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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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story on social media. mahsa and stephanie have been tweeting photos and updates from the scene all afternoon. so.. stay with us on-air.. online.. and on our new ktnv mobile app for the latest on this officer-involved shooting. we'll also have more updates.. later in this newscast. breaking news on the search for a missing las vegas woman. this is 20 year old jessica lacy. she was last seen six days ago.. on january 20th.. at one oclock.. on hurkling stone avenue... that's near south rainbow and west warm springs road. metro isn't saying why she's considered an endangered person.. but they're asking all local hospital to see if she's there. that's the latest from the breaking news center. new details tonight... in that police shooting friday night.... in front of the bellagio.... that closed down the strip! new surveillance shows the suspect..... khaleal black in a hoodie.... holding a handgun.... threatening people. he went up to a married he did the same....
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his arrest report says... he yelled.... "i'm going to kill everyone." when police got there and found him... they fired at him.... but missed. police say.... khaleal black has a history of mental health issues. new developments tonight.... on disturbing allegations.... against a valley teacher... jillian la-fave was arrested for sexual misconduct.... with one of her students. action news anchor.... lesley marin is live from valley high school.... with what police are saying happened... between the two. lesley? according to this police report it is inside a special education resource class here at valley high school where this teacher engaged in several sexual acts with a 17 year old we read the report-- and some of the details are too disturbing to air, tonight. this isn't the-- jillian lafave-- students at valley high school are use to seeing everyday. she's a really nice teacher she didn't look like a teacher that would do stuff like that lafave was booked into a clark county jail on january 15-- for allegations of having a relationship with a 17 year old
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at vhs "it's like a shock because that's kind of the stuff that happens in movies" but this isn't a movie. according the this arrest report- lafave was the students english and special resource teacher. the student known to have a learning disability. according to the student-- the two started getting close back in october. they even ca ach er momand son. there are a couple rumors over facebook saying they had a relationship over the course of the relationship-- police say there were 13,000 text messages exchanged between lafave and the student-- many sexual in nature. eventually-- the text turned to action-- lafave and the student both admitting to police-- they kissed on multiple occasions at the school. they're saying that they are lies and that didn't happen but despite the facts--many parents are left worried-- could this happen to their student? scott miller, step daughter attends valley highes worry me still with the rest of the teachers because
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know the variables with the different people tonight lafave is out of jail and on paid administrative leave. while many parents are disturbed about the news-- tonight at 6 pm-- we'll tell lesley marin channel 13 action news. neighbors are blaming a traffic signal for several accidents.. including one last night that has a woman fighting for her life. police say a man turned left in front of her at lamb and craig. the intersection has a sign telling drivers to yield when and some drivers say it's confusing. donny norwood, trucker 11:17:52-11:18:03 "there's a lot of confusion in there cause it's not like that everywhere so if it was everywhere people would be used to it, but being it's not everywheres every corners different so it's hard
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we reached out to the county about this intersection and they passed us on to n-dot. we're still waiting for n-dot to get back to us. thousands of students... and parents rally in support..... of the controversial education savings account program!!! the program was signed into law... earlier this year. but a judge issued an injunction.... for legal reasons. one of the challenges the bill has faced.... is the constitutionality of giving money to parents.... for a private school.... that may have a religious but... the program has been approved.... in other states.... so parents and lawmakers are hopeful... it will also pass here. scott hammond, state senator district 18 19:15:24:19 what's next for the program is to get through the litigation and then start to give the parents the money that will help to fund their choices a state judge could decide to extend the injunction... cancel it.... altogether. chopper 13 in the sky over breaking news right now. you're looking at the scene of a police shooting.... near pecos and bonanza. we have a crew in the
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two crews on the ground. plus.. a neighborhood is outraged. "it's a shame. i mean this is out here for the little ones to come down here and play. it's just bad." new at five.. a story that's getting a lot of attention on social media. the offensive messages are bad enough. but people are really furious over 'where.' plus... the manhunt continues for three escaped inmates.... out of southern california... and now... gruesome details emerging...about why one of to "the silence of the lambs" horror movie karla? high pressure is building over the area and will bring warmer temperatures through saturday. expect high clouds on wednesday, with highs in the low 60s.
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debate in desmoines, iowa. donald trump's campaign manager says.. he won't be there. that blockbuster announcement just minutes ago. trump has been very vocal on social media this week.. that he feels fox news moderator megyn kelly isn't fair to him. his campaign manager says he has not spoken to the rnc chair.. or fox executives about this decision. that's the latest from the breaking news center. health officials are taking drastic measures.... to stop the spread of the mosquito-borne zika virus... they are telling women in colombia.... to avoid getting pregnant.... for the next two years. a new warning from the world health organization says.... the virus is expected to spread to every country.....
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the virus is especially harmful to pregnant women.... it could cause life-threatening brain damage... to unborn babies. there currently is no vaccine or drugs.... to treat the infection. more disturbing details tonight.... about the three inmates.... who escaped from a southern california jail! all three are charged with violent crimes.... including one of the men.... who is accused of sexually mutilating a man.... he allegedly robbed... setting him on fire and pouring bleach all over him. one district attorney even drew comparisons.... to the famous fictional character.... "hannibal lecter." the suspects made their escape by cutting through.... a metal grate.... in their cell... then.. crawling through plumbing pipes to the roof... and... using bed sheets.... to rappel down. police believe.... two of the men.... with ties to a local vietnamese sheriff's dept. // "we'll use every means and resources we have to put pressure on the gang... to let them know we're coming after them." other law enforcement experts say.... if they got their hands on a car... way....
