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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  February 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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and they're celebrating all week long because chinese new year is in full swing. today happy ash wednesday. it's the first day of lent. people are going to give up something, whether it's an action or a vice. did you know there are over a billion catholics around the world and i'm sure half of them are nonpracticing? >> perhaps. >> i'm giving up walking over to snackers for lunch. that is a hook vice of mine. i go there three or four times a week and eat junction food. working on it. >> a lot of people aren't catholics but give up something just to do something. thank you for joining us today and spending your morning with i'm dao vu. >> i'm shawn tempesta. >> coming up today on "the morning blend," are you looking for a new career? details on the exciting opportunities that are available. >> plus meet the masters of mixology at the annual for the
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the true modern mixology whichs up drinks to kick things off. it's 5:00 somewhere. we're going to drink. it's going to be great. first the topic for today, valentine's day is this sunday. i know you're like oh, my goodness, really? i have to make a reservation. according to a report, here is how much is being spent. $19.7 billion, with a b, for valentine's day in the u.s. if you divvy it up, about $147 per person. if you're celebrating. and get this, 53% of women say they would break up with their significant other if they got nothing. while 14 million proposals are made on valentine's day, which is special. that's why wewe ask you how do you celebrate the romantic evening? do you stay home? do you go out? do you get a big thing of flowers? what do you do? >> sounds like it's an easy way to break up a relationship if you don't get someone from someone.
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>> here is a test. don't give her something one valentine's day. if she breaks up with you, or he breaks up with you -- >> not meant to be. >> goodbye. forget about it. i usually stay in. i usually don't like to go out because everybody else goes out so i like to do something earlier in the week. this year i am going out because i'm marrying someone on viviani's day. when you get married on viviani's day. >> i set a google calendar alert for the anniversary. >> you will never forget. >> we're doing a restaurant this year, we had such a great time last year, the year prior, we went for her birthday. and we loved it a lot, and we're going to go back. >> that gets great reviews. >> great food. >> everything. >> now, ben says i'll probably
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celebrate v day. i think it's a dumb holiday. i think it's so made up. >> here is the deal. and i've always said this if you get a dozen roses on valentine's day it's like oh, thanks. if you give it to them on may 23rd, they're like oh, expected. association. >> when you give flowers to people you get them by the end of the day because of the timing, so many people order, so before. >> anything else but flowers is what i say. flowers they jack up the price, you can do -- >> you got to pay to play. >> dozen roses cost like $20. >> you're married. my girlfriend and i are going to red rock to go hiking and have a picnic. he is single. fleets find him a girlfriend. she says i'm celebrating my baby's birthday. how sweet is that. >> if you clean your bathroom find a girlfriend.
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>> do you stay in or go out for valentine's day? share your comments on facebook and twitter pages. you can finks on our website we may read some of your comments live on the air. right now shoot for the sky this valentine's day. the range 702 have teamed up for the ultimate valentine's day heights. >> no boring stuff, no oh, yes, you have to eat -- your elbows have to be off the table. this is fun. brian doleshal as well as carly roberts, how are you guys? >> very good. >> good to see you. >> this is out of the box >> definitely. >> what have you got planned? >> we put this together with the thought that it's for for extreme couple. it's not for everybody, it's for the couple that wants to make their friends jealous on social different. the range 702 is offering an
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shotgun and pistol for the couples to do and we'll get them over to indoor skydiving to handle their portion of things. >> you won't be doing both at the same time. >> no, probably not safe. >> let's talk about vegas indoor skydiving. i've been in there before, it's a riot. >> guaranteed fun. everybody has a great time. >> how does it work? >> so it's a vertical wind tunnel. so it simulates the free fall aspect of skydiving, so big fan on the bottom to, lots of win and you have an instructor in there with you, helps you fly. >> how does the video look? >> you get suited up. >> you put on a helmet and the turbine thing starts -- >> an electrical motor, about a thousand horsepower. >> oh, that's all? >> do we do it with you or can we go from one place to another? >> we can go either way. once you book with us in the system, we'll go ahead and put a
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you can either start with us, start with indoor skydiving, you can drive yourself, or we also offer transportation. >> that's great. and let's talk about range 702. it's a lot of fun for locals. >> absolutely. we have been on the show before, we talked about it. we take care of our locals. we put this package together with the understanding that the locals need something different to do. you can only go to so many dinners, only go to red rock so many times. so we put it together. it's going to be a good treat for whoever wants to book it. it's going to be something different. it's a memorable experience. you can only do so many flowers, so many dinners every single year. you got to do something different. >> shake things up. >> you'll remember the experience. >> keep the guy interesting. now we're all about valentine. >> if he's paying. at?
