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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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nightmare after shelling out thousands to convert her house to solar. and i can not wish it upon anybody else." a valley family's desperate plea days after their sixth grade daughter suddenly dies with no explanation.. but we begin with breaking news. north las vegas police have made an arrest in the hit and run crash that claimed the life of a 2-year old girl. police have just released this mug shot of 51 year old daniel garcia- martinez to 13-action news. police say he was driving the white van that hit evelyn green last sunday near lake mead and pecos.. then took off. 13 action news spoke with evelyn's father just moments after the news came down. he says he's relieved an arrest has been made. i'm more focused with what i need to do. butt to that right there was really hurting. i didn't know what to do. garcia-martinez is now facing a long list of charges tonight. new tonight.. a growing mystery surrounding the death of a 12-year old
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her family is making a desperate plea.. hoping to prevent other families from having to feel their pain. -12- year old.... maxine starmarie zepeda-lopez came home sick from school.... just days ago.... now... she's gone. 13 action news reporter.... bryan callahan spoke with the family tonight... bryan is live tonight at guinn middle school with the family's warning for other parents. bryan. maxine starmarie zepeda-lopez came home from school here friday with a fever. she died four days later. doctors can't seem to tell the family what killed the girl... and that has her parents worried about their younger daughter as well as maxine's friends. "it was just so fast. it just doesn't make sense." one week ago... maxine starmarie zepeda-lopez came home from guinn middle school with a fever. "she said her stomach was hurting and her neck." her mother and father
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but one week later they are planning her funeral... a family friend getting her dad to umc just minutes before she died tuesday. "they just said stop cpr and it was over." the family says her death came just hours after being taken to the hospital by ambulance. this after they were sent home from a different hospital monday. three days after maxine's death... no one can determine what killed the popular sixth grader. "everybody loved her. the teachers." dozens of friends now stopping by the house... leaving messages and flowers for maxine. her mother leaving each of those students with a message of her own.. "if you feel sick in any way, go to the doctor's. tell your mother, go. even if it is nothing." the family now holding on to memories of the 12-year-old they say loved to sing... quick bite.. "curling her hair, straightening her hair. you could hear her singing." that voice living on in her grandparent's treasured picture frame "i love you grandma and grandpa." the coroner says they are running numerous tests... but have not determined a cause
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the health district says it is not investigating any cases tied to the school. since neither of those agencies have notified the district of concerns... ccsd has not sent any letters home to parents at the school here. reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. the family is now asking for help.... paying for funeral costs. they have started.... a "gofundme account". if you would like to help... we've posted a link.... on our website... at k-t-n-v dot com an update on a breaking story we first brought you on a pedestrian is dead after a hit and run. 13 action news cameras were the only ones there when the suspected drunk dirver returned to the scene and was placed in handcuffs. mahsa saeidi is live right now on spring mountain near arville.. with late details from police on what happened. mahsa. on the pavement --- it says red ceramic. that man was carrying some pottery across street. when right there in the center lane... he was hit by a jeep...police say....that just kept going! his body thrown....if you
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all the way across the street. witnesses surrounding the man as firefighters tried to save his life! well i've never seen something like that happened so it was like surprising i was numb so i couldn't i don't remember how i felt but it was pretty terrible. here is the driver of the jeep being placed under arrest according to police. detectives say he had parked his car up the street. about an hour later he walked back over...turned himself in. two things went wrong here. police say they believe the driver was drunk... and the pedestrian was jaywalking. they also call spring mountain a hot spot for traffic trouble. take a look at this....its a motorcycle rider being placed under arrest after we saw him just speed through this crime scene...past yellow tape. spring mountain is a terrible road cross like that because
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not a lot of light so it's hard to see a pedestrian if convicted driver faces two years minimum in prison. metro is also investigating another nasty crash.... right now. this one.... is near vegas and cimarron. police say... an s-u-v and motorcycle collided. at least... one person involved.... suffered critical injuries. roads in the area were shut down for hours.... while police investigated. now... to a story.... you'll see only.... on action news!!! for the first time... people..... on the las vegas strip. "there's people on the ground. there's people not moving." tonight...
