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tv   Action News Special Edition  ABC  January 30, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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a beating caught on camera.. a boyfriend punching his girlfriend in a parking lot! meet the good samaritans that came to the rescue happened right on the corner over there just past the shopping carts. plus.. an early morning shooting shocks a northeast neighborhood. friends confirm.. denise gray is dead. "don't make sense that someone who'd know her would want to hurt her." neighbors share the frieghting noise they heard coming from her home. but first. the winds are picking up! here's a live look at the valley where a new winter storm is moving in good evening... and thanks for joining us. i'm yasmeen hassan, here with meteorologist karla huelga. karla.. this is going to be a pretty big storm. what can we expect tonight and into tomorrow? the winds have already picked up this afternoon, ahead of a strong storm system that will
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strong winds and colder temps to the area. windy conditions will continue on sunday and we will see a cool down to the mid 50s, along with cloudy skies. mountain snow will start around lunch time and rain is expected to spread into the valley in hours. chances for rain will continue into the late night,overnight monday. by monday high temps will drop around 50 degrees and the winds will be even stronger with gusts to about 45 miles per hour. up to ten inches of snow is expected to fall tomorrow on
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officials are asking drivers headed to the mountain.. to please drive carefully. the mount charleston winter alliance will be posting up-to-date driving conditions, chain requirements and road closures online. you can find a link to their website at action news is your weather authority. we'll have continued coverage of the storm headed our way later this half hour. and don't forget, you can follow ktnv on facebook and twitter for immediate updates all day long. developing now.. one person is dead and several others hurt... a shooting and stabbing at a denver, colorado motorcycle expo.
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made any arrests yet. police swarmed the denver coliseum around one this afternoon. investigators say six people are injured.. three are in critical condition. one hospital was also put on lockdown as a precaution. in california.. a manhunt is over! the remaining two men who escaped a jail near santa ana are now in custody! now that all three escapess are back behind bars.. the investigation can focus on how they got out in the first place. abc's lauren lyster reports.. pkg script: off the streets and back in custody. the remaining two california escaped inmates - hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu - francisco. sot - sheriff sandra hutchens / orange county, ca "the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief." and this may have been a key moment in the investigation? less than 24 hours earlier - the first fugitive bac duong cuffed on camera - calmly surrending in santa ana - after a week on the run. sot - witness "we're just
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want to make sure he gets caught safely." investigators believe duong was in charge of transportation? and stole the white van the trio used to get away. that same van - spotted in a san francisco whole foods parking lot this morning? a man alerted some park district police officers? who quickly investigated. sot - sheriff sandra hutchens / orange county, ca "officers approached the van - nayeri fled on foot." natsot - (broadcastify) "code 4, code 4 we got em down. natsot - (broadcastify) "there might be another person in there. standby, take a look at that van." sot - sheriff sandra hutchens / orange county, ca "on returning to the van, they found tieu hiding in the van." now, officials are working on transferring the pair back to orange county? and learning more about how they escaped in the first place. police believe nayeri may have been tasked with getting information? somehow coaxing his jailhouse english teacher to give him more than language lessons? sot - lt. jeff hallock / orange county sheriff's dept. "a google earth image on paper that showed an image of the entire central jail complex. // she played a significant role in the planning" 44-year-old nooshafarin ravaghi
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of contributing to the men's escape. while officials know she and nayeri developed a relationship - it's unclear whether it was romantic. lauren lyster oncam close: soon all three inmates will be back behind bars at the very jail making it clear they will not we have new information on a woman shot and killed at her front door! loved ones tell action news that this is denise gray - metro's 11-th homicide victim of the year. police say someone shot her just before three a-m - at a home near cheyenne and las vegas boulevard. action news reporter michael burton spoke to some of her friends and family today. michael, what else did they have to say? family and friends rushed over as soon as they heard what happened! emotions ran high all morning with investigators in and out this home - where they found her body in the doorway with a gunshot wound. police say a neighbor called 911 after hearing the woman cry out for help. "me and my sister turned around and seen the lady on the floor
