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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 8AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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lows in the upper 30s will handcuff us and keep las vegas sunday will be even warmer with highs in the mid 60s, helped by will gust to about 20mph in the valley through the day sunday before diminishing for monday. highs up in the mid 70s still cold front off the california coast tossing some high clouds out way. temperatures will still hover right around 70. our top story.. police continue their investigation this morning after a teenager is killed when a fight with a relative turns violent. this happened yesterday near cimarron and mountain's edge parkway. this is video of the scene from chopper 13. metro says a 19 year old was fighting with either his father
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stabbed the man 4 times. then the man shot and killed the boy. that man is at umc trauma in stable condition recovering from his stab wounds. metro is considering criminal charges. but right now, police are just grasping for any kind of answers. 23:55:37 mcgrath "to get to that level where result in violence and stabbing and shooting somebody obviously is a great concern for us as an agency and obviously the family is extremely upset right now." run 13 metro says while this was going on-- there were six or seven other family members in the house-- who will be interviewed about all this. one neighbor says he's seen police called to that house more than once. another neighbor gave an interesting perspective - saying in a weird way-- he's glad it was domestic and not a home invasion or something that risk. one person is dead following a crash at the intersection of polaris and naples.
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after -4- yesterday afternoon -- when a man had some sort of medical episode while behind the wheel. that might have caused him to run off the roadway. he was taken to "spring valley hospital" where he later died. tragedy strikes again for a family-- the entire las vegas community has come to know-- over the past four years. you may remember alyssa mowery. she's the little girl who was hit while crossing the street in north las vegas... she survived, but was left with major developmental issues, having to learn to walk and talk again. thursday night, alyssa's father... pat suddenly died in his sleep-- leaving behind alyssa and seven other children. her mom-- ( ) christin-- says coming to terms with his death has been a struggle for alyssa. 22:57:20 she has moments of clarity where she realizes he's gone and not coming back but she has short-term momory loss accepting it over and over and over and over again. christin says-- the father-- pat had no life insurance or money--- leaving the family with nothing to lay him to
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the family has set up a "gofundme page" to help cover the funeral costs.... for pat mowery. if you'd like to donate, we've provided a link for you. just head to our website: k-t-n-v dot com. it's been almost a year since tammy meyers was shot and killed in front of her home! 20-20 aired a special on this case last night. the story has captivated the country. 13 action news reporter mahsa saeidi has more with what you didn't see in that special. (sot brandon meyers) "over the years. i've got through a little ups and downs." (track) same as every other young man -- the difference for brandon - he says! the woman ... always in his corner! they (sot: brandon meyers) "she was always the one that i would come to, that i would ask -- suggestions, questions, when i things were going on.
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c-- to comfort me." (track) last feburary - he says he was defending her! as erich nowsch opened fire! re- loaded! and kept going! nowsch's murder trial set for next month -- the meyers children want you to know this about their mom! krystal meyers) "i miss her." (track) but what about that evolving story from the family? just this week, 13 action news asked the district attorney: (sot: mahsa question) "(is that about? does that matter?) listen, mr. meyers and the children lost a mother and a wife and they're human beings." (track) it was an emotional time! the killer on the loose! the media in a frenzy! but the da says once he methodically analyzed the facts! it was no mystery at all! (sot) "i believe mr. meyers and they meyers family has been truthful a memorial has been set up to remember a man killed thursday
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stop near lake mead and jones. police say the person driving the car hit the median then crossed into on-coming traffic before hitting the bus stop. the victim was in a wheelchair waiting for a bus. he died a short time after reaching the hospital. we're hearing from an eyewitness to a frightening murder near rainbow and westcliff drive. the witness told 13 action news it was like a scene out of the movie. he says he watched a nissan pull into a parking lot then saw a man roll out of the car. but before the victim could stand up.. another man got out of the car and fired six shots. "it doesn't feel good. i didn't sleep all night last night. i woke up at one a clock in the morning. couldn't get it out of my head. never saw anybody shot to death accept on tv. michael jackson witness 11 secs this is metro's 13th homicide investigation of the year. police are still looking for a suspect. we're following new
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end nevada's teacher shortage. governor sandoval announced a new measure to let school districts hire teachers who don't have a nevada teaching license.. as long as they're actively working to get one. that means-- districts can now issue provisional teaching licenses for aspiring teachers who are working to meet the requirments for a full license. they can then teach while that's happening.. as long as they get a full license in less than a year to keep their job. ccsd officials are thrilled. it is a game changer or us. last year we turned away nearly 400 teachers that we could've licensed had this provision been in place. michael gentry clark county school district 8 secs the county has nearly 700 teaching positions to fill for the next school year. good morning everyone! coming up... president bill clinton making some stops in southern nevada today. we'll tell you where he's going to be.
