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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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parker what have police been doing there this morning? parker adlibs scene 14:10 "the witness that i have is the witness tthat saw the suspect's vehicle throw something out." thanks parker... let's go to jessica janner now with traffic... jessica how can people get
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just in this morning... we now have the mugshots...
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we now have the mugshots... for ammon bundy, his brother ryan... and the other armed protesters who were arrested last night after a confrontation with fbi agents.. bundy and his supporters were arrested for conspiracy to impede federal officials by force, intimidation or threat. those are federal charges. officials say this all started with a traffic stop... and then they went into start arresting people. we're told everyone surrendered peacedfully except two people... ryan bundy, and lavoy finicium. then shots were fired... right now, it's unclear who opened fire first.. bundy ws injured... and fincium was killed. now we reached out to ammon bundy's father cliven.. and he told us that ammon was able to call his wife to tell her he was arrested... and that ryan was shot in the air.
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told them finicum had his hands in the air and no weapons when he was shot. family. he was a student of the constitution. he was interested in freedom and i think he gave his life i think where he felt like it was best." we are still waiting to hear from the fbi what led to the gunfire, but law enforcement there is expected to hold a press conference at 10-30 this morning. new overnight.... a wild police chase ends when a man crashes a stolen car and officers open fire.. and now we're getting a look at some new video showing the moment after the crash. this video was sent to us from
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and bonanza. you can see police officers everywhere... surrounding the store. :01-:08 "they got the ..... whole 7-11 off. wow... that's crazy." chopper 13 was first over the scene.. metro says after the suspect crashed the car, he ran to a nearby neighborhood for cover. that's when they say he pointed a gun at an officer... and cops opened fire. the family who's home the shooting happened right outside of... spoke only to our crews... describing the terrifying experience. he was on the 711 and jumped to my back yard and then jumped to the next backyard. (butted with) are you feeling lucky? yes i guess i am police say the suspect had a gun. he was taken to the hospital, and treated for minor injuries.
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several felonies. we now have the arrest report for that teacher being investigated for having a sexual relationship with a student... and in it, they both admit to their inappropriate encounters. police arrested jillian lafave on january 15th, after interviewing the suspected victim. in the report, the 17-year old.. who's one of lafave's special education students... admits they kissed multiple times while at valley high school, and sent thousands of texts to each other.. many of them sexual conversations. lafave is on paid administrative leave while she's being investigated. in just hours... the man accused of pointing a gun at people in front of the bellagio... before police opened fire on him.. will face the judge for the very first time. and this morning, we're getting a look at surveillance video showing him threatening the crowds. metro says spotlighted in the video, is khaleal black... walking around and threatening people with a handgun.
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he walked up to a married couple, pointed his gun at their heads, and pulled the trigger-- thankfully it wasn't loaded. then they say he yelled to the group, "i'm going to kill everyone." metro also released the 911 calls from witnesses. "there's a black male adult waving a gun in the middle of the street he has a grey hoodie on about 6 foot 2." when officers got there.. they ordered black to drop the when he refused they opened fire, but missed. one of the bullets ricocheted and grazed a young boy and a homeless man, but they're both okay. time now is x:xx --- up next... a terror attack thwarted? a man planning a mass shooting is in custody this morning. we'll tell you how the fbi was planning. greg adlibs weather forecast tease and we're staying on top of breaking news right now.. chopper 13 flying over a deadly crash at spring mountain and rainbow.
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we'll have live updates from
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so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. celebrity chef rick moonen cooks up a special event and you're invited! plus soul singer, cameron calloway, performs live in studio that's all today at 2 on valley view live. ........... that was celebrity magician
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agents arrest a man in wisconsin. authorities say the 23 year old was taken into custody after he bought machine guns from undercover agents. he was even caught on tape telling them, "when we go into a room, we will be killing everyone." the fbi believes he was plotting to go inside a masonic temple, lock the doors and open fire. they say he toured the church just last week. time now is x:xx --- coming up.. two dog owners go head to head after one of their dogs gets killed by the others... your dog killed my dog. what do you have to say?? what do you have to say about it?!?!" pit owner: "im sorry god" nicole: "you're sorry god?! your dogs killed my dog.
