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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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back on nevada tonight.. ahead of tomorrow's nevada caucuses. ted cruz is in las vegas.. trying to pick-up last mite voters. anwe're oy minutes awy from the start of big donald trump rally at the south point. trump and cruz aren't the only gop presidential candidates in nevada right now. ben carson are also in town tonight.. while marco rubio campaigns in nominute efforts..... to lock up support ahead of the caucuses. we begin with bryan callahan... as the trump rally is getting ready to start in a half bryan we are still working to get into the south point where trump is expected to speak in about an hour.
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momentum from saturday's win in south carolina. he's hoping to hold off ted cruz and marco rubio in tomorrow's caucuses. he is expected to speak here at this event that is set to start at seven o'clock. we'll be working to stream the speech live on reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. live: this was ted cruz's only stop here in the las vegas valley today. and while he was met with support there were also those standing up against him. vo: take a look these
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for his position on public land rights. they were quickly escorted out. d continued-- cruz showed he has support from some big names including glenn beck and attorney general adam laxalt. live: cruz will spend the night in reno-- hoping he'll have the support to win tomorrow caucus. reporting from cheyenne and durango lesley marin 13 action news right now.. the wind is still kicking up across the valley.... blowing around all that pollen... 13 weather first... chief meteorologist bryan scofield... joins us with a look at whether the winds will blow out of here. a system moving across the windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow. expect peak gusts to about 40 mph this afternoon. the gusts will taper down a bit tonight and overnight before picking back up tomorrow morning. peak gusts tomorrow will reach about 35 mph and will start to
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afternoon. we're following new in a disturbing case of bullying in southern california.. where a partially paralyzed boy was tossed in a trash can. it happened at a high school in chula vista. friends say the boy.. who's paralized on his right side..
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anoter boy picked him up and dumped him in a trash can. then.. according to witnesses.. the bully called s friends over to laugh.. recorded it all.. and posted it on snapchat. chula vista police have spoken with the reported bully.. and also plan toalk with the vicitm. new at 6:30.. in response to the v-a's national wait time scandal..... congress created.... "the choice program".... to help veterans get the care they need.... sooner. mark greenblat reports.. now... we've heard from -34- whistleblowers.... inside the cincinnati v-a.... whopaint a picture of a hospital.... in disorder. in response to the v-a's national wait time scandal, congress created the choice program to help veterans get the care they ned sooner. ers at wcpo have heard from 34 whistleblowers tting slashed and reduced care for vets here's national investigative correspondent, mark greenblatt with veterans add additional elements to our websitte including indepth interviews, documents and interactives. log on to our website at
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--take package- hatfield: i decades later, when this runs = :51 - :57 "we don't have care, through veterans choice a new 10 billion dollar program intended to solve the national v-a wait time scandal. to qualify vets must live more than 40 miles away from a v-a hospital, or have waited longer than 30 days for an appointment. d says c name. hatfield i was very, very nave because i thought it meant that i had a choice (laughs) mark: you wanted to go to a specific place that did have neurosurgeons. hatfield: but instead was sent to a place that didn't have one. and that was at least just one of 30 times hatfield was bounced back and forth between phone calls and visits over 19 months between the va, the choice program, the clinic he wanted, and the clinic they sent him to. hatfield it's crazy. and vets across the nation had similar experiences...with pleas for help coming from colorado springs, maine, tampa all documenting how vets in the choice program still experience long wait
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appointments mark greenblatt scripps national investigative correspondent runs 1:34 - 1:46 but whistleblowers say - it's intentional. with some local va hospital leaders looking to choice dollars as an incentive to make their own books look good reducing staff even eliminating costly medical procedures - and forcing vets into the choice program.. susan ware nurse practitioner runs = 1:49 - 1:53 the funding comes from a different pot of money. so the administration doesn't view it as a cost to our va. susan ware has worked for 16 years in neurosurgery. and is one of 34 whistleblowers we heard from at the cincinnati v-a she says dr. barbara temeck, the acting chief of staff, began to squeeze employees out from neurosurgery ware : ...before dr. temeck came, we didn't have a backlog of problems with appointments. but ware says in 2014, temeck began looking at closing neurosurgery, and requested a cost benefit analysis. and we uncovered internal documents which reveal annually
