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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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of flint, michigan. that state's senate just approved 28 million dollars of additional funding to address the lead contamination of the city's water supply. the money will go toward more bottled water... along with filters and monitoring services. here at home... an action news update from overnight... a storm of gunfire... two victims escape... and drive themselves to the hospital! action news reporter parker collins has been speaking with people who live in the apartment complex near jones and tropicana. he's live with what they saw. parker? shooting happened here... a ton of bullets... police say a man and a woman were hit. they drove themselves to spring valley hospital. their dodge four door was riddled with bullet holes. the er there was blocked off for a while so police could figure out what happened. people here say the shots happened rapid fire. and there were a bunch....
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no arrests yet. reporting live parker collins channel thirteen action news. also person is dead and another is fighting to live after a shooting at a bus stop. this happened near eastern and tropicana just before one a-m. police are also looking for whomever is responsible for thissoo. right now in the valley... metro is also on a manhunt for a man and woman they say are "armed and dangerous"... and it's all because of a man who was stabbed to death. officers say around 8-30 last night, a group of people got into a fight outside a house near the stratosphere. they went inside, and that's when police believe a man was stabbed. metro says another man and woman live in the home-- and that's who they're looking for.
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information not to try to approach the suspects, but to just call police immediately, because again.. they do believe the couple is dangerous. ahead today... the woman at the center of an extreme animal hoarding case is getting ready to face a judge. natalie beck is due in court this afternoon, but she's skipped her last two court dates. last year, animal control removed more than 100 cats from her home in north las vegas. in may she was found guilty on animal cruelty charges, and ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation. but just a week later, animal control officers found nearly 40 cats at her home. an update to story that broke overnight... we're seeing images of a suspect who robbed a jewelry store. take a look... police are looking for this man who robbed a store near las vegas boulevard and spring mountain yesterday. police say he threatened the clerk and demanded jewelry be put in his bag. the suspect did fill the bag with several items and took off. police are looking for a man
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old...5 10 and 1-hundred and 60 pounds. he was last seen wearing a fur jeans and black shoes with a slight mustache and was unshaven. if you have information please contact police. north las vegas police are trying to track down this man.... after they say... he exposed himself to a woman and committed lewd acts in a gym.... near craig and clayton. police say...last month, he exposed himself to the victim... inside a sauna. the woman left to get away from him.... walking over.... to the showers. police say...he followed her and watched her shower. if you have information on this man, give police a call. ahead today... we're expecting an update on how the city of north las vegas is doing. the mayor is set to deliver his annual state of the city address... mayor john lee will give the speech from texas station in about an hour. we'll have more on what he says in later editions of action news. turning to sports, and a much needed win on the basketball court by the unlv runnin' rebels. they knocked off their conference foe, boise state at
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night...beating the broncos 87 to 77. the rebs were led by patrick mccaw's 25 points, 4 rebounds and 5 steals. unlv was down by 8 at halftime, but put together a huge second half to get the win. the runnin rebels are now 13 and 8 on the year and are 4 and 4 in conference play. they host first place san diego state at 5 p-m this saturday. still ahead on action news at midday... more trouble for vegas based allegiant airlines... but this time it has nothing to do with any of its planes. plus... the g-o-p debate is all set up- but donald trump is still refusing to take part-- find out why things are getting even more heated. more trouble for vegas based allegiant airlines...
