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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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cheyenne... and... shots were fired. now.. the hunt is on for the person who pulled the trigger. action news anchor jacqui heinrich is live from the scene of that shooting with the latest. jacqui. police just took down the tape less than an hour ago. so far they have not released a suspect description or any motive. it's one thing they're trying to find out from witnesses like this one..who was on a break from work and heard screaming, but didn't see faces. paul campobasso, heard shooting happen to be in the moment and hear that was alarming. it was very scary and something i don't want to experience ever again. and ultimately it's pretty bad for business police haven't said how many people were involved in the fight but did mention a crowd had gathered by the time the shooting happened...and dispersed shortly after... with police still trying to track down's crucial that tips come in now before too much time passes and the person or people behind it get away. ann cavaricci, north las vegas police we're in a residential neighborhood, there were a lot
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so we're hoping if they saw something or heard something they'll call us. again if you have any information call authorities, a teen boy isn't home tonight because of whoever pulled that trigger. reporting live jh channel 14 action news dramatic new video being released by the fbi shows this week's deadly shooting with militia members in oregon. we have to warn you this video is extremely graphic. it shows the death of lavoy finicum. we're showing it to you because there has been so much controversy surrounding his death. this video was taken by an fbi plane overhead.. as agents tried to pull over two separate cars full of militia members. you can see two vehicles.. a jeep and white truck pull over. then.. the pickup driven by finicum takes off again. it eventually crashes into a snow bank and agents approach it. here.. we want to slow down the video for you. finicum gets out of the truck and puts his hands up. then.. you see him reach toward his
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that's when authorities open fire.. and finicum is killed. agents say they found a 9 mm handgun on finicum. tonight.... only on action news... a look inside the home... robbery suspects were holed up in... for hours! they destroyed my house. (butted) (sot) did your nephews live here? no. chopper 13... first over the scene... a robbery turned into.... a tense stand-off. parts of the central valley shut down... for hours. action news reporter.... mahsa saeidi is live.... near vegas and tonopah. mahsa im actually holding the back door... walk you through some of the damage in this home. heres part of the vent. theres the hole up... woman who lives here outside while this was going on.
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relative suspects) they walk them out with their hands up. (track) (vo = swat car speeding, chopper scene.) an intense barricade situation! homes evacuated! schools on lock down! (track) (vo = us touring house a mess) tonight -- only on action news -- we went inside the home at the center of the swat standoff! (sot) did your nephews live here? no. (track) (vo = inside house) but thelma jacksons nephews came here...after police say they robbed a nearby store! the five cousins allegedly escaping with jewelry....seeking refuge in a familiar place! (sot) the stolen goods they couldn't stash it anywhere because the police had the house surrounded. (track) jackson was one of the people standing outside for hours! when she was allowed in. (sot) why would they take this down (track) shock and sadness at the mess left behind. tonight this breast cancer know where nothing is at (butted) (sot) they had got them already why did you have to destroy my house like this now...
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we're following.... on speculation..... the owner of the oakland raiders is in talks with las vegas sands and u-n- l-v.... to bring the raiders.. and... a billion dollar stadium.. to las vegas!!! the conversation centers around.... a -42- acre piece of land.... near tropicana and paradise... that u- tropicana and paradise... that u- n-l-v bought. executives from las vegas sands are meeting with owner of the raiders.... tomorrow. the stadium could also be a home.... for u-n-l-v football. the stadium would come.... at a price tag of -1- billion dollars... and... could hold up to... -60- thousand people. this is not the first time the raiders have tried to leave oakland. you might remember.. the franchise even relocated to los angeles for several seasons. sports anchor larry beil from our scripps affiliate in san francisco has more on whether he thinks this move is really getting serious consideration. larry. how do you out-debate your political rivals when you don't
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up for the debate? that's what donald trump is hoping he did in iowa tonight. the republican frontrunner skipped tonight's debate.. only days before the crucial iowa caucuses.. in protest over a fox news moderator. instead.. trump was only a few blocks away..
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but he was still part of the discussion. sot megyn kelly: let's address the elephant not in the room butt t sot bush: "i kind of miss donald trump..." without trump.. his closest rival in iowa.. senator ted cruz.. took the center podium tonight.. and had some fun with a strong dose of sarcasm. . " ... everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way --" [laughter ] tonight's dueling events were too much to resist for republican candidates mike huckabee and rick santorum. after they took part in the early undercard debate.. they joined trump at his event. and it's worth noting that santorum and huckabee won iowa in 2008 and 2012.. but failed to win the republican nomination. action news has teamed up with "politifact" one of the most respected.... fact checking groups.... in the nation. to hold these politicians accountable....