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we have zombies, whatever you want to do, we can put it up. we have t-shirts. you can buy a t-shirt, send it down range and shoot that, too. >> what kind of guns are we going to bees shooting? i know you said machine gun. what type of guns will we be shooting? >> it's a shotgun and pistol to start. and then one of the machine guns will talk about the ump 40. both the machine guns are very tame, so not one of those things you have to be in fear or afraid of when you're shooting it. they're going to be really memorable, going to have a good time. and big picture, too, rsos are going to be with you every step of the way, so super safe, super informative, and an adrenaline rush that gets you going. >> when people do this and go to you for the skydiving experience what kind of reaction do you get from them typically? >> it's just a great a adrenaline
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everybody comes out with a huge smile on their face, and yes, just having a lot of fun. >> how do we book this date package? >> go ahead and we have the graphic on the screen. you call either the range 702 at that number, go online and book there. we prefer that you give us a call, that way we can go over any details or questions you might have. we'll ask you if you want us to provide transportation or if you're going to be driving yourself. and then we'll figure out all the fine details. also, our reservation agents will be able to give you all the details down to the finest degree. >> is this a valentine's day only package? >> no, ma'am, it's friday through monday. we're running it all the way through the weekend, four days. depending on how successful it is we might actually kick it up through the full week, too. so we can get the hospitality people that have to work through the weekend that want to celebrate later, as well. >> they celebrate valentine's day on the 15th. >> absolutely. it's great having you. it's such a cool idea. thank you so much. >> thank you.
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flowers routine. let the range 702 and vegas indoor skydiving blow you an away. the mr. and mrs. smith package includes transportation to and from both venues, including a machine gun experience for two as well as two indoor skydiving flights. for more information you can visit the website or call the number on your screen. the dates run friday through monday. up next, love a good drink? >> the modern mixologist, did i say that right? tony abou-ganim. we'll get it later. kicks off for the love of cocktails.
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welcome back. beginning tonight sip and savor at for the love of cocktails. the three night event features gourmet food tasting. cause. >> here with a preview the modern mixologist it tony gash. good morning to you and welcome. >> thank you. great to be on. >> you're known as the modern mixologist. company. >> when did the book come out?
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features my recipes in the book. >> that's a great line. >> available at -- >> very nice. it's a beautiful photography, as well. incredible. >> for the love of cocktails. >> for the love of cocktails is the third annual back, bigger than ever, better than ever. we kick off tonight. we'll be here from london making drinks tonight. an opportunity to meet one of the greatest legends in our industry. we'll be doing meet the masters from 5:30 to 8:00. along with las vegas -- and myselfs, i'm making a yummy drink tonight. >> obviously this is all for a benefit. >> yes. >> and has to do with helen. can you tell people who -- >> that was my cousin. she opened a bar in michigan in 1937. she ran that bar for nearly 70
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she was a two time breast cancer survivor. so in her memory, i created the helen david relief fund which benefits bartenders and their families that have been affected by cancer. >> that's awe many some. >> this is a present for you. don't thank me yet because i'm going to put you to work. >> in honor of helen. >> yeah. >> and what a honor for you to be able to honor her, as well. >> she was a fabulous woman. helped a lot of women in the industry. ran a bar for almost 70 years. so imagine two women, her and her mother, opening a bar in 1937. >> that's groundbreaking. >> so i partnered to bring for the love of cocktails to las vegas, to really celebrate the profession of bartending, bring attention to the community here in las vegas, and pay tribute to helen and raise funds and awareness. >> that's awesome. >> what are you making for us? >> thank you for asking.
