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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  February 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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for the next couple months he's on the road. so go check him out in our backyard at south point. thank you for joining us today. i'm dao vu. >> i'm shawn tempesta. good morning. >> today is go red for women day. macies is a national founding sponsor of the event that helps support health support in women. those who wear red or purchase the pin will receive 25% off on most purchases store wide. macy's is also offering customers three limited edition red dresses throughout february with 10% of the purchase price benefitting red for women. i'm wearing the kinsey dress that they provided. so far the department store has raised more than $55 million to fund research and community outreach. that is very nice of them to do that. >> a nice number, too. >> thank you so much. i love the dress. obviously you forgot your red.
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you have a red tie. you wear socks all the time. >> blaming shawn in the morning with dao vu. >> there you go. i think i've got red for all of us. including my red shoes. >> i red a moot color, which is none. a lack of color. >> coming up on the "morning blend," just in time for valentine's day, the choice, producer micah chats with one of the stores, the movie on the latest book brought to the big screen. >> plus they're keeping the fever alive in the las vegas strip and in our studio. the australian bee gees have a live performances celebrating with us. >> first up today, a mix of classical, jazz, latin and classic pop. pink martini has performed with more than 50 orchestras world wide and tomorrow night they're teaming up with our own las
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>> here with more, michele madole of the las vegas philharmonic. also with us, our students kelsea au and erika dalton. chelsea is the winner of the cox communication young artist concertexesion. erika dalton won in 2014 and is runner up this year. good morning to all of you. thank you so much for coming on. >> good morning. >> this is such a fun event that you're putting on coming up. can you tell us all about this? >> yes. tomorrow night the las vegas philharmonic presents pink martini in concert at the smith center in reynolds hall at 7:30. as part of that concert, we have two of our fabulous young artist concerto winners and competitors ho get to perform with us and with pink martini. >> this is really cool. we'll talk to the ladies in just a second. they're led by thomas lauderdale? >> yes. he went into politics -- a band that originates out of portland. he was originally working in politics, but had a passion for music.
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years ago and they toured all over the world. as you said, played with 50 orchestras. this is our first collaboration with pink martini tomorrow night. we're beyond excited. >> what kind of music? >> it's a really incredible and dynamic mix of international jazz, samba, latin, even pop. they have a very distinctive signature, sultry style. they have an incredible look. lead singer, storm, will be fronting for the band tomorrow night. they have another vocalist that performs in rotation with them. but storm large will appear with them tomorrow night and she has an incredible, distinctive style all her own. >> and the acoustics in the smith center will love her. >> i agree. >> every fall the las vegas philharmonic you conduct a competition for high school students, an opportunity to perform in this atmosphere. what was it like this year? >> it was a really, really tough competition. there are so mentalented, young musicians in this community.
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to watch all of them who had put so much hard work into practicing and preparing their concerto for the competition and to watch them on competition day, how incredibly dedicated they are and passionate and just the shear amount of talent that i got to see was stunning. chelsea, congratulations, you won the competition. >> thank you. >> what did you perform? >> i played violin concerto number 2 in d minor. winning this competition has been such an amazing experience and i'm so glad that i was able to access all my emotions on such a huge stage like the smith center to all of the young students that were watching. >> you were this year's runner up. but you won last year. >> yeah. >> so i'm not feeling bad. what's the experience been like for you over the past two careers? this is such an opportunity. >> yeah. i've been involved with this for two seasons now and it's been such a great experience.
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motivation to work hard and getting to solo with the las vegas philharmonic is something that drives and motivates me to this day. and having that experience makes me want to work hard to have experiences like that full time as a career in the future. >> what did you perform? >> i performed -- this year i performed the same piece that chelsea did, except i did the first movement. >> how long do you practice every single day? >> it usually depend, since i go to public school, i usually don't have a lot of time to practice, especially since it's my junior year, i have a lot of studying to do. but usually like on the weekdays i woul to four hours. and then weekends, four to six, depending on if i have a competition. >> that's dedication. >> incredible. what do you guys see as the long-term goal for you? you want to do this for the rest of your life? >> yeah. >> like what's the dream gig? >> i think performing music for both of us. >> i really like solo.
