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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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about the dangers of texting and chat apps. it got their daughter...and it tears them apart. 180821 "she was too educated, she knew better and yet somebody showed her and became a victim." for the dignity of their daughter...this couple won't share the specific details of her sexual assault allegedly at the hands of jimmy carter kim. but court records say it all. their daughter-----reported ly not his only victim. kim faces 83 felony charges -- including dozens of counts of sexual assault against a child under 16 in a separate case. 181022 "he's utilized social media to hurt people and 181028 for every jim kim there's 1000 others behind him" in kims arrest report, a 14-year- old from arizona says kim kidnapped her and raped her, locking her in a room for a month. the family we spoke with
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anything to be learned from the's about the dangers of what teens and pre-teens may be doing on their phones. 180908 "the use of social media has become like a drug. basically it's like a trendy drug for teenagers." the number of texting options out there can be startling. these parents say they must evolve with the technology as fast as their children do if they're going to keep them safe. 180938 "every family thinks no that will never happen to me. no my kids too smart she would never talk to a stranger 180955 but it happened to us" march first is when jimmy carter kim will have his preliminary hearing here at the north las vegas justice court. court records say it will take two days because of the number of witnesses and amount of evidence. reporting live..david schuman..13 action news new tonight.. a viral video making the rounds on social media. now.. for the first time.. we're hearing from the man seen
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a motorcycle rider. 00:00:48:17 i don't know if that man has a gun on his hip or not and i'm not taking any chances. his interview comes just hours after the biker gave 13-action news some new video of the incident. it shows what happened before the confrontation. you can see a group of bikers riding together.. and switching lanes periodically. that's when the driver of the pickup starts yelling out his window before pulling the gun. now... to a developing story.... we've been following closely.... all day! a man gunned down.... in a parking lot in broad daylight! 13 action news... camera's.... capture the heart wrenching scene... loved ones arriving.... near rainbow and westcliff! tonight... police are still looking for the person or persons responsible. 13 action news reporter.... mahsa saeidi... has new details... about how exactly.... this murder was committed. mahsa?
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his employee heard a loud screech! the door opens. the victim falls out of the back seat! he plead for his life. the killer above him. raises his hand. fires six more shots. "i can't do it! i can't do it!" she just realized it's her loved one laying there. the disturbing image blurred -- this was an execution! a crowded parking lot! broad daylight! police believe the man met his killer here willingly! "that was his (expletive) car! that was his car! that was his car! (ahhh!)" tonight - new information about his final moments! falling out of the back seat of the killers gray nissan altima! pleading, quote "please don't shoot!" as the man above him fires six more rounds! kneeling over in pain -- she found out about it in the worst possible way. "no!" "we could've seen him, he was not dead when he first got shot, i kept watching the news
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homicide detectives -- on scene til nearly dark! pulling surveillance! processing evidence! talking to witnesses ... like this woman who says the killer was not alone as he ran a red light and sped away. they were very fast, i tried to get the license plates, but they were going way too fast for me to do that. i just feel terrible and it makes me want to get a ccw, witness says people in the ducked for cover! as that car sped away north on rainbow. story we've been following for hours. two n-y-p-d officers are recovering after a shooting in the bronx. the officers were on a routine patrol inside a public housing complex when shots were fired. both officers are in stable condition tonight. one suspect died at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a second is in custody. new tonight.. for the first time since his arrest..
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of an armed militia that took over a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. taking over the refuge was not only right, it was the duty of the people to do." ammon bundy recorded the statement behind bars after being indicted for occupying the federal land last month. he's one of 16 people now facing charges. bundy was arrested last week during a traffic stop that ended with the death of rancher lavoy finicum. new information now... on a fatal crash... at a bus stop... this afternoon. chopper 13, bringing you breaking news ... fast and first, over the scene of the crash. police say... a man was waiting for the bus.... near lake mead and jones.... when a driver.... traffic.... and... struck the bus shelter and the man.... killing him. 13 action news reporter.... gina lazara spoke with witnesses... tonight.... she's live near the scene... gina? tricia -- most of the people who heard or saw the crash live here at the budget suites. one woman though -- did more than just be a witness. she ran down those steps to try and save the man's life.
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instinct. it doesn't matter who or what -- you just wanna help" belinda dorton -- c-p-r certified -- knew she had to do something when she heard the crash that would end up taking a man's people were standing around. when they're in shock they don't know what to do." but belinda knew if anyone could restart his heart -- it would be her. attempt after attempt trying to find a pulse.... but belinda....had no luck. belinda dorton "if i hadn't tried - i would have felt bad you know what if? what if i had tried and he came back?" shonnique rose "they lifted his hand and put it on his chest and it just looked lifeless. butted to it was horrible. really horrible." the two women couldn't take their eyes off the scene where one of their neighbors just died. belinda dorton "he just seemed like a nicer older gentleman." both of them agree -- something need to be safer. the speed limits need to be enforced.. and people need to be aware of the people at the bus stops."