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texas senator ted cruz tonight..... talked tough.... about how he would fight.... terrorism. he claimed.... the obama administration is failing.... in the fight against "isis"... vowing to hunt down terrorist groups... wherever they hide. 9:18:46 ted cruz: " barack obama right now, number one, over seven years has dramatically degraded our military." our politifact team rated cruz's statement.... as "mostly false." they say... it's in-accurate for cruz.... to solely fault obama for budget cuts.... as a result of cuts to both spending. the debate.... then turned to terrorist attacks.... new jersey governor... chris christie.... asked about the hesitation of the shooter's neighbors.... to reporctivity. chris christie: 9:36 pm the neighbors of the san bernardino shooters "knew that they were talking about trying to take our country and attack it." our panel of fact-checkers found christie.... jumbled the our panel of fact-checkers found christie.... jumbled the details.... rating his statement false. looking back at reports...
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a neighbor becoming suspicious of the shooters... let alone a neighbor.... who thought an attack was being planned. as we mentioned a moment ago.. trump skipped the debate because of a running fued with fox news and one of the moderators.. megyn kelly. instead.. he held a rally to support veterans and wounded warriors. he told the crowd he would rather be at the debate.. especially since the polls show he does well in debates. you have to stick up for your rights. when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. you have to do it. trump says he didn't do the debate out of respect for himself.. and claims his event tonight raised nearly 6- million dollars. a viral prank has a henderson woman mad.... after her property was damage! if you haven't heard of it.... this is what's being called.... "put em in a coffin". here's how it works... you cross your arms.... over your chest... then jump backwards..... onto different things. one of those things included.... a henderson woman's car. she says.... the prank you see here.... cost nearly a thousand
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absolutely sickening, you know i just, i wanted to grab them and shake them, and then i wanted to sit them down and have a talk with them she let them go.... deciding to let the police deal with them. now... she's putting up these fliers.... hoping to shed some light.... on the social media craze. a valley woman is making a desperate plea for help tonight to get some answers in the shooting death of her son. today.. karen brill offered a 100- thousand dollar reward for anyone who comes forward with information that leads to conviction of the teenager's killer. her 16-year old son aric.. was murdered in 2009 at a house party near charleston and hollywood. police say gang-members were waiting outside the house to rob the party guests. aric was robbed and shot to death. brill held a news conference today in front of that house. karen brill victim's mother "a conviction will never heal our hearts or put our lives back together, but it'll bring us some relief in our daily thoughts and our fear that this person will kill again. brill says she plans to sell her home to get the money for the reward.
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called game she played with a room full of kids. find out what she's accused of doing that has some parents threatening to sue. plus... a consumer alert.... from contact 13. tired of paying an arm and a leg.... to get tickets..... to your favorite performer? why the whole system may be rigged.... to cost you big!!! simply magnificent weather heading to the valley with cloud cover keeping overnight temperatures in the mid 40s which will allow friday to be a little warmer than today. highs friday will peak around
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dramatic images out you can see the robber with a gun.. and wearing a mask.. attempting the holdup. but the manager sees him coming..
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shut to keep him out. the gunman finally gives up and runs away. police are still looking for him tonight. now... to a consumer alert.... from contact -13-. you'll remember "adele fans" outraged..... when her american tour sold out.... in an hour. a -3- year investigation of the ticket industry revealing..... just how little chance you have of buying tickets... rebecca jarvis. from adele to bruce springsteen?thousands of frustrated fans shut out? or forced to pay as much as $9,000 for a ticket to their shows? tonight, the new york attorney general says the system is rigged against the consumer sot eric schneiderman middlemen, brokers, ticket-men and more who really use any means they can: some legal, some illegal // our report uncovers really what's a shadowy network. finding the majority of tickets go to pre-sales (38%), and music insiders (16%)?leaving less than half (46%) reserved
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ordinary fans have to compete with re-sellers? some who may use special software? known as bots? to buy up blocks of tickets at lighting fast speeds, often marking them up to astronomically high prices on the resale market" sot eric schneiderman: and that's what we call a rigged system. mayor john lee is laying out an optimistic year ahead for north mayor john lee is laying out an station.. lee said north las vegas has made some enormous economic strides. he also says the city is diversifying.. and highlighted the billion dollar deal with electric car company 'faraday future.' and.. according to the mayor.. the city's deficit is now under 23-million dollars.. which is a 51 million dollar improvement over last year.
