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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  January 28, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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action news reporter mahsa saeidi. she's live in front of mabel mahsa, what's going on over there? one man is dead.. another seriously injured after a shooting this morning at a morning at a bus stop at tropicana and eastern. investigators think it was gang related.. and they're now looking for a group of suspects. action news reporter yasmeen hassan has the latest on what happened. officers say it all started right here at this bus stop
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that's when two groups of men one went down right here the other one was so desperate to get away he somehow managed to walk across 6 lanes of traffic after being shot multiple times but he ended up collapsing right near those palm trees, both men rushed to umc that's where one died, the other still fighting for his life right now. and as for the suspects. witnesses say they were last seen running away from this bus stop through the parking lot right behind here and right through that neighborhood. that's what leads officers to believe they may live in this area so right now we could have a whole group of murder suspects on the loose reporting near tropicana and eastern yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news . some tense moments overnight at a hotel in disneyland-paris.. after a man was found with two handguns and a quran. authorities say he was with a woman who was apparently
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police surrounded the hotel during the arrest. france.. by the way.. is still under a 'state of emergency' following a terrorist attack in november that claimed the lives of 130 people. several arrests made in that california prison escape, but those three fugitives are still on the run, a week later! we're now getting an inside look inside that maximum security jail. it's a story you'll see first on action news. take a look. court documents obtained by abc news show the prisoners sawed through a door to the plumbing system, fashioned a rope sling so they could pull themselves up into the ventilation tunnels, and then cut barbed wire to repel down the building. sheriff: they had to have tools to do that and we're still investigating where and how they got those tools because it's very obvious it's not something they could have manufactured inside the jail. a 200-thousand dollar reward is out for the men's capture. a murder mystery overseas. a 25-year-old nanny killed in
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and police say they lauren mann was suffocated to death. here's a picture of mann. she's from colorado. but the big mystery is why and who did it? she was found half-naked on her mattress in a pool of blood tuesday night in her apartment. mann had been studying in austria and working as a nanny there for the past 3-years. her neighbors say the area is very peaceful and safe. sot: peter kratochwil "it was absolutely surprising, something you never would expect." her friends have been questioned. but for now, there are no suspects and no arrests have been made. metro is hoping some new surveillance video of a deadly drive-by shooting will lead them to the killer. the victim.. 23-year old arthur colwell.. was riding a bike saturday near owens and mary jane when a truck pulled-up next to him and slowed down.. then someone inside opened fire. colwell's girlfriend says they have a two-year-old son together.. and he also took-in her daughter like she was his own child. metro has not released a description of the suspect. police are looking for a thief
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before ripping off a jewelery store near las vegas boulevard and spring mountain. metro says the man pretended to be browsing before threatening a clerk and demanding merchandise. if you recognize the suspect.. you're asked to contact metro immediately. and a family business is pleading for your help. they say they might be forced to close... after two men stole their equipment for their mobile car washing company. you see in this surveillance video, a white s-u-v pull up in front of their trailer. then two men un-hitch it and roll it away. the owners say the trailer was filled with everything they need to operate. if you spot the trailer, you're asked to call police and report it. in less than 30-minutes, parents are meeting with school district leaders to let them know just how upset they are about their children's bus stop being moved. the parents say the old stop was right in the front of their pebble creek neighborhood... not by a busy street. but after the h-o-a complained about kids damaging the property, the school district moved it. the meeting starts at 4 at the greer education center. 20-15 was a big year for north las vegas...
