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tv   Action News Special Edition  ABC  February 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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so... what else about me?
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trying to get them to trap earlier. so valuable time didn't get wasted. the steal, the near turnover and the prigioni three makes it a one-possession game and steve kerr goes back to his starters. >> they have a foul to give. there's the foul on curry with 4.6 remaining. now golden state will inbound again. clippers do have a couple of timeouts remaining. golden state has one timeout left. >> this game was all but over. they were talking about the next step for golden state. the clippers reserves, iguodala looking, looking. inside. the ball is knocked away. picked up by wilcox. wilcox puts it up, won't go, and the game ends! how about that.
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and force overtime. doc rivers could even smile about it. golden state survives the final couple of minutes. >> good job of active hands and denying the basketball. keep it away from curry, away from thompson. force a turnover. wilcox actually has a chance to send this game into overtime. had open shooters on the wing. >> he should have passed the ball, but what a great run by the clippers. >> just another golden state/l.a. clippers game. klay thompson led scores with 32. he's with lisa. >> thank you, mike. klay, what happened? it seemed like this game was over. what happened? >> we got careless with the ball and before you know it they scored 8 points in about 20 seconds. got to learn from it and learn it's a 48-minute game. they're never going to stop fighting. >> you got the win and before the game you told us you could not have another game like last
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so what was different tonight for most of the game? >> the intensity here was special. it's crazy, it's the regular season. it's always fun to play the clippers. electricity in this building got us up and ready for 48 minutes and our turnovers, too. we didn't have 13 turnovers in a quarter like we did last night. >> you did have 30-plus assists tonight. for the 28th time which is a franchise record for you guys, what does that say about your team and all the assists that you had night after night. >> that's just how we play. we modelled the offense after sharing the ball. it's contagious when one person moves on and the next guy gets an open shot. it's always going to come back to them. 30 assists is crazy. it's a testament to how unselfish we are. >> a win is a win, so congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike, back to you. >> lisa, the win makes them 49-5
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much more nba action on espn coming up wednesday. at 8, wizards and bulls. then the sturs and kings. coverage begins at 7:30. wild finish as the warriors hold off the clippers 115-112. for jeff, mark, lisa, our producer and director and our wonderful abc crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching as the warriors defeat the clippers for the third time this season in three games.
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the nba finals. our top story in the special
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big political winners. republican donald trump easily takes the first in the south primary in south carolina, while jeb bush bows out and hillary clinton wins the first in the west nevada caucuses. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm steve wolford. >> i'm trisha kean. national media started reporting hillary's win early in the day and right now she is 53% of the vote in nevada followed by bernie sanders with 47. that's with 90% of the precincts reporting. >> while sanders supporters are disappointed in his loss today, he told a large crowd he came a long way in only five weeks when they were trailing clinton by 25 points. he says that's why nobody should count him out. >> i believe that when cats assembled in july at that
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the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> sanders also told supporters that his results in nevada give his campaign a huge lift going into south carolina and then onto super tuesday. >> i think people are a little disappointed, but energized because they believe he will get a couple of wins tuesday. >> sanders is on his way to south carolina for an uphill fight with the latest polls show him trailing by 20 to 30 points. for hillary clinton, today's victory is worth more than convention delegates. she needed this win to curb bernie sanders' momentum after 20-point win in new hampshire. martha is joining us with more on that. >> reporter: more caucus goers showed upped the party insiders expected but not nearly as much as 2008. that's something his supporters believe.