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warmer today than we saw yesterday, although overnight lows in the upper 30s will handcuff us and keep las vegas from getting into the mid 60s. that said, 61 for a high in early february is still pretty great. sunday will be even warmer with highs in the mi by some compressive warming from some slightly stonger north winds. winds won't be too strong, but will gust to about 20mph in the
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day sunday before diminishing for monday. temperatures monday will push 70 with even warmer highs coming tuesday and wednesday. mid week las vegas will see highs up in the mid 70s still with clear sunny skies. the end of the forecast period brings the first real chance for any clouds with a dying cold front off the california coast tossing some
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temperatures will still hover right around 70. ((ad-lib at open set with live pic in mon)) ahead today... president bill clinton is making a stop in southern
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he's campaiging for his wife, hillary clinton, and encouraging nevadans to get out and caucus. president clinton will be in pahrump this morning for an organizing event at 9 45. he'll then make his way to the valley for an organizing event at 7 15 pm. the nevada caucuses are being held on february 20th. the new hampshire primary is just three days away and tonight the republican presidential candidates will debate right here on 13 action news. for the democrats, a new national poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a virtual tie. abc's kenneth moton is in new hampshire to show us.. it's a busy weekend for all the contenders in the 2016 race. it's the final push for support in new hampshire. sot donald trump i don't want anything, just want your vote. but donald trump was in south carolina?kept out of the come in second. i think i came in first, ok? i'll be honest.
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bless the great state of new hampshire. (cheers) the winter storm didn't keep the other candidates off the new hampshire trail. nat of volunteers "it's a nice day for campaigning!" their supporters were on the ground walking door to door. nat barbara bush: "we need your vote." even 90 year old former first lady barbara bush braved the treacherous conditions for her son before tonight's gop debate hosted by abc news. nat bernie, bernie, bernie overnight, bernie sanders got a rock star reception at this democratic fundraiser in manchester. hillary clinton was also there undeterred by recent polls which show the neighboring vermont senator with a whooping lead for tuesday's first in the nation primary. sot hillary clinton new hampshire has never quit on me, and i'm not going to quit on you. (kenneth standup close) clinton who is working to woo sanders' young supporters has 3 events here today. while the top gop contenders are prepping for tonight's abc news debate right here at st. anselm college. kenneth moton, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. when good morning las vegas returns... we're all gearing up for the
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football isn't your thing, maybe the puppy bowl is! the hydrant club joins us next to talk about our furry friends. you're watching channel 13 action news. we'll be right back on this morning. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
8:13 am're probably into the cutest competition on tv--- the puppy bowl.. but why-- watch it when you can see it all right here in las vegas... join us now is cathy brooks with the hydrant club-- what's going on tomorrow at the tail-gate? what is the purpose of the hydrant club? what is the biggest problem we face with pet owners here in las vegas? this month is national pet dental heath month-- lets talk about why this is so important? when it comes to tomorrow's game-- what can your furry friends eat...what should they stay away from?