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>> helen every year would make tom and jerries. this is a lost and forgotten classic holiday drink. and i'm going to be making -- put you to work making these thursday night, tomorrow night, tomorrow night we have a great bar crawl which features some of downtown las vegas' best bars, followed by the food trick and mixology wars where i'll be making helen's tom and jerries. >> obviously we hear tomorrow and jerry we think the cartoon. what's the story behind this? >> it comes from a book that was written in london, predates the >> okay. >> jerry and tom, you heard -- >> what is half an ounce? >> you go ahead. >> we're going to figure it out. it's been a tough wednesday. >> dao, if you want to put half an ounce of that rum, and they would go out and get into trouble. >> thus the name.
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the drank came to be. so what we've done is made an egg batter. we separated the eggs, the yokes and the whites. we beat the whites with a little cream tar tear until they get nice and stiff, fold that in powdered sugar. we got 3/4 of an ounce of cognac. if you want to top it off with hot water, the good, dark rum. hot water, and then we -- a sprinkle of nutmeg on top, shawn. >> oh, all right. he's putting us to work. oh, a sprinkle, i think i mutt have put the whole -- >> and it's just a great, cold weather drink. and i don't know if it's going to be cold here in las vegas tomorrow night, but i'll be making these again at the bar. >> cheers. >> cheers to helen. thank you.
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how do we get tickets for this? >> the technical bar tending term is yummy. drinking in a cloud. >> no kidding. so light. >> tickets are available at for the love of if you buy a ticket you get invited to tonight's beat meet the masters. >> this is good stuff, i got to be honest. >> this is a great experience. bigger and better every year. >> bigger and better every year. tonight, it's a honor s 1 of the top bartenders will be in from miami beach. downtown las vegas -- >> and chance to meet you, too. >> well, thank you. >> this is our official pin. again, thank you for having me on here. >> thank you. so appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> don't miss out on all the fun
9:18 am
cocktails event. this ultimate vip experience kicks off tonight and runs through friday with different venues each night. for times, tickets and more information visit the website on your screen. proceeds will benefit the helen david relief fund. >> and while you're searching for the love of cocktails on soc media you should like and follow us, as well.
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check it out, and owack your own natural hair with no pain and no side effects. it's possible according to our next guest. here with more is lindsay kay from laser med solutions. how are you. therapy? >> laser hair therapy is where we use low level laser and we are applying the laser energy directly to the hair follicle. this stimulates the growth stage. so we're increasing circulation and blood flow back to the sculpt and like i said it's stage. >> and that's how thatwerkre natural hair, but in a noninvasive, no side effect, no pain way. >> and how long does it take follicles?