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because he can't deliver on his promises. >> i think her plans are -- have substance and she isn't promising things she can't, like, give us. and i think that from what i've seen a lot today, like there is a lot of signs about free college and bernie and stuff, but that's just not really what's going to happen even if he did get the nomination. >> this was clinton's second win in the nomination in nevada. she won at least 19 delegates. sandsers, at least 15. she's also had an overall delegate count because of endorsements from super delegates. today she used her feature victory speech to contrast herself, saying that unlike sand issues she's not focused just on the economy, but on a full range of problems like immigration reform and improving education and also combating racism. >> don't you think it's time to face head on the reality of systemic racism and those that have been left out and left
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criminal justice system, our immigration system. >> reporter: we saw clinton's victory speech at the sanders watch party with sanders supporters. she got a lot of boos. people there saying that she was stealing all of his talking points. you're going to hear from them at 8:30. reporting live, 13 action news. >> thank you. our team coverage continues with another big talker tonight. the long lines at every caucus station across nevada. look at this. this is the madness in reno. it wasn't just the northern part of the state with lots of people. here you have las vegas chaos. thousands of people showed up to vote in our city. organizers tried their best to keep it under control. >> you guys, thank you for your patience. please keep walking. >> reporter: one of our employees reported standing in line for an hour and a half before getting into a caucus location in the northwest. on your screen right now, you
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reno in the top right and the rest are high schools in las vegas. a 13 action news viewer spoke with a man who says the caucus just isn't working in nevada. >> you guys, thank you for your patience. please keep walking. >> democrats are reporting a drop in turnout since the first day caucus in 2008. 117,600 people came out to caucus today. only 80,000 voted. >> social media is giving us a different perspective on today's caucuses with twitter lighting up as soon as the caucus locations opened at 11 a.m 13 action news anchor leslie shows us how it all went down on social media. >> we got hundreds of pictures, tweets and videos sent to us from viewers across the valley. what was hard to narrow down just which ones to show you, these really do paint the best picture of what people were met with the second they went to caucus. this taken by 13 action news reporter parker collins.
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people huddled together. this is at dell web middle school in henderson. and it looked a lot the same over in chaparral high school. this is where you'll find long lines of people just waiting to get their voices heard. over at another school, still groups and groups of people. some of these places had computer issues, which was causing these long lines. but these long lines, a good sane we're having a good turnout for this year's caucus. as always, send us your pictures and videos today of the caucus or through social media #icontribute. in studio, 13 action news. >> as we all know, hillary supporters celebrated across the valley. their party was more alive than the clinton rally at caesar's palace where she thanked her supporters after winning big on the las vegas strip. michael burton tweeting pictures all night at the caucus action.
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be louder as the winner of nevada's democratic caucus took the stage, reminding the audience that she isn't the only winner. >> men and women with kids to raise, bills to pay and dreams that won't die. this is your campaign. >> reporter: sanders won if reno and rural parts of the state, but clinton ran up the score in las vegas, including wins at all six casino caucus sites on the las vegas strip, despite three out of four young voters supporting sanders, clinton says she too is fighting for the next generation. >> we see a rising generation of young people coming of age in a world where opportunities seem out of reach. >> reporter: clinton and her husband spent much of the past week visiting the casinos and rounding up support from minority voters, women over 45, and union members. >> hillary is for all equality and equality for all.
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see so much that isn't working the way it should. we see grandparents forced to choose between paying rent and buying medicine. >> which is why this battle to win is so important to her. >> the fight goes on. the future that we want is within our grasp. thank you all. god bless you! >> reporter: clinton's win gives momentum going into south carolina's democratic primary on tuesday. michael burton, 13 action news. >> a lot happening in south carolina where donald trump is celebrating another win and jeb bush is out. that's right. tonight's victory for trump comes on the heels of the win in new hampshire, giving him more momentum going into tuesday night's nevada caucuses. >> my father is an incredibly hard worker and he'll be working for each and every one of you. >> together we'll make america great again. >> that was one of donald's daughters. jeb bush leaves the race after a