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the superbowl sunday tail-gate runs tomorrow from 11 a-m to 2 p-m at container park at 707
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the i-r-s has released its annual list of major tax scams not surprisingly i-d theft tops the list. followed by, phone scams-- where callers pose as members of the i-r- s... demanding money. and, rounding out the top -3-: fake e-mails that attempt to get your sensitive information. americans will fill up on millions of chicken wings this super bowl sunday. it's the biggest day of the
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restaurants. "buffalo wild wings" says it plans to sell -12- million chicken wings. and "wing stopsmartphone is worthless-- think again. according to reports-0 apple will soon pay for broken i-phones. it's an upgrade to apple's current i- phone trade-in program, which already gives customers who trade their old model phone-- credit towards the purchase of a new model. apple hopes the program will encourage people to upgrade their phones instead of just paying to replace a broken screen. good morning everyone! still to come in our 8 30 half hour... lavoy finicum, the man killed during a standoff with federal authorities in oregon, was laid to rest... brittany beck/ daughter "he was fun, he was a trickster, he loved god, he loved his family and he loved liberty. that's finicum's daughter reflecting on his life. we'll hear what she has to say
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join the standoff in oregon. you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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at times, even getting violent. and it all stems from a makeshift structure
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thought they were gonna answer. metro's 9-1-1 system in the spotlight. this morning, we dig deeper into what's causing the issues and the toll it's taking on those in need of help. good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... let's get started with a 13 weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) high pressure is getting comfortable over the desert southwest. temperatures will push slightly warmer today than we saw yesterday, although overnight lows in the upper 30s will handcuff us and keep las vegas from getting into the mid 60s. that said, 61 for a high in early february is still pretty great. winds. winds won't be too strong, but will gust to about 20mph in the valley through the day sunday before diminishing for monday. temperatures monday will push with clear sunny skies. the end of the forecast period brings the first real chance temperatures will still hover right around 70. right now.. detectives say they think they
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killed a man thursday morning near buffalo and flamingo. police tell us they're looking for fuyan liao. this is a look at the license plate on the vehicle he could be driving.... it's a white -2009- infiniti --s- u-v nevada license plate 7-1-2-a-t-z. if you have any information, contact metro right away. metro needs your help this morning, finding several suspects behind multiple home invasions in the past month. the suspects forced their way into homes and even pistol whipped one of the victims. the suspects then ransacked the homes before taking off in the victims' vehicles. the home invasions took place
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road.... and another one in the area... of vegas valley drive and cabana drive. north las vegas police need your help.... locating a man missing since thursday morning. they believe he may be in danger! -81- year-old richard boisy junior-- left his home near revere and tropical and never returned. his family says he may have early on-set dementia. if you've seen him, you're asked to call north las vegas police right away. a neighborhood dispute has escalated. first, a 40-year old man punched a teenager because of it. now, the problem is a makeshift structure with a tarp. sean pierrot says he was forced to put up this curtain because his neighbor's surveillance cameras were pointing inside his home. according to the city website, structures built as a wall or fence must meet certain height requirements and be made with specific materials. but pierrot says he was given the okay because it's only a temporary structure. he also says the dispute can
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12:01:00:17 sean pierrot, put up tarp this is very simple and i would like to say this, remove the cameras, and i'll surveying my wife and children, i have no problem with removing the tarp 12:01:14:12 13 action news has put a call into code enforcement to confirm the tarp is allowed to be up. 1:27 debbie: i ran in there and he was on the floor of the shower. and i kept trying to pull at his arm--steve! steve! get up! for the last few days contact 13 has exposed problems with metro's 9-1-1 system. callers in a state of emergency, kept on hold. the woman you just heard lost her husband in december as help was on hold for her.. and others.. trying to reach 9-1-1. chief investigator darcy spears' reports have generated outrage.. and calls for action from local
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50:28 steve sisolak: i watched the story twice. i was shocked, devastated, disappointed. the day debbie's husband died, she and her neighbors kept calling 9-1-1 for help. and their calls kept getting in a panic. what are you thinking when you hear that? debbie: to be honest i thought they were gonna answer. (butt to 6:32) when they didn't and i had to go get another phone, i thought what am i gonna do?! why aren't they answering?! 54:17 steve: when you're in that situation that you desperately need support from the 9-1-1 system that needs to be handled immediately, and that doesn't mean getting put on hold, waiting for 60 seconds or two minutes or three minutes for that to happen. just, it's not acceptable. it has to be improved. in the 15-minute window of time surrounding debbie's emergency, metro's 9-1-1 radio systems director says there were only 6 but, county commission chairman steve sisolak says that's no excuse. 50:40 steve: there's no justification for it.