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we was saying help me i'm dying." anna briseno called 911 anna briseno called 911 the woman died of her injuries at umc. several family members were on the scene today - but they were so emotional - they turned us away. a close friend of the victim and a neighbor spoke to us on their behalf. they say denise was only in her forties - and they're in disbelief because she's not a violent person. they're also shocked, as they say this is generally a peaceful neighborhood. at this time - police haven't identified any suspects. "we're all neighbors and we all try and watch out for each other, you know? i just don't understand why it happened." maudina leon neighbor 7 secs that's the big question - why did this happen. well, coming up later today on action news - find out what went down just a few hours before the tragedy. it's what many say started this
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live near cheyenne and las vegas boulevard - michael burton - channel 13 action news. dozens of people are remembering a woman killed in a agic car accidnet. they are gathering near rainbow and spring mountain. victoria sandoval died instantly wednesday.. she was hit by a suspected drunk driver going 120 miles per hour. you may remember this video. the accident shut down the intersection for nine hours. at last check, the suspected drunk driver was in life-threatening condition. metro is looking for 90-year-old man. george kimura has been missing since last night. police say he has dementia. anyone with information on where he might be is asked to call metro right away. metro also needs your help finding a murder suspect. investigators say this man shot and killed a 61-year old man during a robbery in november. according to police, omar valencia garcia killed the man
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and maryland. if you have any information on where garcia might be.. contact metro right away. right now southern nevada's newest medical marijuana dispensary is open for business! "the source" held a ribbon cutting ceremony this afernoon. operators say they offer different products grouped by category.. including a 'flower section. they will also sell balms and oils. the source is open near sahara and rainbow. now an action news update we are happy to share. the missing tortoise we reported on wednesday is back home. damian falcone says he came home to find junebug in his backyard! he shared the news of his lost pet on facebook.... ....and that post was shared more than a thousand times! falcone says junebug has a few scrapes and chips on his shell.. and is a little underweight.. but, other than that he is just fine. new developments in the race for the white house we are now about 48 hours away from the first caucus in
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....and republicans ted cruz and marco rubio are clashing. "he's decided to run a very deceitful campaign at the end on some things he's saying. people see through that." rubio is also running a half-hour t-v special in iowa this weekend. as for the democrats... hillary clinton is bringing out the big guns... her entire family is out on the campaign trail. large crowds also continue turning out for her opponent - bernie sanders. a big game on the basketball court for the unlv runnin rebels tonight... in less the 30 minutes, the rebles tip off against the san diego aztecs at the thomas and mack. the aztecs are undefeated in conference play....and are in first place in the mountain west. the runnin' rebels are coming off a big win against the boise state broncos on wednesday. plus.. a parking lot beating caught on camera. the man throws his girlfriend to the ground! he had her on the ground and
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this tonight.. we are hearing from the men who ran to her rescue. and the zika virus is spreading. health officials are reporting dozens of cases in the u-s....and it is being linked to brazil. what they are doing to slow it down.
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here's a closer look.. he throws her to the ground and punches her several times. this all happened on thursday. tonight, that woman's okay... thanks the men who ran to her rescue.. shean ross/helped stop assault it was horrible all is aw was two or three punches and god i couldn't get there fast enough. every step i took i felt like he was taking another punch. he got her two or three times. god i am just glad i was there to help out. that boyfriend is now in jail facing an assault charge. police say the woman would have been seriously hurt if those guys weren't there to stop her boyfriend. we are getting a first look at the bunker used to hide italian mobsters. hidden deep in the woods, the fugitives made a little home here - complete with a t-v and a wall of guns.
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yesterday for extortion, murder and other crimes. the two are allegedly leaders of europe's largest cocaine supplier. three people are police custody.. accused of planning an attack on refugee children in stockholm, sweden. police say there was a brief shoot- out yesterday. they surrounded a group of masked men on the street. one officer was hit, but is okay. developing now.. new concerns about the explosive zika virus. 36 cases have now been discovered in 12 states. president barack obama has talked about the spread of the disease with the president of brazil. he is now vowing to win the war on the mosquitoes that are carrying it. abc's dr. richard besser shows us what the plan is, moving forward. script: (6 seconds) - the real fear is for pregnant women. the zika virus has been linked to birth defects in brain development. (5 seconds) more than 30 people in the u.s.