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million to keep neurosurgery in house and an additional $4 - 7 million to send patients outside the v-a. but emails we've obtained show the hospital faced "...a potential large budget deficit" - and in feb of 2015 staff was told by regional director jack hetrick to find ways to "... improve operations and efficiency" he said "..the status quo is not an option." two months after that email ware says temeck... ware: ... called an emergency meeting at 730 at night with the surgeons. and, according to what i was told, she closed the service. whistleblowers say other services were hit too. dr. richard freiberg former chief of orthopedics runs = 3:25 - 3:29 i think this is shift of expense making the local institution look good. former chief of orthopedics richard freiberg says temeck targeted all of the hospital's surgical specialists in hip, shoulder, and knee replacements. freiberg: we were told that we were going to be reduced to 1
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and we confirmed last year just 54 hip shoulder and knee replacements took place in the hospital with 769 orthopedic referrals to choice. dr. temeck declined to comment. regional director jack hetrick would only speak to us, off camera. mark: if someone doesn't receive neurosurgery at the cincinnati va, or the cincinnati va was paying for it previously, now they can go to choice and another pot of cash would pay for it. hetrick: i guess you can look at it that way, sure. mark: is, under your leadership then is there a pattern and practice of not filling positions so that veterans go into the choice program? hetrick: absolutely not. u.s. rep. house veterans affairs committee runs = 4:05 - 4:13 what i don't want to see is jeff miller of florida chairs the house committee on veteran affairs. he's a big supporter of choice, and privatizing care to reduce wait times. but not like this. miller: it's very disconcerting that there are still those within the department that
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choice program was supposed to be a supplement, not to to take care of their veterans, well, they should it. (pre taped tag) mark greenblatt scripps national investigative correspondent runs 4:42 - 4:52 hospitals in other states who say the cost shift to choice is also occuring there. staff has not substantiated those allegations, but they are investigating. mark greenblatt, scripps news, in washington a judge is trying to decide if a lawsuit brought by the victims in the sandy hook elementary school massacre can go forward. adam lanza shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults in 2012. 9 families and a teacher who survived her gunshot wounds are suing the company that made the ar-15 rifle.. used in the attack. (nicole hockley- dylan hockley's mom)- he chose the ar-15 because he was aware of how many shots it could get out, since 2005.. a federal law has been in effect that protects gun makers
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weapons are used in crimes. a bizzare sight today in the san fernando valley.. when a small plane made a hard landing on a street in pacoima. the plane came down just outside whiteman airport.. plowing into several parked cars and ripping off one of the plane's wings. even so.. the pilot managed to walk away. no word on why the plane came-up short of the airport. thankfully.. no one was hurt. new at 6:30.. the runnin' rebels are heading north.... to boise state. u-n-l-v tips off..... against the broncos..... at eight. it's set to be a good game.... with the rebels at -16- and -12-.... and... boise state at -17- and -10-. a las vegas resort is getting some extremely high marks. this high rise on the strip now leads the pack with most 5-star awards in the world. plus.. trouble.... at lumber liquidators! the c-d-c announcing.... a big mistake.. that could make some flooring.... more dangerous to your health!!!
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big day. dow up 229 nasdaq up 66 sp500 up 28 all of the big gaming stocks rode the wave..
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and 6 percent. another strip hotel is getting some national recognition. forbes travel guide just awarded the tower suites at the wynn and encore las vegas a five star rating. the spa at the wynn is also getting five stars. wynn resorts has more five-star awards than any other independent hotel company in the world. forbes also gave five-stars to the wynn hotel in macau. the price of u.s. crude oil soared 7- percent today to 31-dollars a barrel. while that's helping the stock markets.. it probably won't bode well for gas prices. according to triple-a.. regular unleaded is selling for an average of 1- 97 a gallon. that's down 10-cents from last week. we're still 20-cents a gallon higher than the national average.. of 1-71 a gallon. now.... from contact -13-. a follow up to a story.... we've been tracking for months. the c-d-c now says....
