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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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mead where this man was killed. gina? lesley- the man was 100 steps from his home when police say he was gunned down. now all that's left is this memorial....showing where he died. "it's the worst experience i ever ever been through."' maria diaz woke up to a knock on her door from police at 2 in the morning saturday. she couldn't have predicted the conversation with the officer that was about to unfold. "did you hear a shot?? and i said no. did you hear the ambulance? no....did you hear cops? no." just 45 minutes before that -- police say -- 60-year old heriberto diaz marcial was shot and killed -- right around the corner from his house. "why would he got killed. i just want an answer from someone. i don't understand why he got shot." what exactly happened in the moments leading up to his death is unclear. she's asked neighbors -- but their stories vary.
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running and somebody was chasing him." police are saying it may have been a robbery gone wrong. "i don't know what is true and what is not true." (((butted to))) "i'm begging. i'm begging. someone that knows to please come out and say something." now.... maria is left with her two kids. her 12 year old daughter. and 17 year old son. "they still need him! you know. he's here. but he's not here anymore." maria says her husband was a wonderful wonderful man. "my husband was a good man. he was a good employee. he was a good husband. he didn't fight with anybody. he was a good human being." (((butted to))) "i was always cha cha cha and he was always quiet and listening. so i was so spoiled from him." police have no one in custody right now and really need you to come forward if you heard or saw anything early saturday morning. reporting live gina lazara 13
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new tonight.. a las vegas man is in a coma after a suspected hit and run. police found trent turnbo's body friday morning near tropicana and jones. now turnbo's mom is facing the fact she may lose her son. karen turnbo (mother) 17: 01:29-17:07:10 i think i'm going to lose my son. i don't know.. he's my baby. karen turnbo says she was at work when she heard police found a body. she says her concern was instant. trent didnt' come home from work that morning she says-- he had just started a new job and the former bonanza high school student was saving to go back to school. tonight, the family just wants whoever is resonsible to turn themselves in. if anyone's seen this, please come forward or the man himself, come forward and let us know that you didn't mean to. karen says her son is improving.. but the progress is slow. the turnbo's have a gofundme set up in trent's name to help
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you'll find a link to the page on our an 13 action news update tonight a bicyclist is now dead following an early morning crash the 59-year-old was struck by a man driving an off road vehicle on saint rose parkway near the i-15 north ramp. the driver then overcorrected his polaris after hitting the cyclist and rolled the vehicle. he was taken to u-m-c with non-life threatening injuries and is being investigated for driving under the influence. a ccsd teacher accused of physically abusing at least one autistic student is expected in court. james doran's bench trial is scheduled for tomorrow morning. police arrested doran in august at forbuss elementary school. the american red cross is helping an adult and three chidlren after a fire destroys their apartment. fire crews got the call early this morning.. officials it started on the second floor of the "le fiesta apartments" near owens and lamb. we're told there's 20 thousand
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the cause of the fire is still under investigation. right now the first of the gop candidates running for president are in nevada, marco rubio held a rally at texas station casino in north las vegas. 13 action news reporter david schuman is live with how the republican senator's--life story ---could help him in tuesday's caucuses. david there were celebrity endorsements tonight, a lot of energy and optimism but the truth is...marco rubio is facing an uphill battle to win the nomination. he's counting on his nevada roots to help win over voters here. sot 22:27:30 marco rubio (r) florida "it was the place that allowed us to find the american dream all over again. las vegas las vegas southern nevada and the state for us will always be a place of new beginnings and second chances and a new start" run 12 nats rubio really connected with the crowd tonight when he talked about his fathers experience as
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it was an energetic environment in there...helped along by some celebrity appearances. donnie wahlberg from the band new kids on the block was there and said rubio will be the first republican he's ever voted for. the florida senator's speech tonight was a mix of policy ideas --like downsizing the federal government -- and his own family history. rubio said we're losing the american dream...and we'll lose it for good if he isn't elected. he alluded to his parents and how hard they worked as an enough money to own a home and retire with dignity and give their kids a chance to be anything they wanted to be" run 9 rubio came in second place in yesterday's south carolina primary. the polls - donald trump -- will be in las vegas tomorrow. reporting live..david schuman 13 action news. now that florida governor jeb bush has dropped out of the race, nevada senator dean heller says he's endorsing heller said he's become
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conservatives and beat the democrats in the general election. heller will be joining rubio as he campaigns ahead of tuesday's caucuses. rubio's competitor.. ted cruz is in the valley as well. his rally in pahrump was interrupted. look at this. i need a cop here, i want to file charges." that man reached out to 13 action news. he says.. he is not a heckler.. but was attacked! the pahrump resident says a stranger grabbed his throat! that's when he shouted for help. but the republican leader going into tuesday caucus-- is unmistakably donald trump. tonight.. the gop candidate's south carolina victory was a clean sweep.. with a double-digit win.. scoring all 50 of the state delegates! trump: "you know, i didn't know i was going to win by that much. and we won by a lot. /// that was sort of record- setting stuff."