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which couldn't raise him out of the bottom tier of candidates. he finished in single digits, along with john kasich and ben carson. continuing our talk on politics, especially the caucus process, maria lieberman joining us once again. we're looking ahead to the tuesday caucuses for the republicans and the big breaking story right now, the republican cast will be traveling a little lighter with the departure of jeb bush. different numbers of candidates now as opposed to today. just two candidates in the process. how does that differ when you go to a caucus? >> that will make things interesting because now -- >> more groups of people. >> now you're going to have a group of people that need to be persuaded by their neighbors to go on and choose a new candidate. and here in nevada, we have an
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it's going to be interesting to watch on tuesday where nevada's republicans decide to go to. >> how do you see the republican caucus goers breaking out compared to the democratic caucus goers today? >> it's really hard to point. i think you're going to see -- nevada is a diverse state overall for both parties. i think you're still going to see a lot of probably one of the most diverse republican races is going to be here. >> do you see as much enthusiasm among young people for the republicans? >> yeah. here in nevada you have all the candidates, marco rubio, donald trump, they have very, very active people here. you see them on social media, in the community at events. we see them -- i see them all the time when we're at events together. so you have a really enthusiastic group of people that are going to be out on tuesday. >> want to make any predictions on how the gop caucus is going
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donald trump way ahead in the polls. >> yeah. >> in nevada. >> yeah. >> that second and third place there was tight in south carolina today with cruz and rubio. hue do you think that will fall in nevada? >> it will be i think in nevada what you're going to see is the candidate with the strongest and most organized campaign is going to take it and a lot of people are saying that cruz is running a very good campaign. nevada needs a strong campaign, a strong ground game. so i think we'll see cruz, but it will be a squeaker. >> we'll know on tuesday night. >> we'll know on tuesday. that's the only poll that counts. >> very true. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. 13 action news is your place for the best political coverage. it's your voice, your vote. stay with us for updates later this half hour. and in the meantime, you can get immediate updates on an entire town in idaho is trapped after a landslide with
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truck catches fire in las vegas, sending a column of smoke into miles. >> from contact 13, this year's hottest toy back in the headline >> you always think it won't happen to you. it could happen. i don't think it's worth it. >> the action taken by the federal government to protect you and your kids. hottest toy? take a look. 50s for later on tonight. we're still dry. we're still warm.
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i'll have no injuries reported following this massive fire at a mill in southern massachusetts. this video gives you an idea of just how intense these flames were. firefighters responded early this morning after getting a call from a passer-by. that building, which was empty,
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they arrived. more news about the popular hover board. the toys made national headlines for reportedly catching fire across the country. that's right. matt gutman shows us how the federal government is ruling all hover boards sold here in the u.s. as unsafe. >> they've spontaneously come busted in malls and park paths. >> it's on fire! >> reporter: been blamed for house fires and banned on airplanes. the government cracking down. >> it is irresponsible for a company to continue to sell hoverboards that they know do not comply with the standards. >> reporter: and since my single one has been certified as safe, the consumer product safety commission warns consumers risk serious injury or death if their scooters ignite and burn. 52 boards have burned since december. this couple's nashville home reduced to ashes after a hoverboard caught fire. >> we always think it won't
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i don't think it's worth the risk. >> reporter: it was the hottest item on many christmas lists. selling one every 12 seconds. would you let one of your own children ride one is this. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: which is why they say the first thing to do is take these away from your kids. then go to your retailer and demand a refund. at least one retailer, amazon, is honoring refunds. of the 12 companies contacted by abc news, only one, swagway, offered a statement, saying we have been actively working with the cpsc on the investigation of hoverboards. we also have been actively conducting r and d on our own and are continuing to work on improving our product features, including enhanced safety, which remains a top priority for us. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. burning mail truck near
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t. started at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. no word on injuries or how it started. as you can see, there was a lot of damage. that truck pretty much totaled. 13 action news is getting some new information on a juvenile hit by a vehicle at about 2:30 this afternoon near campbell and elkhorn. the girl is listed in stable condition tonight. metro says the driver did stay on the scene. new developments on a landslide in idaho that cut off an entire town. the landslide is blocking the only road in and out of elk city. 15-tons of debris ended up on the highway. no word on when it might reopen. nobody was hurt in the landslide. authorities say the 250 people living in elk city are taking the temporary isolation in stride. see what happens nine months later. a couple of babies. i'm being serious. take a look. what to do this week and what to do with all the great weather. i'll tell you that.