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of the chaos and confusion.... that night. 13 action news anchor.... beth fisher talks to the rescuers on scene.... seconds after tragedy struck.... the strip. beth standup (bfisher perm files 6:30-6:46) "by now you know lakeisha holloway is accused of intentionally running people over first in front of cabo wabo...then twice more farther not further! farther is a measurable distance north on the strip. but what you don't know is a small group of heroes was on their own for the critical first minutes." (9-11 audio 00:06-:12 please cover with transcript) "witness: right in front of paris casino on the strip, a car just went over a bunch of people. like 20 people." nats sirens and engine pulling out time (9-11 audio 1:33 please cover with transcript) "dispatcher: do you know if people actually got run over? witness: yes ma'am. i'm telling you the car hit at least 20 people got hit. " (video from december 20 wreck) but just as the 6 clark county firefighters were pulling up in front of cabo wabo--another disturbing call comes in. (9-1-1 audio 6:02 please cover with transcript) "dispatcher: i
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people are down. paris security: i've got 3 people down that i can see on camera. i'm also getting calls of shots fired. dispatcher: also calls there were shots fired?" (b-roll of firefighter 5:50 getting into engine) those calls were a game changer. firefighters aren't armed. so their normal safety protocol is to wait for police. but this night was anything but normal. (31:51 joe geeb/station 32 captain ) "we can't leave because there are people waving at us, screaming at us, they want us to help them." (26:53 b roll of beth with geeb) captain joe geeb says his "super six" didn't hesitate. despite fear of an active shooter, they got to work triaging patients. (52:00samantha chamberlain/firefight er) " if there is a bystander, have them hold pressure. spend the least amoumt of time as possible and move on." (beth standup 8:28-8:40) "firefighters immediately realized there were victims stretching a quarter mile north on lv blvd. so they took off running.
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keep in mind there are still only 6 first responders for more than 30 patients. (6:25 9-1-1 audio: please cover with transcriptl) "paris security: units responding. i'm getting multiple reports of shots fired. multiple reports of shots fired." (eric poleski/batallion chief 44:40) " if it's a shooting, where is the shooter? what are they doing? so we have a situation that involves security and metro before we can make the scene safe so other crews can come in." (show police from december 20th chopper video) metro police worked quickly and determined no one had a gun. all of the bodies. all of the carnage was caused by one car. so more rescuers got the green light to get in there and help. (59:38 craig vaccaro/ff) "crews from 11 and 18, that was the calvary. they bailed us out. when we needed to really start treating patients, those were the guys who helped us out." (beth standup 9:21-9:35) "firefighters told me when they ran up to ballys, a security guard was already doing cpr trying desperately to save the life of jessica valenzuela. so while they waited for their
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security teams up and down the strip were vital to helping. a warning right now from the national weather service for 65-million people.. facing life-threatening cold temperatures. the mass of frigid air is hovering tonight over the plains.. all the way into new england and the carolinas. temps will plunge below zero in many areas.. and could easily shatter records. it's also snowing hard in places like western new york.. where 3-feet of fresh snow is now on the ground. and wind chills in some places this weekend could make it feel like it's 40-below zero. a lot of people are outraged on social media over the health of a puppy at a henderson pet store. this picture was circulating on facebook showing the 3-month old rhodesian ridgeback at petland on marks and sunset. 13 action news went to the store to see for ourselves.. and took this cell phone video. you can see puppy's ribs through his skin. but animal control was sentto the store and says.. while the puppy is thin.. it's healthy.