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philharmonic really helped me find that. i really want to be a soloist so i can solo with the symphony every day for the rest of my life. >> they caught the bug. i love it. >> well, i think they've developed it over many years with hard work. >> great to see. >> again, the pink martini is when? >> tomorrow night, 7:30 in reynolds hall. tickets with still available. but limited. there are some great seats left, but limited. >> if people buy tickets for tomorrow's show, they're entered for tickets to another las vegas >> yes. every ticket purchase goes into a drawing to win two tickets to our following up two matinees far the rest of the season. >> everyone that goes to the matinee show tomorrow gets what? >> gets a free copy of cd's -- pink martini cd, a >> fantastic.
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it's great having you again. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> all right. las vegas philharmonic at the internationally acclaimed 12 piece little york is that pink martini featuring vocalist storm large. tomorrow night 7:30 at reynolds hall at the smith center. for more information, call the number or visit the web site on your screen. still to come, wwe hall of famer mick foley is live with us. what persona will he bring? >> next speaking of music, it's getting ready to dance time.
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celebrating a specia >> welcome back. it's saturday night fever every night with australian bee gees. they are keeping it funky five excalibur. >> here now with a little jive talking is michael clift, with wayne hosking, who plays maurice and david scott as robin, as well as the rest of the group. hello. >> hello. behind us. i'll get out of the way. >> we've got tiny richards on the bass guitar. >> welcome. >> hello.
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now. five years. >> i know. >> it is. i can't believe it. >> we had you on the show your first week. >> i think it was the first week we were in vegas. your show was just sort of starting out, too. >> we've grown up in vegas together. >> we started at preschool. together? >> we were together as group before doing our own music and so corporate -- we did a lot of shows with tribute bands and gees. so we researched it and thought, do. >> for those who have not seen the show what, can they expect? >> we do it in two eras, the '70s and more of sort of modern. retrospective. those elements. we do the show in character
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we're actually in character for the whole thing. >> that's real hair? >> that's real hair. >> what nights do you perform? >> six nights a week. >> what songs do you cover? >> anything -- >> all the big hits? >> they released so many. >> they have a few hits. >> do you have an audience that -- are they screaming out requests to you and stuff like that? >> they do that. obviously we can't include every hit that's they've had. >> it would be a seven hour show. >> exactly. we include all the expected hits. >> we try. >> over the last five years, do you have moments that stood out for you? >> in vegas? >> yeah. >> just right through the way the show has grown. the way that our showroom has grown and improved. >> is it crazy when you look at the audience and they can sing back the songs to you because it was part of their childhood growing up? >> exactly.
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>> we get a lot of younger people also. >> and they know the music. words. we're going what? >> you're seven. how do you know this? >> exactly. us. expect at the show. we'll get out of your way. we make terrible dancers. jive talking telling me lies jive talking you wear a disguise jive talking so misunderstood jive talking you're really no good oh, my child you'll never know
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oh, my child, you got so much you gonna take away my energy with all your jive talking telling me lies good loving still gets in my eyes nobody believes what you say it's just your jive talking that gets in the way oh, my love you're so good treating me so cruel there you go with your fancy lies leaving me looking like a dumb struck fool
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telling me lies a disguise jive talking . so misunderstood, yeah jive talking you just ain't no good you know that yeah jive talking just isn't a crime and if there is somebody you'll love 'til you die then all that jive talking just gets in your eye with all telling me lies jive talking. jiveal, just gets in your eye
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jive talking jive talking >> that was awesome! australian bee gees, everybody. their fifth anniversary of the australian bee gees, every saturday through thursday at the excalibur. for tickets check out the web site or call the number on your screen. you can also find them on facebook or twitter. you make that look effortless for 9:00 o'clock in the morning. >> no kidding. right now we're giving ausra one of their cd's. be caller 13 and you win.
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up next, producer micah has more on the tear jerker "the choice." >> are you on facebook or twitter? like or follow us.
9:16 am on our praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. nt, prctive leader. building a future to believe in.
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>> ultimate test to say the least on love will prevail. the best selling novel from nicholas sparks. tissues. dr. ryan joins us more. tom, how are thanks for having my. >> thank you for joining us. it's from nick class sparks, so emotional. d it. >> yeah. i read the scripolase, s we all know what this is. as i read through it, i realized this is different. it has all the elements you would expect from a nicholas sparks film, but it takes place over the course of ten years. you get to see these characters early on make choices in their lives and you get to see how the choices played out. i think there is an authenticity to the emotionality of what these characters go through. there is a lot of fun knowing that ross is going to be the
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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and to be able to work, i was looking forward to it. >> we're seeing some clips of it right now 'cause we're going to introduce to your character as the boyfriend at the time. so tell us more about your character in the film. >> my character, dr. ryan, we kind of joked, didn't have a last name. but he's on the perfect path. he's going to take over his father's medical practice of the he's got the perfect girl. going to propose. things might change his course. you get to see him react to the fact that his girlfriend may have been with another guy. it was interesting. it's fun to play a character who doesn't get the girl and then to see how he reacts and how he makes choices for his life going forward. >> kind of how love works. after you're already in a relationship and kind of wondering what if.
