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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a live look outside right now.....things are quickly changing across the valley. while we saw beautiful temperatues earlier today, that won't be the case tomorrow. let's check in with action news meteorologist karla huelga with what we can expect. karla? the winds have already picked up this afternoon, ahead of a strong storm system that will bring rain, mountain snow, strong winds and colder temps to the area. windy conditions will continue on sunday and we will see a cool down to the mid 50s, along with cloudy skies. mountain snow will start around lunch time and rain is expected to spread into the valley in the afternoon and evening hours. chances for rain will continue into the late night,overnight and early morning hours into monday. by monday high temps will drop around 50 degrees and the winds will be even stronger with gusts to about 45 miles per hour.
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monday, and please pay attention if you're headed up to the mountains to check out the snow tomorrow. up to ten inches of snow is expected to fall on mount charleston. officials are asking drivers headed to the mountain.. to please drive carefully. the mount charleston winter alliance will post up-to-date driving conditions, chain requirements and road closures online. you can find a link to their website at a developing story tonight after a woman is shot and killed at her front door. family and friends tell action news that this is denise gray - metro's 11-th homicide victim of the year. "i was scared. my first reaction was i thought
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that was the woman who heard the screams for help. she called 911....but when police arrived - they found gray on the floor with a gunshot wound. police say she was shot and killed around 2:30 in the morning - right there in her doorway. family and friends were on the scene all morning - in disbelief. but - her loved ones tell us something happened earlier that day that may have triggered the shooting. they say there was some sort of altercation - but didn't specify exactly what happened... "she was kind of shaken up earlier from my understanding from a lot of the neighbors, and had gotten into an altercation with someone." family and friends think it's possible the shooter came back to settle the score. right now, metro needs your help finding a murder suspect. investigators say this man shot and killed a 61-year old man during a robbery back in november. according to police omar valencia garcia killed the man inside his home near charleston and maryland. if you have any information on
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contact metro right away. metro is looking for 90-year-old man. george kimura has been missing since last night. police say he has dementia. anyone with information on where he might be, please call metro right away. an action news update tonight on the fatal shooting of a teenager in north las vegas this week. the coroner has identified the victim as 18-year-old kishawn washington. he was killed after a fight broke out on civic center near cheyenne on thursday. right now police are still looking for the shooter. they are asking anyone with any information to please come forward. dozens of people came out to remember a woman killed in a tragic car accident. they met at the scene of this horrific accident near rainbow and spring mountain. the woman died instantly on wednesday.. she was hit by a suspected drunk driver, who was reportedly going around 120 miles an hour. the driver has been identied as 33 year old victor sandoval.
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threatening condition. a developing story tonight out of denver colorado.... at least one person dead.. several others injured in a shooting at a motorcycle expo.. abc's ron claiborne has more with what we are learning it happened just before 1 o'clock this afternoon at a gathering of motorcyclists. sot broadcastify - denver police dept shots fired at the coliseum, at the motorcycle rally. early details were sketchy but it appeared someone fired shots and stabbed a number people during what police called a "disturbance" at the colorado motorcycle expo. the show attracts a large number of bikers. sot raquel lopez, denver police department i have one deceased party and multiple victims taken to hospital officials said at least ten people were being treated at denver health medical center ? which at one point was placed on lockdown ? an extremely heavy police presence outside. sot raquel lopez, denver police department this is on going active investigation. polcie said they are questioning one person. but at this hour no one has