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a first grade teacher in texas was fired after parents say she put duct tape over the mouths of her students, staying it was a game. parents say they got a call on friday saying the teacher duct tapped the mouths of more than 20 students. one mother says her child isn't handling the aftermath. (tamilyn love, parent of student) "well, not very well.... we decided to put her into counseling. saturday night she woke up and told me that she had a bad dream... that she was choking and couldn't breathe because she had duct tape over her mouth." the teacher was fired and police are investigating whether criminal charges will be filed. at least one of the parents is planning to file a lawsuit against the school.. a michigan woman claims.... far.... by asking her to shake her bra. the whole thing started.... as a simple traffic stop and plays out.... on dash cam video. the woman says... she was pulled over... because her turn signal... wasn't working. officers got her information.... then went back to their car. after about -15- minutes.... they return....
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that when... the woman's passenger admits.... to having marijuana. moments later... the driver says..... she was asked to get out... and... repeatedly shake her bra.... even though she had no drugs. it made me feel like i was being sexually intimidated, violated and very embarrassing. the woman is asking... for -50- thousand dollars to settle the case... with the police department. the latest developments out of south florida.. which was pounded again today by severe weather. high winds.. possibly from second tornado in 2-days.. uprooted trees and damaged homes in delray beach. damage today was minor.. so the national weather service may not send out a survey team to determine if it was caused by a tornado. yesterday.. a confirmed tornado touched down in coconut creek in neighboring broward county.. which also saw more heavy rain today.. along with miami-dade county to the south. we're getting some incredible video of that storm as it rolled through. some church workers had a close encounter with the high winds..
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surveillance camera. you can see a man standing outside the church door as furniture starts to move. they say 6 trees were knocked over.. and some tiles were blasted off the roof.. but fortunately.. no one at the church was hurt. simply magnificent weather heading to the valley with cloud cover keeping overnight temperatures in the mid 40s which will allow friday to be a little warmer than today. highs friday will peak around 66, with some moderate cloud cover - fewer clouds will lead to warmer temperatures - and saturday looks to be even warmer! highs saturday will be around 70 before a solid winter blast hammers southern nevada. saturday night clouds will increase dramatically along with some strong south winds, keeping temperatures mild into sunday morning before rain cools temperatures and holds them in the mid 50s all day. models are still disagreeing over some key terms in this storm but they do agree that rain will be widespread on sunday with some serious cold wind following afterwards. on sunday a very strong arctic
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subtropical moisture from the pacific and intensify over southern nevada. the biggest questions are exactly where the surface low will form since a shift of 100 miles east or west will drastically alter the location of the heaviest rainfall. and... before you go bryan it's time to give away...
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equipment rental.... and coaching.... at lee canyon. tonight's lucky winner is lourdes torres if you'd like a shot at winning, enter at ktnv dot com. lee canyon just moments away in the spring mountains, is a proud sponsor of action news and is providing the prizes for this promotion. still ahead....
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live at -11- we're looking at what's next.... for the so called 'affluenza teen'.... now that he's back.... in the united states! plus.. new concerns over a multi-state salad recall. find out what you need to know.. so you don't get sick. stay with us. now... to a consumer alert...
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the c-d-c says... three more people have gotten sick from a listeria outbreak.... linked to packaged salads..... made at a dole processing facility... in ohio. one person has died... and... at least.... -15- people.... in -8- states were hospitalized... in the outbreak... since june. the dole facility stopped production last week... and... voluntarily recalled.... all salad mixes. "affluenza teen" ethan couch is back in the united states tonight.. following his deportation from mexico. couch is now in a texas juvenile detention center. he fled to mexico with his mother last month..
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seen drinking in a video.. in violation of his probation. couch got 10-years probation at the age of 16 for driving drunk and causing a crash that killed 4 people. prosecutors are now working to get his case moved out of juvenile court. coming up.. details on how you can land a job just in time for pool season. plus... barbie isn't coming in.... just one size anymore. we have all the details.... on a major makeover... for the famous doll. and remember... to watch "good morning las vegas"... for all your latest news... weather.. and traffic. it all starts at 4-30... in the morning.
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hairstyles. mattel says... the changes are the most dramatic ever.... made to barbie.... since she hit store shelves... in 19-59. the re-vamped barbie line comes.... after years of criticism..... over barbie's unrealistic proportions... and... standard of beauty for girls.... to try to meet. we'll be right back.... with a final look... at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after action news. ((verbatim)) simply magnificent weather heading to the valley with
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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the valley with cloud cover keeping overnight temperatures in the mid 40s which will allow friday to be a little warmer than today. highs friday will peak around 66, with some moderate cloud cover - fewer clouds will lead to warmer temperatures - and saturday looks to be even that our news for tonight.. but stay with us for jimmy kimmel live up next..
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our next reports begin at 4:30-am... on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night. am reporters: yasmeen-homicide at a bus stop. police are looking for people in the deadly shooting.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live."
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it's "jimmy kimmel live"!
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