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diagnosed?.including four pregnant women. nat (9 seconds) the u-s is now telling pregnant women to not travel to areas with the tom frieden/ cdc director zika makes people sick for just a few days or a week at most. and generally you cannot find the virus in the person's blood after a week of illness. (5 seconds) this houston mother contracted the virus while on a trip to el salvador before the warnings sot lizzie morales - zika patient it was all over my body. i was scratching. my family saw my chest and they were like wow. (4 seconds)she would have never been allowed to fly if they had seen her condition. sot lizzie morales - zika patient you have no strength? no energy - all you want to do disease.. nat (10 seconds) we spent our friday at a hospital in recife - where we meet doctor camilla ventura. she's seen 130 babies with microcephaly - abnormal smallness of the head. sot - dr. camilla ventura this is scary.. we are dealing with a disease that we have no information about. (8 seconds) this woman's daughter was born with microcephaly? she told me through a translator she felt symptoms of zika but was told
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(5 seconds) saying they will work so she can speak, walk, and have as much of a normal life as possible. right now a series of little storms is dumping rain on the northwest. the weekend. and check this out..... a road is literally falling apart in oregon. this angle shows just how big the sinkhole is. making matters even worse.... there is another big sinkhole just a few feet away! both are now more than 50 feet wide - and growing. engineers say all of the water from recent storms has overwhelmed a storm drain under the road. that stretch of nearby highway 101 is now closed.. probably until spring. the winds have already picked up this afternoon, ahead of a strong storm system that will bring rain, mountain snow, strong winds and colder temps to the area. windy conditions will continue on sunday and we will see a cool down to
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skies. mountain snow will start around lunch time and rain is expected to spread into the valley in the afternoon and evening hours. chances for rain will continue into the late night,overnight and early morning hours into monday. by monday high temps will drop around 50 degrees and the winds will be even stronger with gusts to about 45 miles per hour. expect mostly cloudy skies on monday, but it looks like the chances for rain will be mostly gone by the afternoon. the system will start to make an exit early tuesday, although winds will still be breezy on the back end of the system. skies will be partly cloudy on tuesday and high temps will only reach the upper 40s.
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calm and the cloud will clear to partly cloudy, although high temps will remain cool in the low 50s. a warm up to the mid 50s is expected by thursday and then to around 60 for friday and saturday. expect mainly sunny to partly cloudy skies and light winds thursday through saturday. it's been one week since that massive blizzard dumped feet of
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across the mid-atlantic. most areas in new jersey have made a lot of progress with the cleanup....but a neighborhood in trenton isn't too happy.
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backup, you hear the trucks constantly, you know going over the curb, backing in, backing out with that sound." "beep beep" all the snow is being dumped in a city-owned lot that is right in the middle of their neighborhood. it's not just the noise people are worried about. that giant pile of snow is also being pushed back near their homes. baye kemit my concern is what's gonna happen with the snow once it melts?" this is a flood zone. we've had major issues during hurricane irene. our building was flooded. the city's public works director says 750-thousand tons of snow fell on trenton.....and it's still coming down! until it stops.. piles like these will only get bigger because there is no where else to put it. new information for your commute. you can expect delays tomorrow and monday along the 95 near the spaghetti bowl. crews are closing lanes from nine tomorrow night through five monday morning. they are going to be out there
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road. that is going to help when they widen the 15 this summer. in consumer news from contact 13.. facebook and instagram are telling private gun sellers to take their business elsewhere. the social networks are updating their policies to ban private gun sales on both platforms. facebook executives say licensed retailers will still be able to post about their goods and services.... .....but sales of guns by one person to another are not allowed. dust of your resumes.. here's a look at who's hiring in las vegas. this week, pt's is holding a job fair. they need staff for their new location near durango and the 215. the job fair is this tuesday and wednesday at the golden entertainment employment center. if you are interested, "dress to impress" and bring your resume. for a list full list of who's hiring in the valley head to our website.. coming up.. there are a lot of people who will like this one.. the popular mother-daughfr duo..
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are coming back to t-v! where you can watch new episodes. plus.. it's a cookie kickoff! girl scout cookie season is here. wait until you hear the crazy
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with bryan cranston. the movie nabbed 3 nominations- the most in film category. actress carol burnett will join the likes of kirk douglas, debbie reynolds and betty white when she takes home the "life achievement award". the sag awards air tonight on tnt and tbs. netflix is bringing back those fast-talking "gilmore girls." the series ran on "the w-b" and "c- w" from 2000 to 2007. netflix says lauren graham and alexis bledel will return as mother and daughter - lorelai
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oh but that's not all. cast members scott patterson, sean gunn, and kelly bishop, will all be returning. netflix did not say when the show will premier or what its title would be. we hope your sweet tooth is ready.. because it's girl scout cookie season! hundreds of local girl scouts kicked off cookie sales with a bang. there are 39-hundred girl scouts in southern nevada. this year they are expected to sell 847-thousand boxes of cookies. i hope to sell 550 and my favorite cookie is the samoa's or carmel delights. those are really good all proceeds from the cookie sales stay in southern nevada. coming up. .karla has another look at the
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