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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 10, 2016 2:07am-2:37am PST

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new-found internet fame? [ laughter ] plus buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and a prankster takes a fall for laughs. and see, i'm with you. [ laughter ] >> it just funny. >> why this video has christianne reliving a moment in rtm history. heavy winds and rain in israel are apparently to blame for this pretty incredible situation. you see a huge truck has left this raised area of road, flown over the barrier and has been caught by the support beams on the side. now as you can see, there's all sorts of fire engines and rescue people there trying to figure out just how they're going to fix this situation. but you don't realize just how dangerous it is. until you get a look from
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because there were two passengers, a 48-year-old man and his 10-year-old son, and what you can see here, is 10-year-old son dangling from the cab of that truck, from 40 to 50 feet high. >> he's like hanging on for dear life. >> that's what they said, he grabbed ahold of some concrete and that's what he's doing. it did require some vy special equipment, a cherry-picker, the only way they were able to get rescuers up from underneath to prevent him from falling. they were slowly able to get close enough before being able to take him out of the cab. >> how long did that take to get that thing in place? this 10-year-old hanging on this whole time? and after such a violent accident. got to be able to handle him with such care. >> at the same time people are calling it very lucky situation. the fact that the truck was able to be caught by the support beams instead of falling the extra 50 feet down.
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grab himself as well. the son and the dad were both rescued and have been reported to be in moderate condition, they're expected to recover. >> think of the relief when they saw those hands reach for his son and grab him. knowing everything was going to be okay. marian posted this video on the internet because she wants everybody in buenos aires, argentina and other places to see this the two people sitting on this couch. the woman on the left, 94 years old. that's miriam's mother, she has alzheimer's. the woman on the right is her caregiver. she's been taking care of the woman for three years. her mother's neighbors told miriam, i suspect something is going on. so she set up a cctv camera and picked this up. the first of many hits and kicks, it's disgusting. at one point she takes a pillow that was in her lap and hits
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>> it's so hard to see, not go running into the room and exact revenge. >> such disrespect. there are many incidents picked up in the video of this woman preying on this defenseless 94-year-old woman. >> this is all like, the occurrences in one day. you've got to think about three years. it's just shocking to think what she's had to go through. >> this is the type of thing that's front and center when you have a child or an aging parent. >> you trust these people to take care of your loved ones. you're at their mercy. because you're trusting them. at one point she does change the woman's clothing. but after she changes her clothes, the hits begin again. whoa! >> it's just the worst. >> the tape has been given to the police department, but they have not issued a statement, as to what's going to happen to this woman in the video. >> you've got to be a sick person to do this to someone with those needs. >> and to sustain that kind of
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from the police, it never ends well. i have exhibits a and b. starting in our beloved russia. the dash cam video. the police are out and the blur you just saw on your screen was a man on a snowmobile. >> it's russia. >> there are certain places you aren't supposed to be riding a snowmobile this is one of them. >> what speeds are we reaching here in this chase? >> not sure, but it looks like he's going a nice pace this chase goes on for several streets. >> this thing won't even turn road. he was trying to use his feet to turn the thing. >> he hits the corner, the police jam him up. >> hey, get into the snow with your snowmobile zblext sat there on the bike for a little bit. they try to arrest him, he's not having any of it. >> they rejected him. >> he's arrested.
