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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 8AM  ABC  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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shooting. mother nature has a lot in store for las vegas today. we're tracking a big storm heading to our area. we'll let you know what to expect. good morning las vegas! i'm lesley marin... the time now is ...on this sunday--january 31st. we want to get straight to carlo falco this morning with what's in store for today. good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) thanks, carlo. if you're heading to the mountains today to check out the snow, you're urged to pay
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alot of snow is expected to fall on mount charleston. officials are asking drivers headed to the mountain.. to please drive carefully. the mount charleston winter alliance will post up-to-date driving conditions, chain requirements and road closures online. you cafk to their
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action news is your weather authority. we'll have continued coverage of the storm throught the morning. and don't forget, you can follow ktnv on facebook and twitter for immediate updates all day long. a developing story this morning, after a woman is shot and killed at her front door. we followed this story yesterday morning for you. this morning, family and friends tell action news that the victim is denise gray - metro's 11-th homicide victim of the year. "i was scared. my first reaction was i thought she fell or something." that was the woman who heard the screams for help. she called 911....but when police arrived - they found gray on the floor with a gunshot wound. police say she was shot and killed around 2:30 in the morning - right there in her doorway. family and friends were on the scene all morning - in disbelief. but - her loved ones tell us something happened earlier that day that may have triggered the shooting. "she was kind of shaken up earlier from my understanding from a lot of the neighbors, and had gotten into an altercation with someone."
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possible the shooter came back to settle the score. right now...metro continues their search for a missing man. 90-year-old george kimura has been missing since thursday. police are concerned about his condition, they say he suffers from dimentia. anyone with information is asked to call metro right away. an action news update this morning... on the fatal shooting of a teenager in north las vegas this week. the coroner has identified the victim as 18-year-old kishawn washington. he was killed after a fight broke out on civic center near cheyenne on thursday. right now police are still looking for the shooter. they are asking anyone with any information to please come forward. dozens of people came out to remember a woman killed in a tragic car accident. they gathered at the scene of this horrific accident near rainbow and spring mountain. the woman died instantly on wednesday.. she was hit by a suspected
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reportedly going around 120 miles an hour. the driver has been identied as 33 year old victor sandoval. at last check, he was in life- threatening condition. right now a man is in critical condition at umc.. and his home is in pieces after a fire. that's according to firefighters. the fire broke out yesterday morning, near carey and belmont . firefighter say the home is a complete loss. damage is estimated at 100- thousand dollars. the cause is still under investigation. turning to a developing story out of colorado. 0:00 nats: "national western stock show... several shooting victims inside..." 0:06 chaos in downtown denver. multiple victims and at least one dead this morning after violence breaks out at a bike show. 0:10 mos says: "i just saw a bunch of people scattering after we heard two gunshots." butt with 0:23 os says: "it all happened on the stairwells and
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custody and police stil have a motive. gun fire broke out yesterday during the colorado motorcycle expo. the show attracts a large number of bikers. eyewitnesses described a gruesome scene-- people getting shot and stabbed, and it appears this morning, the conflict involved biker gangs. at one point--things were so tense-- that the hospital where victims were being traeted had to be put on lockdown. police will continue their investigation. this morning-- all three inmates who escapped from a maximum-security jail in california are back behind bars. the three pulled off an elaborate escape from the facility in santa ana nine days ago. one of them was re-arrested in the same city friday the other two were caught in san francisco yesterday morning. "he's running eastbound up towards stanyan now. still running?" butt with "code 4, code 4 we got him down." butt with "that van right to van." the inmates were all considered
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they are facing charges ranging from murder to attempted murder and kidnapping. officials say a prison english teacher has been arrested in connection to the escape. good morning everyone! coming up... we'll tell you why the local culinary union is choosing not to endorse a candidate during the primaries.. it's been one week since that big storm hit the east coast, dumping alot of snow. well, this morning, that snowfall is still causing problems for residents. we'll explain. first, let's check in with carlo.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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in trenton isn't too happy. valarie carter you hear the backup, you hear thcks constantly, you know going over the curb, backing in, backing out with that sound." "beep beep" all the snow is being dumped in a city-owned lot that is right in the middle of their neighborhood. it's not just the noise people are worried about. it's that giant pile of snow-- that's also being pushed back director says 750-thousand tons of snow fell on trenton. the local culinary union isn't