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with their planes. i tracked this all morning from the breaking news center... all night long people have been posting on twitter, saying they're getting non stop emails from the las vegas based company. a viewer called us saying he got more than 60 messages in an hour! we reached out to allegiant and they said their i-t department was looking into the problem, and they apologized to their customers on twitter, and in this email. the airline told us their first priority was making sure the emails stopped... before they could say exactly what happened. the stage is set for tonight's republican debate... but donald trump is still refusing to be there.... and that's causing drama! his rivals are seizing the opportunity. this as trump and fox news go back and forth. the donald appeared on fox news last night, defending his decision. (from turner 4 donald trump on oreilly factor fnc c 16 012716) sot @ 20:02:05:00 "i was not treated well by fox. i have zero respect for megyn kelly. trump will instead host a
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tonight. as you can imagine, his gop counterparts are seeing his absence as prime opportunity to gain some ground on trump's lead....especially senator ted cruz. apparently mr. trump considers megyn kelly very very scary. and you know donald is a fragile soul. she might ask a mean question and who knows what could happen. his hair could stand on end. cruz is challenging trump to a one-on-one debate. trump responded on twitter saying he's okay with that... if they held the debate in canada--taking shots a cruz's candadian birth. meanwhile.... also on the republican side.... new jersey governor chris christie has earned a key endorsement ahead of the new hampshire republican primary. the boston herald newspaper announced that it is endorsing christie for president. the paper called christie a trusted leader with a real shot at uniting republicans ahead of the november general election. the newspaper also complimented
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called "gutsy" on the campaign trial ... turning to the democrats.. and there's talk of adding another debate before the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton says she wants the debate. to some, it's a sign she's worried about bernie sanders' rise in the polls. the sanders campaign is considering another debate. the vermont senator visited president obama at the white house yesterday amid thoughts the president is leaning towards his former secretary of state to replace him. bernie sanders "i think he and the vice president have tried to be fair and even-handed in the process." the latest polls show sanders holding onto his leads in iowa and new hampshire. kyle: we're in the tornado! tense moments in multiple torandoes tear touch down. all this happened yesterday morning. officials saying it's a miracle nobody died. winds up to 100 miles an hour tore through a college campus. when it was all said and done,
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and you can see this truck flipped on its side. oc) i'm still shaken up. i mean i didn't even know which way to go." a car was also lifted from the southbound lanes on a highway, and dropped to the northbound lanes. the sheriff's office only reporting one minor injury in this storm. adlib at desk front after front continue to develop within the pacific northwest and track east/southeast. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy
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southern nevada as a whole with small chance for rain and snow to the mountains and potentially red rock today. temperatures do fall slightly as compared to yesterday's high temperatures; we will hover in the upper 50s this afternoon but by tomorrow, temperatures rebound back to the low and potentially mid 60s. there is a discrepancy in our models for tomorrow afternoon in regards to another front passing overhead. most information points to energy build to the north of clark county; allowing for rain and snow, a couple models however, are pushing in a small rain chance through las vegas. there is not a lot of support to go with these two models but we will be monitoring the front none-the-less. as it stands now, i have only a third front passing, winds pick up saturday but dwindle down for by saturday night. partly cloudy skies hold with highs in the 60s clear into
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up next in today's health
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health experts now predicting 3-4 million cases of zika infection possible in the americas over next year! we'll tell you why we should be especially concerned in las vegas! and later... someone takes a tortoise from a valley home. where is the little guy now? the latest on the search.
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in today's health report... a mosquito-borne virus is now
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mothers in two dozen countries. the zika virus has no cure --
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birth defect. and now delta airlines and jet blue are offering refunds to people who don't want to travel to affected countries. governments in several of those countries are telling women not to get pregnant. cnn's shasta darlington is in recife, brazil -- considered 'ground zero' of the pandemic she was so excited, but the birth of her second child left rafaela oliveira more alone than she could have imagined. at 3 months, luis felipe has a big appetite just like her first baby. but he was born with a small head and brain damage - microcephaly. (rafaela oliveira dos santos, new mother): "people here react like he's got some contagious she says. people look at him when we're in the street. there was no warning. doctors only detected the disorder after luis felipe was born. "what gives me strength is the says. luis felipe will need to be cared for his entire life.