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so maybe this is just a little too hot for you, go up to the upper elevations. still pretty mild. red rock tomorrow, if you're doing a hike, 72. bring water. that heat will sneak up on you. 58 henderson at this point. winds out of the south 7 miles per hour. so very light wind. pick up some breezes for tomorrow. it will be a little breezy at times. 73 to end the day. not record setting. that's okay. well above normal. should be in the 60s and those will be pleasant temperatures for this time of year. high pressure is built in. talk about that big blue h all the time. we're compressing the air. so we're scouring out clouds usually. we're heating things up by compression usually. things work pretty well in our favor. but high pressure strong can be kind of weak. it will be strong for the next day or two through monday. then it will start to weaken, not be as strong as we get cooler air into the picture. it will cool us down effectively, but we won't feel cool. it will just feel not 70s. as you can feel that. the skin could feel that, you'll
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let me show you for tonight. middle to upper 40s. so very nice overnight low. afternoon highs, what a bonus, middle 70s. mountain's edge, 75. mccarron at 76. beautiful. again for tomorrow, pick up a little breeze. maybe into early next week as well. but maybe a large breeze, even gusty when we drop temperatures below the 70-degree mark. overnight lows 50s essentially. afternoon highs, mostly 70s through early next week. very close to a record. the record on monday is 77. we're calling for 76. we're going to be very close to records and what's interesting is the next day we'll be dropping the temperatures back down again. you can see how we ramp them back up for the end of the week into the weekend with overnight lows staying in the 50s and a lot of sunshine up ahead. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. the animal foundation is offering more than 400 free spay or newter appointments on tuesday. it's all part of world spay day.
8:27 pm
must make an appointment with the animal clinic. your local bus route could be changing starting tomorrow. >> also a brand-new car bursts into flames. more on the one warning sign the owner got that something might have been wrong. to keep you informed 24/7, sign up for breaking news e alerts.
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clicking on the contest >> a newly purchased mercedes into frame on a bridge in portland and all caught on camera. the owner says he just bought the car last week and was driving down the road when the engine light came on. the car suddenly stalled and when he tried to start it again, the engine caught fire, bursting into flames. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. changes. the max is ending its service on north las vegas boulevard. rtc will expand their service to pick up their riders starting tomorrow.
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every 15 minutes. 35 outstanding teenage volunteers got to be the stars of a spring fashion show today at the meadows mall. they were there on the invitation of macy's. they were representing groups which providing hundreds of volunteer service to the community. coming up on 13 action news, more on the race for the white house. we'll take a closer look at the big winners and one candidate who went from frontrunner status to the latest person to drop out. plus, two morning shootings in las vegas. the desperate hunt for the gunman. and reminder, don't forget to download the mobile app. it's all free and let's you watch action news video anywhere you have local service. a reminder, we're now streaming our newscast at
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informed on
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hillary clinton takes nevada. clinton easily defeated rival bernie sanders this afternoon in nevada's first in the west caucus. >> and in the south, it's donald trump pulling out a win. his second this season. plus a major bombshell. jeb bush drops out of the race. good evening, everybody and thank you for joining us. i'm trisha kean. >> i'm steve wolford. this is a bittersweet night for bernie sanders who fell to hillary clinton today by about six points in nevada. but he was very quick to remind his supporters earlier today that only five weeks ago, they were trailing by a whopping 25 points. 13 action news reporter was at sanders' concession speech earlier today. she joins us now overlooking the strip with more. >> reporter: coming off of strong showings in iowa and new hampshire, sanders supporters told me they fully expected that he was going to win today. they say the race is still close. this is not over.
