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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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killer. take a look at this surveillance video.... we just got from metro. it shows.... the victim riding a bike.... down east owens. a black truck.... pulled up.. someone inside that truck.... fired several shots. the truck.... sped away. the victim collapsed. he was transported to u-m- c-... and pronounced dead. this happened.... saturday.. at about 4 am. metro says... the truck is either a late turning from owens onto mary jane drive. if you have any information.. call metro or crimestoppers. new at six.. a valley mom fears the worst when her five-year old never gets off the bus after school. this is the story of one henderson family furious with ccsd!
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so action news reporter michael burton spent the afternoon getting both sides of the story. michael? this is the bus stop where bus. hers did not - mode. -take pkg- "i was calling henderson police. i was calling ccsd police and i couldn't even remember my address yesterday. i was just gone." caileigh's grandmother thought of the worst. "somebody has my granddaughter." yesterday was the second time this happened! the first instance was in october - caleigh's mother and grandmother waited at her stop - but caleigh never got off. each time the horror lasted about an hour before caleigh's family got a call from school saying she got off at the wrong stop and was with another
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ccsd took action. "they had asked that we give them another shot. they investigated it. they talked to the bus driver and they had asked that we give them another opportunity." but then it happened again - so action news reached out to student is paired with a guardian. "that did not happen in this case." so today - ccsd put a supervisor on caileigh's bus to make sure the driver was doing their job correctly. parents at that stop tell me the driver isn't consistently focused. they say the driver used to just come and go - but got a little better after the first time caleigh went missing. "you don't see the bus driver coming forward at all to make i don't even see them stand up or anything." -end pkg- caileigh's family says she will not be riding the bus anymore - until ccsd creates more
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they also want to warn parents across clark county - if it happened to them, it could happen to you. live in henderson - michael burton - channel 13 action news. as always.. if you have a problem or issue and want us to check it out.. send an email to 13investigates@ktnv.c om. and be sure to include your phone number. an update.... to a fiery confrontation.... we first told you about..... last night at -11-. your dog killed my dog. what do you have to say?? what do you have to say about it?!?!" pit owner: "im sorry god" nicole: "you're sorry god?! your dogs killed my dog. go away!!!" our cameras were rolling..... as the argument ignited after one woman says.... her neighbor's pit bulls.... killed her chihuahua. tonight... a whole new layer of terror to they are fearing for their life. she's live in the studio.... with the latest on this. gina? i went back to the apartment complex this afternoon. i tried to talk to the owner of the three pit bulls but no one
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instead -- lots of neighbors came out of their homes - and they had a lot to say. among their concerns: the pits running around the complex... forcing people to run from them as they fear for their lives. prior to killing the chihuahua -- i'm told the pits killed a cat and bit the cat's owner. neighbors also say -- the pits howl all through the night -- keeping everyone awake. and according to them -- all the owner does -- is sit back and smile. "there is the weirdest howl it's like a painful sound like they're beatin it or something. they're over 20 pounds they don't need to be on this property!" animal control told me they aren't authorized to speak with me and i have to go through clark county. well -- all the county has told me is this is under investigation --but for now -- the pits are still at home and the owner has not been charged with a crime. reporting live gina lazara channel 13 action news breaking news on a massive fire in downtown new orleans.
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have made an arrest. they say the man started the fire to stay warm. the blaze quickly grew to a six alarm inferno. thankfully, no one was hurt. that's the latest from the breaking news center. the suspect arrested in that officer- involved shooting outside the bellagio last friday night was sheeled into court this morning for a hearing. nat moaning 2:01:21 the moaning lasted the entire hearing. a judge set bail for khaleal black at two million dollars. that's more than double what prosecutors were requesting. during the appearance.. black was in restrains.. gagged and barefoot. his brothers.. who were at the hearing.. say he's mentally ill and usually medicated. dymond black, brother of khaleal black 11:26:09-11:26:17 "he's sick in his brain right now so i just don't want him to-- people to look at him as a criminal cause he's not a bad guy. he's a really nice guy he just had a mental break down."
