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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 5AM  ABC  January 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a rash of shootings in north las vegas sparking fear in a community. what residents are saying this morning. "my goal is to just make sure eric knows that he's not alone." plus, a community coming together to help a local high school senior in the fight for his life. and a live look outside..some big changes for your weekend forecast. we're keeping our eye to the sky for you this morning. we do start with breaking news at this hour... just into our newsroom moments ago. metro telling us a woman is dead after being shot. this all happened around 2 thirty this morning near walnut and cheyenne. we're told police got a call of a woman yelling for help, when they got to the scene, they found she had been shot. she was rushed to umc trauma where she succumbed to her injuries. there is no suspect in custody at this time. we'll keep you posted on the latest developments as they break. good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is
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let's get to our top story this morning.... "i havent been on this side of town for about 15-20 years and its still the same, im terrified of this neighborhood and i'm 50 years old" many in a north las vegas community are waking up in fear after being traumatized by two shootings, both within less than 24 hours of each other. in total -4 -people were shot. one is dead and so far, police dont have a suspect or a motive. yesterday afternoon bullets went flying, leaving three people shot. so far, police havent released ages or id's but neighbors say the youngest victim was just 15 years old this follows a shooting on thursday in that same area that left an 18- year-old dead. police aren't saying whether the two shootings are connected, but people living in the area say yesterday's shooting was retaliation for thursday's killing. "i just know that that's how it works. there's always some type of retaliation, and i expect more of it out of this, you know if this does be aired, just a word
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aware of your surroundings, be aware of everything. that's what i try to tell my in the meantime, north las vegas police are asking for tips from the public to prevent this from escalating even further. shifting gears, the weather is a big story we're following this weekend. here's a live look outside, things are calm for right now, but changes are on the way. carlo falco is tracking it all for us from the weather desk. good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) a spring valley high school senior in the fight of his
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leukemia since november. his community, now joining in on the fight and supporting him. action news reporter mahsa saeidi has more on the story of eric jolley. "the first thing i thought of when i heard it was that i was going to die." you can't sugar coat cancer! but 17 year-old eric jolley is a fighter! fresh out of the hospital! tonight... his first time cheering since the diagnosis! "i love how it makes me feel, i feel like really strong." "aaaahhhh!!!!!" this squad...his passion.. in november ... the senior's plans to compete cut short. his focus suddenly became: chemo! the biggest battle just ahead -- a bone marrow transplant! "i feel like this would have definitely been a lot harder on my own." "dancing!" from the bleachers to his bedside... his friends always there. their goal.. to make sure jolley knows...he's never alone. "we decorated his iv stand, we
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wouldn't feel like he was in the hospital for new years." this spring valley grizzly...turned leukemia slayer! inspiring classmates to be strong...fight hard..and cherish every second. part of jolly's power coming from his deep faith in god. "i know that he loves me and i thank him every night for preserving my life to this point." a lot of reason to be hopeful. eric says after his first cycle of chemo, just ten days, his cancer went into remission. if you'd like to help eric in his fight we have a link to his go fund me account. just head to our website ktnv dot com. a neighborhood fued escalates into an all out brawl and it's all caught on camera. now, one neighbor says he's concerned. the other person involved hasn't been arrested. this is surveillance of the fight. the neighbor who threw the punches, sean pier-rot, says he was protecting his family after
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pointed towards his daughters. but the teenager who got punched says-- that wasnt their intention! sot jace biddle so i'm sure it upsets him that it catches his backyard and front door while getting ours too, the camera shows both, with how close our homes are it shows both action news reached out to police who say there was a citation issued for battery. despite-- only minor injuries..... no arrest was made. the two neighbors will be going to court over the battery incident..... help..... after a car crashes into a pole feet from where he's working. police say a -20- year old man was speeding yesterday morning when he slamed into the pole near owens and pecos. the impact was so hard the car's engine ended up in the middle of the intersection. an on-duty clerk nearby heard the crash... and jumped into action cutting the man out of his seatbelt. cameron collins, helped dying man img0475 00:00:24-00:00:32
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pulse and grabbing his arm to see if he was responsive and stuff like that and his arm was just lifeless... like dead." the driver died on the way to the hospital. police say they came out to the same spot less than a year ago.... for another deadly crash. now to the latest developments on the big sports story centered around las vegas.. las vegas sands chairman--sheldon adelson-- met with the owner of the raiders yesterday-- showing him a potential spot for a stadium here in the valley.. we staked out the -42- acre plot of land just purchased by u-n-l-v near tropicana and paradise.... but there was no sign of them. action news spoke with a former n-f-l player about the likelihood of a team actually coming to town. "when you have an owner, an nfl owner actually coming into town and having a conversation within an investor. that's different. the raiders' first choice is to move to a stadium.... in los angeles... but that venue has been offered to the st. louis rams and the san diego chargers.... for both to use.