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as well, there's a foot pursuit and doink! >> oh no! >> i'm like, dog, you got tripped up by a dude looking like a gq model? they're saying he might be a suspected drug dealer. police are thanking the tripper for helping them out. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> it's easy. you need tuesday's buzz word, be 18 and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzz word is coming up right after this. when you come out to your car and you see is like this, oh man. it's a bad day. >> put me [ bleep ] i have on the front of my car. >> this car has been clamped because he hasn't paid his road taxes. we don't have road taxes, but
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this guy claims the motor vehicle department said they will auction his vehicle to clear the debt if he doesn't pay it. here's the genius solution to that. >> they want me to pay money. let me show what they'll scrap it. there's two tires now -- flattened. he flattens all four tires. but that's just the beginning. >> oh, goodness. this is the definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face. >> okay. so was he going to just trash this car anyway? was he going to sell it? what was he going to do with it? >> apparently this is his car, he calls it a scrap heap. he doesn't think it's worth much of anything. now in his mind, it's not going to be worth anything at all. trying to damage it so much that the dbla won't be able to auction it, 0or auction it for less money. >> the thinking of that is if
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they're going to come back to you for the taxes. >> any way this guy damages it, he's not getting out of the taxes. >> you're off your head. >> he's under the hood now? >> the final straw, he takes a sledgehammer -- and goes after the mechanical bits in the engine. so it's not just cosmetic, he is debilitating this car. as much as he can. >> are you finished now? >> almost. a guy brings something special to his lady's office, where she wasn't expecting it. >> why this romantic surprise ordered. [ scream ] i don't want to do it. >> one of the slow-mo guys is about to get trapped. >> this is so, so bad. >> see what happens when his tongue takes it.$12.99. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate.
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and again for men. they say they want to propose, but every time they plan to do it, the girl always ruin it is, saying is this a good time? is it now? is it now? >> i have to do this. because there's no other way. well, this guy, david, is like you know what, this is why i had to go to her office to propose. >> yeah, right. i understand his pain. it's like they're expecting it. you want to make it a surprise, tough get imaginative. >> the only way to surprise her was pop the question at the office where she wasn't expecting it. >> why don't we play "waka-waka" to propose. >> i think that might be their song. [ screaming ]
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>> exactly but these are screams of joy. >> wow! she really wanted to get married, huh? >> i'm going to take that as a yes. i never actually heard a yes. >> i don't think she could grin any more. she's at maximum grin. the three stooges, jack tripper, charlie chap lin, they all made the pratfall funny. now j 2 studios are trying it, too. i think it's funny, still. time and again, a couple of the guys from the studios give the old chair fall a try. i'm with you, i'm with you.
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>> it's ridiculous, but it's hilarious. what makes it so funny is the they're like, whoa, whoa! okay. >> this group of girls here, think it's quite funny. but they feel a little bad for him. the girl on the right is trying to hold it together until he walks away. and then she just loses her mind. >> but that actually that's the reason it works. because no one is paying attention and suddenly some guy is falling off in the background, by the time you turn around, you don't realize that he's setting this whole thing up. you just see some poor dude falling, crashing to the ground. that's actually pretty cool. >> especially when they do it in all of these quiet library and study places. >> this girl doesn't even blink. >> she's got her headphones in. she doesn't notice. >> i couldant talk about people falling out of chairs without
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>> oh no. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> i meant to do that. did you see how quick i was, i was totally pranking you guys. >> a "right this minute" classic way back to season one. our friend christianne can't sit down. >> i caught myself. >> notice how gracefully i got back up, like nothing happened? >> oh! >> are you okay? >> yeah. check out this snowboarder being towed by a drone on the next "right this minute." and still to come -- this turtle is ready to get a taste. but the thing is -- >> there's always a bigger fish. >> why lunchtime is about to get short. >> meet my cousin. plus, don't miss tuesday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep
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considerations provided by -- plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. the first few seconds of this video looks like the circle of life. there's a fish being nibbled at by this turtle. but you had no idea -- because there's always a bigger fish. >> whoa! >> meet my cousin. that's bass, isn't it? >> that bass comes out of nowhere, like something out of "jaws" takes the fish and the turtle gets so scared, it actually spits water out as it takes its head inside. watch it. >> wow. >> dude, totally surprised in that case. >> hilarious. >> it looked like it could have swallowed the turtle and the
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>> never seen anything like that and i've never seen anything like this second video as well. adorable and strange at the same time. >> is that a pig suckling on a cow? >> going up under this cow, reaching up on his back legs to get at the udders and have some lunch. >> any teat in a storm. >> do they say that? >> they do now. >> i love how this pig does not give up. >> the cow seems to think nothing of it. >> this getting a lot of attention on facebook. 10 million views, hundreds of thousands of shares, because it's so darn cute! step right up, the slow-mo guys have opened the request line. and this time -- oh, this time. >> we're deciding whether or not to go through with this video. this is highly suggestive and it's, it's a tongue in a mousetrap.