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she could bring the man back to life. shonnique rose "she's a hero. she is a true hero." it's still unclear what caused the driver to cross into oncoming traffic and hit the bus shelter. but that will come out in the investigation. reporting live gina lazara 13 action news. the latest now on the race for the white house. the democratic presidential candidates squared off for their final debate tonight ahead of the new hampshire primary next tuesday. hillary clinton still leads in the polls nationally.. but she's 20-points behind bernie sanders in the granite state. and tonight.. the back-and-forth got spirited. clinton: "let's talk about the issues that divide us." sanders: "lets talk about the issues!" sanders is a senator in neighboring vermont.. so clinton is struggling to build support in his political backyard.. and in this exchange.. 'establishment' was a 4-letter word.
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represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans...." clinton: senator sanders is the only person who, i think, would characterize me, a woman, running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. sanders also tried to hit clinton on her ties to wall street and large fees for speaking engagements. other topics in tonight's debate included health care.. the water crisis in flint michigan.. and the death penalty. the 9 remaining republican candidates will meet in their final debate before the new hampshire primary this saturday. right now.. donald trump is leading the pack by 20 points. trump spent the day on the ground scrapping for every last vote.. telling voters that only an outsider can fix america's problems. trump today sot: no politician is going to solve it. no politician- these people- i like to use really foul language, i won't do it, i was going to say they are full of s but i won't say that. it's true. trump is still attacking texas
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campaign suggested dr. ben carson was dropping out of the race after the iowa caucuses. tonight.. new voicemails surfaced from the cruz campaign on caucus day. voicemail "hello, this is the cruz campaign with breaking news: dr. ben carson will be planning to suspend his campaign following tonight's caucuses cruz fired back today.. calling trump a sore loser. surveillance cameras capture.... an out of control a-t-v..... slamming into buildings... and.... spinning out of control. the most surprising part.... no one's.... behind the wheel. we'll explain. plus.. a widow's anguish. could 10 minutes on hold with 911 have cost her husband his life? 1:52 debbie: and i thought no! that can't be right! (butt to 2:03) and i kept yelling, "please help me! please answer! please help me!" 13 action news investigates "help on hold" as this valley woman says her calls for help were not answered in a timely fashion. high pressure will slowly take over the weather on the west coast keeping the skies clear
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warm into next week. tonight lows will bottom out in the upper 30s with a few areas in the valley getting as low as
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video out of iowa of an out of control.. driverless a-t-v. you can see it barrel down an empty parking lot before it slams into a wall and starts doing donuts.. all without a driver. it was being steered by a but as you can see.. it was not going well. the owners were able to finally regain control after a failed back flip. when it's a matter of life and death... we all know.... what numbers to call.
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at 9-1-1? we saw that happen.... earlier this week.... when metro's 9-1-1 system crashed. but... it's a problem... contact - 13- has been investigating... for months. tonight... chief investigator.... darcy spears has the devastating story of help.... on hold... and... how the 9-1-1 system failed... a local family. :23 debbie: we took calvin for a walk, came home, always make coffee. december 17 started out like any normal morning for debbie and her husband steve. :30 debbie: steve sat in his normal chair and checked his texts. (butt to :36) and then he said, "i'm gonna go take a shower." that's where everything normal came to an abrupt end. 1:08 debbie: i think i walked from the coffee pot to there and i heard... like a thump. (butt to 1:27) i ran in there and he was on the floor of the shower. and i kept trying to pull at his arm--steve! steve! get up!