9:19 am
looking in a little bit on this one. >> yeah. it's funny. we wanted to make it very hard for trace, for her character to make this choice between the two because her character is so great that she would never be with a bad guy to begin with. and for my character, it reay comes down do you really want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you? how do you react? how do you respect their choice for ha they want in their life? those are all sort of themes i wanted to explore through this character. >> tell us about your co-stars. who else is in the film with you? >> theresa palmer, she's fantastic. electric. she jumps right off the screen. ben is fantastic. very talented. very different as far as -- we play very different characters, who both probably don't understand why trace would be with either of them. and then ross, our director, was a very big influence. he really helped create an environment where we could really support each other.
9:20 am
day right around the corner. depending on who you're bringing to the movie with you, could be leaving with somebody else. >> i hadn't thought about that. you have to be careful. >> my congratulations on it. what other projects are you working on? >> we're working a number of projects. we're waiting to hear from cbs about a project that i was waiting for the green light to go shoot and hopefully on tv soon. >> i appreciate you taking time out and talking to us this morning. >> thank you, sir. >> every path you take, another choice to let your heart decide. for a preview, head to the web site on your screen. tom was talking about how character kind of only has one name. tom welling as ryan. bring the tissues. >> i certainly will. time for this week's what's for dinner brought to you by m and m soul food cafe. head to m and m soul food restaurant.
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award winning chicken and waffles platter. delicious. their traditional mississippi dish campaigns their crispy fried chicken with waffles and a must try combination. >> you can not forget about the dessert. have one of their famous lip smacking selections like sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, botha in a pudding or a wide selection of cakes. wash your dinner down with some of the popular sweet tea or lemonade. 11-time best of las vegas award winner. they have two locations. one on valley view and charleston and their new one on las vegas boulevard across from the stratosphere. they're also open for breakfast, so you can start your day with tasty mississippi home cooking. >> if you're up buying groceries for the big game, pick up an extra few for families that are if need around the valley. tomorrow participating smith food and drug locations in las vegas will host their annual food drive for ronald mcdonald house. >> volunteers will be on hand to assist shoppers with making
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last year the food drive brought in more than 18,000 pounds of food and more than $13,000 in cash donations, which was enough to provide families with food for the entire year. again, that is tomorrow at
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drugstores throughout lastt2wlr=[hk po j# /ml tt2wlr=[hk p!!*n _m$ tt2wlr=[hk p4!j# )[p tt2wlr=[hk px#*&`:.u$ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j'`::u@ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j)`:15$ tt2wlr=[hk pp#j*`:&.8 tt2wlr=[hk pp#j,`:gtx tt2wlr=[hk pl#*.`:n]t tt2wlr=[hk pl#*0`:uk< welcome back. teachers are in high demand in southern nevada. if you have a desire to pursue a career in teaching, wgu nevada is offering you a way to fill that dream. >> joining us now with more is chancellor spencer stewart. good morning. >> thank you. >> can you tell us about wgu before we talk about the scholarship. >> absolutely. so wgu nevada is a fully online university. it started about six months ago where the state of nevada creating an affiliation with wgu. this is a university that targets working adults. it really is designed for them. so we started six months ago with just under 900 students and today we almost have double that. so we have seen significant growth over the last six months. >> there is certainly a need for it here in nevada. that's why wgu exists. >> absolutely. i think it really is designed to
9:24 am
within the state as nevada tries to diversify, the realization is you need a skilled work force in order to do that, which is where wgu nevada comes into play. >> you are also here to talk about the scholarships that are available. >> that's right. last legislative session, the legislature passed an initiative designed to get more teachers into the profession and the state board of nevada, education board, just awarded wgu nevada $240,000 in scholarship funding. so we have 20 scholarships designed for individuals who have a bachelor or masters degree, not in the education field. these are individuals who want to change their career and get into the classroom. so this is an alternative route to license sure. this is an accelerated pathway classroom as soon as possible, given the teacher shortage that we have here. >> absolutely. a lot of movement as far as the teacher are concerned.