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to see he's not well.. and hope he can get some help. developing now.. following the shootout.... is asking all occupiers.... to stand down.. and go home. ending a nearly month long.... stand-off. on the left is la-voy finicum.. the man shot and killed by police last night.... during the arrest of ammon bundy and six others. tonight... the bundy family is speaking out to action news. action news anchor.... lesley marin was in bunkerville.... at the home of cliven bundy... she has more... on what the family is saying. one dead-- another shot-- in the end eight from the bundy militia behind bars but thousands of miles away at the bundy's bunkerville home-- family--here--trying to pick up the pieces from a violent night. 10:36:24-:36:37 cliven bundy's daughter in law briana bundy sheds tears for lavoy finicum. a bundy supporter-- who months ago said he would die for his
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from bunkerville lesley marin channel 13 action news. new at six.. a valley man says the equipment he needs for his livelyhood is ripped-off.. but it's all caught on security cameras. we'll tell you his choice message for the thieves. coming up... in contact -13- tonight... we have the list of top cities.... where you'll pay off your mortgage... the fastest. but... does las vegas make the list?
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possible inaccuaracies in the v-a's backlog. last week..
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questioned secretary robert mcdonald on the new report.. and says he didn't get the answers he was looking for. can you assure me that the inspector general is inaccurate on some of this data that they claim that they don't trust, i'm not sure the data of that report//butt to// i believe the data is accurate. heller has asked the v-a work with the inspector general to clear-up any inaccuaries. the nevada supreme court will decide.... whether local gaming company... las vegas sands... will have to pay.... a -70- million-dollar judgment to a hong kong businessman..... in macau. local billionaire sheldon adelson is at the helm.... of the las vegas sands corporation. two years ago.... a judge ordered the company to pay the money to richard suen.... for 'breach of contract'. adelson appealed. -3- members of a las vegas motorcycle gang have been sentenced.... to up to -3- years in prison.... on fraud charges. state attorney general adam laxalt says.... michael hughes..
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and steven shaw were arrested for concealing a motorcycle..... that was reported stolen.. to receive an insurance payment. the multi-agency operation also led to the seizure.... of dozens of guns.. and... several pounds of drugs. still ahead.. a local man's mobile car wash is stolen right out of his driveway.. and it's all caught on camera. plus.. a rare tornado touches down in south florida. we'll show you some of the damage caused by the powerful storm. and.. a frightened moose is trapped.... in a swing. the homeowners admit to attracting him.... with salt. why they aren't facing charges.
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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lured into residential neighborhoods. the video comes from the colorado parks and wildlife department. it's a moose with its antlers caught in a backyard swing. the homeowner admits to using salt to attract the moose.. which struggled for several hours to get free. wildlife officers finally show up with a stun-gun.. then cut the rope. the homeowner wasn't cited. officials say watching the
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enough. staying updated to breaking news on the search.... for 3 escaped inmates.... in california. we've learned.... -5- people have been arrested. the orange county sheriff didn't say.... how the people sitting in jail now..... are connected to these three men.. but did say... authorities are hitting area gang members hard. jonathan tieu... bac duong.. and hossein nayeri escaped... on friday. they are all charged with violent crimes. a 200-thousand dollar reward is offered for tips.... leading to their arrests. that's the latest.... from the breaking news center. a fatal accident this morning.... shut down a busy intersection for nine hours. this is.... spring mountain and rainbow. the woman.... who died was in the wrong place... at the wrong time. officers say... this all started.... near lake mead and rainbow.... police say... the driver.... rammed a stolen car into their patrol cars.... and took off... running red lights before crashing into another car... and killing the woman inside. as for the suspect...