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corespondent): she's doing this three times a week now, taking her son to physical therapy, and yet she goes back to work in march, it's not clear how she's going to do this. and she's the only person in her family who has a job. here in the state of pernambuco we've seen the heartache and financial burden this is putting on families. (babies being treated at oswaldo cruz hospital, more than 4,000 cases of newborn microcephaly have been reported in brazil since zika was first detected less than a year ago. 40 percent of them, here where babies and moms face endless jabs and tests. (shasta darlington, correspondent): "thais is telling me that she's come here. vinicius is less than a month old, so that they can measure his head and find out if he has microcephaly. something that she is praying doesn't come true" doctor angela rocha: one of the babies have brain damage, to differing degrees, which means inserting this generation into society is going to be very complicated", she says. research continues to establish a cause and effect with the
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mosquitos that transmits yellow fever and dengue. there is no vaccine, no cure. which means the aedes aegypti mosquito is public enemy number one. (jailson de barros correia, recife health secretary): "all the effort has been put on having the population of mosquitoes under control 200,000 troops going door-to-door. eliminating the stagnant water that serves as the mosquito's breeding ground. educating families. and fumigating. the health ministry admits it has been losing the war against the mosquito. and mothers-to-be across brazil see their moment of hope turned into a moment of unbelievable anguish. shasta darlington, cnn recife, brazil according to the c-d-c... about one out of every five people infected with zika will get infected. the symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain and pink eye. the illness is usually mild-
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again- the concern for pregnant women. the issue for us here in las vegas? epidemiologists tell us- because we're such a high travel destination... we get international travelers bringing their germs here... more so than almost any city in the u-s. still ahead on action news at midday... maybe you can help police catch some criminals with this surveillance video... and help a valley family save its business! plus... more local mail thieves-- this time caught on camera. can you help stop them in their tracks? you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and
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the owner of two tortoises is
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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someone stole one of them. damian falcone lives near sahara and jones and says someone stole his tortoise, junebug. junebug's brother, bubba, is lost without him. now, the hunt is on to find out who took junebug, who was stolen right out of falcone's backyard. "the wall ranges in height but who is gonna pick up a 75 pound tortoise and a wagon and i dont get it!!" falcone thinks his landscapers may have taken junebug. he is offering a one-thousand dollar reward for anyone who can get junebug back, his contact information is on our website k-t-n-v dot com. a valley family says they may be forced out of business after two young men stole most of the equipment from their mobile car washing company. watch this surveillance video.
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in front of their trailer. then.. two people unhitch the trailer and roll it away. that trailer contained everything they need to operate their business including a water tank.. pressure washer.. power generator and chemicals. 22:40:45:21 darren dudeck coowner, executive mobile car wash you watch your money just go away, you see your bank account stop, it's without that we don't operate the owners say they are only able to operate about half their business now until the equipment is recovered. right now... the post office is asking for your help to track down some mail thieves! these pictures show a man and a woman they say broke into a cluster of mailboxes on west charleston. and then this picture of a white van is the suspected vehicle for a separate theft. if you think you might have any useful information... contact the postal service. the blizzard on the east coast
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but the headache isn't... and this might be affecting you more than you realize! the story's coming up. plus... a woman claims she is asked to shake her bra during a traffic stop! the reason behind this one? we'll let you be the judge! have you downloaded the all new channel 13 action news app yet? it's simple to use and features live streaming, video on demand with photos that are just a tap away from the home screen, plus blazing fast radar. get the all new action news app free in the app store and in
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believe it or not... people on the east coast are still digging out... days after the big blizzard! dozens of lives were lost in the storm-- and while not nearly as storm-- and while not nearly as tragic... your mail has been severely delayed by the blizzard! cnn meteorologist jennifer gray reports from the especially hard-hit d-c area - where more snow is expected throughout the week. millions of people are digging plowing and bulldozing their way out from under the blizzard that blasted the east coast over the weekend. the deadly winter storm caused roofs to collapse and was responsible for accidents like this one between a snowplow and a train in connecticut. more than two dozen people were killed - including a mother and baby - who died in their car from carbon monoxide poisoning. and it's paralyzed some places that were in its path, most notably washington dc (chris geldart, washington d.c. homeland security and emergency management agency) "this was a
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we are dealing with removing a lot of snow. it's not just plowing off to federal government told employees not to come to work, and washington dc closed public schools. even the metro remained partially closed for the morning commute. (mayor muriel bowser, washington d.c.) "the roads still dangerous.we are still in a snow emergency in washington dc." the district's slow cleanup is being compared to new york city where schools are open despite the storm dumping more than 26 inches of snow in central park - the second largest snowfall in the city's history (mayor bill de blasio, new york city) "i know other cities struggled and a lot of them are not blessed with the kind of public employees - the number and the quality and the highly trained public employees that we have." still new york is not without trouble-- this school bus stuck in the borough of queens, a signal that pockets outside of manhadug out. and it wasn't all snow--flooding in new jersey hit residents that are still
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of superstorm sandy in 2012 despite the mess some managed to have fun with the record breaking blizzard in philadelphia-- residents were sledding down the famous rocky steps and in washington, hundreds suited up for a for a snowball fight this group even built a snow bar, complete with champagne "i was in dc for snowmageddon but didn't get to enjoy it the way i am enjoying it now." "i think this is a fantastic way to celebrate a snow storm." but nothing like that here... in fact our forecast is only getting better... greg? ((ad-lib)) and topping today's local
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police are looking for a shooter on the run...who sent a man and a woman to the hospital. this all happened near tropicana and jones. two victims showed up at spring valley hospital in a car full of bullet holes. they're both expected to survive. 11:30:05-11:30:16"i heard what sounded like fireworks however for a moment there i thought i was in china town. big celebration it went cha cha cha cha." also person is dead and another is fighting to live after a shooting at a bus stop.