8:36 pm
clinton is just not authentic. >> that we have received today. super tuesday, we have got an excellent chance to win any of those states. >> reporter: and you're going to hear from clinton supporter coming up right now, but she was basically arguing how clinton was taking bernie sanders' talking points. sanders held his watch party in henderson. the crowd was smaller than we're used to. perhaps because he took the stage early. the winner becoming clear sooner than expected. he did talk about that huge gap that was close here in the state. he reiterated his message about social and economic justice, about reforming the, quote, corrupt campaign finance system, the rigged economy and this is what one supporter had to say
8:37 pm
>> these are bernie's talking points that she has adopted as her own. two months ago she wasn't speaking like this. that makes me worry about her credibility and her honesty. >> reporter: sanders is already on a plane headed to south carolina where he faces a very uphill battle. reporting live, 13 action news. >> thank you. senator harry reid spoke at the downtown container park tonight and the biggest news there may have been what he didn't say. many were expecting an endorsement from reid for hillary clinton. but the senator said he's going to wait on making his choice until he gets back to washington. he says he's held off on an endorsement not to distract from today's caucus and to keep the focus on voter turnout. 13 action news asked reid how to keep that voter turnout high come november. he says it depends on who the republicans nominate. >> if it's going to be trump, cruz, or rubio?
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high turnout. >> reed said he was satisfied with how the caucuses went today and especially that the republicans didn't do anything to sabotage the voting. a few unpleasant surprises at some of the caucus locations today. for a lot of people today the voting process was not an easy one. many of these people were caucusing for the very first time today, computer issues, plus a very high turnout of people coming to caucus led to long lines and a lot of waiting patiently. >> are you surprised by these lines? >> yes, i am. last time i was here supporting hillary, too, and it wasn't a fraction of this. >> frustrated viewers from all over the valley sent us pictures and videos from their caucus locations of the chaos. welcome back. a big day in nevada politics. big day for hillary clinton as well, winning the nevada democratic caucuses. joining us now is maria lieberman, with battle born progress. she's the deputy director.
8:39 pm
are involved in is turning out the vote. how would you rate it today? how did you do? >> today was an overwhelmingly great day for turnout. you saw a lot of new voters, a lot of young voters that were energized by their candidate. you also saw a lot of minority voters come out. you saw 12% of our electorate was african-american. you had overwhelming turnout for latino voters that we never seen before. and that was a great day for us because our organization really aims to turning out people that belong to the new american majority and getting them to talk about their issues. >> you had an exceptionally high percentage of first-time caucus goers. how do you think their experiences with the caucus process and would they end up being supporters some day to do a primary? >> well, it was a learning curve
8:40 pm
you had a lot of new people engaged in the process for the first time and the caucus is such an interesting process to choose a candidate. >> you're being very political about calling it interesting. >> yes. so for a lot of people, i'm sure that there is going to be debate about what works better for us. this is the first caucus since 2008. so it's still a new process. >> it's whole different process. in a primary, you make up your mind, you walk up to the booth, cast your vote. >> here it's a meeting with your neighbors and you're talking about your candidate and the issues and -- >> you're subject to persuasion. >> exactly. >> that makes it differently. sort of like a debate after all >> exactly. so it was a very interesting day today for new voters to actually engage in the process, but meet their neighbors neighbors neighbors and actually talk about their candidate and this election.
8:41 pm
officials to decide what's best, whether a primary or caucus. but the good thing about the caucus is that it does get people to talk about not just their candidate, but why they choose a candidate they are caucuses for and the issues that they care about. and actually today i thought my precinct, people were making friends. >> that's good. >> and walking outside, talking about the issues. >> usually politics has the opposite effect. >> there is a uniting factor in the caucus. >> maria, thank you for joining us. >> all right. here are some of your icontribute pictures. this viewer sent us this picture from mesquite where so many people turned up. the fire marshal had to step in and had to turn people away. gene sent thus picture of one packed caucus station where there was confusion over which line delegates should be in. matt jones september this picture -- sent this picture of eligible caucus goers being counted.
8:42 pm
south carolina to nevada while the democrats go from nevada to south carolina. meghan hughes has a look at the highs and lows for the candidates in the race and one who is now out. >> reporter: from the balance lot box to the caucuses, voters in two states choosing who they want to nominate for president. >> i voted forbear knee today. >> hillary. >> this is an abc news special report. >> abc news can project that hillary clinton will win the caucuses in that key state. hillary clinton will win nevada caucuses. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> reporter: clinton's victory a big one after the bruising defeat in new hampshire. the loss tough for the sanders campaign, especially heading into south carolina where clinton holds a big lead. >> here in nevada they work waged a aggressive campaign and i applaud them for their efforts.