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the raiders will have a very good chance.... of getting that spot more progress is being made on the new t-mobile arena on the strip. the first of 17-thousand seats were installed yesterday. dan quinn// vp general manager, t mobile arena 11:20:40 - 11:20:50 "milestones like this.. .comes to life." construction is on schedule... with the arena set to open april -6-th with a concert..... by las vegas' own "the killers." no word yet--on whether the stadium will be the new home of an n-h-l team. good morning everyone! coming up... we're only two days away from the iowa caucus. the presidential race is heating up. we'll show what candidates are doing to prepare. and the economy in las vegas is on the upswing. business leaders coming together to discuss what the future holds. we'll tell you what they say is the key to making sure our economy is strong.
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we have an update this morning on the armed standoff happening
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tt2w`t3n`&d" bt@qro, tt2w`t3n`&d" "a@qbch tt2w`t3n`&d" bm@qihd tt4w`t3n`&d"" dztq &#h tt4w`t3n`&d"" entq v'( tt4w`t3n`&d"" gzt& o p tt4w`t3n`&d"" hnt& _.< tt4w`t3n`&d"" iztq 5gd tt4w`t3n`&d"" jntq '7$ tt4w`t3n`&d"" lzt& ?zx it's not looking like the jailed militia members will be free anytime soon. a federal jail said-- yesterday-- she won't release three of the main figures in that standoff happening at a wildlife refuge. she says militia leader ammon bundy, his brother ryan, and ryan payne pose a danger to the community. she says she would release people only if the standoff ends. 4 holdouts still occupy the federal land. 7 were arrested tuesday during a traffic stop.. including one who was shot and killed. turning now-- to some dramatic police body-cam video. a colorado police officer forced to use a tree branch to save a teenager who had fallen through the ice on a frozen pond.
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help after responding to the emergency call. he grabbed a tree branch and managed to pull one teenager to but couldn't reach them in time. mother nature a big story this weekend here in las vegas. but, we're not the only ones expecting to get hit. flood watches are posted right now for parts of california, as they too brace for a lot of rain. not to mention, the winds..also expected to be a big factor. and check this out, a road falling apart in oregon. this angle shows the blacktop falling away leaving a huge sinkhole. it formed only a few feet from another big sinkhole that opened up last month. both are now more than 50 feet wide and growing. engineers say all of the water from recent heavy rains-- has overwhelmed a storm drain under the road. that stretch of nearby highway 101 is now closed.. probably until spring. just a messy situation on the
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((ad-lib at open set with live
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turning to the heated race for the white house. we're only two days out from
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the votes will give us our first read of how the candidates are really doing on the campaign trail. the races in both parties are tight. the two frontrunners looking over their shoulders this weekend as they make that final push. abc's brandi hitt has more from des moines. nats - clinton/bush in the sot trump: "he's an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in he likes. i like and respect him." cruz -- now pushing ahead -- after thursday's "trumpless" fox news debate and this des moines register headline - "rough night for cruz." nats bill clinton: "the next president of the united states -- hillary clinton!" on the democratic side... as hillary clinton pounds the pavement for votes...
