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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  January 27, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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chair, wearing a spit gag and moaning. action news reporter parker collins was there this morning court today. he was bound and gagged and black was out on the strip trying to take him in... take sot dymond black, brother of khaleal black 11:26:09-11:26:17 "he's sick he's a really nice guy he just parker collins channel thirteen action news. a breaking news update right now on a horrific crash a horrific crash overnight one woman was killed. rainbow and spring mountain shut down after a man flees police. yasmeen hassan is at the scene where drivers were in danger. we heard sgt. richard strader with metros fatal detail call the suspect of this crash a menace to society. you can see what kind of damage he caused. two totaled cars - flipped on their sides. officers say it all started when someone called 911 to report a possible drunk driver,
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yukon. that was around 2-30 near lake mead and rainbow. not on the side of the road - but in the middle of the road. when officers went to go check it out - the driver apparently woke up - got scared - and took off. he crashed into patrol cars, ran multiple red lights, and finally stopped right here - when he t-boned another car - killing that driver. the crash was so intense - the suspect was also thrown from the yukon. we actually heard all of this happen on the police scanner.... ...and have some of it for you to listen to. 19:13 "he just blew through a red light. no one is pursuing him. (paraphrased) 20:41 major 401, major 401! rainbow and spring mountain. major 401 into another vehicle 21:06 you're gonna need a couple of ambulances 22:15 they just advised someone thrown from the vehicle the suspect is now in life threatening condition at umc.
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search warrant to test his blood - see if he was in fact drunk when all of this happened.... ....but we do know that suv he was driving was stolen. back to you. vo officers were also busy searching an area.... 7 miles away from the crash site... a witness told police they saw the suspect toss something from his speeding s-u-v. 14:10 "the witness that i have is the witness tthat saw the suspect's vehicle throw something out." this was near vegas and rampart. our reporter at the scene.... witnessed detectives and k9 out there searching and overheard police saying they found beer cans and keys. however, there's no word on if that's connected to the suspect. this just in... on the national scene...
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23- year-old american citizen behind bars this midday-- accused of planning a massacre at a masonic temple in milwaukee. samy mohamed hamzeh is in jail accused of plotting a killing spree targeting the temple. the alleged plot was laid out... it was to lock the doors of the temple and systematically execute 30 people-- using machine guns equipped with silencers. according the fbi, hamza sought to launch the attack with two other radicals. week... after practicing at a firing range. and we're following developments out of eastern ohio... where one person died after a house exploded. crews were seen removing a body from the house early this morning. neighboring homes were also damaged. the local school district superintendent said there's a debris field at a nearby elementary school, from the playground to the softball field. a six-alarm fire is consuming a building on canal street in new orleans. it's not far from the roosevelt there are no immediate reports
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we're following developments out of oregon where a confrontation turned deadly between the fbi and armed militia. militia leaders ammon and ryan bundy along with 6 other members of the group were booked into jail early today. one person died and eight were arrested after the fbi and the oregon state police intercepted the group along a highway yesterday. the militants were heading to a community meeting when they were confronted by authorities. shots were fired after fbi agents, oregon state police and other authorities made the stop. it is unclear who opened fire first. militia spokesperson lavoy finicum was killed during the arrest. nevada rancher... cliven bundy is now speaking out.... i know that my boys and those that were with them. they were up there doing good things. trying to defend the constitution of the united states...trying to defend the hammond family from going to jail officials say everyone surrendered except two people... lavoy finicum, and ryan bundy ammon's older brother.
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daughter overnight... who's devastated.... but says all he wanted was to teach people. 3:43-3:47 he just wants people to understand what the constitution is about. to love freedom and to educate themselves ammon bundy and the others are now facing a felony charge of conspiracy to impede federal officials by force, intimidation or threat. an update from breaking news overnight... a wild police chase ends when a man crashes a stolen car and officers open fire.. we're getting a look at some new video. this video was sent to us from a worker at the 7-11 on pecos and bonanza. you can see police officers everywhere... surrounding the store. :01-:08 "they got the ..... whole 7-11 off. wow... that's crazy." chopper 13 was first over the scene.. metro says after the suspect crashed... he ran to a nearby neighborhood for cover. that's when they say he pointed a gun at an officer...