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how would you like to learn
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how would you like to learn about crime prevention from the
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himself... sheriff lombardo? today the sheriff, along with the city's deputy marshall unit and some fire chiefs will be holding a meeting at the centennial hills y- m-c-a. you'll be able to ask them questions about how to keep your home and your family safe, plus learn about other free training classes offered by the city. the event runs from 6 to 8. thousands of students, teachers and parents fill the cashman center... showing their support for the new education savings accounts program. parents say since they can use the money from the voucher program on private school tuition... it gives them more choices on which schools their students can attend. scott hammond senator district 18 19:14:40:06 every child does not learn the same way, and what you have are more choices being offered to parents, would learn in and they make that choice based upon that 19:14:54:14 right now... they're even pushing this online petition-- hoping
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to get the state's attention. a judge put the program on hold while it's being challenged by two lawsuits, meaning the thousands of kids who were supposed to get their money next month... just have to wait it out. an appeal is expected to be filed with the nevada supreme court. good morning las vegas... time now is x:xx --- up next... 14:10:48 carlos abedoy "i was just feeling this is not fair. this is not something that usually happens." a video taken here in the valley going viral now...perhaps because we've all wondered how accurate those gas pumps really are. see what happened to one guy, coming up. chopper 13... on the way to that serious crash on the i-15 near primm... giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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a valley man's video is going
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a valley man's video is going viral right now... and anyone who drives a car can imagine why!
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and then the price just keeps running up and up, even though he's not filling his car anymore! the man tells us this has happened to him not once, but three times at the rebel station at bonanza and mojave! carlos abedoy, overcharged on gas 14:11:33 "i'm not sure if it's a scam or if it's something with the machine not working but either way it's bad so you got to take care of it." we reached out to officials who inspect the gas pumps, and they say someone has looked at the pump in question. inspectors say if this happens to you... you should file a formal complaint. a wireless company promises to lower customers phone bills... but there's a catch! here's abc's reena ninan and kendis gibson with the details. " app will show you ads on your device's screen -- sometimes -- when you unlock the phone, in return, customers will get five dollars credit each month. it's only available for android stream their adventures via their i-phones... using the periscope video app. the new feature is expected to
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e-s-p-n's coverage of the x-games. and uber has a unique new way to deal with drunk passengers. some of the app's drivers have begun leaving an interactive hasbro toy called "bop it" on it's a way to distract those are your tech bytes. have a great day. > time now is x:xx --- coming up at 6-30... a serious accident has a major intersection shutdown right now.. accident... shutting down a major accident. we've got team coverage with the latest details from police-- yasmeen? breaking right now...
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from police.. and ends up killing a person, after crashing at spring mountain and rainbow... the intersection will be shut down all morning long. jessica janner tracking how this is affecting your
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chopper 13-- showing an aerial
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that accident in jean... we watched mercy helicopter transport someone jessica will have the latest details in a minute... but first we want to start with team coverage of breaking news... a man in a stolen car flees from police.. and ends up killing a person, after crashing at spring mountain and rainbow... the intersection will be shut down all morning long. jessica janner tracking how this is affecting your commute.. chopper 13-- showing an aerial view of the damage. parker collins is following metro's investigation into how this all started.. but first, we want to get right to yasmeen hassan at the crash site.
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parker.. .you have been following metro's investigation all morning long. what do we know right now? parker adlibs scene 14:10 "the witness that i have is the witness tthat saw the suspect's vehicle throw
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new this morning... fox news channel is saying
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trump is still welcome to participate in tomorrow's debate... despite just announcing he would not go on stage. fox says that if trump wants to join in with the debate... he will not be allowed to "dictate the moderators or the questions." the republican front runner says his big problem is with fox anchor-- megyn kelly. nats-trump megyn kelly is really biased against me, (butted with) sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "let's see how much money fox is going to make on the debate without me." first to react to the news-- trump's main rival, texas senator ted cruz who threw down a challenge for the billionaire. sot-cruz on cam late event i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses," trump has yet to respond to cruz's challenge but we, like the rest of the world, are eagerly waiting to see what he says. meanwhile, new jersey governor chris christie is recovering this morning from a feud with his own state! and then he asked a woman at one of his campaign events if
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down with a mop." to help in the clean up. now... the governor is eating his words, and apoligizing. re-102tu he's a longtime friend and i got carried away last night at a town hall meeting, and it's not the first time that i've gotten carried away and said something that i later i would like for him to let the residents and business owners and first responders down here know that he understands what we went through." christie said he's glad the mayor accepted his apology and knows they will be able to work together and move past this. this morning.. we're learning new disturbing details about one of the inmates on the run in california... all three fugitives are accused of violent crimes-- from murder to attempted murder, kidnapping and torture. but the deputy district attorney calls one of them "diabolical, violent and cunning" and even compared him to movie villain "hanibal lecter." meanwhile, there's growing concern the escape was an inside job, because of how
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unaccounted for. new overnight ... here at home... a scooter rider and a driver both now dealing with legal troubles after crashing into each other. metro says around midnight... the scooter pulled out in front of the car near harmon and paradise. you can see from the video... the moped is pretty banged up. the scooter were both cited by police. no word yet, on what that was for... right now... take a look at your t-v screen.. this is 20 year old jessica lacy, and metro needs your help finding her. lacy was last spotted a week ago near rainbow and warm springs. they are calling her an endangered person. so please keep your eye out for her, and call police if you see her. a woman is grieving the death of her dog this morning after it was attacked and killed by rolling, the pit bull owner showed up for a heated
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nicole: "your dog ate my dog right here. what do you have to say about it ma'am?" pit owner: "i apologize. there is nothing i can do." (butted with) nicole: "you apologized....your dogs killed my dog! ate it right here! well you better apologize! you better get on your knees btch and pray!!" nicole gracia says she was outside her house near las vegas boulevard and richmar with her dogs yesterday morning... when the three pit bulls came running towards them and attacked. gracia says she wants the dogs out of her neighborhood before they kill anything else. animal control has launched an investigation. a big announcement expected from the animal foundation this morning... the shelter will reveal plans to save all healthy and treatable animals in our entire valley by the end of 20-20. for years the animal foundation has come under fire for not being a "no- kill" shelter. the executive director will unveil all the details at 10 this morning, time now is x:xx --- up next a community outraged after their park is vandalized!