9:25 am
i'm not great at math. so could you help m legislative -- >> it covers your full ride at wgu? fantastic six instboard of education awarded these dollars to. so wgu nevada is working with five other institutions throughout scholarship? >> very easy process. that stand to licenseure. in order to be eligible, oneedto be officially admitted to wgu nevada. >> what's an alternate route. >> an alternate route to license
9:26 am
entire four years just for teaching. you have that degree and this kind of attaches to that degree? >> that's right. there are several ways to get into the classroom. there is the traditional route, degree program. and then there is alternative route where let's education degree. degree. classroom. i w track program where one can get licensed and typically that takes anywhere from one to three years. >> and this person already has a b.a. degree? >> that's right. >> they already have their four-year degree. so then they can just fast track and get that teaching certificate. >> that's right. >> and the costs of going to school can get expensive. so this scholarship would be fantastic for so many people. >> it is. wgu nevada already has a low price point. so for a full academic year at wgu nevada, it's $6,000. that's a flat fee. that actually covers your textbooks as well.
9:27 am
>> it does. >> usually it's not including the textbooks. so that's like another two grand. >> wow. >> what's interesting about wgu nevada is because we're a competency-based provider, one is able to accelerate through their course work if they can demonstrate mastery. so the average time for a four-year degree with us is about 2 1/2 years because people as students can accelerate through at their own pace. so at the end of the day, for a four-year degree, this is without the scholarship, but for a four-year degree, you're looking at $18,000, which is incredible. >> absolutely. less than one semester at some of the other schools that are out there. >> that's right. >> what are the other programs and courses that wgu offers? really a myriad? >> that's right. we have four academic colleges. business college, teachers college, our college of i.t., and our college of health professions. so across these four academic colleges, we have 50 bachelors and masters degrees.
9:28 am
you hit, these are all areas of high need areas in nevada. >> that's right. that's why nevada invited with, gu into the state because these are areas we certainly want to grow. >> and you can do this but at your leisure online, too, if you already have a job, but you want to get your certificate? >> that's right the primary market for wgu nevada is the adult learner because this is a self-paced curriculum. they can learn anywhere, any time. comfort their home or after hours working. it really is up to them to advance themselves. >> you can keep your job and go to school at the same time. >> that's right. >> it's really a phenomenal opportunity for some aspiring teachers out there. great having this. >> thank you. happy to be here. >> thank you so much. depend, if you're an aspiring teacher, this is for you. wgu nevada is offering up to 20 full-ride scholarships to help you achieve your goals while pursuing a career in elementary or secondary education. if you would like to learn more, head to t t web site right there on your screen. still to come, he was a wild man inside the ring and he's equally wild in front of a
9:29 am
wwe hall of famer mick foley joins us. >> that and more on the blend. staysome super big fun comedian sinbad and superbowl winner mike flannagan are live in studio plus former mayor oscar goodman with his big game pick
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people of flints, michigan are in a crisis with contaminated drinking water of the a new campaign is underway right now to help those affected.
9:31 am
>> here with more is ceo of zerowater, joe ceeb and doug kellam. good morning to both of you. good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> this has been in the news. everyone is so upset about this water contamination. can you tell us a little bit more about it? >> our first reaction, we first started hearing about this back in october of last year. what came out was about the heightened levels of some elementary schools and also some increase -- significant increase in lead poisoning among young, young children. we got involved with the united way and i've got four young kids myself in elementary school, so i took it personally. we've got a product, hopefully we'll have a chance to talk about the product. we've got a product that happens to be the easiest to way to remove lead from drinking water. so we started distributing them to the schools through united way and they've done a fantastic job. >> phenomenal. obviously lead in children is terrible. life long repercussions. >> exactly.
9:32 am
issue of water quality. it's not just in flint. this is something that all communities should be aware of because our infrastructure, what flint has, we may very well have as well. >> that's exactly right. there is probably millions of homes throughout the u.s. that are just like those in flint with lead products that are distributing their water. if the chemistry changes in the system water quality or you disturb the pipes, you can slough off or dissolve off that lead into the drinking water. it could happen anywhere. it's a lurking problem that could happen in millions of homes that have lead, especially older homes. i say older, but could be 30 years old. or not even that old. >> let's talk about ways that we can protect ourselves. >> sure. well, actually joe generally i would say testing. wouldn't you? there is one option is to make sure that you know, that you're aware of what's in your water.