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neighbors described the terrifying experience. he was on the 711 and jumped to my back yard and then jumped to the next backyard. bullet didn't go inside the window. house, so at least the bullet didn't go inside the window. police say the suspect had a gun. he was taken to the hospital, and treated for minor injuries. he's behind bars facing several felonies. right now police need your help finding a missing woman. they're looking for 20 year old jessica lacy. she was last seen six days ago near rainbow and warm springs. metro says she could be in danger.... but is not saying why. if you know anything or have seen her contact police right away. imagine your home could slip into the ocean... you'd leave- right? not some of our neighbors to the west... check out what they're facing! and an update on the massive blizzard that crippled the east coast... the cleanup isn't over yet! people in california literally living on the edge
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teetering on a cliff are being forced to move. the city of pacifica, california declared a state of emergency... homes and apartments deemed uninhabitable due to eroding cliffs. people there have already lost their backyards. not everyone is heeding the warning....doubting the apartment is actually in danger. some people are staying until the very end...saying they'll only leave when the city shuts off the power and gas. days after the historic blizzard hit the east people are still digging out. many streets in virginia are still buried under three feet of snow. the main roads there are cleared but the county says it will take a while to dig out neighborhoods. many people can't go to work because they're still so snowed in in maryland...the city is making progress clearing snow but they're still a lot of work to do.
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truckload...but there's just so much of it they can't keep up. city schools are still closed today after the historic snowfall it's a similar scene in new jersey... where they're still digging out as well. front after front continue to develop within the pacific northwest and track east/southeast. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies will be common for southern nevada as a whole with small chance for rain and snow to the mountains and potentially red rock today. temperatures do fall slightly as compared to yesterday's high temperatures; we will hover in the upper 50s this afternoon but by tomorrow, temperatures rebound back to the low and potentially mid 60s. there is a discrepancy in our models for tomorrow afternoon in regards to another front passing overhead. most information points to energy build to the north of clark county; allowing for rain and snow, a couple models however, are pushing in a small rain chance through las vegas. there is not a lot of support partly cloudy skies for tomorrow afternoon. not much changes as we move through into the weekend, with a third front passing, winds pick up saturday but dwindle down for by saturday night. partly cloudy skies hold with highs in the 60s clear into
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high pressure is holding but begins to break down today. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies are expected with high temperatures in the lower 60s. the high will then shift east by tomorrow as the front we have been monitoring out of the pacific northwest begins to move east/southeast. models indicate a warm moisture plume that will feed into the clouds build in heavier and heavier through friday into the by saturday 15-25 mph will be common and monday yields the strongest winds between 25-35 mph with gusts 50+mph. sunday and, as it stands now, high for monday morning through the afternoon. behind this front is a large arctic air- mass that will drop the valley's temperatures out of the upper 60s and lower 70s attacked and killed by three
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and now.... the owners of the dogs..... are in a heated fight!! "your dogs killed my dog! ate it right here! well you better apologize! you better get on your knees explicit and pray!!" action news reporter gina lazara was there when it unfolded! nicole: "you better roll. your dog killed my dog. what do you have to say?? what do you have to say about it?!?!" pit owner: "im sorry god" nicole: "you're sorry
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go away!!!" pit owner: "i tried to get my dogs ok??" this heated confrontation took place just hours after little bella owner: "your dog was not on a leash either!" nicole: "you need to roll!" nicole gracia says she was outside with her two pups this morning.... when three pit bulls came running towards them.....and attacked. me: "are you reliviing this moment in your head right now? can you even put it into words how terrible it was?" nicole cries and doesn't answer. bawling. speechless.....nicole continues to sob....thinking about the plans she had with her now dead chihuahua. nicole: "we just had the snow in mount charleston and i was off work today and i had her little sweaters and i was gonna take her up to the snow today." nicole talking to dog: "where's your girlfriend?!" dog: whimpers and howls nicole talking to dog: "where's bella? where's bella" dog keeps whimpering/howling angry and emotional... nicole says she wants the pits out of her neighborhood. nicole: "those dogs need to be
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i mean come on. my little one is dead." the county confirmed with action news.... animal control did respond to this incident.... but... as far as.... what will happen to the pit bulls.... that part is still... under investigation. a big announcement from the animal foundation today. the shelter will reveal plans to save all healthy and treatable animals in our entire valley by the end of 20-20. for years the animal foundation has come under fire for not being a "no- kill" shelter. the executive director unveiled all details this morning. in today's contact 13 consumer alert... one valley man's viral video is shedding light on a problem that could be costing you when you gas up. you can see gas isn't flowing but the meter keeps running up the charge. the man says it's happened to him.... three times...