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nevada's caucuses next month. the powerful union representing thousands of casino workers
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on the general election instead. the group backed barack obama back in 2008. union leaders say--they want to help get thousands of people to vote, but they also want to concentrate on growing their ranks. we're only 24 hours away from the iowa caucuses. . donald trump leads ted cruz by five points -- while hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a statistical tie. with the race so close --the candidates are all over iowa, in search of every last undecided vote. abc's lana zak is in des moines with the latest. . sanders nats "this land is my land, this land is your land..." could the insurgent candidates actually walk away with a win in iowa? sanders sot pundits don't think young people vote. how would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night?" [8:47:11 pm] an energetic bernie sanders played to his largest crowd yet. as the last major poll before the iowa caucuses has sanders within 3 points of hillary
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dmr/bloomberg poll: clinton 45, sanders 42)) but hillary clinton appeared confident, joined by the whole family on the trail-- clinton sot "i'm just thrilled chelsea and bill can be here with me," also joining clinton, former congresswoman gabby giffords. sot giffords "speaking is hard for me. but january, come january, i want to say these two words: madame president.")) and on the republican side, the last poll has donald trump at 28, ted cruz at 23--as trump hits cruz's canadian birth hard-- trump sot "he really cant run" cruz laughing it off in public. sot-cruz "i will admit, when donald insults you, it's amusing." but cruz is taking fire from other candidates too-- sot - rubio: "he's decided to run a very deceitful campaign at the end on some things he's saying. people see through that." tag: and as rubio is on the rise here, it's worth noting that
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caucus-goers say their minds are not yet made up. lz abcn dm when good morning las vegas returns... raising money for cancer research while taking in some gourmet meals? sounds good right? next, we'll tell you about some local restaurants that are helping "stick a fork" in cancer. you're watching channel 13 action news. we'll be right back on this
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but what can you do now--to make sure your family has the help they need? our next guests-- are helping raise money for cancer research while also serving up gourmet meals!! joining us now are chef carla pellegrina owner of the bratalian and allison copening with the american cancer society chef carla pellegrino, owner at bratalian in henderson allison copening, board president, american cancer society (questions) february marks cancer prevention month. tell us about the new campaign for vegas, stick a fork in cancer for feb.? how will the
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cancer and what does it do for the community? who are some of your other restaurants participating? chef carla, tell us about some of your specialty items (prep 2 food items (may have 3 to show) and what do you have for us today? what made you want to help out american cancer society? bratalian is donating feb. 1, 2 and 3, correct-- how much of proceeds? to help chef carla raise money for the american cancer
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over to the link on your screen-- there you can find more infomation about the the stick a fork in cancer campaign and what restaurants are
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scene of a deadly auto-pedestrian accident. this is happening at "camino al norte and lone mountain". right now, they're telling drivers to stay away from that area. we're expecting more information to come down. we'll of course bring that to you as it breaks. the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to
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since miller drive and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. you're hearing that right. this video showing the moments a civilian pulled over a police officer in miami, florida. the motorist said she saw the officer speeding, but the officer didn't agree. "i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you this, i'm on the way to work right tell the cop how police should be setting an example. the officer initially thought she had an emergency--that's why he pulled over. he did go on to apologize and they both continued on their way. surveillance cameras at an oregon walmart show a man beating his girlfriend. here's a closer look.. he throws her to the ground and punches her several times. this all happened on thursday. now, that woman's okay...
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her rescue.. shean ross/helped stop assault it was horrible all is aw was two or three punches and god i couldn't get there fast enough. every step i took i felt like he was taking another punch. he got her two or three times. god i am just glad i was there been seriously hurt if those guys weren't there to stop her boyfriend. good morning las vegas.. still ahead this morning... we find out if a local woman was able to break a world record right here in the details, next! plus, today's the last day to enroll for health insurance. what you need to know in order
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tt2w`t2n`q4# bt@q?&< tt2w`t2n`q4# "a@q/*x tt2w`t2n`q4# bm@q$!t tt4w`t2n`q4#" dztq ;zp tt4w`t2n`q4#" entq k^0 tt4w`t2n`q4#" gzt& ryh tt4w`t2n`q4#" hnt& bw$ tt4w`t2n`q4#" iztq (>\ tt4w`t2n`q4#" jntq :n< tt4w`t2n`q4#" lzt& "#@ a family's truck stolen right out of their driveway. but thanks to the power of social media, they have it back this morning. and we're tracking a big storm headed to the las vegas valley. how this will affect the rest of your weekend. good morning las vegas! i'm lesley marin... the time now is ...on sunday--officially the last day of the month. let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) a winter storm warning is in effect for the local mountains and all of lincoln county.