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caucus monday night..." the state department delivered a bombshell -- (gfx) declaring 22 emails she sent from her private server while secretary of state - "top secret." nats up cruz: "this is getting more unacceptable. this is a disqualifier!" but clinton's campaign is pushing back... because the emails were not marked "classified" at the time. nats sanders: "thank you very much..." she's in a tight race with bernie sanders... who's urging volunteers to do everything necessary to increase voter turnout on caucus night. sot sanders: "beg, borrow, kidnap, do whatever you have to do. kidnapping illegal here in iowa? [laughter] brandi hitt on camera: and hillary is bringing out the big guns! bill clinton is here in iowa campaigning for his wife. their daughter chelsea joins mom on the campaign trail this weekend. brandi hitt, abc news, des moines, iowa the future of las vegas' economy a big topic of discussion as top city and business leaders came together.
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ralen-kotter says mc-carran international airport is a key to hopefully attracting more international business. the city hopes to reach.... -45- million visitors over the next -5- years. one of the big companies highlighting the growth of las vegas is "faraday future" as they work to build an electric car plant in north las vegas. straight ahead... scary moments on a school bus! six students aboard as the bus spirals off the roadway. how students are doing this morning.. you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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tt2watv#@5t! bt@qnf\ tt2watv#@5t! "a@q^j8 tt2watv#@5t! bm@qua4 tt4watv#@5t!" dztq 4e8 tt4watv#@5t!" entq dax tt4watv#@5t!" gzt& ]f tt4watv#@5t!" hnt& mhl tt4watv#@5t!" iztq '!4 tt4watv#@5t!" jntq 5qt tt4watv#@5t!" lzt& -
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and according to the family.. went into cardiac arrest and died a short time later. disney says the snake was a wild.. non-venomous snake and not part of the park's collection. now to westminster, colorado, where firefighters had to rescue both a cat and his owner from a tree. the owner tried to get his cat - jupiter - out of the tree but his ladder fell. firefighters then put the ladder back up for the owner--he came down - but the cat was still stuck! finally - rescuers took a bucket up to jupiter in the firetruck's ladder and brought him down. both cat and ownder are finally reunited. now to some tense dash cam video of a frightening school bus crash out of texas. take a look...this video is from "the aldine independent school district," which serves parts of houston. as you can see here, it shows the bus going off the road and
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before coming to a stop. -6- students from two schools were on the bus at the time of the crash. incredibly, no one was hurt. a las vegas local took his chance inside the "shark tank" to pitch an "s-a-t prep course." this is clark high school alumni--shann patel. he came up with educational test- prep company "24-hundred expert test prep." it's a -6- week prep course for both the s-a-t's and a-c-t's. patel started the company.... after he improved his own s-a-t score from average to perfect while at clark high school. action news sat down with patel yesterday afternoon to see what it was like.... being inside the tank 13:54:53:11 the sharks were not as mean to me i thought as maybe you see them be to other entrepreneurs. i think it's because i was well prepared, but they definitely asked me some tough questions. patel reached a deal....
