.... yes, pointing it at traffic." also new this morning - police apologized to the two victims -- innocent bystanders including a 4 year old boy sitting on his dad's shoulders. both victims are fine and injuries were minor. also new today: we know black was using a stolen gun and pointed it at several people and families prior to the run in with police. they also think he was escorted off harrah's property less than an hour before the incident at bellagio.... but that it wasn't reported to police remember black did not
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only police... but he is facing charges and is behind bars. he remains uncooperative this midday as the investigation continues... into the officer's decision to open fire in such a crowded place.... but also exactly what happened at harrah's earlier that night maybe prompting black's mental meltdown. for now at metro headquarters jessica janner channel 13 action news jess ad libs back to you. and more on the breaking
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the latest on possible gunfire tuesday at the naval medical center san diego.... the navy says an initial inspection at naval medical center san diego found no sign of a gunman or a shooting. navy spokesman n. scott sutherland said tuesday that military police had checked building 26 after a person reported hearing three shots in the basement earlier in the day. the base remained on lockdown as authorities went from room to room and led personnel out of the facility. school officials say a lockdown has ended and instruction has resumed at three schools near the medical center.
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uniformed navy personnel walking outside the medical facility. their hands were in the air and they were being patted down by base police as a precaution. the navy hospital previously said on its facebook page that an active shooter was reported and people were told to run, hide or fight. onto a more pleasant story in the valley... our weather. that's right... we have a lot to look forward to this week.. greg's in the weather center with the latest. ((ad-lib)) now to the massive cleanup underway from the deadly blizzard of 2016 -- big cities like baltimore and washington -
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morning -- the federal government closed a second day. overnight- in baltimore a row of houses going up in flames - fire fighters struggling to reach the homes with streets still not plowed - miraculously it's now been over 55 hours since the blizzard ended and the washington dc area -- still partially crippled. much of the trouble... suburbs.... some homeowners trapped on streets untouched since friday. the weight of all that standing snow... has claimed its share of roofs.... in silver spring, maryland... this church's roof collapsing.
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a 2nd day. federal employees again told to stay home? while crews work plowing 44 hundred miles of roadway .... the national park service has another 300 miles and 155 bridges to clear.... this will also delay your mail... and possibly your flight... if you're heading east... so call ahead! here at home...two ex- convicts are now facing a long list of charges... for a double murder downtown last november, and the new details are disturbing. marcial manuel casarez... and sergio ignacio caire davila are charged with murder, conspiracy, kidnapping and robbery... for the deaths of jamel colbert and his girlfriend, shelby robinson. robinson was found in a car parked near a taco shop, and colbert was at some nearby apartments. both were killed execution style. metro says the deaths stemmed from a dispute between several people over drugs and prostitution. now at midday...
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video showing one of those 3 inmates in california, right after they escaped from prison! in this surveillance video-- you see a shadowy figure, and then the lights flicker. police believe that's one of the inmates on the roof of the the fugitives are accused of violent crimes... from attempted to murder.. to kidnapping and torture. authorities think the men are still somewhere in orange county. they think someone knows where they are, but they're too scared to come forward. thieves break into a north las vegas home... and just ransack the place. now the family is hoping someone out their might recognize the crooks. in the surveillance video you can see several men going through the house near tropical and commerce. the homeowners say they were inside for about 45 minutes.. taking their things and trashing the place. the family says more than 30 thousand dollars worth of items were taken, including three guns. if you think you might recognize any of them, call police. have you seen this picture-- it's all over social media right now..
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term. there's been outrage over it.. and people even protested at their school yesterday. well now for the first time, one of the teens is speaking out-- and she has a message for everyone. "i have come here to say that i am incredibly, incredibly sorry. i have love for everyone in my i am not a racist and i'm asking everyone for forgiveness to me." the school district says the photo was intended to be shared with one of the students' boyfriends, who is african-american. suspended for at least 5 days, but some are calling on the district to expell them, and fire the principal. debris found last week is not a part of missing malaysia airlines flight 370. a large piece of curved metal was found by a fisherman last friday. both malaysian and thai officials inspected the debris. they concluded the metal does not belong to the same kind of aircraft as the missing flight. malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared on march eighth, 20-14 with 239 people on board.