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southern clark county and eastern california, high wind warnings are in effect for central nye county and the high deserts of central california. breaking news just into our newsroom.. we're being told the man, critically injured in this fire
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belmont yesterday morning, has died. that's according to the north las vegas fire department. the home was badly damaged in the blaze. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. this next story is the perfect example of the power social media has! a family had their truck stolen - right out of their driveway. but thanks to facebook....they got it back - three hours later! action news reporter gina lazara talked to the family. (((slim ritchie))) "where's my truck? sometimes i park in the street, so we looked in the street, and it was not there and i was like great. somebody stole my truck." pretty frequently --- but what you don't hear --- is how quickly someone gets their stolen property back!
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- i had a picture that was messaged to me that said hey is this your truck and i looked at the picture and i was like oh my goodness this is it! this is our truck! where are you at!?" all thanks to this facebook post..... (((nats))) "every comment and every like....even if they don't share" something the couple didn't really agree on! (((slim ritchie))) "i didn't even think about facebook." (((jamielyn)) "he actually kind of made fun of me. he's like hunny come on there's no chance we're getting it and when she arrived -- she couldn't belive her eyes (pic of truck in garage) there it was. the same truck she saw on facebook seconds earlier --- was parked right in front of her. nats four kids hopped in the truck and tried to get away -- metro followed them 25 miles to henderson.... and arrested the boys at gun point. and within just three hours -- the truck was back to the ritchie's. (((slim ritchie))) "i like to think it's karma you know.i do it's just kind of like one of those hey the good
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the ritchie's said they will probably be a little more careful before leaving their keys in an unlocked vehicle ever again. but they sure are thankful for the way their situation turned out. southern nevada's newest medical marijuana dispensary is open for business! "the source" held a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday afternoon. operators say they offer different products grouped by category.. including a "flower" section. they will also sell balms and oils. the source is open near sahara and rainbow. an update to a story we first brought you last week! this one....has a happy ending! a valley man's tortoise that was stolen out of his backyard ---was brought back to the owner. damian falcone returned home yesterday to find "june bug" crawling around his backyard! how he actually got back is still a mystery--but falcone is
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impressed by the power of social media. "what motivates people to do the right thing? pressure helps. i think maybe somebody hears enough opinions from other people and they say you know what that is right. or maybe somebody around them says thats the right thing to do." "june bug" was missing for ten days. a world record broken right here in las vegas. take a look..this is helene neville crossing the finish line with supporters cheering her on. this footage coming from her facebook page. the las vegas native spent the weekend running the permiter of the strip--non-stop--for 1 hundred 35 miles. she did it all carrying an american flag. neville started at 7 in the morning and friday and wrapped up last night. neville has survived three bouts of brain cancer and just had brain surgery about a month ago.