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tropicana just before one a-m. police are also looking for whomever is responsible for this too. panic on board an american airlines flight from london to los angeles. the plane was forced to make an emergency return to heathrow airport last night when a flight attendant collapsed.. and other passengers and crewmembers started feeling faint. sot:kris evans/for the horizon "she just literally fainted. she just stumbled literally within touching distance of me. // it was crazy. i've never witnessed anything like that." after the plane landed.. all luggage was confiscated for checks by the airline and police. still no word one what made those people sick. this midday, local police are investigating two separate murders, both happening hours apart. and right now, they're searching for those responsible. the first one happened just before 7 thirty last night near lake mead and pay-cos. police arrived at some apartments to find a man in his late teens or early twenties, shot to death. cops say a witness saw someone running from the scene. they're still looking for a
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the second murder happened just an hour later near las vegas boulevard and saint louis. police saying one man was stabbed to death in his home. they think it all started with a fight between the the victim and a man and woman who came to his house. right now police are looking for the killer. they say he could be with a woman..and they are considered armed and dangerous. if you know anything about either of these crimes call police right away. fire crews say squatters might be responsible for an early morning fire near boulder highway and flamingo. the house was vacant. the i4:30 this morning. fire fighters say they saw flames coming from the roof when they arrived... no word on what caused the fire. now developing... the search intensifies for 3 missing inmates in california. police have made several arrests connected to the case -- but the three fugitives are still on the loose -- and now we're getting a look inside the maxim -- for an exclusive first look at how the
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authorities say the fugitives cut and moved aside that barbed wire... then anchored their ropes to the wall right their and repelled down the building. police in puerto rico are looking for a fake doctor who they say killed a woman... and they have video... it shows a man dressing up as a doctor -- entering the hospital, walking in halls, leaving a room, leaving the hospital, getting in a car and taking off. they want to find him! the victim was an 18 year old woman found with puncture wounds in her neck in the intern shower room. a woman in michigan is speaking out about an august traffic stop in which she says the officer asked her to shake her bra. the routine stop turned into a search for contraband, with a drug-sniffing dog being called to the scene. it happened after a passenger reportedly admitted to having a small amount of marijuana. the woman says the experience left her feeling degraded and believes the officer handled the situation improperly. ((dawn hood / motorist) "made
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intimidated, humiliated, violated, and very embarrassing.)) no word on whether drugs were found... but the woman is asking for 50-thousand dollars to settle her complaint against the officer. coming up on action news at midday... kids often have idols... rock stars, superheroes... and actors... but donald trump? this one you have to see to understand! plus... you think facebook's free right? then how are they making so much money off you? and here's a live look at the new york stock exchange... ((ad-lib)) donald trump is certainly a
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but a kid's idol? you might expect a 9-year old to have a meltdown over a boy band or a movie star - but tears of joy over a presidential candidate? c-n-n's
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donald's biggest little fan. it was a reaction best described as trumptastic... guess what we're gonna do monday? see donald trump in person in new hampshire! are you serious? yeah. oh my word! the prospect of seeing the donald left 9-year old ava lovely in tears. thank you mom donald trump has given kids rides in his chopper, they sing him ditties. president donald trump knows how to make america great when a kid asked a good question... you're going to build the wall, what's it going to be made out of? trump brought him on stage, though they're far from the stage when they can vote. tilly why are you upset? that i can't vote for donald trump "what are they doing to her brain?" wrote one commenter...