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understanding--some internal mistakes that were made along the way. sisolak, who also sits on metro's fiscal affairs committee, says it's not a funding issue. there's plenty of money and people to properly staff 9-1- 1. 52:20 steve: i don't know if it was that day, they gave--too many people were off--i don't know what could have possibly happened. he also says high call volume should trigger a rollover to partner agencies. 51:36 steve: for some reason that didn't happen. i mean, the supervisor should stop supervising and pick up the phone and answer some of those calls when that happens! i think they're well aware of the situation that happened, mistakes that were made and i'm confident that the sheriff has told me this is his number one priority and we're gonna get this fixed so that never commissioner sisolak says the sheriff promised a full investigation as to why there weren't enough people to answer calls the day debbie lost her husband, and why the hold times didn't trigger a rollover to the other agencies. we'll have an update when they
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darcy spears, 13 action news. breaking overnight... one person is dead, 7 others are in the hospital after gun fire rings out a night club in tampa, florida. right now, police aren't sure of a motive behind the shooting. somebody at the club was broadcasting live on social media and captured the moments the shots were fired. there's no word yet on whether the shooter is in custody. lavoy finicum, the militia member who was gunned down by police during the oregon refuge conflict-- was laid to rest. people from around the country traveled to kanab ( utah for finicum's funeral yesterday afternoon. his daughters say-- he wanted to help his friends in oregon, who eventually took over a wildlife refuge, demanding the federal government turn public lands over to local control. they were also protesting two ranchers' convictions involving arson on federal land. brittany beck/ daughter i'm proud of my dad for standing for what he believed in.
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i'm just really proud of him there was high security throughout the services with local and state law enforcement on nearly every corner surrounding the church. good morning las vegas... coming up... a modern day bonnie and clyde story. a manhunt ends in dramatic fashion. we have the details, straight ahead. plus a liquor store goes up in flames. next, we'll see surveillance video of the two men who torched the building, as it
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brittany harper.. described by police as a modern day "bonnie and clyde." they were on the run following a crime spree stretching all from missouri to florida. police say they were seen monday in this surveillance video robbing a gas station in georgia and kidnapping the attendant, then leading authorities on two high speed chases across the florida panhandle. in the end.. fitzgerald turned on his girlfriend.. using her as a human shield before being killed by police. harper was hospitalized with gunshot wounds, but now she's in police custody. the so-called "affluenza teen," ethan couch, has been moved from a youth facility to an adult jail. you're looking at couch's latest mugshot.