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the state department of agriculture inspects gas pumps... they tell us someone has already been out to look at the pump... inspectors urge drivers.... to file formal complaints if they encounter problems.... rebel gas stations did not return our messages.... for comment. in today's health report... the latest on the zika virus... the concern is expanding. we'll tell you why. and the winter weather can have an effect on your emotions. we'll look at winter and depression in today's health minute, coming up.
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more concerns about ththe c-d-c is issuing new guidelines for testing newborns. right now, there are 18 cases in 7 states... all across the country pregnant women who've traveled overseas are rushing to their doctors to get checked. the cdc recommends cranial ultrasounds and eye exams for any new babies who's mom was possibly infected. researchers are afraid the
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serious birth defects... winter can be a tough season. especially with the fierce snow storm we just saw, a lot of folks just want these dreary days to go away. but there are ways to fight the winter blues. here's today's health minute. even if you love the cold and outdoor winter sports, you've got to admit this has been a tough season. not only is it brisk outside, but shorter days and longer nights can bring on the blues. sad. doctors say in severe cases people with sad become depressed. many patients claim they just can't function. that's because the brain goes through a chemical imbalance due to a lack of sunlight, which can lead to a number of symptoms... such as fatigue, lack of energy, oversleeping, difficulty concentrating and cravings for foods high in carbohydrates that can cause weight gain. there are ways sad can be treated. modify your diet and exercise more. there are specially designed light boxes that are used to treat those with sad and if the problem becomes serious, some doctors will recommend anti-
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help patients get through the dark days of winter. and be with family. laughter and togetherness are great therapy for the winter blues. it's a perfect way to stay warm, even if the temperatures outside are frigid up next on action news at midday... mega star sophia vergara is fuming today... and making her feelings known! we'll tell you why. plus... donald trump is dumping out of the next debate... and other candidates are reacting. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us now to another star making
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family's" sofia vergara taprotect her image. she is filing a 15-million
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brand for using one of her selfies to promote their product. venus concept and a number of its alleged affiliates, she claims have been cashing in on her image -- promoting their beauty product, without her permission or endorsement. the next republican presidential debate is scheduled for tomorrow... front-runner donald trump says he won't be there! his campaign manager says trump refuses to face questions from fox news. good at what she does. and i think they can do a lot better than megyn kelly. and so i am going to be making a decision with fox, but i probably won't bother doing the debate trump says he'll be doing something else tomorrow night. yesterday he said he might hold a veterans fundraiser in iowa. republican hopeful ted cruz has a message for trump. "if he is unwilling to stand on the debate stage, then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with me any time between
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another debate is brewing among democrats. hillary clinton's campaign is pushing bernie sanders to participate in a newly proposed deabte. sanders campaign says he has no plans to take part in it. the debate would be just days before the new hampshire primary. it wouldn't be sanctioned by the democratic national committee. one of new hampshire's largest newspapers and m-s-n-b-c announced the debate. they say it's from overwhelming calls from voters for another forum before the state's february 9th primary. today president obama will meet with senator bernie sanders at the white house. the white house says the meeting will be informal with no specific agenda. this meeting comes just days after the president praised sanders' main rival...hillary clinton. the president has not endorsed anyone as a potential successor. up next on action news at midday... the latest on a horrific crash at a popular valley
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hear what drivers faced... all at the hands of another! plus... the standoff in oregon is over... but it didn't end peacefully. find out what happened. have you downloaded the all new channel 13 action news app yet? it's simple to use and features live streaming, video on demand with photos, plus blazing fast radar. get the all new action news app free in the app store and in google play. right now on action news live at midday: the latest on acelebrity chef rick moonen cooks up a special event and you're invited! plus soul singer, cameron calloway, performs live in studio that's all today at 2 on valley view live. ........... that was celebrity magician
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officers say this all started when they went to check on a possible drunk driver passed out behind the wheel of a yukon near lake mead and rainbow. when officers got close, the driver woke up - rammed his car into their patrol cars - and took off. police say he ran multiple red lights before crashing into another car here - killing a woman who was driving along minding her own business. officers say she had the green light & was blindsided by suv. this could have anybody driving through here. anybody's family member. mom dad son daughter you know brother sister that could have been driving here and one car make this 3 hours later this
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multiple people involved in this collision. the suspect in the crash was thrown from his suv he is now in life threatening condition. we do know the yukon he was driving was reported stolen back in october. so, if this guy does survive he could be facing a long list of charges. a breaking news update from overnight...a scooter rider waking up in the hospital this morning after a crash near harmon and paradise officers say the scooter pulled out in front of a car and may have been trying to turn left to go east on harmon. the rider transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. both scooter and driver are
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two people were killed and three others injured when someone opened fire at a homeless camp in seattle. it happened last night at a long-standing encampment known as "the jungle." police are still looking for the shooter. they believe the shooting was targeted and don't think other homeless people are at risk. an update this midday... the situation in oregon turns deadly... after the armed protesters who took over a wildlife refuge there... clash with the fbi and today the fbi has established checkpoints around a national wildlife preserve in oregon where some armed activists still are believed to be holed up, saying the decision came out of "an abundance of caution." authorities arrested the leaders of the small group that has been occupying malheur national wildlife refuge for more than three weeks during a traffic stop where gunfire erupted and one man was killed late yesterday. it was militia spokesperson lavoy finicum- his daughter is devastated. 3:43-3:47 he just wants people to understand what the constitution is about.