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all three inmates who escapped from a maximum-security jail in california are back in jail tonight. the three pulled off an elaborate escape from the facility in santa ana eight days ago. one of them was re-arrested in the same city yesterday. the other two were caught in san francisco this morning. "he's running eastbound up towards stanyan now. still running?" butt with "code 4, code 4 we got him down." butt with "that van right to your 5 o'clock, can you stand the inmates were all considered extremely dangerous. they are facing charges ranging from murder to attempted murder and kidnapping. officials say a prison english teacher has been arrested in connection to the escape. right now a man is in critical condition at umc.. and his home is in pieces after a fire. that's according to firefighters. the fire broke out this morning, near carey and belmont
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firefighter say the home is a complete loss. damage is estimated at 100- thousand dollars. the cause is still under investigation. this next story is the perfect example of the power social media has! a family had their truck stolen - right out of their driveway..... but thanks to facebook....they got it back - three hours later! action news reporter gina lazara talked to the family... she's is live in the studio now...gina? yasmeen -- steve and jamielynn ritchie walked outside to bring their daughter to a volleyball game -- when they realized -- the truck they would normally take -- was missing from their driveway! (((slim ritchie))) "where's my truck? sometimes i park in the street, so we looked in the street, and it was not there and i was like great. somebody stole my truck." stolen right from the ritchie's driveway near east windmill lane and the 215. you hear stories like this pretty frequently --- but what you don't hear --- is how quickly someone gets their stolen property back! (((jamielynn))) "just before 2 - i had a picture that was messaged to me that said hey is
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the picture and i was like oh my goodness this is it! this is our truck! where are you at!?" all thanks to this facebook post.....(nats))) "every comment and every like....even if they don't share" something the couple didn't really agree on! (((slim ritchie))) "i didn't even think about facebook." (((jamielynn))) "he actually kind of made fun of me. he's like hunny come on there's no chance we're getting it and i was like i know!" a friend of when she arrived -- she couldn't belive her eyes (pic of truck in garage) there it was. the same truck she saw on facebook seconds earlier --- was parked right in front of her. nats four kids hopped in the truck and tried to get away -- metro followed them 25 miles to henderson.... and arrested the boys at gun point. and within just three hours -- the truck was back to the ritchie's. (((slim ritchie))) "i like to think it's karma you know.i do right by people and expect people to do right by me." (((jamielynn))) "it's nice to have it back.
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those hey the good guys win in the end." the ritchie's said they will probably be a little more careful before leaving their keys in an unlocked vehicle ever again. gina lazara channel 13 action news southern nevada's newest medical marijuana dispensary is open for business! "the source" held a ribbon cutting ceremony this afernoon. operators say they offer different products grouped by category.. including a 'flower section. they will also sell balms and oils. the source is open near sahara and rainbow. an update to a story we first brought you last week! this one....has a happy ending! a valley man's tortoise that was stolen out of his backyard --- was brought back to his owner today! damian falcone returned home to find "june bug" crawling around his backyard! how he actually got back is still a mystery.... ......but falcone is extremely thankful....and
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"what motivates people to do the right thing? pressure helps. i think maybe somebody hears enough opinions from other people and they say you know what that is right. or maybe somebody around them says thats the right thing to do." "june bug" was missing for ten days. taking a live look..... at the las vegas strip.... right now. if you see someone running down las vegas boulevard tonight carrying an american flag..... be sure to cheer that person on! helene neville is attempting to break a world record..... by running the perimeter of the strip.... for -1- hundred -35- miles. the las vegas native will run non- stop.... between "the welcome to las the fabulous downtown sign.... on fremont street. she started at 7 in the morning and... is expected to finish sometime tomorrow. neville has survived three bouts of brain cancer... and... just had brain surgery... about a month ago.