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ahead of tuesday's caucus is tomorrow at the south point arena. it starts at seven. the culinary union that represents trump hotel employees is holding a protest on tuesday .. in front of the trump hotel las vegas. union leaders say management is fighting the efforts of employees.... to unionize. they say the company has refused to bargain with workers, instead tying up the process in a lengthy legal battle. the union's invited trump to meet with hotel employees while he's in town tomorrow. an important win for hillary clinton this weekend, too.. holding off bernie sanders in the nevada caucuses her margin of victory was a slim one.. taking the silver state with just five points to spare. but it included big support from african-american voters. the candidates today argued over who really won the critical latino vote. as i understand it we actually won the latino vote yesterday, which is a big breakthrough for us you know, that's just not what our analysis shows
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expeted to give clinton a big push at this saturday's primary in south carolina. sanders is already there.. trying to win over some of those votes. this evening the president hosted his last governor's gala. he kicked of the eveing with a little tease.. hinting.. his time in the white house is not over. so this is my final governors dinner -- at least my final one at president -- (laughter) i'm just kidding - that's a joke people, i wanted to see how michelle would react! dozens of our nation's governors are in washington, d-c right now for the national governor's association conference. new information tonight in the battle between the f-b-i and apple. the county government agenc-- that owned the i-phone at the heart of legal battle between
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department-- paid for but never installed a feature that would have allowed the f-b-i to easily and immediately unlock the phone. the phone is central to a terrorism investigation into the shootings that killed 14 people in san bernardino, california. if the technology had been installed, officials would have been able to remotely unlock the iphone for the fbi. the service only costs $4 per month per phone. now for a story you'll only see on 13 action news. pop superstar mariah carey finished up her recent string of shows at the colosseum at caesars palace last night. after the show, one-oak at the mirage hosted a party for her valley view live co-host megan telles caught up with her on the red carpet where she raved about her residency here in las vegas. mariah carey 18:14:05-18:14:23 "it's been so much fun, amazing fans, i can't even explain it. fans from china, from all over, taiwan, europe. now i'm going to europe, people are like we got ticktes before we knew you were going to europe."
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residency in june. and you can see more of this exclusive one-on-one interview on channel 13 tuesday morning during ok! tv. a child is left hanging from a chair lift! the dramatic ending to an attempted rescue. plus.. investigators in kalamazoo michigan on the hunt for answers after a deadly rampage shots fired. we have one confirmed victim right now. the accused killer.. an uber driver! and his last customer is describing the trip. and.. the u-s has a pothole problem.
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with the safety bar up, he had dropped a ski pole and slid out trying to catch it. then... that dramatic moment, volunteer rescuers holding out a tarp and urging him to let go. he was not hurt. moving now to that shooting spree in michigan.. and the man who says he was the accused uber driver's last rider before he opened fire. matt mellen/ "we were driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and when we came to a stop, i jumped out the car and ran away." matt mellen says he even called 911. that deadly rampage leaves six dead..including a teacher..
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dad. a teenager is the only one to survive. she is in critical condition. the suspecut.. jason dalton is now behind bars. and kalamazoo police are releasing the first communication between officers as the shooting goes on. dispatch all units ? suspect vehicle in a shooting... last seen at cracker barrel. 45 year old dalton had no criminal record and worked as an uber driver. tonight uber in a statement saying: "we are horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence?we have reached out to the police to help with their investigation in any way that we can." dalton's expected in court tomorrow afternoon. new tonight.. a inmate in a nevada prison died yesterday at the hospital inside the carson city prison. this is ronnie hall. he was in jail..convicted of burglary. an autopsty is expected. one person is in serious condition--tonight -- after a hit and run accident. metro telling us this happened
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charleston near maryland parkway. they say the victim wasn't using the crosswalk at the time he was hit. the driver took off but was followed by a witness. metro caught up to the suspect... that person was arrested for felony hit and run....and suspiscion of d-u-i. another fire broke out overnight, destroying a family home. it happened around 12-thirty this morning near arville and flamingo. clark county firefighters say a stove caught fire - and then spread throughout the apartment. firefighters were able to knock it out quickly. no word yet on what caused that fire. developing around the world tonight.. ohio governor john kasich is blocking planned parenttood from receiving any state government money. the g-o-p presidential candidate signed a bill today, banning the state from contracting health services with any group that performs or promotes abortion. the bill doesn't specifically mention planned parenthood... but the group will effectively
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dollars in funding for healtprograms. many other republicans have been calling for defunding the group. pope francis is now calling for a one- year moratorium on the death penalty. he's proposing that catholic leaders suspend the practice during the holy year of mercy. that push for forgiveness runs through november. the pontiff is also throwing his support behind a conference set to begin on monday... that he hopes, will help bring an end to capital punishment. new tonight.. the death toll from a ferocious cyclone over fiji--- now stands at 18. authorities are just now getting aid to some of the hard-hit outer islands. more than six-thousand residents are staying in emergency shelters. winds from cyclone winston --reached 177 miles per hour.. making itthe strongest storm in the southern hemisphere since record-keeping began. 13 action news is getting new pictures of the damage caused a wind storm around chicago.