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some flooring from lumber liquidators could have triple the amount of cancer-causing formaldehyde..... than once thought. todd walker is breaking down.... the new numbers.... and... what this means. pkg full= --todd looklive on cam-- lumber liquidators stock tanked today as news of its chinese-made flooring contained 3 times the levels of formaldehyde once thought.. which also more than triples its risk for giving you products first came out last year.. sparking federal investigations.. and prompting the company to stop importing products from china.. earlier this month the c-d-c released a report saying the levels of formaldehyde were high enough to cause respiratory and throat irritation.. but relatively low risk of cancer.. only 2 to 9 cases per 100 thousand people.. turns out.. government scientists forgot to convert feet to meters on the ceiling height.. so the levels are all 3.3 times higher.. which also boosts the cancer risk to 6 to 30 cancer cases per 100-thousand people. --todd looklive on cam-- the company's stocks tumbled 20 percent today following the news.. the company's c-e-o resigned
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the c-d-c's recommendations are simply to take steps to reduce exposure.. which includes ripping out any flooring that could be affected. for the now. i'm todd walker. right now... lumber liquidators is facing several class-action lawsuits. but... no criminal charges have been filed.... in connection to this health concern. the company stopped importing the flooring from china... last may. a system moving across the northern great basin will continue to bring breezy to windy conditions across the area tonight and tomorrow. expect peak gusts to about 40 mph this afternoon. the gusts will taper down a bit tonight and overnight before picking back up tomorrow morning. peak gusts tomorrow will reach about 35 mph and will start to taper down by the afternoon. the system will also bring a cooling for tomorrow to average forecast. highs in the upper 60s are expected wednesday, then mid and upper 70s thursday through next weekend. clear to mostly clear skies are in the forecast through saturday, then a bit more cloud
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coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13:
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11- 13 action news the countdown is on.. we're less than a week from one of the biggest award shows.... of the year.. "the oscars"! and.. the race for best actor is going to be a tight one.
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all-star list of nominees.. next.
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person is dead and anotheone person is dead and another person injured after an accident on the 160 near mountain springs.
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involved.. and at least one of them is a motorcycle. oscar week is underway and this year's list of nominess for "best actor" is stacked. these are the leading men fighting for oscar gold. brian cranston... matt damon... leonardo dicaprio... michael fassbender... and eddie redmayne... many insiders believe this year's favorite is dicaprio.. for his role in the "the revenant." he's already won several awards for the film.. including a golden globe and a sag award. find out if he takes home his first oscar.. sunday at 4pm.. only on channel 13. tomorrow is 'world spay day'. that means.... the animal foundation is offering more than..... 4-hundred free spay or neuter appointments. to take part.. just make an appointment for your pet.... with the animal foundation clinic. they will be open tomorrow....
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bryan has another look at your forecast... in just a bit. you're watching 13 action news.. where you ask we investigate.
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we hope to see you again later tonight... for action news.. live at 11. thank you for joining us. "inside edition" is next. have a great evening.. breaking news on a fatal crash. as many as four vehicles may be involved..
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first video. the uber driver accused of strangers. blow by blow, what happened. >> dispatch all units. >> and the warninthat went out on social media just 30 minutes before the rampage began. >> it's hard to believe that the guy was sitting just one foot away from us.
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bit. oh, i like that much better. who pulled the plug at the big donald trump rally? >> turn off the lights! turn off the lights! >> and, exclusive, the accused phony kid doctor speaks to "inside edition." >> how many patients has the clinic treated? >> imagine having the world think that you had 14 babies from 14 different men. >> how this innocent photo became a nightmare. 14 children. plus, "dancing with the stars" co-host erin andrews. >> seeking justice for what happened to her. and twins having twins again. >> we're having twins again. now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. a lot unanswered questions.


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