9:20 am
looking for with this type oft is for somebody that still has active hair follicles. a lot of the time when there is no visible hair there in the area we'ere is still an active hair follicle. what you do is you come into the clinic for an evaluation, takes about 30 minutes. we'll check your hair follicle camera. we'll tell you yes or no, y candidate for the treatment and we'll be able to tell you if you have active hair follicles. if you do we're still able to regrow back that haarea where you still have theuse you might not have hair doesn't mean there's no hope. >> exactly. because a lot of people take a look and they're like i'm too far gone. or we get a lot of female patients about 65% of our patient base is actually female patients. which tend to lose their hair a little bit later on in life because they're producing more testosterone in their body. and they'll take a look and
9:21 am
extensions, which can be further damaging to the hair. and they're thinking that there is no hope for into the inconsider i can and we can take a look at determine yes, weicles, but like i said you come into the clinic and we'll be able to tell you on the spot if you do. exactly. >> absolutely. >> how quickly can we see these results? >> so the laser starts to take weeks. and typically our patients are seeing a positive cosmetic change in the first few months. however, the earlier on you catch the hair loss, the faster you will receive results with it. >> and earlier you mentioned males and females. >> majority of females are coming in now, yeah. so we can treat males or females, age is not a to lose their hair earlier in life in their early
9:22 am
lose their hair later on in life but it doesn't matter, as long as you have the active hair follicles. and the really nice part about this program is we have the convenience factor. just because -- a lot of people can't make it into the clinic. if they are coming in for a clinic treatment program, they're coming once a week for 20 minute laser session. but some people can't commit to that. and we have portable devices now available, including the most popular is laser cap where you can use it at home, it's rechargeable, you wear it three times a week for 30 minutes. it's nice and convenient, you don't have to come into the clinic and don't have to take time out of your busy lifestyle to actually regrow your hair back. >> basically you can get a treatment at home, just watching tv and letting that cap work for you. >> exactly. and that's going to be the most popular device on the market today. >> do you feel anything? >> you don't. so again, there's no side effects involved with this, and it is pain-free. so even though we say laser it's
9:23 am
>> and you have a morning blend special. >> we do. we're going to offer you the important evaluation to tell you if you're going to be a good candidate, absolutely free. we'll do a free evaluation. we'll do a free consultation with you, and we'll do that free first clinical laser session so you can see what laser hair therapy is like and test drive it. >> do you have people coming in and in they're in their 20s and 30s. >> we have people of all ages coming in, because unfortunately it's not always a natural process when it is causing hair loss. it could be medication that you were taking. could be stress that was causing it. we see people of all ages in the clinic. >> and again, you mentioned just because you don't have hair maybe on the surface -- >> correct. >> and perhaps bald doesn't mean you cannot get help. >> it doesn't mean you can't get help, doesn't mean you don't still have active hair follicles. give us a call and we can do the evaluation for you to see if you would be a good candidate. >> thank you so much. great information.
9:24 am
>> laser med solutions offers a free consultation and evaluation. in addition to a free first clinical laser session for anyone who calls and books a consult. it's today only. for more on the latest technology to control hair loss and stimulate new growth, check out the website on your screen or call the number listed. thank you. each week the panda guys at peters and associates offer you free legal advice on our show. this week despite what anyone tells you, second mortgages, home equity lines of credits, and hoas can and they do foreclose on your home. if you do get a foreclosure notice you should never ignore it. take advantage of free consultation policies and have an attorney explain the process. your rights and what you can do to stop the foreclosure. let the attorneys at peters and associates help you find answers. the panda guys are located on south decatur. to learn more about them give them a call or visit the website on your screen.
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and twitter. show the love for valentine weekend, this saturday the mcneal estates will host the have a heart for your community event. united blood services will be accepting donations. again, it's this saturday from
9:26 am
address on your screen. big o tires are sharing the love this valentine's day weekend with the biggest tire sale of the year. they're rolling out the offer. here is eric slabaugh. >> very good. thank you for having me. >> great to have you. people everybody needs new tires. tomorrow. >> correct. >> or maybe yesterday with a lot of people with tires. big o is usually the place to go for tires but this weekend especially. why is that? >> absolutely. we have our biggest sale of the year going on this weekend, from friday through monday. we're offering buy two select tires, and get two free with the purchase of a tire protection package and alignment. >> so often you see the people get dozen roses. how about you get your wife four new tires. nothing shows love than i would like you to brake correctly. >> correct. correct. >> so why is it so important to have a tire alignment?
9:27 am
end up skipping when it comes to their normal, you know, procedures to get your car, you know, repaired and taken a look at. why is it so important? >> tire alignment believe it or not the majority of cars that come in that need tires it always starts with align. in alignment ash an issue that a vehicle has. i brought a tire in here, right up front where the arrows are you can note that the tire has extensive tow wear. and so this vehicle with the purchase of tires would definitely need an alignment. you would not want to have your new tires start this wear. >> so it's specific lie the edge. >> yes. >> because it's kind of like you're like a chiropractor for cars. you set everything back into alignment so the tires wear evenly. >> exactly. when you align the vehicle, this extends the life of your tires dramatically. >> which is incredibly important. so you have a tire protection package. what is this?