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the 18-year-old sparked an international manhunt when he fled the country with his mother after a video surfaced online showing what appears to be couch playing beer pong. that would violate his probation sentence for killing four people while driving drunk. the tarrant county sheriff's office says couch is still under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. a judge will consider moving his case to adult court in the coming weeks. turning to some dramatic video. flames shooting out of a liquor store in detroit. two arsonits are responsible. surveillance video shows one of the men carrying some type of accelerant while the other appears to be the lookout. within seconds.. the first man starts the fire.. which quickly spreads. firefighters from two departments were called out to put out the flames. called out to put out the flames. police are still looking for suspects. new information this morning on a deadly quake that struck tawain. the death toll now sits at 13 and there are more than 100 people missing at this hour. you're actually seeing some surveillance footage capturing
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magnitude quake hit. the shaking--damaged several buildings and brought down a 17-story residence. more than 200 people were trapped and had to be rescued from damaged buildings. 62 people are still in the hospital with injuries. high pressure is getting comfortable over the desert southwest. temperatures will push slightly warmer today than we saw yesterday, although overnight lows in the upper 30s will handcuff us and keep las vegas from getting into the mid 60s. that said, 61 for a high in early february is still pretty great. sunday will be even warmer with highs in the mid 60s, helped by some compressive warming from some slightly stonger
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winds won't be too strong, but will gust to about 20mph in the valley through the day sunday before diminishing for monday. temperatures monday will push 70 with even warmer highs coming tuesday and wednesday. mid week las vegas will see highs up in the mid 70s still with clear sunny skies.
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of the forecast period brings the first real chance for any clouds with a dying cold front off the california coast tossing some high clouds out way. temperatures will still hover right around 70. ((ad-lib at desk)) we're getting a better idea
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in the middle of the las vegas strip will look like. once complete, it will sit between "new york new york" and "the monte carlo." it will serve as a gateway to the "t- mobile" arena. you're looking at artist renderings of the park. it will have more than -2- hundred trees and -3- thousand plants. the park is set to open in april. turning now to the big game. more than a hundred million people are expected to watch super bowl 50 tomorrow. the age difference between the two quarterbacks,cam newton and peyton manning is 13 years and 48 days -- the biggest difference in super bowl history.
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francisco with more on the game -- and the half time show. no script provided the biggest football weekend in the country, means a big marathon here in las vegas. we're talking about the "big
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festivities kicked off yesterday in downtown las vegas, but they do continue today. if you still want to register for the race, you can do so from 10 a-m through 6p-m at the health and fitness expo. there's also a pre race happening from 3 to 5 p-m at the "nacho daddy" restaurant. the big race is happening tomorrow. the animal foundation has a fun program you can take advantage of. they call it "bet on the underdog" and it'sall weekend long. today and tomorrow, adoption fees for pit bulls and chihuahuas 6 months and older
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there are two locations you can visit. the one near wwshington and mojave in las vegas or the water street and lake mead parkway location in henderson. still ahead... a sea lion strolls into a restaurant. it may sound like the start of a joke, but it really happened! we'll tell you the story behind this, next. you're watching channel 13 action news. there's plenty more news and
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now to an adorable video.. a seal lion..walks into a restaurant in the san diego suburb of la jolla. the staff at the "marine room"
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in on thursday. the cub was pretty sleepy so she decided to take a nap in the booth. she then gazed at the surf through a window. sadly though, the super-cute pup was malnourished. she is now at sea world in san diego -- where she will be fattened up -- and hopefully be returned to the wild. thanks for joining us this morning.
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music >> welcome to the morning blend extra, i'm shawn tempesta. are you looking for a way
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tell today... we had a woman come in to the store, an older woman, and i gave her a price on some gold. she actually turned us down. i know that we're 10-15 percent higher at minimum over what anybody else would pay her. shawn: so you're saying, go see what else is out there, then come to you. john: well, in many ways, i'd like you to go somewhere else, then come to us because we're going to beat that price, often by a substantial margin, and we've in fact had several people come back to our store. they weren't knowledgeable about coins, so they really didn't know what they had. we gave them a price, and they came back and they realized we were giving 30, 50, even 100 percent more in some cases. shawn: wow! john: for their coins. shawn: and it's... see, it's that, the way that you treat your customers is what causes these customers to be life-long. neil: i can't tell you how many customers come in especially now and say that they go, you know, other places up the road and all this stuff, and that they're not treated with the nice dignity and respect that they should. when you come in the nevada coin mart, you're always going
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