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themselves ammon bundy and the others are now behind bars. now to the young doctor at the center of a violent confrontation with an uber driver. the video of the incident went viral abc's gio benitez explains. it's the video that spread like wildfire? nats i have lost my mind! anjali ramkissoon is a 4th year neurology resident at one of miami's most prestigious hospitals? but last week, she was belligerent. nats oh oh! caught on camera in a bizarre confrontation with an uber driver. it happened in the heart of downtown miami. nats can you call 911 please? ? ramkissoon thinks this is her driver? it isn't - he's waiting to pick up someone else, but still she demands he drive her? after things get physical (show her hitting him) and she's pushed to the ground? she gets into the car and does this? nats throwing papers out of car grfx many of you chiming in right away online? violetta writing? "this person should not be practicing medicine" another saying.. "i wouldn't go anywhere near the facility for medical care if she continues to work
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arrested and charged with assault." but the driver speaking to local station w-t-v-j? isn't pressing charges.. igor belic/driver "she was erratic. she was screaming, cursing, calling me names." ramkissoon - now on administrative leave from the hospital while it conducts an internal investigation? and uber has suspended her. for good morning america, gio benitez, abc news, new york right now....a school community in indianapolis is grieving after a deadly school bus crash. but students say the principal saved their lives. susan jordan died in the accident yesterday. the bus driver says she was staning outside the school with students when a bus went over a curb. the superintendent made the sad announcement. jordan pushed several students
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bus right before it hit her and two 10-year old kids. those children were hospitalized with serious but non-life threatening injuries. the bus driver doesn't know what caused the bus to accelerate. we're learning new details of a local high school teacher's relationship with a student. the english and special ed teacher is accused of sexual misconduct with a 17-year-old with a learning disability. jillian lafave was arrested at valley high school on january 15th. parents got a letter yesterday telling them about the arrest.... they don't know why no one told them sooner. "it is disturbing to know no one has told us anything" according to police over the course of the relationship lafave and the student texted back and forth thousands of times...many were sexual in nature. the arrest report says lafave would hang out with the 17-year-old almost every day after school. police say the student was upset when he found out lafave was under investigation and that he loved her!
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tired of waiting...they want to be able to choose which schools they can attend. thousands showed up to a rally at the cashman center-- showing their support for the esa program-- after a state court judge ordered a temporary injunction-- that means the education system will stay status quo for now. no money will be given out to parents until the state can look into some legal questions. the bill has faced challenges when it comes to the state giving parents money--to then possibly give to a religious institution. we have over 4100 families who have applied to have an education savings account who are now in limbo as the courts are working through this process an appeal is expected to be filed with the nevada supreme court. in mountains edge people say writings in chalk on the sidewalk went too far. we want to warn you some of these chalk writings may be offensive. this is inside a gated community called "mesa" right near mountain's edge parkway and buffalo. parents tell action news teenagers are vandalizing the
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and sexual messages. they hoped the community manager would take care of the problem...but nothing has been done. "we live in a community. it's not appropriate. and that's a racism thing and i don't accept that for anything." because it's chalk...this wouldn't usually qualify as vandalism....but it does become illegal when hate speech is involved. a bold burglar in a santa hat breaks into a doctor's office in florida... but what's really strange about the crime, is what he decides to take! here you see the man, santa hat and all... walking through the doctor's office. he's carrying a crow bar he used to break-in. he quickly grabs a garbage can, and goes straight for a refrigerator... and grabs thousands of dollars worth of botox! police are trying to track down the man before he sells the botox, or starts doing treatments on people. still ahead on action news at midday... did you know you might have a lot of extra cash laying around your house? and wait until you find out where it is!