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play with and have fun and enjoyment with their other friends. not for them to be exposed to anything like that." what the neighborhood found written on the ground.. that has them up in arms this morning. greg adlibs weather forecast tease chopper 13... heading back to a fatal accident at rainbow and spring mountain. we've got crews on the ground getting all the latest details from police.. we'll have updates in minutes. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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i want to update you on
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we showed you some incredible video of the fire there fire officials say that one person known to have been in the burning building did escape. there are no immediate reports of serious injuries. the fire broke out early this morning on the historic canal street and actualy forced part of the street to close. fire fighters are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. community outraged this morning... after finding racial slurs and sexual messages written on the sidewalk... at their neighborhood park. parents in mountain's edge say they think teenagers are the one's responsible, and this isn't the first time they've seen offensive grafitti in their neighborhood. they tell us they hoped the community manager would take care of the problem... but after seeing the most recent artwork, which included
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they refuse to wait any longer. jill crotsley concerned neighbor 10 secs "that's not acceptable to me. they should not be exposed. parks are made for children to anything like that." because it's chalk - this wouldn't usually qualify as vandalism - but it does become illegal when hate speech is involved just in time for spring... the very first outdoor mall is coming to the strip! "the park".. is the latest project from m-g-m resorts international. it will connect new york-new york, the monte carlo and the new t-mobile arena. "the park" will feature water falls stretching more than 100-feet, street performers and restaurants including 'shake shack' and 'california pizza kitchen.' the mall is set to open in april. here's a live look at the thomas and mack... where tonight you can cheer on the running rebels! unlv's basketball team will be facing off against boise state.
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they're asking fans to wear red. they'll also give out 5-thousand red shirts and water bottles. tip off is at 8 o'clock. an alabama dog's bathroom break turns into her big break as she unknowingly finishes a half-marathon! it's now trending this morning... a co-worker text me and said your dog just came in 7th place. everyone was going crazy. the bloodhound somehow found herself at the starting line, and then trotted along with runners for the entire 13 point one miles... without a human or leash. she even finished in seventh place and got a medal! her owner... who is not a runner... didn't even know about her celebrity dog until a friend called and filled her in. she says after the race the hound came home and took a long nap! you can check out all of the stories trending today... just head to our website
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we've got our whole team covering breaking news for you this morning.. one person is dead, another fighting to live.. after a wild police chase and crash..
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police chasing a man in a stolen car... until he crashes at a gas station... killing an innocent person. that intersection, rainbow and spring mountain is going to be closed all morning long. parker collins is at vegas and rampart... tracking metro's investgation. but we want to start with yasmeen hassan who was first on yasmeen? 20:41 major 401, major 401! rainbow and spring mountain. major 401 into another vehicle 21:06 you're gonna need a couple of ambulances thanks yasmeen...
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collins. parker you've been watching police investigate all morning long. how did this all start?
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we now have the mugshots... for ammon bundy, his brother ryan...
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the other armed protesters who were arrested last night after a confrontation with fbi agents.. bundy and his supporters were arrested for conspiracy to impede federal officials. officials say this all started with a traffic stop... and then they went into arrest the protesters. we're told everyone surrendered peacedfully except two people... thanks for watching good morning las vegas.. do something positive today..
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thanks for watching good morning las vegas.. do something positive today.. good morning america is next... we'll see you back here for
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, that stand you in oregon turning deadly. a shoot-out erupts between the fbi and anti-government protesters. one of the leaders of the group killed. his supporters say the rancher was murdered with his hands in the air. our team on the scene right now. he's out, donald trump now saying he won't show up to thursday's debate taking on fox and megyn kelly. >> this is a lightweight. this is not a reporter. this to me is just a lightweight. megyn kelly shouldn't be in the
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