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a big game on the basketball court for the unlv runnin rebels tonight... they're set to host the san diego aztecs over at the thomas and mack. the aztecs are undefeated in conference play and are in first place in the mountain west. the runnin' rebels are coming off a big win against the boise state broncos on wednesday. tip off is set for 5 this evening. so, head down there and cheer on the rebels! good morning las vegas.. still ahead this morning... the hunt for three escaped convicts from california continues-- how police were able to catch one of the prisoners-- but are they getting closer to the other two? celine dion speaking out on the death of her husband-- what the colloseum is now planning to
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tt2w`t2n`q4# bt@q?&< tt2w`t2n`q4# "a@q/*x tt2w`t2n`q4# bm@q$!t tt4w`t2n`q4#" dztq ;zp tt4w`t2n`q4#" entq k^0 tt4w`t2n`q4#" gzt& ryh tt4w`t2n`q4#" hnt& bw$ tt4w`t2n`q4#" iztq (>\ tt4w`t2n`q4#" jntq :n< tt4w`t2n`q4#" lzt& "#@ a brand new marijuana dispensary will cut the "green ribbon" today... we'll take you inside for a
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and we're keeping our eye on the sky for you this morning..a major storm on the way to las vegas good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) the build up for our weekend's powerful sto with gusty winds and ironically near record high temperatures. southwest winds will increase throughout the day and drive temperatures up into the low 70s this afternoon near the record of 73 set just two years ago. the winds will stay gusty throughout the evening and will gradually diminish as the developing low moves more directly overhead of las vegas. ahead today... "the source," aiming to be las vegas' top medical marijuana
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will open it's doors. the "green" ribbon cutting will happen at noon.. and action news is getting a
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newest dispensary. .action ews reporter mahsa saeidi gives a preview of the different products available at "the source." once you present your medical maruiana card and it's verified.. you get access to all the products inside. and here at the source...they have the maruiana grouped in different categories. here you have different flavros... this is sour diesel... this is grape stomper... and over here we have lavendar... and if you take a look you can see there's a magnifying glass and it allows clients to closely examine the bud... i'm told this is the most dense part of the plant and if you want you can even remove this lid...and you can smell it and again this one is lavendar... next we're going to move on to the balms and oils section and president and ceo andrew jolly is going to hand over the product to me.. thank you so much andrew... so the way the balm works.. let's say you have some achy joints you just rub a little bit of this on there and i'm told that's going to help relieve that pain...
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just a few drops will help relieve different ailments you might have as well. next we're going to move over to the baked goods section and show you some of the options you have here... here is the oatmeal cranberry cookies.. and over here you have the classic chocolate chip and peanut butter and andrew is going to hand over to me the double chocolate chunk brownine bites and on the back it has the recommended serving size.. and here it's a full brownie... and again because the plant is cooked this will actu ally get you high as well... so there you have it your sneak preview of the source... reporting near rainbow... mahsa saeidi channel 13..action news. metro needs your help finding a murder suspect this morning. investigators say this man shot and killed a 61-year old man duringa robbery in november. according to police omar valencia garcia killed the man and maryland. if you have any information on where garcia might be.. contact metro right away. this morning we have an update
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agianst the b-l-m. the suit involving two federal agents who shot and killed 20- year old d'andre berghardt, jr--. 2- years ago.. has been dropped. berghardt was killed near red rock canyon after resisting arrest and trying to climb into an n-h-p vehicle to remove a rifle. officers responded to the scene after calls that berghardt was harrassing bike riders. a special event is being held next week at the colosseum to celebrate the life of celine dion's husband.. who passed away earlier this month. caesars palace says it will take place wednesday at 7-pm. rene angelil died january 14th after a long battle with throat cancer. celine dion released a statement yesterday saying in part: "we have felt your love for ren0.. and your prayers and compassion have helped us during this most difficult time.. more than you'll ever know. i thank you from the bottom of my heart." now to the very lastest on the