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he could be facing.... a long list of charges. new at six.. a mom and pop shop says.... it may be forced out of business.... after two young men stole most of their equipment.... for their mobile car washing company! and... it's all caught on camera. action news reporter.... walks us through the video.... and what happened that night. take pkg nat "well there you see a white, looks like chevy tahoe, early 90s" take a look at this surveillance video-- that trailer in the middle of the screen holds equipment for the dudecks mobile car wash company. you can see two young men-- in the bottom left of your screen. if we take a closer look-- you can see them unhitching the dudecks trailer-- they dont seem to be in a hurry-- and they dont seem to be keeping a lookout. then-- watch as they roll the trailer away-- hitting the dudecks truck on their way out. the dudecks say watching this surveillance video-- is like watching their hard work and familys income-- be rolled away. take sot darren dudeck coowner, executive mobile car wash
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we've had to cancel half of our appointments that we have right now which equals quite a bit of money, everyday that we don't have a unit out there we don't generate the money needed to be successful marissa tag the dudecks say this is the only vehicle theyre operating their business from now. they say thats only about half their business-- obviously about half their income. reporting in nwlv-- mk-- ch13an. a big cleanup is underway right now in south florida.. after a rare tornado. the twister raked across a neighborhood in coconut creek.. north of miami.. overturning a semi and damaging several other vehicles. there was also damage at a nearby college.. where the high winds ripped shingles off a roof and damaged some windows. fortunately.. no reports of serious injuries. some moderate cloud cover overnight tonight will keep temperatures mild and set the stage for a marvelous thursday coming tomorrow.
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temperatures overnight will only fall into the mid 40s and partly cloudy skies will continue the warming trend with temperatures in the mid 60s for tomorrow. friday keeps that warm up going with a mixture of sun and clouds but temperatures warming into the upper 60s and saturday will be the warmest day - highs could hit 70 if the skies are clear enough - as a low pressure area drives temperatures up ahead of the cold front. giant changes are on the way for the weekend with a strong low pressure system moving into the area although timing and intensity are still in question. models are in disagreement over timing and moisture content as the gfs brings near record amounts of rain through sunday into monday and has been accelerating the storm. the euro has been more consistent about timing, with it.
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significant rain coming sunday into monday with shots for very strong winds moving in after the storm rolls out. after the system temperatures will be solidly winter cold with high temperatures around 50 and lows in the low to mid 30s. time now...
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from contact 13. a new report outs shows... the top -10- cities... where a mortgage can be paid off... the fastest. here's a look... at the top -5-... according to realtor -dot- com... cleveland is the top city... where it's most feasible... to fast- track..... that pay-off. coming in at number -2-... is rochester, new york. in the -3-rd spot... is pittsburgh, pennsylvania. followed by.... buffalo, new york... and then... columbus, ohio. coming up.. a new scam to watch-out for. find out how crooks are using technology to target one of the most popular ways to pay for goods and services on the internet. a thief after a little cash.. destorys parking meters.... to get it. wait until you hear.... how much he got. you're watching channel 13,
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we investigate.
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a parking mtt2w`t2n`qt" bt@q,m8 tt2w`t2n`qt" "a@q
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confirming the transfer... but... it's a scam. paypall will have some protection, but when you are dealing with a con artist or a scammer they are going to try to fake legitamacy they will use anything they can and try to say they are paypall experts recommend... you never accept money orders and cashier checks. you can not dispute them if they're fake. they say... you should only accept cash or credit card. new at six.. for the first time in years..... the mayor of north las vegas has something to be excited about.... in his "state of the city address". mayor john lee is speaking tomorrow at noon.... at "texas station gambling hall and hotel". faraday future expected to break ground this year..... on a one billion dollar manufacturing plant.... at apex industrial park.. bringing in thousands of jobs. and... highspeed travel company "hyperloop technologies" is testing new technology... at a- pex. next on action news live at 6:30.. after taking a lot of
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changes are coming to the animal foundation to save the lives of more animals. we'll tell you what they're planning. and... caught on camera. a routine traffic stop turns into a police chase..... after a handcuffed suspect hi-jacks.... a patrolman's car. how he was able.... to pull it off.
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what a private meeting between president obama and bernie sanders means.... for hillary clinton. medical marijuana is legal in many states. so why can't our nation's veterans use it as a treatment option? we'll tell you about a campaign to change that. a big announcement today from the animal foundation..... as they look to further reduce.... their euthanasia rates... the area's largest animal shelter faced large criticism..... in the past two years....
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they're vowing to change the
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