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city's this year? mayor john lee says he's more optimistic about his city...pointing to major economic strides. he delivered his address at texas station earlier this afternoon. lee also said the city is diversifying its economy...highlightin g the one billion dollar deal with electric car company, faraday future. as for the city's deficit, he says it's now at under 23- million...from 74-million dollars last year. an action news update now on a story we first brought you as breaking news-- all day long, allegiant airlines customers have been getting flooded with non-stop emails from the airline. people have been posting their frustration on twitter one viewer told us he got more than 60 messages in an hour! the fix has been made, but no details given on what started it all. no word yet from the las vegas based company on what the issue was. they apologized to their customers on twitter, and in this email. an action news update now on some broken streets light in mountain's edge. we've just learned the lights have been repaired. it's an update to a story you
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the lights at buffalo and gomer were knocked down early last year during car accidents. a woman says a police officer asked her to shake her bra during a traffic stop.. and it's all caught on dash camera video. coming up.. we'll tell the officer's reason for the strange request.. and let you be the judge. ((bryan)) welcome back. take a look. caught on police dash camera video, a woman says a
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her to shake her bra. that woman is furious, and speaking out about the traffic stop from last august. ((dawn hood / motorist) "made me feel like i was sexually intimidated, humiliated, violated, and very embarrassing.)) the routine stop turned into a search for contraband... after a passenger reportedly admitted to having marijuana. the woman is now asking for 50- thousand dollars to settle her complaint against the officer. if you didn't know already, today is data privacy day! it's one of three trending headlines we are following today. it's intended to serve as a reminder to protect your private data. the occasion actually started back in 2007. for tips on keeping your online information safe.. go to stay-safe-
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getting a makover! mattel is making the doll in 3-new body types: tall, petite and curvy. critics say the toy gave young girls an unrealistic image and body type to aspire to. it's been 57 years since barbie got an upgrade to her look. and here's the winner of this year's gerber baby photo contest! this is seven-month-old isla from michigan. she beat out more than 170- thousand entries, and now her parents will get 50- thousand dollars in prize money. gerber will share her photos on instagram and facebook throughout the year and she has the option of appearing in ads. for more stories trending right now.. go to and.. to sound off on any trending news.. join us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv.. #nowtrending. anchors adlib and toss to bryan one of the fastest growing
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in southern one of the fastest growing cities in the u-s is right here
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nevada. according to a new report on migration trends from u-haul.. henderson also happens to be the second largest city in nevada. now to a consumer alert from contact 13 --
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the corner. in fact, we're just a little over 2-weeks away. that may seem like a while away, but we found now is actually the best time to buy gifts to save some major cash. you only have until sunday to score those big savings. if you order flowers in january, you'll pay less...even if the delivery is set for february. "so if you lock in before the first of feb you're at the normal rate, you're at the everyday rate. you're still going to get the same flowers, you're just going to get a better deal." and right now is a great time to shop for candy and chocolate. every year, americans spend about 3-point-3 billion dollars on valentine's day. up next in today's health report.. researchers say eating certain foods can help you maintain your weight. find out which ones you should have with every meal. and remember, you can watch action news anytime.. anywhere. we're streaming our newscasts at so you can stay
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smartphone.. or tablet. we'll be right back.
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes,
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then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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aggressive and suicidal. here's abc's dr. jennifer ashton with a parent of a child suffering should do in light of this study. :55 - 1:15 "what are the risks...not cookie cutter." she added medications can be life-saving, depending on the patient. so don't be quick to do away with pills. there's something you're forgetting to talk to your doctor about.. and it could have a lot to do with forgetting. abc's dr. timothy johnson has a reminder. < losing your keys? forgetting where you parked the car. these are the classic lapses in memory that happen to all of us. but for some, they may be the tip of a more serious iceberg. either way, too many of us may be forgetting to talk to our
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researchers writing in a c-d-c journal? found that three in four americans age 45 and older who have memory problems don't bring it up at their medical visits. and memory loss isn't necessarily a normal part of aging?it may be an important sign, especially if it appears in younger people. the author of the report says many fear the spectre of alzheiey choose not to speak of memory loss -- after all, it has no cure. but some other forms of memory loss do have a solution? and in this study, those who mentioned their forgetfulness were more likely to get treatment. so if you've been losing track of a little more than just your keys, remind yourself to talk to your doctor about it. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. > a new study found eating foods rich in flavonoid may help combat weight gain. flavonoids are natural compounds in produce like
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onions. for the study, researchers followed more than 124-thousand middle-aged and older people. it found those with diets rich in flavonoid maintained their weight better, or even lost a little. and president obama has signed a presidential memorandum today to create a white house task force to tackle curing cancer. vice president joe biden will lead the panel, and plans to seek out both private and public resources. you'll remember biden lost his own son beau to cancer. the panel is expected to meet for the first time monday. still ahead... a final look at your forecast! and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13. 8 - beyond the tank at 8 9 - my diet is better than yours 11- a look at some of the top stories we're following. before judge judy.. a look at some of the top
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breaking right now-- a barricade is underway at a home near tonopah and vegas. police believe three to four robbers are holed up inside.
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three nearby schools are on lockdown...including mabel hoggard elementary. here's a live look at the scene. here's a list of those schools on lockdown. and of course, stay with action news for the latest developments on this story. coming up on action news.. live at 5... a valley woman has become a direct victim of a prank blowing up on social media... and now it's costing her hundreds of dollars. we'll show you how teens nationwide are "putting em in a coffin."
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a live look at mccarran airport where a flight had to make an emergency landing after a man dies inside the plane... we've got the details from witnesses on board as they describe the chaos on board. those stories and more on action news.. live at 5. before we go, a reminder you could win a pair of lift tickets, equipment 3:30 but stay with us - judge judy is up next. we'll be back in 60 minutes for action news live at 5. until then.. voice and gets a chance to ask
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>> judge judy: your car was coming out of the pit area. >> announcer: before this racecar driver hit the track... >> i drove out, i stopped, looked in both directions... >> announcer: ...someone hit her first. >> ...and he rammed into me. he drove across my car and kept going. >> judge judy: you're supposed to wait until it's safe, and you didn't. >> announcer: but what about his track record? >> your honor, he has no driver's license to be operating a vehicle. he should not have been operating a vehicle. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. racecar driver jennifer landrum
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accident outside the pit area of
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