8:43 pm
it's crunch time. >> reporter: in south carolina, as predicted, it was a win for donald trump on the republican side. the battle to stay in the top three could save or sink several campaigns. >> in south carolina the important spots are win, place and show. >> reporter: jeb bush planned to be in nevada tomorrow. >> could anything change that plan? >> we'll see. we'll see. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich already left, setting his sights on super tuesday. >> i brought the warm weather to vermont from down in south carolina. >> reporter: officials here in south carolina are expecting a record turnout. that record set in 2012 with more than 600,000 voters. meghan hughes, abc news, columbia, south carolina. other republicans were doing some last minute campaigning in south carolina. john kasich was holding a town hall meeting in vermont. the ohio governor took a shot at donald trump by saying he wanted to run a positive campaign and
8:44 pm
>> for me, i'm going to run a positive campaign whether i win or not. i want all the democrats i can get. okay? don't we want to bring people together? that's what reagan did. >> kasich finished second to donald trump in new hampshire earlier this month. vermont republicans will head to the polls on super tuesday, march 1. with south carolina in the rearview mirror, the republican campaigns minus jeb bush, are turning their attention to the nevada caucuses tuesday. marco rubio will hold a rolly in north las vegas. then he'll head to other areas on monday. the republican caucuses are tuesday evening. texas senator ted cruz will hold a campaign stop tomorrow at draft pick sports bar at 2 p.m cruz will also be appearing at the durango hills community center in summerlin on monday at 11 a.m. in washington, thousands gathered today to say good-bye to supreme court justice antonin scalia.
8:45 pm
morning at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. his son, paul, delivered the mass. his long-time friend, justice clarence thomas, read from the book of romans and the new testament. scalia died last saturday while visiting texas. he was 79 years old. basketball players at buffalo state college took to the court last night with heavy hearts after the death of a teammate. a moment of silence was held before the game in memory of bradley doyley. the 21-year-old was a member of the basketball team and a senior business major. he died on thursday after an incident at a fraternity. his teammates and coach are in disbelief. >> he was like a son. it's like losing a family member. >> i don't believe it was his time to go. he was one of the nicest guys that i knew. like i said, from the time i stepped on campus, to me, it's way too soon. >> doyley's cause of death is still unknown.
8:46 pm
suspended while police investigate not only his death, but an allegation of hazing at an offcampus location. former subway pitchman jared fogel is hoping for a shorter prison sentence. his lawyers are arguing under his plea deal, prosecutors greed to a 12 1/2 year sentence, but the judge later sentenced him to 15 years. fogel pleaded guilty o a number of charges, including child exploitation and distributing child pornography. f.b.i. terrorism experts are investigating the shooting of two new york city police officers early saturday morning. the officers were shot while responding to reports of gun fire in brooklyn. upon arriving, authorities say the suspect started firing at officers. one was hit in his bullet proof vest. the other struck in the hip. both men were taken to the hospital. they're expected to survive. the other officer was taken to the hospital in critical condition. he may have extremist ties.
8:47 pm
puppies are safe thanks to firefighters who rescued them. the building caught fire in miami, florida. the dogs were suffering from smoke inhalation when rescuers got to them. officials say four puppies are still missing, but they were able to revive the others. >> they were in severe respiratory distress. our crews started using the pet mask that we keep on the trucks. we started administering oxygen and tried to save them. >> officials say the fire may have started in the kitchen of the apartment unit. abc is going inside the wonderful world of disney. we'll take a special look at the park that you'll only see on channel 13. plus plans for a high speed rail in california get pushed back. and then gunman on the run. police investigating two morning shootings and they need your help. we'll have more on that. wait 'til you see the string of temperatures i'm going to show you, especially where we've been.