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if you have yet to sign up for health coverage, today is the last day you can do it. if you miss today's deadline, you'll have to wait another year to sign up and you'll have to pay a 6 hundred 95 dollar penalty for not being insured. there's alot of affordable options out there, including healthcare dot gov. nearly 7 in 10 people who use the healthcare marketplace have signed up for coverage paying less than 75 dollars a month after tax credits. getting back to breaking news at this hour. you're looking live at camino al norte and lone mountain." where one person has died after being hit by a car. you can see north las vegas police are atthe scene right now. it looks like there's some road closures.. they're urging people to stay away from that area as they investigate. this happened around 7 thirty this morning. we will continue following this
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editions of action news. and of course download our app and track us on social media for the latest updates. good morning las vegas... coming up... devestating disease taking a toll on more americans. health and medical experts now weighing in on the zika virus.. how many more people could get infected? feeling the need for speed? where you can go today to live out your nascar dreams. now we turn to the desperate
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tt2w`t3n`&d" bt@qro, tt2w`t3n`&d" "a@qbch tt2w`t3n`&d" bm@qihd tt4w`t3n`&d"" dztq &#h tt4w`t3n`&d"" entq v'( tt4w`t3n`&d"" gzt& o p tt4w`t3n`&d"" hnt& _.< tt4w`t3n`&d"" iztq 5gd tt4w`t3n`&d"" jntq '7$ tt4w`t3n`&d"" lzt& ?zx here in the u.s, there's reports of 36 people having the disease in a dozen states, 4 of them pregnant women. but there's an urgent fight to stop the epidemic at its source. abc's chief health and medical editor, doctor richard besser joins us with the latest. door to door here in ?recife brazil, they're desperate to blunt the explosive growth of zika? and this is the only way they can do it. there's no vaccine, no treatment -- all we know is mosquitos carry it. so soldiers are scouring neighborhoods? bridge: there's a government requirement that every house in this area is visited at least once a month by the soldiers to look for any place a mosquitos could breed. they are meticulous, since any
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there's no pooling water there. that's all it would take for mosquitos to breed. in these sprawling shanty towns residents store fresh water in large, often neglected tanks ?with mosquito larva like this. soliders sanitize each tank to sot dr. camilla ventura: this is scary. we are dealing with a disease that we have no information about these babies have microcephaly -- abnormally small heads and brains. there are hundreds of cases here in recife?.more than 4,000 in brazil ... scientists suspect they are directly connected to a zika virus during pregnancy -- we don't know how. health officials are bracing for more...while mothers here struggle to plan an uncertain future for their babies besser tag: "until zika virus is under control in brazil and the other countries in which its spreading the cdc says its far too dangerous for pregnant women to travel to those areas. they should stay home, " embattled michigan governor
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criticism for the latest revelation in flint's ongoing water crisis. emails exposed by liberal advocacy group, progress michigan, reveal the state shipped bottled water to its workers in flint-- over 8 months before residents were officially told the drinking water was unsafe. the governor said he had no knowledge of that taking place. the state defends their decision, saying they only provided bottled water temporarily until that particular chemical threat was over. dangerous levels of lead were later found in flint water and about 200 kids have tested positive-- so far. sot melissa mays/flint resident and knowing that someone did this to my kid, as a mother, i can't sleep at night. and even more trouble for residents there...officials are warning that the filters they handed out, may not be effective enough to keep their water safe. a winter storm warning is in
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and all of lincoln county. wind advisories for western and southern clark county and eastern california, high wind warnings are in effect for central nye county and the high deserts of central california. this is all ahead of a very strong storm pushing towards the las vegas valley. rain showers will start in the las vegas valley around noon with the heaviest rain pushing through the valley around 3-6pm. a few embedded thunderstorms
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system has a lot of energy and tons of moisture to cause these storms. overnight the storm will pass to the east and will draw in a huge amount of very cold air from the north dropping snow levels down to near 2000 feet which would mean snow showers are possible for the las vegas valley. snow showers are most likely up in summerlin and centennial hills and but as
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shoves in from the west flakes could quickly fly in downtown and along the strip before ending monday morning. all told precipitation should total around 0.3" of rain for the las vegas valley and upwards of 2 feet of snow for the local mountains. monday winds will dramatically increase from the north and northwest and gusts will peak
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late morning. temperatures will be very cold for this time of year and won't break out of the 40s - around 15 below normal. winds will die slowly on tuesday but temperatures take a couple more days to recover, highs stay below normal through the rest of the week. shots of today's storm, send them our way! we want to put them on air! you can email your storm pictures and footage to "eye-contribute at
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"eye c 13" on social media! some information for your commute. expect delays today and tomorrow along the 95 near the spaghetti bowl. crews are closing lanes from nine tonight through five tomorrow morning to dig trenches along the road. they'll be used when they widen the 15 this summer. so be aware if you're heading in that direction. dust of your resumes.. here's a look at who's hiring in las vegas. p-t's is holding a job fair next week. they need staff for their new location near durango and the 215. the job fair is tuesday and wednesday at the golden entertainment employment center. if you are interested, you should "dress to impress" and bring your resume. for a list full list of who's hiring in the valley head to our website.. laps for charity is back! it's happening today at the motor speedway. the event is open to all licensed drivers, 18 and older. participants can drive their cars, trucks and motorcycles on