9:33 am
, because -- they can't monitor every home all the time. >> because every faucet may have a different reading because it's within their home. >> we've done tests where we monitor like 12 different times during the day and it fluctuates widely during those times. epa can't catch all of that. >> you worked with the epa in the midwest. >> i ran the u.s. epa safe drinking water program in the midwest region which covers michigan for 20 years in my past life. >> this is a product here that helps us in our homes? >> this is actually the simplest and cheapest way to really remove lead from your water. and it's a short-term solution for a place like flint. it's a fantast thing to use. that's why we felt such an obligation to get our products down there. so you can see the products are similar to the typical picture, simple, easy to use, pour
9:34 am
are out there. ours is the only one that's certified to remove lead. so it removes lead to the safe levels that's declared by the epa and the reason for that is it's the filter. it's a very, very different filter technology. it's a superior patented, five-stage system versus typical two-stage systems which removes essentially all of the stuff dissolved in your water, versus others remove roughly half of the dissolved stuff. so mostly what people get out of that is fantastic tasting water. but in the case of somewhere like flint, it's a very, very simple way to remove lead. >> you just pop it into one of these devices? >> yeah. >> you can see this one has one already installed. you can see the filter in there. you can see the filter is much, much larger than your typical filter. so it doesn't necessarily fix more water. it does a much more complete job at filtering. >> absolutely.
9:35 am
>> exactly. >> you actually provide a test with the zerowater. what i did at home was we had one of the other brands and we put it in. it was getting a number like around 110. >> yep. >> then we ran it through zerowater and got all zeros on this. and you can't fake that. >> no, you can't. we don't make this. this is made by an independent company. it's a typical lab instrument. it's not to be used to measure lead because it can't discern lead versus other things. but it will tell you how many things are in your water and it will predict how good your water is going to taste. we get it down to 000 all the time. >> you got 000 of all things, then you got 000 of lead, too. >> yeah. >> again, this is available right now in stores so people can get it. >> yes. available in most major retailers. >> how many did you give away. >> we just introduced -- i'd
9:36 am
filters for flint program. it's joint program with the united way of genesee county, located. we realized that this issue is going to last quite some time. they're going to need a lot of filters and we can't continue to provide. we asked our donors to provide and we'll watch. we've expanded this to anybody that wants to match. this morning i found out one of the major retailers around the country -- i can't mention names yet -- will join us in this program. so it will be bigger and bigger. so so far i believe we're up to about 10,000 or so filters. so it's a good chunk of filters. >> no question. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for coming in with this piece of technology >> thanks for having this. get the clean water to residents of flint, michigan, with zerowater filters for flint campaign. they'll match every donation to the families of flint. >> to learn more about this and
9:37 am
site or call the number on your screen. you can also find zerowater on facebook and twitter. up next, how former wwe champ mick foley is on set live with us. >> and on, you can find so many great stories on what makes the valley a special place to live. click on the positively lv tab under sections for special reports, deals at restaurants and much more. check out the web site for your
9:38 am
we'll welcome back to the "morning blend." when our next guest does something, he does it big. whether it's being thrown off a steel cage or making jokes as a comedian, mick foley knows how to put on a show. you can see him live this weekend at south point. >> he's teaming up and is here with a preview. how are you? >> i'm doing great. >> you don't have to share >> no. there is nothing in there about different colored m and ms. but my rider says absolutely will not share a room with bob. >> absolutely. >> i don't blame you. >> up with of the funniest men. >> a legend. >> legendary figure. we work really well together. i just came up with this, like bob is the shock and awe part of
9:39 am
and then i come in as the peace keeper. >> like a little mint after a really, really big dinner. >> you look out there, people actually are holding their stomachs laughing. bob is so funny. i'm the guy people go, that's clever. >> so in wrestling, you take face turn, heel turn, bad guy or good guy. you've taken so many turns after wrestling. it's ridiculous. a spokesperson for rain. you are a santa ambassador. >> and he's wearing a shirt. >> i'm wearing a shirt here. last year went 365 days wearing something santa themed. >> that's pretty remarkable. >> do people give you gifts 'cause they know -- >> when santa can't do everything, so i will take his
9:40 am