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roof a gas station.. look at that.. it tore it right off it's base in the cement. expertes repoted wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour. it damaged office buildings downtown too... forcing officials to evacuate two of them. the wild swings in weather are damaging u-s roads! potholes like this are all over the east coast tonight. tonight gloria riviera reports.. drivers spend three-billion dollars a year fixing the damage they cause to our vehicles. script: broll montage potholes v/o: they are the craters on your commute causing serious damage. tonight.. cities and towns across the country are scrambling to fix the seemingly endless pothole epidemic. sot katrina downs, washington dc driver: // i hit a big one. i was scared that maybe i got a flat tire. v/o: roller coaster temperatures in part to blame. that freeze-thaw effect - causing ruptures especially in
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gfx a new report from triple-a finds in the last 5 years 16 million drivers nationwide have run into trouble. on average, paying 3-hundred dollars to fix the damage. sot collin harris: this will likely be out of pocket, yes. bumpy ride with one road manager who called it an ongoing battle. gr & pb in car: even in this big truck you can feel the potholes underneath. pb: yes you can. his crews...working 7 days a week. ps: we fill them and sometimes, uh, they come right back. gr: you can't fill them fast enough. pb: you cannot. dry and warm conditions are
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a cold front moving through the area will bring gusty north winds late monday through tuesday along with considerable cooling for tuesday. high pressure will lead to dry conditions with a warming trend wednesday through friday.
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dry and warm conditions are expected through monday. a cold front moving through the area will bring gusty north winds late monday through tuesday along with considerable cooling for tuesday. high pressure will lead to dry conditions with a warming
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buy bottled or boil. the message tonight in a texas town as another case of dirty
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condition. the water in crystal city, texas is no longer crystal clear. in fact, it's the exact opposite. dark-colored water has been flowing from city taps over the past few days. some residents say the water looks more like black sludge or oil. city officials say the color is coming from sediment that's leaking into distribution lines after a recent cleaning of the area's water tower. residents are being told to boil the water before drinking or using it. camille cosby is fighting to postpone the deposition against her husband, bill cosby. a judge granted her a hearing to argue postponing the it was set for tomrrow morning.. but camille's attorneys claim the event would create a media circus whose only purpose is to harass and embarrass her. camille was called give to give a deposition in a defamation suit brought by seven women against bill cosby. they claim he portrayed them as
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accused him of drugging or sexually assaulting them. rapper "50 cent" will have to explain his instagram pictures to a bankruptcy judge. he filed last year, but later posted pictures of himself with a pile of cash. one photo shows him with stacks of 100- dollar bills that could easily add up to 50-thousand dollars. a judge told his attorneys he has to come to court and explain. the rapper, whose real name is curtis jackson, says he's been driven into bankruptcy by lawsuits. claims against the rapper add up to 29- million dollars. nascar history is made.. with the closest finish in daytona history. and.. a first time winner. plus.. in the right place.. at the right time. i was really gone. and here i sit. a north carolina man.. thanking a group of complete
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this is hamlin's first big win. 0-09 denny hamlin 2016 daytona 500 winner it's the pinnacle of my career for sure. i haven't got a champion yet so this the biggest win for myself. martin tru-ex junior - came in second. now to a grocery store aisle where one man's heart.. started to give out.
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reports.. that's when complete strangers jumped into action . script: michael kiddy "i was really gone. and here i sit." michael kiddy knows he very nearly died that day ... the 60-year-old collapsed here ... a supermarket in valdese north carolina ... where he was stocking shelves when his heart stopped. sot: 9-1-1 call "i need an ambulance, he's not breathing? i have a young man here whose "i need an ambulance, he's not who was studying to be an emt ... he was in the store... and rushed over. he started administering cpr. james crossno, high school student "i checked his respirations and his pulse, we didn't have anything." two nurses happened to be grocery shopping too. they jumped into the rescue ... pushing on the chest of the man on the floor who now looked lifeless. erika micol & kristen carswell, nurses "he's laid out on the floor purple. he had no pulse, no respiration..." then ... valdese, cpr in progress, man ...
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but the life they were trying to save ... was his dad's. in the rush ... he didn't get a good look at the face under the oxygen mask. steve kiddy, valdese f.d. emt "it's a different experience once you realize it's a family member." well, now ... and thanking everybody who had a part in saving him. those who did their job ... and those who just happened by ... and jumped in to help. john donvan, abc news, washington. karla has another look at your work week forecast. but right now, here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching channel thirteen action news, where you ask. and we investigate.
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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