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you go, you opened things up to the internet. they always find a way of getting you. >> i don't want to do it. >> i wouldn't want to do it, either. the thing is it's the smallest mousetrap possible and it still packs an absolute wallop. >> they use this nice state-of-the-art equipment to pull off this random thing. this one ranks right there at the top. >> this is so, so bad. >> what? stupid. >> it takes them a few tries, because i think he knows what's coming for him. >> there's a lot of pain. >> my only fear, though, is will you lose your sense of taste? >> that's for real. >> it happens really fast. so don't blink. >> time to watch it in slow-mo. >> as weirdness and gross as all it is, i can't wait to see the slow-mo, ow! >> that's a lot quicker than i
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>> they got it slower, don't they? >> yes. >> did that draw blood? >> no blood, thank goodness. >> slow-motion. >> honestly, i can't believe you did that. that was impressive. i'm impressed. >> not that bad. >> not that bad, no. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> all you need is the buzz word sh, be at least 18 years old and be a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> you can enter the buzz word on facebook twitter or both. >> today's buzz word is march. >> get over to click on the win ipad button, enter today's buzz word. march, m-a-r-c-h. >> one day late they are week we'll have a bonus give-away you could have a chance to win a flat-screen tv. good luck, everybody! she's a little girl who's got a lot to say. >> i didn't even notice.
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talks about being a viral sensation.
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about your new-found internet isn't new to "right this minute" because she made this video -- >> oh yes. adventures. this is why i love her. they're always so entertaining and technically work. >> this next one technically works because she programmed a u-arm to put on her lipstick. let's see how this bad boy works. >> she's going to end up looking like the joker. >> it does exactly what she thought it would do. >> look at her, she's like totally dinner-ready. >> what's so funny, if you just made it a little more sensitive, it might work. >> i like what she's going for,
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>> she's not even looking, helping, she's working at the same time. it's multitasking. >> i love the view arm thing, i wish i knew how to program that. you can attach it to your desk to do stuff while you're working. >> i wish she knew how to program it, too. josie is going -- video went viral. we all saw this on our show a few weeks ago. >> on monday, it was just perfect. >> little josie describes an
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>> i bit andrew, but i didn't even notice. i just did -- but i didn't even look at the tv. >> that was aed by hard to follow. >> yeah, right. >> josie finding her words, finding her vocabulary and beginning to get to the chatty stage of her age of her growing up. she's got other cute videos out there, too. like this one. >> josephine, wake up. >> exhausted underneath the shopping cart. well tell as you little bit more about her growing-up process, we're joined "right this minute" by josie and dad. eric, hi, guys. so josie, what do you think about your new-found internet fame? >> is all of this attention giving you a headache, josie? >> dad, maybe you can fill in some of those blanks for us. >> it's been interesting. i can't compare it to anything
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been fun. we meet people from all over the world. but to remind you of how small the world is and how connected we are with computers and technology. it's been a wild ride. >> why do you think josie seemed to really capture people's imagination? >> that's why. >> i mean she's got a cute face. she's very animated. and -- it's just her, it's her personality. we'll keep her, i think. >> who are you wearing? because i love that pink leather jacket. is that your tv clothes? >> maybe. i go to school. >> what have you learned about biting? >> just nothing. >> are you supposed to bite people on purpose? >> no. >> should you bite people on accident? >> i did a card. >> show them the card that you
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>> that's how you do it, josie. >> that's good. >> that's for her cousin, drew, who she bit. it's a little valentine. >> and it's for my cousin, too. >> did you bite her? >> no. >> i'm glad we clarified. >> clarified. thanks for watching, everyone, hope you caught that
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