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by now. the reward being offered with information to find these men is now at -2- hundred thousand dollars. six cleveland police officers have been fired in connection with a car chase that left two people dead. it happened in 2012.. when 13 officers fired a total of 137 rounds into the killing both people who were unarmed. one officer was indicted at the time but later acquitted. who were dismissed.. six others have been suspended. the 13th officer has retired. one person is dead and at least four children seriously injured in a school bus crash near indianapolis. police in lawrence say the bus jumped a curb and struck a vehicle in an elementary school parking lot. the person killed in the crash was the principal. no word on why the bus jumped the curb. a heartpounding police shooting unfolds on an officer's bodycam. next.. we'll tell you what happened only seconds before the
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fire on a 17-year old.. and hear what witnesses are saying about it. (michael ad lib tease) plus... here's what we're working on right now.... for action news.... live at six: a mistake at the pump!!! the meter's rolling... but... there's no gas! action news is getting answers. (steve ad lib over chopper) pecos and bonanza dramatic bodycam video out of orlando, florida shows the
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officers opened fire on a 17-year old in a stolen car. nats from gun firing ( officer from body camera ) "shots fired. shots fired." officers say it started when they tried stop the teenager for not wearing a seatbelt.. and even broke out the driver's to stop. but.. they say he backed into a car and tried to take off. that's when officers say they were forced to fire because they feared for their lives. a nearby witness says they weren't the only ones. ( jamie mincey / witness ) "never in my life have i experienced anything like that. i got four children that need me, and they could've took my life trying to kill somebody else, when all i was trying to
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the teenager was wounded in the shoulder.. but still led police on a short chase before trying to escape on foot with two passengers. the driver was caught.. but the other two got away. before you watch this next story.. a warning that some of the language may be considered offensive. parents in mountain's edge say teenagers are vandalizing a local park with racial slurs and sexual messages. action news reporter michael burton spoke with neighbors who want it stopped before it gets out of hand. michael. steve - our viewers pointed me to this playground - where i found some pretty inappropriate words written in chalk. yes - chalk washes off - but who's job is it to clean and can they get it done before children come to play? you can tell by the size the park equipment - the kids coming here are very young and impressionable. a racial slur - written in chalk - neighbors can't decide which is worse - the word itself - or its location.
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is located inside a gated community called "mesa" near mountain's edge parkway and buffalo. "we live in a community. it's not appropriate. and that's a racism thing and i don't accept that for anything." just a few feet away - more offensive language - this time, sexual in nature. jill says the sexual comments began appearing over the last few weeks - she brushed it off until she saw the racial slur. neighbors believes the offenders are young teenagers. "it's older kids who's doing it. these guys don't this language, c'mon. they're five and six." there is a sprinkler system at the park - but it wasn't strong enough to completely remove the marks. thats why jill and blake say this is no small issue - and they're calling on parents to have a closer watch on their kids when they're at the park. "we as parents are responsible. we have to take a stand for this and we can' allow this to happen." because it's chalk - this
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vandalism - but it does become illegal when hate speech is involved. coming up at six - what parents want keep this from happening again. live in mountain's edge - michael burton - channel 13 action news. -80- million americans continue to dig their way out of this weekend's monster storm. after -3- days of a virtual standstill... cities along the east coast.... struggle to resume.... their normal routines. federal offices in washington are still closed and.... schools in d-c.... baltimore.... and philadelphia canceled classes.... for the second day. new york city got back up and running much faster.. but commuter trains are limited.. and.... mounds of snow has piled up.... on sidewalks. ((sot)) edward olson, new york city commuter "everybody pretty much has shoveled their careful. even if it's shoveled, you know." residents in southern new
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from flooding.... caused by the storm.. while the clean-up continues... officials are urging residents to use caution... more than a dozen people died... just from shoveling snow.... from the blizzard! adlib let's go to meteorologist karla huelga and 'weather first.' high pressure is building over the area and will bring warmer temperatures through saturday. expect high clouds on wednesday, with highs in the low 60s. for thursday and friday, partly cloudy skies are expected, with highs in the mid 60s. saturday will be even warmer with highs in the upper 60s. however, changes begin saturday ahead of what looks to be a strong storm system headed our way. expect a push of cloud cover by
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system starts to push through the area. chances for rain will also move in with this system on sunday and linger into monday. models are also showing strong wind gusts with this system on monday and tuesday, along with colder air. high temps will drop to the low 50s on monday. the back end of the system will linger over the are on tuesday and will continue to drag in cool air, which will drop high temps to the low 50s. the system is expected to make an exit early wednesday. 1we're continuing to follow breaking news....
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1we're continuing to follow breaking news.... of an officer involved and.. coming up all new on action news live at 6.. a real estate agent says he has a pretty good idea if the san diego chargers are headed for l-a. we'll explain what's behind his inside 'hunch'.. tonight. high pressure is building over
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news.... of an officer involved shooting... near pecos and bonanza. chopper 13 first over the scene right now... let's head out to action news reporter... mahsa saeidi live near the scene with the latest... mahsa? high pressure is building over the area and will bring warmer
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through saturday. expect high clouds on wednesday, with highs in the low 60s. for thursday and friday, partly cloudy skies are expected, with highs in the mid 60s. saturday will be even warmer with highs in the upper 60s. before we go... here's a look at what's coming up later.... on abc in primetime... at 8:00... it's "fresh off the boat"... at 8:30... it's "the muppets".... at 9:00... it's "marvel's agent carter" followed by.... "what would you do" at -10-? and.. don't forget... to tune in tonight for action news.... live at 11:00... that's our news for now.. but... stay with us...
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tonight".... up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening. anchor intro: new details have been released about friday's officer involved shooting at
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