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people on the east coast are looking to make a buck for their recent storm... but renting an igloo- really? and here's a live look at the new york stock exchange... ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) did you know you might have a lot of money hiding in your
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this is probably about $40 from a pile of trash?.to a bundle of cash? (keyables: $648, $178, $311) the clothes (she hi- fives alexa) (keyable: total = $1137.79) for a grand but we don't want to trash our weather, greg... high pressure continues to play a key role in our weather for the next few days. suppressing moisture in the low and mid levels, only high level clouds are expected throughout the next few afternoons. this leads to mainly sunny skies with temperatures steadily rising through the five days.
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be common with highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s. slightly breezy conditions are left over from the weak disturbance that passed over head last night but should subside by this afternoon. high pressure will continue to hold through about thursday night. by then, we see this area of high pressure shift east and begin to break down as an approaching low and cold front comes out of the pacific northwest. by friday, clouds begin to build but temperatures continue to rise with mid and upper 60s looking common. saturday comes our peak warmth with highs expected in the upper 60s and lower 70s! but this comes at a bit of a price. mainly cloudy skies will build in by the afternoon and winds are expected between 10-20 mph. by sunday, the front will interact with the valley and rain chances are moderately high and get larger for monday morning. with windy conditions expected clouds and possible rain, temperatures that were in the low 70s will fall back to the upper 50s and low 60s sunday and monday afternoons.
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here's a live look at the thomas and mack... where tonight you can cheer on the running rebels! unlv's basketball team will be facing off against boise
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they're asking fans to wear red. they'll also give out 5-thousand red shirts and water bottles. tip off is at 8 o'clock. just in time for spring... the very first outdoor mall is coming to the strip! "the park".. is the latest project from m-g-m resorts international. it will connect new york-new york, the monte carlo and the new t-mobile arena. "the park" will feature water falls stretching more than 100-feet, street performers and restaurants including 'shake shack' and 'california pizza kitchen.' the mall is set to open in april. now let's take a look at today's top stories now trending... an alabama dog's bathroom break turns into her big break as she unknowingly finishes a half-marathon! a co-worker text me and said your dog just came in 7th place. everyone was going crazy. the bloodhound somehow found herself at the starting line, and then trotted along with runners for the entire 13 point one miles... without a human or leash. she even finished in seventh place and got a medal! her owner... who is not a runner... didn't even know about her
11:37 am
called and filled her in. she says after the race the hound came home and took a long nap! some people in new york are trying to cash-in on this weekend's massive blizzard... inside this igloo is everything you need to get through a cold brooklyn night. and the people who built it decided that maybe others would like to enjoy it, too! they listed it on "air b-n-b". the price-- just 200 dollars. the offers started coming in, but the website took it down. the builders say they are just trying to enjoy the snow it melts. a virginia t-v reporter played mad scientist and family-friendly bartender during winter storm coverage last week. jon burkett took time during a live report to make a snowy version of a seven-eleven slurpee. he showed viewers how to make one using fresh snow and a bottle of cola. though he admitted his wife might get mad if the drink makes him sick. million dollar quartet recently launched a #tbt ticket offer
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guests can receive 2-for-$60 tickets for all 5:30 p.m. performances on thursdays now through june. high pressure continues to play
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speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. few days. suppressing moisture in the low and mid levels, only high level clouds are expected throughout the next few afternoons. this leads to mainly sunny skies with temperatures steadily rising through the slightly breezy conditions are left over from the weak disturbance that passed over night. by then, we see this area of northwest. by friday, clouds begin to in by the afternoon and winds clouds and possible rain, here's a look at what we're
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3... a new viral challenge to warn all parents about. it's called the duct tape challenge, and it nearly killed one teen. his message before your kids become the next victim. and a big announcement from the animal foundation. how they're planning to save hundreds of animal lives by 20-20! tonight's tv primetime lineup starts with the middle at 8.... followed by the goldbergs at 8:30... modern family at 9, blackish at 9:30...american crime at ten and we hope you'll stay with us for action news at 11. that's it for us here... the chew is up next... and be sure to watch action news live at 3 p-m with rikki and be sure to watch action news live at 3 p-m with rikki cheese...
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