>> you're an honorary elfish. >> i actually bring the document declaring me an ambassador so the kids don't get confused. >> then you take the turn in comedy. how long you been doing this now? >> for about six years. after my first book was published in 1999, i'm not sure if you knew this or not, but it was a towering "new york times" number one best seller. >> of course. >> actually two of those. >> now you're bragging. >> humble brag. >> i found the same type of stories that would make people laugh out loud. one of the greatest things you get is a spit take. that's a badge of honor. i would hear about these business people like get in certain first class, opening their briefcase, out comes one of my books. next thing you know, they're spitting their coffee in the guy in front of them. and i thought, why can't i do that in a live setting? it's work. you find out that it's work. >> oh, yeah. >> if you're lucky, you find a guy like bob levy who will
9:41 am
freelandser. if it was not for him, i would not be on any show. he caught up with me after the worst show i ever had. he said dude, it's not as bad as you think. ordinarily, dude, if someone goes 4 1/2 minutes without a single laugh, they're done. >> okay. so those who don't know, 1998, you were tossed off -- >> okay. >> means something different in different parts of the world. >> thrown off the stage, and then you're like what the heck. let's do it again. >> i wasn't like ah, what the heck. >> you get slammed into the ring like 15, 20 feet below. >> just giving away most of my show, by the way. >> that or having a five-minute set. >> i got to tell you, i realized
9:42 am
volunteer for rain, it's easier to compartmentalize or understand the physical pain. you understand why this hurts. when you are in pain mentally -- and i'm not trying to tie in like, well, i hate this criminal act to the way you feel when you're on stage, but it's really hard to understand why something hurts that bad, which is why no matter how bad someone is doing on stage or in life, i'm the guy who is going to reach down and give them a hand. i don't care how bad a comic is. i'm not saying that young mason who is here in vegas for the first time, brother of my great rival, randy ortono oh, my goodness. >> and son of cowboy bob orton junior who i tag teamed with in 1990. kid, no matter how bad you do, i'm going to be clapping for you. okay? the kind of guy i am. >> it's great having you.
9:43 am
donate for the rain network. we have ten seconds. >> go to rain.-- from the end of february to the first two weeks of march. we do this amazing fund-raiser with a wrestle mania degree of vacation. we raise money for victims of sexual abuse. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> catch wwe hall of famer turned comedian mick foley along with bob levy. both will be at south point showroom. shows tomorrow 7:30.
9:44 am
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it's big game weekend in vegas. there are tons of events going on leading up to sunday. >> valley view live co-host megan telles has your list of 13 things to do. >> 13 things to do this week is sponsored by the south point. hey there, las vegas. this week's list of 13 things to do in las vegas has plenty of art. roadie dominic and his band will bring the rock show to the smith center on friday. the show will feature the music of pink floyd, the who, queen, and led zeppelin. the show, nearly sold out, will
9:47 am
orchestra and the girls of bela electric sing. if you are a fan of british rock bands, you will want to be at the smith center this weekend. if you're looking for laughs, we suggest you check out sinbad at the orlean. he got his big break on star search in the 1980s. and you'll never guess who he beat? dennis miller. he didn't win the whole thing, but he hasn't stopped. he performs friday and saturday at the orlean. the downtown arts and cultural festival is finally back after taking three months off. first friday will be slightly smaller this month and some things have moved around just a little bit. but there will still be plenty of great artists to check out. live entertainment, food trucks, our favorite. and fun for the kids. the theme for this month's first friday is back to our future. like that. these are only three of the events on our list of 13 things to do this week in las vegas. if you would like to see the whole list, head to and
9:48 am
i'm megan telles. i'll catch you guys next week. >> thank you so much. 13 things to do this week brought to you by our friends at south point. comedy legend and long-time las vegas headliner makes her return to red rock. april 22 and 23 n tickets start at $25 and go on sale in a couple minutes. you have to be 21 or older. to get tickets, head to the web site on your screen. >> she's so funny. i've seen her. check her out. today on the view, republican presidential candidate ben carson joins the ladies with his thoughts on the iowa caucus. plus chef michael simon has the perfect recipes for the big game. that's today at 10 right after us. >> then today at 2 on valley view live, pick up a super big weekend with some super big fun. comedian sinbad and we're allowed to say it, super bowl winner mike flanigan.
9:49 am
plus former mayor with his big game pick. >> i've seen his ring. it's -- >> ridiculous. >> huge. he's been on the show. it's amazing. i cannot wait for our tailgating party that starts in a few minutes.
9:50 am
mond >> announcer: "the view" is live right now. it's a show packed with all the "hot topics" you can handle. dems fighting words. how bernie and hillary took the gloves off last night, and find why megyn kelly agrees with clinton. then, dr. ben carson's live in "hot topics." does he think ted cruz stole his votes in iowa? and is he preparing to drop out of the race? plus "the chew's" michael symon's serving up snacks for the big game. it all starts now on "the view" with whoopi, michelle collins, joy behar, candace cameron-bure,
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