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an hour. the entry fee is 35 per vehicle for three laps during the day or 45 at night. all proceeds support the las vegas chapter of speedway children's charities. everything gets underway at 11 this morning. still ahead... gas for under 2 dollars here in the valley? you heard it right! we'll tell you where you can take advantage of the deal,
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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down part of las vegas boulevard, so the horses could make their way down the strip. beer park is the first rooftop bar on the las vegas strip, with a 10-thousand square foot deck overlooking the strip. thanks for joining us this
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shawn tempesta: welcome to the morning blend extra. i'm shawn tempesta. now, does your home need a major repair or do you need to quickly sell your home for cash? well, real estate expert, investor and broker for first prime realty group, lathe levada, is back and he's here to show us how you can sell your home for cash. it's great having you. lathe levada: thank you. shawn: let's talk about this. you buy homes. what types of homes do you buy and what types of sellers do you buy from? lathe: i buy unwanted homes from sellers who need to sell quickly. generally, these sellers, these homes have massive repairs or the seller is facing some sort of hardship, such as a divorce, relocation, job loss, sometimes they own an unwanted rental property, and they live out of state, or someone's passed away in the family and they've
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just need to sell that property. shawn: now, let's say they had a home that they wanted to be able to sell. why would they sell to you as opposed to doing any other method? lathe: well, i buy homes that generally need thousands of dollars of repair. shawn: yeah. lathe: so the homeowner is unable to complete those repairs, and typically a cash buyer like myself is one of the only buyers that could purchase that house and make those repairs. the normal loan buyer can't buy those or don't want to buy those typically... shawn: they don't have the cash on hand to do that. lathe: exactly. with stringent guidelines, they're not able to buy these sorts of homes so a cash buyer like myself needs to come in and purchase those homes. shawn: so take us through the process. you buy a home, what happens to it next? lathe: well, the homes that i buy generally, i will either hold as long term rental properties in my portfolio after i make the repairs, or i'll make the repairs and put the home back on the market for resale so that a loan buyer can go ahead and purchase the property at that point.
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all my deals to be win-win deals. i enjoy buying these homes because i get to help out homeowners in bad situations. shawn: of course. these are homeowners that need a resolution relatively quickly. and you're kind of that knight in shining armor. that's what he is. i like that. the seller, do they have to pay the real estate commission? shawn: there is no real estate commissions on the homes i buy for cash. shawn: okay. lathe: i even go as far as to pay for the seller's closing costs, ordinary closing costs at close of escrow. shawn: wow. lathe: these are as-is transactions. the seller doesn't have to make any costly repairs or fix-ups on the property. it's really truly meant for those sellers who want to sell quickly, get their cash out, and move on. shawn: how quickly are we talking here for a purchase? lathe: i've purchased homes with cash in under three days before. shawn: no kidding? lathe: yeah. shawn: wow. that's way, way faster than your normal loan process and having to put it on the mls. that can really for somebody that's in a rush, that's perfect. yeah, it's quick but it's based on the seller's time frame, not mine. lathe: of course.
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is unique. every seller is different so we want to make sure that we're not rushing that seller. if they need more time, we give it to them. shawn: so how can a homeowner then find out whether or not your home is one of the homes they would maybe... you would like to purchase? shawn: well, the process is simple. they just give my office a call, and i'll do a 24-hour, no obligation cash offer, we'll do an evaluation of the home. that's the first step. the second step would be agreeing to a purchase price, drawing up a purchase agreement and the third step would be finalizing the transaction at a third party closing company-- title and closing company-- so they can get their cash profits and move on. shawn: that is like the easiest home sale ever. lathe: yeah. shawn: it's fantastic. if people want to be able to reach out, how do they do so? lathe: they can call my office at the (702)476-2000. that's really the best way and then we can make a time to sit down and go over the condition of the home and what it is that the homeowner wants as far as profit out of the home and just
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that we can close on. shawn: i know, obviously, beyond this you are well versed in all things real estate, and you have a radio show. shawn: i do. it's on i-tunes and it's also on our website on demand so anybody who wants to listen to me on the radio take about all things real estate can just go to our website at shawn: absolutely. you can go there and check it out, and you're really covering all the bases there. it's pretty awesome. and you can ask him questions too. lathe, it's great having you. lathe: thank you. shawn: thank you so much. again, you can catch lathe's radio show. it's available any time on his website or on i-tunes. you can sell your home to lathe for a guaranteed quick and easy 24-hour, no obligation cash offer. he can do the sale in as little as three days. that's fantastic. for more on his services, you can call the number or visit the website on your screen. lathe is also on facebook and twitter. have a great day, vegas. music
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