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animals is it ok for a puppy to look like that? i don't think any reasonable citizen is going to believe that this puppy looks healthy we also contacted a local vet and showed him the video. he said without examining the animal.. he believes the dog is severely underweight and should not be on display. now... to the very latest developments.... on the fight over solar power!!! emotions running high today..... as the public utilities commission decided against two measures..... affecting thousands of nevadans.. the p-u-c rejected a proposal..... to restore old rates to existing solar customers. also decided today... a net metering cap will stay in place.... keeping new customers.... from going solar. 16.00.45 trying not to cry 47 i promised myself i wouldn't do this 48 it's people's lives 49 people have 53 a thousand people have already lost their jobs 56 all solar users will be phased into higher rates.... over a -12- year period. the rapid shift in nevada's
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a nightmare.... for some people who invested early. in a story... you'll only see.... on -13- action news... reporter.... david schuman talks to a woman..... who paid thousands to convert her house to solar... and... has nothing to show for it. david. dorothy pansek paid 27-thousand dollars cash for solar panels on her roof. now there's a lien on her house for another nine-thousand dollars since apparently her energy company didn't finish paying for the panels. one big problem? she can't get in touch with the business that sold them to her. "it looked like a good deal." lower the electric bills....increase the value of the the environment! dorothy pansek never thought buying solar panels would lead her here. 18:01:41 "in my whole life, i have never been so royally screwed." she paid summerlin energy 27-thousand dollars cash to install 36 panels. they've never been connected to the energy grid and they sit idle like stage props. dorothy was recently notified there was a lien on her house
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of nine thousand dollars. she says summerlin energy apparently didn't pay its bills so now it's on her. 17:56:48 "how are you going to pay for this? laughs "i'll have to pay for it." 18:05:0 danzak "they've got our money, we've got nothing." richard danzak lives with dorothy and is helping her through this. he owns a house too -- and paid 25- thousand dollars for solar panels on his roof. 18:02:58 "mine still isn't hooked up and functional." richard says what the state is doing to the solar industry is damaging his financial future. 18:14:18 "now the value of the house will go down instead of up because nobody wants a house that has solar on it because it's going to cost them more to live there." costing richard and dorothy later.....victimizing them now. 17:58:50 dorothy "as far as i know at this point, i'm helpless." i called summerlin energy today and left a voicemail. they haven't returned my calls.
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is on summary suspension with the state contractors board. that makes it illegal for them to operate in the state...even though their business licenses with the county are active. live in studio...david schuman...13 action news. a metro k-9 spent the day in surgery after being stabbed several times during a police standoff this morning. metro posted this picture of 'nicky' and asked for prayers. officers say nicky is now in stable condition. metro says k-9's are important to the deparetment's success.. and an injury like this could be career ending. they're still unsure when.. or if nicky will return to work. that standoff near desert inn and maryland parkway lasted 12 hours. swat and metro thought the guy had a gun.. and he wouldn't come out. metro officers finally got him into custody with the help of the police dogs. new tonight... we're getting a closer look.... at "the federal wildlife refuge".... in oregon.... militia members took over... for weeks.. it comes..... just one day.... after the last occupiers surrendered....
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agents are going through the refuge... seeing what was left behind.. this video shows.... a blockade made by the occupiers.... along with a group of tents. karl: "we will process all of the vehicles and after we're if they can be put back into service." the f-b-i says... it hasn't found any rigged explosives or booby traps during the searches. exchange gone wrong new tonight.. a tragic craigslist exchange in new york leaves a teenager without one of his the entire encounter was caught on camera. the video shows the teen getting into an suv where he was supposed to be buying some tennis shoes. once in the vehicle.. police say the teen pulled a gun but it jammed and he took off. but it doesn't end there. watch the top right side of your screen as the driver of the suv plows into the teenager. police say he lost an arm in the impact. the driver has been arrested.
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back to the future. instead of going to their office.. many doctors are now ready to come to your home.. and it could be cheaper than a trip to urgent care. 13 action news reporter gina lazara explains why more doctors are making the switch.. and making house calls. nats of doctor with patient alice prado just got out of the hospital.... and now it's time for her follow up appointment more nats of doc with patient but pretty much bound to her wheelchair.... getting to the doctors office is just a hassel. [alice prado] "very convenient for me instead of going to the office. you wait there....but here....when they come...they see you right away." more and more people are falling into this category of homebound - bedbound - and wheelchair bound. bringing dr. maria corazon's patient total to a whopping 800 people. [dr. maria corazon] "going to the doctors office and waiting there is not feasible anymore.
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dr. corazon and her nurse practitioner see about 18 patients a day. traveling from home to home until 9 oclock at night. [dr. maria corazon] "we tell them exactly like 30 minutes before we come that we will be on our way." plenty more work.... so why's it worth it? [dr. maria corazon] "because i can help them. i have that compassion with patients." proof of that compassion..... her patient of 10 years is so appreciatice of the brings her to tears. [alice prado] "(crying) she comes to you all the time (crying)" on top of catering to homebound patients. and cutting back on wait time. it's cost effective too. as little as 200 bucks - cash - per visit -- that's cheaper than a trip to urgent care. "i think there's a bandwagon of practitioners into this now. now only here in nevada. but all over" most doctors doing these e uscalls except medicare - medicaid - and
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accepted. if you're interested -- we will have a link to help you on ktnv dot com. reporting in the newsroom gina lazara 13 action news. growing frustration tonight.... over mgm's plans to charge money for parking.... at its 14 properties on the las vegas strip. a new on-line petition being signed..... by both locals and tourists is asking the company.... to rethink the changes. so far.... more than a thousand people.... have signed the change -dot- org petition.. m-g-m responded to the petition.... with a statement that reads... "we appreciate the feedback we are receiving regarding our announcement.... to invest -90- million dollars to improve the parking experience.... in las vegas. we are not taking this change lightly. we recognize this is a significant departure from a long-established paradigm.... in the las vegas market." car in ice now... to the very latest.... on severe weather... affecting millions tonight.. this video gives you an idea.... of just how cold it is.... in pennsylvania.. a water line broke... covering cars and houses.... in ice.