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desperately wrong, debbie grabbed her land line to call 9-1-1. 1:48 debbie: and it said... it said... 9-1-1 recording: "you have reached 9-1-1 emergency. please do not hang up. your call will be answered in the order received." 1:52 debbie: and i thought no! that can't be right! (butt to 2:03) and i kept yelling, "please help me! please answer! please help me!" but she would stay on hold as steve's life slipped away. 2:20 debbie: so i went and i got my cell phone. 9-1-1 recording: "you have reached 9-1-1 emergency." she also tried from her husband's cell with the same result. 2:37 debbie: so i went next door. her next door neighbor called. 9-1-1 recording: "you have reached 9-1-1 emergency. and also got the recording... 9-1-1 recording: "your call will be answered in the order received." while one neighbor performed cpr, another stayed on the phone... police, fire or medical?" 3:02
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now! he's on the floor, he's unresponsive and has no heart rate! operator: ok. neighbor: we're performing cpr! we need somebody right now! operator: ok. help is on the way. darcy stand-up: contact 13 learned it took 9-1-1 more than three and a half minutes to answer the call. the national standard is ten seconds or less. 7:22 darcy: you don't know what would've happened had that call been answered right away? debbie: right. darcy: had they been here five minutes earlier? debbie: maybe he would still be here... i don't know. i wish he was. 5:19 darcy: it's gonna be a big question in her life from here on out. how does anybody reconcile that? michael barnbeck: at the end of the day, we all have to be honest. our agency has to be honest. we went through this major shift with the 911 system. we've been doing our best to provide that safety so this question will never come up again in the future with any other citizens. radio systems director michael barnbeck says metro switched to a new 9- 1-1 system a week before debbie and her
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help. he admits they weren't fully up to speed. 3:47 darcy: here's a woman who lost her husband. she's in the process of watching him die and she gets a recording when she calls the three numbers that should be, or could be life-saving. micheal barnbeck: there is nothing that i can say to make her or anybody in the community feel any better about the situation. contact 13 learned it took 10 minutes from the time debbie made her first call, to when help was dispatched. around that time, there were 62 calls holding on 9-1-1, with just six people answering the phone. director barnbeck says the numbers tell the story. they simply didn't have enough staff. 8:45 darcy: should people expect to continue to get a recording when they call 9-1- 1? michael: yes. and that is an industry standard throughout the united states. even so, barnbeck says they've made changes to handle calls
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and they will be asking to add more staff. 10:23 debbie: all i want to do this for is so that it never happens again. to any person. ever. but contact 13 learned... larry: i'm on hold! it did. darcy tag: as you just saw, contact 13 discovered more people who say help for them was on hold as well. it's something the 9-1-1 bureau calls unacceptable. what you need to know when you need 911--tomorrow on action news at 6. darcy spears, channel 13 action news. on our website... at k-t-n- v dot com.... you can see a full time-line of what happened with debbie and her neighbors calls... one of which was on hold... for nearly -6- minutes. the latest now on a developing weather story affecting millions of americans tonight. people in georgia spent the day cleaning up after a tornado moved through the hinesville area. this video shows some of the
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overturned cars.. and homes.. partially shredded by the twister. high pressure will slowly take over the weather on the west coast keeping the skies clear and allowing temperatures to warm into next week. tonight lows will bottom out in the upper 30s with a few areas in the valley getting as low as 33, but overall warmer than the last couple days. friday will be a little warmer with highs peaking around 60 with just a few passing high thin clouds overhead. there could be a few moderate gusts out of the north on friday but nothing more than 15-20mph. saturday will be even warmer with clear sunny skies and the winds will start to die down as temperatures warm. highs will be in the low to mid 60s with mid to upper 60s sunday and upper 60s to low 70s coming monday. temperatures stay nice and warm
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as high pressure sits directly overhead and will allow for some simply wonderful weather to make up for the cold we've seen over the past couple days. later in the week some high clouds may push over the city which could cool temperatures by a few degrees, but long range models don't have any kind of significant weather change in the works for the next 7-10 days. still ahead on action news live at 11.. why police say a woman skipped
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job interview.. and it landed her behind bars. plus... a robber dresses up.... as a superhero.... to make off with the goods! we'll show you his get-up.... in order to getaway. this looks like a scene from a movie.
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stores in orange county, florida. tonight.. police around orlando are looking for the caped crusader's evil twin. investigators released surveillance video from both robberies. authorities believe the same person is responsible. a florida woman is behind bars.... after police say.... she ditched a job interview.... to shoplift. police say... they responded to a retail theft... at a sears. when they got there... employees say... this woman... michelle mc-kay had been spotted..... trying to push a shopping cart.... full of goods out of the store. mc-kay abandoned the cart.... when it got stuck in the doorway. after she was arrested... police say... she admitted to skipping a job interview.... earlier in the day.... to steal stuff from another store. coming up, get your credit
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center is in the works on the plus.. people came out today to show their love for each other.. and a piece of downtown artwork that was hit by vandals. find out how you can still help.. next. valley residents came out to
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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last month... vandals ripped off.... one of the metal grates at the didn't have any locks on it until today. this afternoon.... people came out to add their own love lock. if you don't have your own... you can buy one there for -10- dollars... and... the money goes to "the american heart association".... you can head down there.... anytime to add your own lock. the las vegas strip is getting a new shopping center and a rooftop pool. wynn las vegas says it's planning a 2-story shopping center addition.. while s-l-s las vegas intends to open a 3-story convention building that will be topped-off with a pool. wynn has not announced a timetable or other details for the shopping center project. we'll be right back with a final look at your wake-up
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but first.. here's jimmy kimmel.... with a preview of tonight's show... right after action news. ((verbatim)) high pressure will slowly take over the weather on the west
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skies clear and allowing temperatures to warm into next week. the last couple days. friday will be a little warmer with highs peaking around 60 with just a few passing high thin clouds overhead. there could be a few moderate that does it.... for this edition of action news.... live at 11.. but... stay with us for jimmy kimmel live.... coming up next. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las an old fashioned practice is regaining ground across america
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jason sudeikis, lionel richie, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from sir elton john, with cleto and the cletones. and now, you'd better believe it, here's jimmy kimmel!
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