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i'll have an update on a story we
8:51 pm
on 13 action news this morning. police say a man was shot and killed in the valley's northeast side and may have been the victim of a robbery. officers responded to shots fired at about 1:00 a.m. near lake mead and marion. the victim was issued to umc where he later died. he was walking down the street and he was confronted by somebody. still no information on a suspect. shots were also fired early this morning at a gold coast casino on flamingo near valley view. nobody was hit. the suspects managed to get away before police arrived. detectives are looking at surveillance video now for any leads about the suspects and a motive. the plans for a multi-billion-dollar high speed rail project in california are changing. project planners announced instead of starting passenger service, the first trains will now run from san jose to near bakersfield. >> this is really just a math issue. we know we have in round numbers
8:52 pm
we can build the north with that. >> the southern section of the high speed rail path will come a few years later. the new plan also pushes back the start of passenger service to 2025. they're going the wrong way. here is where all the great weather is. you're going the wrong way. at least this week. and next week. >> we need our bullet train, too. >> yes, we do. we're political here, too. take a look. let me show you the month at a grans. i love this. look at all that red. look at that. that means above normal. blue, below normal. way. the gray, one day's worth, 61. that's just abnormal. anything but normal. really the next week, i could probably fill in with all red again. you'll see that coming up in the seven-day. you'll love that. so for tomorrow, calling for 76. that's the forecast. the record set back in the 70s, probably going to stand. 80 degrees. then monday shows up. forecast 76. 77 the record back in 61.
8:53 pm
tying it. just getting very close. skimming it. just a little bit. 57 degrees boulder city. exact same point we were this time yesterday. no change in the temperature there. feels wonderful. winds are relatively calm. they should pick up a ill bit for tomorrow. 61 north las vegas. exactly where we were this time yesterday. temperatures holding steady. that's all you really want when you start getting 70s. you don't mind if we stay in the 70s, but you don't necessarily want to go down to the 60s, although those are still very nice this time of year and considered normal this time of year. we were going to get there. let me show you what we've got to do to get there. high pressure is on board. no little disturbance could really make its way in the picture here. at least not cruising across the pacific northwest. jet streams to the north, high pressure built in. by monday, it's strong enough to keep us warm. jet stream is out of the way. that's really far enough north to keep all the storms to the north. look what happens for tuesday. a little buckling down to the south. so even though we're not going to drag the system in, it's
8:54 pm
high pressure at bay. weaken it enough to drop the temperatures down below the 70-degree mark. that's our cooldown. one day. that's it. i think you'll enjoy. let me show you the next seven. let's do round robin. 80s for tomorrow. you saw 80s today in love -- lofland. 37 overnight. indian springs with 73 for the high. not bad. you can see mesquite, looking good. 75 for tomorrow. upper 70s as well. boulder city, very nice conditions. the 7-day, middle 70s tomorrow. where is our cooldown? tuesday. that's it. before we warm things back up again. i've been teasing the idea of a cooldown, but i cheated on that. it's really only one day. a little dip. >> we're back up again.
8:55 pm
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new tonight, a woman floating down an icy river is
8:58 pm
the whole scene was caught on camera. firefighters lowered ropes and a ladder for the woman to grab onto. but both were too slippery. thankfully she was able to grab onto the wall. the rescue boat finally reached her with no time to spare. >> we ended up losing the ladder and her. by that time the boat hadn't made it up here. we picked her up at the stairs. probably another two minutes. she wouldn't have been able to hang on much longer. >> crews aren't sure if she jumped or fell into the icy river. she was taken to a nearby hospital where she's being treated for hypothermia. they're being sued because of a review they left on yelp. while they were on vacation, they hired prestigious pets to watch their two dogs and fish. they got worried when their house alarm was turned off and they couldn't get ahold of anyone. >> i can't reach the walker personally. i had to e-mail through the company.
8:59 pm
potentially wrong, you want to address it right then. >> the woman posted a 500 word, one star review on yelp, complaining about communication problems and confusing fees. the company demanded they take the review down and when they refused, they were slapped with a $6,700 lawsuit. prestigious pets says it's in its contract not to trash the company and the woman posted false and misleading statements. >> wow. seeing a lot more of that lately. all right. brian has another look at your weekend forecast in just a bit. >> you're watching 13 action news where you ask and we


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