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escaped convicts. this morning one of three suspects is behind bars, and police think they are getting closer to the other two. officials now say they think the men are in san jose. abc's matt gutman has the very latest. that's one of the fugitives in the distance.. bac doung- who's capture was as simple as his escape was elaborate? 20 minutes earlier he materialized outside this mechanic shop . gutman intv with witness: he just came in and he wanted to turn himself in, he asked us to call the police, and he come in he allegedly stole this white van just after their escape. and we watched police still scouring the area for it this afternoon? mg su: officer have been searching this entire area , right now they're focusing on those containers with k9 units but still those other two inmates remain missing. one of them, nayeri allegedly enlisting the help of his jailhouse english teacher, who authorities say supplied. sot hallock: a google earth image on paper that showed an image of the entire central jail complex. she played a significant role
5:27 am
nooshafarin ravaghi had security clearance at the jail - and apparently a deepening relationship with nayeri.. both of whom share iranian roots. keeping you update on the growing zika virus.. the number of infections in the u- s, is growing. the c-d-c says there are now 32 cases across a dozen states and the district of columbia. but it's important to note.. the virus is not being spread so far in the u-s.. it's coming in through travelers. officials now fear the number of people affected in the americas could eventually reach 4-million. the virus is a major concern because of the danger it poses
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good morning las vegas... coming up... time is running out to get health insurance. if you still need to sign up, we have details on a local event you won't want to miss. plus, if you're looking for some fun in the mountain snow with the little ones, we have the perfect event to tell you
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beginner style jumps, with winners receving prizes. registration starts at 9 this morning and the competetion gets underway at 2. new developments in the education savings account program.... currently on hold. the state now wants the group who filed a lawsuit against it--to cover all the costs with the delay. the state wants "educate now".... to pay a -2- hundred -39- thousand dollar bond. then, if the court overturns the challenge against the voucher program, that bond would pay for an "i-t company" to store all the application information for a year. that way, families wouldn't have to re-apply. the e-s-a program lets parents claim thousands of dollars from the state every year, which they can use, for private school tuition. a promising development for nevada veterans. construction is now underway on a new v-a healthcare facility in pahrump. a groundbreaking ceremony was held yesterday morning.
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and says it's been one of his top priorities for years. if you haven't signed up for health insurance, you might want to add that to your weekend plans. nevada health link will host its final health fair for uninsured nevadans today from 10 a-m to 6 p-m. it's happening at the clark county government center. anyone who attends will get help from a licensed enrollment professional to walk you through the entire process. the enrollment period ends tomorrow. "breastfeeding" could save the lives of -8-hundred-thousand babies every year. that's according to one of the most comprehensive medical reviews.... to date. as anne mc-namara reports... it could also protect moms from cancer. breastfeeding could save the lives of 800-thousand babies every year... that's according to one of the most comprehensive medical reviews to date. and...the now's anne mcnamara also protects moms
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pkg full= nats yoga sounds toddler yoga is all about bonding -- between mother and child. these moms says it's an relationship comes into our supported...on and off the mat. but even they are surprised to hear just how many lives it could save -- if everyone breast fed. graphic 1 a review of 1300 studies -- published in the preventing 13 percent of deaths in children under five. graphic 3 in low-income countries...a third of respiratory infections and half the cases of diarrhea could be avoided entirely... and in higher income areas...the risk of sudden infant deaths could go down by a third. :19 living cells that are destroying pathogens so the pathogen count in breast milk will actually decrease initially when it sits out over time because of the live activity in the milk graphic 2 the benefits are two-fold...helping moms stay healthy, too. the review found a hike in nursing could prevent 20-thousand breast cancer deaths a year... reducing the overall risks of breast and ovarian cancers. sara guenther mother 17:12 it certainly encourages a close bond and connection...being
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able to support their growth. nats yoga sounds growth of sound body and mind... higher intelligence ranks high among breastfeeding benefits. and even talking about the issue...helps us all learn a thing or two about its life-saving effects. 1:50 that's where the conversation starts and that's where understanding comes from. for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. right now, only -1- in -5- children in high-income countries are breastfed.... for the first year. in low to middle income areas -1- in -3- are breast feed for the first six months. when good morning las vegas returns... major news from outer space. this morning-- we're learning more about how earth got it's moon. what nasa is saying aut the historic event.