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two middle school boys pummeling each other. maybe even more shocking though - was who just stood by and watched as the fight went on and a deadly avalanche sweeps away snowmobilers. how emergency crews were able to rescue some people - just in
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tt2w`t2n`q4# bt@q?&< tt2w`t2n`q4# "a@q/*x tt2w`t2n`q4# bm@q$!t tt4w`t2n`q4#" dztq ;zp tt4w`t2n`q4#" entq k^0 tt4w`t2n`q4#" gzt& ryh tt4w`t2n`q4#" hnt& bw$ tt4w`t2n`q4#" iztq (>\ tt4w`t2n`q4#" jntq :n< tt4w`t2n`q4#" lzt& "#@ a video is going around showing two 12-year-old boys fighting... .....and it looks like the coach just stood by and did nothing. alice gainer is showing us the
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nats" this isn't a boxing gym. and that's not a referee. two 12 year old boys wailing on each other... "watch it coach watch it." as their after-school coach just stands by seemingly doing nothing to break it up. "nats" towards the end of the video the coach ushers one of the middle school boys off camera. (kevin jones/ parent) "it's very unacceptable - you're a grown man you're supposed to be a role model for these kids..." kevin jones the father of one of the boys involved in the fight says he learned of the incident back on january 14th when his son came home from the after- school program at m.s 53 brian piccolo in far rockaway queens, complaining of pain. (kevin jones/ parent) "i had to take him to st. john's hospital located in far rockaway, as well and the doctor says he has a little muscle problem in his head." jones says he then saw the video posted to facebook that night by another boy... and was furious. that coach, marcus cruz, has been fired. the department of education says "cruz was not a doe
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removed from his position at an after-school program at the school. there is zero tolerance for employees, vendors, or volunteers who do not prioritize the safety of our students, and the incident has been referred to sci for investigation." once s-c-i or the special commissioner of investigation looks into it, jones and his lawyer will determine if a lawsuit is necessary. (sanford rubenstein/lawyer) "was this coach vetted? what other circumstances occurred prior to this with regard to this particular coach all those things have to be investigated." frightening moments for a group of people snowmobiling...and it was all caught on camera. witnesses say they were caught in an avalanche - nearly 800 yards wide. five people were killed when it swept them away in british columbia, canada. two emergency workers just happened to be in the area. thankfully - they managed to rescue several people. six people were injured, but they are all out of the hospital. ((adlib wx toss))
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up this afternoon, ahead of a strong storm system that will bring rain, mountain snow, strong winds and colder temps to the area. windy conditions will continue on sunday and we will see a cool down to the mid 50s, along with cloudy skies. mountain snow will start around lunch time and rain is expected
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into the valley in the afternoon and evening hours. chances for rain will continue into the late night,overnight and early morning hours into monday. by monday high temps will drop around 50 degrees and the winds will be even stronger with gusts to about 45 miles per hour. expect mostly cloudy skies on monday, but it looks like the chances
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will be mostly gone by the afternoon. the system will start to make an exit early tuesday, although winds will still be breezy on the back end of the system. skies will be partly cloudy on tuesday and high temps will only reach the upper 40s. by wednesday the winds will calm and the cloud will clear to partly cloudy, although high temps will remain cool in the low 50s. a warm up to the mid 50s is expected by thursday and then to around 60 for friday and saturday.
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cloudy skies and light winds thursday through saturday. ((adlib wx close)) in less than 48 hours, the iowa caucuses will be underway. donald trump continues to lead the republican race, while hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a virtual dead heat. with the race so close --the candidates are all over iowa tonight, looking for every last undecided vote. abc's brandi hitt has the
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nats - sanders rally tonight the count down in iowa... is getting ugly. sot trump: "ted cruz, who was not born on u-s soil - it's a problem!" republicans -- donald trump and marco rubio - both attacking ted cruz. sot rubio: "he's decided to run a very, y'know, deceitful campaign at the end on some things he's saying...people see through that." sot cruz: "six weeks ago, everyone in the field was attacking donald trump. now, everyone in the field is attacking me." (map gfx) nearly all the candidates - are now criss- crossing the hawkeye state.... nats democrat - hillary clinton - joined by both bill and chelsea. (graphic) clinton also addressed the state department decision... to declare 22 emails sent from her private account "top secret"... in this interview with cnn. sot clinton: "i didn't send or receive emails marked classified." each rally - each townhall - now critical... in courting undecided voters. sot - heather carlson, undecided voter: "what i'm looking for is, like, the genuineness that maybe you can only get from seeing them in person." clinton's opponent -- bernie sanders -- is also drawing big crowds... confident he can win monday... and in november. sot sanders: "many of the polls
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donald trump and beat 'em pretty badly." brandi hitt on camera: well, the clinton and sanders campaigns are also now going "back and forth" about whether the two should debate each other again next week... ahead of the new hampshire primary... along with possibly adding three more debates through the spring. brandi hitt, abc news, des moines, iowa." the new york times announced today its editorial board is endorsing hillary clinton for the democratic presidential nomination. ohio governor john kasich received the endorsement for the republican side. the times said it picked clinton because of to her experience and policy ideas. kasich apparently got the nod because he is the only plausible choice for republicans who are tired of -- quote -- "the extremism and inexperience on display in this race new information for your commute. expect delays tomorrow and monday along the 95 near the spaghetti bowl. crews are closing lanes from nine tomorrow night through five monday morning to dig trenches along the road.