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power lines have icicles frozen on them.... because of the spewing water. an incredible, but freezing sight. las vegas is in for another gorgeous warm day on saturday with temperatures around the same as friday for both overnight lows and afternoon highs. tonight expect low temperatures around 48 with highs tomorrow around 74, both within 1 of our high and low for today. a weak low pressure system will miss las vegas to the north but will bring with it a few thicker clouds and enough cold air at higher levels of the atmosphere to cool things down slightly. temperatures will fall by 2-4 for sunday with some stronger north winds along for the ride. wind advisories are possible
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and lake mead where gusts to 40mph are possible but are unlikely for the las vegas valley as wind gusts will likely peak around 20-25mph sunday into monday. those winds are a product of another high pressure system which is moving into the area and will be directly overhead tuesday. expect highs by then to be back into the low to mid 70s helped out by the stronger winds overnight which will keep temperatures very mild. wednesday will likely be the warmest day of the coming week with some gusty winds expected late in the day. those winds will work to push temperatures into the mid and upper 70s ahead of an upper level system which will bring slightly cooler air to the valley by the end of the week. no rain is expected for the
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a new scary development.... in the fight against the zika virus! tonight... the latest turn of events that has health officials concerned.... about pregnant women.. what you need to know.. a woman killed on her way to work in a bizarre accident that has police scratching their heads.. what they say came flying out of no where, killing the woman.
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the life o flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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police say a manhole cover somehow became dislodged and went airborne before landing on the driver's side of the front windshield of caitlin clavette's car. the 35-year old was on her way to work this morning when it happened. investigators are now look at traffic camera video to help figure out exactly what happened. two u-s women have suffered miscarriages.....
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zika virus". the c-d-c says.... the women were being monitored.... by their doctors..... after being diagnosed with the virus. doctors say.... the virus may have caused an inflammation.... in the placenta.... causing the pregnancy to end. officials are still investigating.... the exact link. the virus is typically associated with birth defects..... characterized by an abnormally small head and brain. still ahead on 13-action news live at 11.. we'll tell you how you have fun with your family this weekend by taking advantage of a freebie. plus... a hairy situation for police.... after a beauty supply store is broken into!!! what they say.... the crooks got away with!!! if you're looking to get
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor,
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a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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president's day holiday.. admission will be free. other fees like overnight camping and group day use still apply. a bizarre crime... out of cleveland heights tonight.. where police say... crooks have stolen.... more than... -15- thousand dollars worth of hair weaves! the thieves..... smashed in the front door and swiped dozens of packs of top-shelf brazilian and indian
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the owner says... the crooks knew exactly what they were doing.... and... took only the most expensive brands.... he carried. police say... the extensions are then sold... on the streets. so far... police have no suspects. we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your weekend weather
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las vegas is in forthe same as friday for both overnight lows and afternoon highs. tonight expect low temperatures around 48 with highs tomorrow around 74, both within 1 of our high and low for today. finally tonight.. a kansas couple's funny ultrasound is going viral. expecting parents..... vanessa and dave watson shared a video of their unborn baby hitting himself..... during a visit to the doctor's office. at one point.... little edward james.... punches himself so hard.... he's knocked backwards.
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the specialist says.... this was the first time..... in her -20- years of reading ultrasounds.... that she had seen something.... like this. that's our news for tonight.. but please stay with us for jimmy kimmel live up next.. followed by nightline. our next reports begin.... at -5- a-m... on "good morning las vegas". thank you for watching.. and... from all of us at 13 action news... good night.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm so happy that you dressed. groundhog day.


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