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ship el faro have reached a settlement with ten of the crew's families. court documents indicate the ship owners will pay each of the 10 families 500-thousand-dollars to settle pending lawsuits. el faro sank in october of last year -- after getting caught in a category four hurricane near the bahamas. all thirty-three crew members on board died. attorneys for five of the families filed a claim in november saying el faro was overdue for repairs. the company says it did everything in its power to ensure the safety of its crew. legal claims for the remaining 23 families of lost crew members are still pending. a warning for anyone posting items for sale online. a man in colorado posted an ad on craigslist, and when he met the potential buyers, he says they tied him up and tried to rob him. but, he was ready. this midday police desperately searching for a suspect on the run -- after an apparent craigslist exchange turned deadly? police say two men came to this house in littleton,
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the homeowner had listed several items for sale online - but, the homeowner telling police, instead of purchasing the items, one of the men took out a gun, tied him up and robbed him that's when the homeowner managed to free himself... grabbing a handgun and shooting at the suspects as they drove away in separate vehicles - fatally wounding the driver who had stolen his car. the other driver, managing to escape this, just the latest in a growing number of craigslist-related deaths...advanced media group - estimating the website recently passed the 100-murder mark over the last 20 years in today's contact 13 consumer report... sot: ricci meek, unemployed for six months 12:24:13-:24:17 "i've jus been out here struggling just trying to make ends meet for my family" it's a common feeling...and a new report shows our city is worse off than most when it comes to financial security. the report-- released by the corporation for enterprise development-- ranks vegas at 48th for the worst financial security. it blames a high unemployment rate and low paying jobs.
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percent...but the study says that is still too high. our state also has the third lowest home ownership rate...and the country's most underpaid employees. there is some good news...nevada is ranked at the top of the list for enacting new policies to help fix and education in the state. if no one in your house has an amazon prime membership, chances are that your neighbor does. nearly half of u-s households have a membership. that's according to a report from consumer intelligence research partners. the research firm estimates the number of amazon prime memberships in the u-s jumped 35-percent last year, to 54-million. that means about 46 percent of u-s households have at least one member. amazon does not disclose the number of prime members it has. year. the superbowl is just over a week away... and the ads are already leaking out. for many they're the favorite
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up next- a sneek peak. plus... you may have a lot of facebook friends. but how many do you think would help you if you really needed it? the answer when we come back. and here's a live look at the ((ad-lib))
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too! [skittles] the ads slated for super bowl 50 shape up to $5 million per? major impact is a must-have ?.. tony case, executive editor of ad week - there are very few places advertisers can go to get a lot of people in one shot and the superbowl is it, last year it had a record 114 million viewers // that sort of opportunity doesn't exist in this day and age aerosmith's steven tyler walking this way for skittles [skittles pic]? website creator squarespace nabbing comic duo key and peele? key and peele "staring the incomparable liam neeson" ?and yes ? liam neeson himself representing for lg electronics [lg] ? soccer great abby wambach sings the mini cooper's praises [abby]; while christopher walken weighs in for kia [walken pics]; amy schumer & seth rogan are beer-bottle buddies [bud light]?and comic actor t.j. miller will have his modesty on tap? [shocktop] tj miller - it's gonna be the greatest super bowl commercial of all time. you understand? while 3
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doritos' 30- second slot? [dorritos] all of these mini-epics eager to get your attention the way budweiser's lost puppy did ? at super bowl 49 last year ? so?. don't go away! [budweiser] for good morning america, chris connelly, abc news, los angeles now let's take a look at today's top stories now
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chances are you might have more facebook friends than you can keep up with...but just how many would help you if there was a crisis a new study from the royal society of open science shows on average... only four of your facebook friends are considered part of your support clique. those are people who would be by your side during times of crisis. the study also says the average person could count just about 13 people as close friends. people are still cleaning up
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weekend...but for one guy the cold didn't even bother him. dude, aren't you cold? no man. i'm from wisconsin. from wisconsin everybody, well there you go. there you go. it's like a football game broke out. that was a reporter's live shot in nashville...just walking around the freezing temperatures! he didn't seem fazed at all. fire fighters rescued three dogs and a basket of puppies after a fire broke out at a california home yesterday. the blaze, which started in the garage, forced eight people from the sacramento residence. one woman suffered from smoke inhalation but is expected to be fine. thanks to the firefighters... the puppies and dogs are okay too! for more stories trending right now... go to and we want to hear your thoughts. just sound off on any trending news by joining us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use
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2 guests , (pffn) jennifer ramieh, from red cross fire hurtsred cross helps campaign the launch event is on thursday, january 28th 28th red cross' flagship campaign in partnership with the professional fire fighters of nevada. donations go directly towards supporting victims of home fires in southern nevada. all of the money stays in our community hernfirehur ts-pub 2 guests waiting on name professional fire fighters of
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district.. but this one is for certain members of the community. leaders say today's meeting will focus on how the changes could impact hispanic families. it starts at 5:30pm at iglesia amistad cristiana. here's a look at what we're working on for action news live at 3...
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3... every one can get road rage, but not all cases escalate to this. two men caught on camera beating each other with bats in the middle of the road. now police are trying to track them down. and new details coming up on the teacher arrested for inappropriate sexual acts with a mentally disabled student! what her arrest report is revealing. here's tonight's primetime lineup on channel 13... it starts at 8 with fresh off the boat... followed at 8:30 with the muppets... 9:00 marvel's agent carter... 10:00 what would you do. and we hope you'll join us for action news at 11. that's it for us here... the chew is up next...
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news live at 3 p-m with rikki cheese... until then..
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