9:28 am
includes free rotations, free reballing, reflat repairs, and road side assistance. >> wow. which is something that a lot of us end up paying some good money for. >> absolutely. you have that comfort, you know, if your wife is out and she gets a flat or has an issue, make the phone call, and we'll come out and take care of that for you. >> i say us guys, by the way. let's call it what it is. >> that's okay. >> it covers you, too, guys. vegas weather it's just hard on everything, but especially the tires. the expansion and contraction, the heat, what -- when do we know it's time to buy a new one? >> what happens with tires is they have symptoms. one is the wear that we showed you due to alignment. you have an issue out here called dry rot. and the easiest way to explain dry rot would be comparing a rubber band on your newspaper that you left out on your driveway, okay?
9:29 am
a few days you go to pull the rubber band off, it snaps. same issue with tires. >> not necessarily as quickly as -- >> not as quickly. >> but the weather can affect this. >> absolutely. >> and, of course, we're going back into the summer months so this is bound bound to happen. >> correct. >> the sale is buy two select, and get two free. >> correct. >> that's a phenomenal deal. >> it's a huge sale, and right now it's being offered only monday through friday. >> friday through monday. >> yup. >> so you do it on the 13th, get set for the date night and drive safely. >> correct. and i want to let everybody know that we are a full service repair facility. >> this is the one thing with big o, you have the tires there, everybody thinks you do just tires but you do more than that. >> we're full service. we can handle dealer maintenance. we can handle, we repair, replace batteries. we do bad alternators, bad starters. we can do it all. we are full service.
9:30 am
types of tires. there is some when it comes to going back to tire conversation, some of the more low profile -- how do we know what tire is best for us? >> basically that's our job, okay? we're the tire professionals. but you can -- you have -- you have passenger tires, you have ultra high performance tires. you have light truck tires. you have specific needs a that your vehicle is required to have. when you bring it to us, we'll make sure that you're outfitted with the proper tires. one quick thing, if you were curious, any information you wanted to know about the tires in your vehicle, if you open your door up, everything, it will tell you exactly what's needed for your vehicle, what's recommended from the manufacturer. >> excellent. and i know it's obviously going to be busy this weekend. should we make an appointment with you? >> absolutely. we love appointments. you can come in or make an appointment either way. we would love to take care of you. >> it's great having you.
9:31 am
i might need a new one. can i take this one with me? >> absolutely. thank you. >> buy two select tires get two free with the purchase of an package. the special deals available friday through monday. doors open at 7:00 a.m. for more information and to find the nearest location you check out the website our screen. they're also on facebook and they do more than tires. so make sure you get in contact with them. still to come dress for job. the job fair that can help you spread your wings. you're watching "the morning
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stay right there. welcome back to "the morning blend." does your home need major repair or do you need to sell quickly for cash? we got your hero for you, real estate expert broker for first prime realty group lathe lavada. he is here to show you how to get cash for your home. let's talk about this. you buy homes from sellers. what types of homes do you buy and what types of sellers do you buy from? >> i buy unwanted homes from sellers who need to sell quickly. either the home needs massive repairs, or the seller is facing some sort of hardship. such as job loss, relocation,
9:33 am
property from a homeowner who had a family member pass away or rental property that just is unwanted. >> sometimes you inherit that type of home that this has not been updated in 50 years. what am i going to do, is this going to cost me a ridiculous amount of money to fix. we could give that to you, you can give us cash for that home and then you do what with it? >> well, typically what i do is i do one of two things. i will fix the home up and keep it in my long-term rental portfolio or fix it up, put it back on the market for resale to a home buyer. it's a win-win situation for everyone. i like to work with these home sellers because i get to help them out of a bad situation. >> these are for people that it's not necessarily your typical home sale but in the sense of you want to either get out of it fast or it's just way beyond your reach to be able to fix it, we give it to you and you do your magic. >> that's exactly right. >> awesome. does the seller end up paying a real estate commission on this? >> the homes i buy there is no
9:34 am