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the 15 this summer. dust of your resumes.. here's a look at who's hiring in las vegas. pt's is holding a job fair this week. they need staff for their new location near durango and the 215. the job fair is this tuesday and wednesday at the golden entertainment employment center. if you are interested, you should "dress to impress" and bring your resume. for a list full list of who's hiring in the valley head to our website.. the third annual "lil air competition" for young skiers and snowboarders was held up at lee canyon today. the competition is open to anyone between the ages of 3 and 14. the kids competed in beginner style jumps... ....and the winners all took home prizes. the unlv runnin' rebels tipped off tonight against the san diego aztecs at the thomas and mack. the aztecs came into the game in first place in the mountain west. the rebels were hanging tough
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by three at half-time... ....but in the end, the aztecs were just too much. they pulled away down the stretch, winning - 67-52. the runnin' rebels will hit the court again on tuesday, at new mexico. part of the las vegas strip gets shut down today as some horses took to the street. plus, it's everyone's favorite time of year... girl scout cookie season! you'll never believe just how many boxes they hope to sell
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hundreds of local girl scouts kicked off cookie sales with a bang. there are 39-hundred girl scouts in southern nevada. this year they are expected to sell 847-thousand boxes of cookies. i hope to sell 550 and my favorite cookie is the samoa's or carmel delights. those are really good all proceeds from the cookie sales stay in southern nevada. beer park at the paris is celebrating its grand opening with the world famous budweiser
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this morning the city shut down part of las vegas boulevard, so the horses could make their way down the strip. beer park is the first rooftop bar on the las vegas strip, with a 10-thousand square foot deck overlooking the strip. coming up, if you don't have health insurance, time is running out to get covered. what the penalty is if you miss the deadline. the zika virus continues to spread here in the united states... ....but are officials any closer to stopping the virus? we'll take you to the
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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virus continues. there are now reports of 36 people contracting the disease in a dozen states.. 4 of them pregnant women. tonight... the urgent fight to stop the epidemic at its source.. abc's chief health and medical editor doctor richard besser is right there. door to door here in ?recife brazil, they're desperate to blunt the explosive growth of zika? and this is the only way they can do it. there's no vaccine, no treatment -- all we know is mosquitos carry it. so soldiers are scouring neighborhoods? bridge: there's a government requirement that every house in this area is visited at least once a month by the soldiers to look for any place a mosquitos could breed. they are meticulous, since any standing water is their home. bridge: he's even looking to see where the water drains out of refrigerator, the condensation, to make sure there's no pooling water there. that's all it would take for mosquitos to breed. in these sprawling shanty towns residents store fresh water in
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?with mosquito larva like this. soliders sanitize each tank to kill the eggs. and at this clinic we see first hand why the stakes are so high. sot dr. camilla ventura: this is scary. we are dealing with a disease that we have no information about these babies have microcephaly -- abnormally small heads and brains. there are hundreds of cases here in recife?.more than 4,000 in brazil ... scientists suspect they are for more...while mothers here struggle to plan an uncertain future for their babies besser tag: "until zika virus is under control in brazil and the other countries in which its spreading the cdc says its far too dangerous for pregnant women to travel to those areas. they should stay home, " nevada health link's final health fair took place earlier today. the event was held at the clark county government center. it was for anyone who has not signed up for health insurance the enrollment period ends
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if you miss the deadline, you'll have to wait another year to sign up and pay a -695- dollar penalty for not having health insurance. karla has another look at your work week forecast. but right now, here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching channel thirteen action news, where you ask.
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care
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hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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