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tt2w`t3n`&d" bt@qro, tt2w`t3n`&d" "a@qbch tt2w`t3n`&d" bm@qihd tt4w`t3n`&d"" dztq &#h tt4w`t3n`&d"" entq v'( tt4w`t3n`&d"" gzt& o p tt4w`t3n`&d"" hnt& _.< tt4w`t3n`&d"" iztq 5gd tt4w`t3n`&d"" jntq '7$ tt4w`t3n`&d"" lzt& ?zx ironically near record high
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southwest winds will increase throughout the day and drive temperatures up into the low 70s this afternoon near the record of 73 set just two years ago. the winds will stay gusty throughout the evening and will gradually diminish as the developing low moves more directly overhead of las vegas. temperatures on sunday will be about 20 cooler than today with abundant cloud cover and rain starting around noon.
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sunday afternoon with snow up above 6,000 feet, but that snow level will fall through the day as colder air filters in from the northwest. substantial cold forcing with a strong cold front will shove through the area sunday evening into the overnight hours bringing the chance for a
5:37 am
through the las vegas valley and very heavy snow up in the mountains. behind the front very strong northwest winds will blast the area dramatically dropping temperatures and bringing the chance for some isolated snow showers with wrap around moisture through the valley as the low's center departs. snow showers are possible very
5:38 am
morning but will clear out before 7am with clouds slowly diminishing throughout the day. the big story monday though will be the temperatures which will be about 10-12 below normal with 15-25mph sustained north winds with gusts to 50 early in the morning. temperatures will stay very cool through wednesday before finally climbing back to near normal by the end of the week. ((ad-lib at desk)) some cool news from space this morning. nasa says we're learning more
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scientists first believed the moon formed after a small planet collided with earth, about four-and-a-half billion years ago. now, researchers at u-c-l-a have learned the crash was a head-on collision -- not just a glancing blow. astrophysicists analyzed seven moon rocks and compared them with six volcanic rocks from hawaii and arizona. they found the oxygen in all rocks had similarities. essentially saying the moon was formed by ancient earth and not the planet that crashed into earth. still ahead on good morning las vegas..the biggest football game of the year is around the corner. and one fan is getting ready to represent her team. we'll introduce you to one of carolina's biggest fans, next!
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tt2watv#@5t! bt@qnf\ tt2watv#@5t! "a@q^j8 tt2watv#@5t! bm@qua4 tt4watv#@5t!" dztq 4e8 tt4watv#@5t!" entq dax tt4watv#@5t!" gzt& ]f tt4watv#@5t!" hnt& mhl tt4watv#@5t!" iztq '!4 tt4watv#@5t!" jntq 5qt tt4watv#@5t!" lzt& -
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in new york. the ride-sharing company says fares for its popular uber-x service have dropped by 15 percent. that will make taking uber a little cheaper than a typical n-y-c taxi ride. the company hopes to encourage more riders -- and make more money for its drivers. basketball star lebron james is expanding his pizza business. the james-backed blaze pizza opened its doors this week at the university of connecticut. free pizzas were given to any customers who followed the business on social media. blaze pizza, which specializes in what it calls "build your own" pies, has dozens of locations open across the united states. and more locations are scheduled to open later this year. the biggest football weekend is right around the corner - and one of the oldest living carolina panthers is getting ready to cheer her team on. mary ward can't get enough of her team! the 95-year old fell in love with the team and the famous "dabbing" pose made famous by cam newton.
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loud for carolina next sunday! you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, and click on "now trending" still ahead... miniture dog race-- need i say more? the cute video that will be sure to brighten your saturday! you're watching channel 13 action news. there's plenty more news and
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tt2w`t2n`q4# bt@q?&< tt2w`t2n`q4# "a@q/*x tt2w`t2n`q4# bm@q$!t tt4w`t2n`q4#" dztq ;zp tt4w`t2n`q4#" entq k^0 tt4w`t2n`q4#" gzt& ryh tt4w`t2n`q4#" hnt& bw$ tt4w`t2n`q4#" iztq (>\ tt4w`t2n`q4#" jntq :n< tt4w`t2n`q4#" lzt& "#@ this...a mini sled dog race in duluth, minnesota. the event is used to drum up support.... for the city's real dog sled race and features dogs who wouldn't actually be out on the trail. there were two categories 12
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-22- pounds.
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