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the rally, not the other way around. mom and dad hadn't even settled on a candidate. outspoken ava says she likes outspoken trump. (ava lovely) i was just freaking out, i was so excited. not to mention... (ava lovely) i love his hair she got him to sign her trump is number 1 poster. he even wrote a number one on her hand. (jeanne moos, cnn) just think, 4 years ago we were making a fuss over a 4 year old for having a meltdown because she was sick of politics. i'm tired of bronco obama and mitt romney. that's why you're crying? ohhh it'll be over soon abby and then there was the kid who had a tantrum when hillary announced she was running because he thought it meant he couldn't. i wanted to run for president upon watching 9-year old ava's video, one person commented "she may be one of trump's more mature supporters." and even the donald's opponents might agree with this. when we got out of the car she
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disney jeanne moos i love you trump cnn i love you too new york. now let's take a look at today's top stories now
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within the pacific northwest and track east/southeast. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies will be common for temperatures do fall slightly rebound back to the low and potentially mid 60s. most information points to energy build to the north of clark county; allowing for rain to go with these two models but we will be monitoring the front not much changes as we move partly cloudy skies hold with highs in the 60s clear into next week. now let's take a look at today's top stories now
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facebook is free-- right? turns out facebook is making more money off of you than ever before. the social media site reported yesterday it made more than one and half billion dollars in profits just in the last three months of 20-15. facebook has more than one and half billion people who use the site each month. the amount that the company makes per person has grown 33-percent globally. in the u-s and canada... facebook makes more than 13-dollars per user... most of it from advertising. how much do you love potatoes?
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for a picture of one? this picture taken by a celebrity photographer recently sold at auction for, you got million dollars! a man reportedly saw it while dining at the photographer's home in paris and wanted to buy it. if the sale price is verified, it will be the 15-th most expensive photo ever sold! the pope hob nobbed with a hollywood movie star today... leonardo dicaprio met with pope francis in private at the vatican... dicaprio shares the pope's concern about environmental issues and has campaigned for action to combat climate change. the star was even invited into the pope's private library. and america's most recognizable doll just got a long overdue makeover. after 57 years of the "original," mattel introduced three new body types to its barbie line: tall, petite and curvy. is it enough?... that's what time magazine is
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for more stories trending right now... go to and we want to hear your thoughts. just sound off on any trending news by joining us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use #nowtrending. las vegas business academy is a nonprofit organization with the goal to make a difference in the las vegas community through the education of its young professionals. dayna kovacic (board member) (scholarship recipient) las vegas business academy is a nonprofit organization with the goal to make a difference in the las vegas community through the education of its young professionals. by offering las vegas' most promising students up to $75,000 in scholarship funding to earn a mba, mha or jd from unlv the organization helps
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dreams without the financial burden that comes with higher education. through the prestigious mentor program the lvba offers, students are required to work for 1,000 hours of internships with different members of the board. each month, the scholarship recipients will work with a different board member to learn various skills while working in the field. the lvba has some of the most influential companies in las vegas represented on their board, including mgm resorts international, hakkasan group,
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bellagio, southern wine and spirits, golden gaming, coca- cola, red bull and more. potential questions: for daven: o what made you want to join the las vegas business academy as a scholarship recipient? o what does the las vegas business academy offer unlv students? o what is so special about the mentor program? o what is one of the most important lessons you've learned through this program? for dayna: o why did you join the las vegas business academy board of
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high pressure continues to play a key role in our weather for
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and mid levels, only high level clouds are expected throughout the next few afternoons. this leads to mainly sunny skies with temperatures steadily rising through the slightly breezy conditions are left over from the weak hold through about thursday night. by then, we see this area of northwest. by friday, clouds begin to with highs expected in the are expected between 10-20 mph. by sunday, the front will low 70s will fall back to the begins with beyond the tank at 8... my diet is better than yours at 9...and then action news at 11. that's it for us here... the chew is up next... and be sure to watch action news live at 3 p-m with rikki cheese... until then..
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