>> i also pay ordinary seller closing costs at close of escrow. >> no kidding. >> this is an as is transaction. so you know we're helping sellers who may not have the funds to obviously repair these properties. and so there is no fix ups, there is no repairs to be done, it's as is. and i'll come in and purchase the home and help the homeowner make an easy transition out of the property. >> you're the one getting yourhands dirty. >> that's right. >> which is better than me. how fast can this happen? let's say we have a property, we hands. how soon can we get it done? >> i purchased homes as quickly as three days before with cash. wow. and have the cash thing and not have to wait for escrow and all the things that can tie up something of a sale of this magnitude. if you try to get a mortgage they're going to say you have to fix this, this and this before we put our name to it. >> that's right. most buyers are unwilling or unable to purchase homes like
9:35 am
so you know it's necessary to sell to a cash buyer like myself because we're did only ones who can afford to buy those and do the repairs. when a home buyer can't get the loan on their and they can't afford those pick fix up costs. >> say we're in the situation right now, wondering if our home is worthy or unworthy for you to take off our hands how do we find out? >> it's simple. i have a three step process. give me office a call for 24-hour no obligation cash offer, and what we'll do is take a look at the property, evaluate it. step two is we come to an agreeable purchase price. we sign a purchase agreement. step three we go to title a closing. we want to make it as smooth a transition for that homeowner as possible, because a lot of homeowners are in a situation where they're not able to -- they're in a rush. they need -- they don't have time. they just need to be out of the
9:36 am
so those are the homeowners that we help. >> awesome. i know you have a radio show, as well, where you answer not just questions regarding homes of this magnitude but any home in any situation that you see out there. tell bus the radio show. >> the radio show we talk about all things real estate, whether it's buying homes for cash or fixing up homes or how to sell homes for top dollar, or buy homes, that's what the radio show is really about. and it's on demand on our website at lately sad you can access those recorded shows any time you like. >> it's convenient. so you think about it, you hit play, you're good to go. and people can ask questions from there. i know they can contact your office and ask questions, as well. how do they do so. >> just give our office a call. and i have someone always standing by to take those calls, and setup times to come down and talk to me about selling your home for cash or whatever you would like to do with the property. >> all right.
9:37 am
again, you can catch lathe's radio show on his website or on itunes. sell your home to lathe for aer guaranteed quick and easy 24-hour, no obligation cash offer. for more on his services call the number or visit the website on your screen. twitter. there is a job fair happening right now for anyone looking for a new career. many of the companies at the event offer full benefits, 401(k) and stop options as well as other incentives. you should bring about ten to 15 resumes. job opportunities include account executives and a whole lot more, today until 12:30 at the sun coast. before we head to break, remember to check out on our web website you'll find past interviews, facebook and twitter
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we'll be right back. sun catches up to everyone sooner or later and as we get older it's common for eye signature to week en. >> we're focusing on something called amd. my hope isn't lost if you suffer from it. >> it's called amd, and
9:39 am
per year are impacted by it. amd stands for age related macular degeneration, a progressive disease that impacts your vision and it's the leading cause of vision loss for those over the age of 50. you're going to meet a woman right now who is not letting it slow her down from anything. barbara knickerbocker beskind is proof you can achieve your dreams no matter what. she is with us along with dr. michael cooney. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> doctor, let's start with you. this month focuses on that disease. can you go more in-depth in what exactly is amd and how it impacts your daily life. >> amd as you correctly said is the leading cause of vision loss in people over the age of 50. in the united states. it's a big and growing public health problem which is why we're here today, to increase awareness about the problem. simply what it is is the macular, the part of your retina
9:40 am
ahead vision, some people can develop degenerative disease in that area which can result in a loss of straight ahead vision as with the case in barbara's situation. >> barbara, like he mentioned you suffer from this, but didn't stop you. you're an author, a therapist, a designer. can you tell us more about that? >> well, i moved here from new hampshire, and i realized what was going on. so many people are invent things and i wanted to be part of that picture. and i applied and was accepted as a designer. and i love working with young people and designing products that address either aging or vision issues. and i particularly like people who have a passion as i do for problem solving. >> and for that passion, what advice would you give to dreamers of any age if they come
9:41 am
>> well, i never let it define me. it's something i live with. it's an unfortunate truth, but you adapt around it. there's nothing that you can't learn to do. i take public transportation when i go to work. i go on the train to san francisco. i live in the peninsula. you just do things with greater care. you're slower. you find other ways to do the same things you normally do without even thinking. but you have to apply your -- you have to focus very clearly on what you're doing and do it properly. >> and doctor, speaking of focus, are there lifestyle changes that others can consider to reduce their risk of amd? >> there are. it's truly a pleasure to team up with barbara here today for the campaign, because she is a big inspiration. to address your question, there
9:42 am
know can help slow down your risk. don't smoke, exercise, blood pressure control, weight loss are all very good, and nutrition is very important. so eating green leafy vegetables, things to take care of yourself. we know that there's a vitamin formula that was proven by the national eye institute to slow down macular degeneration. this is proven through gold standard clinical trials and has become a mainstay treatment for this condition for people at certain levels. a formula that i use -- it's called a vitamin formula produced by bausch lomb. >> is there a place they can go to check it out? >> there is a great website. joy of has a wealth of additional information on macular degeneration. >> doctor, thank you.
9:43 am
thank you for joining us, as well. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. if you're diagnosed with amd you can still achieve your dreams. barbara is proof of that herself. bausch & lomb offers solutions to keep your sight in focus. for more information and other treatment options available visit the website right there on your screen. right now back over to you. >> thank you so much, micah. every day this week we're diving into goodies for valentine's day, sponsored by ethel m chocolates. today we focus on the seasonal chocolate pieces. >> ethel m's heart shaped chocolate pieces are available for individual orders. you can design your own box or in the like, love forever boxes. and dao has a list of the flavors. >> they include milk chocolate with peanut butter fill, the red
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with caramel piece, and dark chocolate with lemon. >> since 1981 ethel m chocolates have brought gourmet chocolate to nevada and beyond by recreating the original recipes from 1911. they have multiple locations in southern nevada. to find yours go to the website or call the number on yourtwitter and instagram. >> take your honey to a romantic tasting room. reserve your spot by e-mailing the address on your screen. learn more about that tomorrow. >> on you can find so many great stories and what makes the valley such a special place to live. >> click on the positively lv tab under sections. from special reports to deals at restaurants and much more. check out the website for your insight into vegas. we'll be right
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just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions ansp our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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>> it's simple to use, features life streaming, video on demand, plus the blazing fast weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play. >> last night donnie and marie came >> it was the most attractive room in the whole city. the wax figures were unveiled at their show. which one is which? >> it's so hard to tell. they did an amazingthe reproduction. i cannot tell. display. i think they should stand in for the wax figures. >> i think so. and scare people. the blue man group have done that and it is hysterical. today on the view, democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders joins the ladies on the heels of his big win at the new hampshire primary, day at ten, right after us. >> today at 2:00 on "valley view live!" from searching for the one to becoming the one, how to
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oh, my goodness. 20 years and a day, sneezing on air. plus get up and grooving with frankie perez. >> going to be a fantastic show. thursday on the blend, a vegas classic closes the curtain and could celine and renee's love story be brought on the big screen? >> blue won't make you feel that way when you bring him into your
9:49 am
you can take blood home take blue home tomorrow. >> announcer: "the view" is live right now. >> announcer: "the view" is live right now. a "view" exclusive, straight from his historic win in new t stop live on "the view," and every question's on the table. plus, kendall at war with caitlyn. why she's lashing out at her dad. and reynolds unwrapped. ryan goes full frontal in his
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