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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 25, 2016 2:07am-2:37am PST

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a"hire me." and the buzz word for your shot to win a new mini. >> and the little lady helping deliver a lamb. how she is taking on one stuff job. >> i'm super proud of her. rescuers never want to become the rescuees, but that is what happened here. a helicopter is hovering very low. they're trying to rescue a para paraglider and then everything
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a doctor, a pilot, and a firefighter were all on there doing their fwoes help the paraglider out. then you see it strike a street, lurch down, hit the ground, and topple over. there was certainly injuries related to this. the doctor in the helicopter and the paraglider are in the hospital because of this, but the pilot and firefighter only suffered minor injuries. here is the problem. keep watching the video and you notice some smoke -- >> don't tell me a fire started -- >> a fire did start. and that triggered a wild fire in this remote area. a very difficult spot to get to. that's why the helicopter was called in. this created a problem with fire now. they had to send in air tankers
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>> it's like a domino. more and more people have to be involved and that makes it dangerous. >> it boggles my mind that a road rage incident happened here because there is hardly anyone in the tunnel flp is a. there is a taxi on his rear who he says doesn't like his speed, and he keeps antagonizing the driver of this car. >> we get a license plate, they're not hard to find. >> right here they turn off on to a roadway. >> this guy clearly doesn't care. >> all of the time the cabi lost, he is wasting. time giving it back to him like that.
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he says he has it for evidence. no word if he turned it over to police. >> the woman in the next video started off in a taxi but ended up in a police car. this woman informs a taxy, the taxi driver said the woman was drinking in the back of the taxi and fell asleep. now she is in the back seat -- you see her launch herself at that female officer. she asking to call her uncle, who is the mayor, she is claiming.
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your job. then she begins sobbing. >> this is a nightmare, trying to sell yourself to a bunch of strangers. this kid has taken the idea to
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>> i bet the people were like, clap clap, but shouldn't you be applying for a more creative position? >> and he goes thereto software she can use saying hire me. >> how can you not hire the guy? >> he got a few key offers. you've got the job at it has up a few weeks and he
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i think he could make a business in creating video resumes for people. hey hey hey, it's that time, time to give away an ipad mini. >> you must be 18 and a legal u.s. resident. >> our buzz word is coming up in just a minute. >> stand by for the rtm give away. the worst luck with escalators. this one is very crowded, a bunch of people taking it instead of the stairs. look what happens in an instant. >> i freak out about that all of the time. you're thereon with a sea of
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the weight of these people. all of these people crashing on themselves at the bottom of the escalator. only high minor injuries. a guy stuck his camera up above and h h caught this. why he captured a wheel of a time. >> and a prankster hands a stranger water balloons. how things get heated. think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation
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itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bon closed captioning provided by --d for decades now, motorcycles have been putting smiles on my face for many reasons. like this kid, he may be having one of his first dirt bikes. one of the first things kids try
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>> he should get a helmet. >> that would be correct, he needs it. >> no, no, he almost collected it. he could not hang on. a small little crunch and -- >> the older brother or the dad behind the brother. >> probably the older brother. >> keep working on it, kid. you'll be a wheelie king in no time. this guy looking at a stream here. going through a road on an off road bike like this, that is what they're for. he doesn't commit right away. there is a big hole or bolder. he goes no!
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>> what would do you if a random stranger walked up to you and gave you water balloons. >> you start throwing. >> they find random people, and they drop the bucket and they walk away. >> do they say anything? >> no. >> it's a moment that finds the inner child. so everyone continues to do what they do when -- he it is one, two, three, fight.whiskers here was not ready for it. >> she in!
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there and fill them up, tie them, and you take the work out of it, it's fun. >> and this woman doesn't take too kindly to all of this. once she runs out, she throws the bucket, and then she says let me go to my trunk. she pulls out a bat. she's like okay, i'm sorry. >> that whale calf, staying in the water --
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so perfect. >> it is like a digital -- it's like looking up at the sky. >> we see drama and videos and these two are out there having a whale of a time. ? >> look at that, they do that from a young age. >> a amazing trip and video to go with it. >> extreme trick shots and challenges --
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>> and still to come -- >> that is like a oversized glove. how she gets her hands dirty to deliver a little miracle. >> look at her go. >> and we'll reveal the
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chance to win an ipad mini. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. next time your kid asks were babies come from, maybe this
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>> use this video, ollie -- >> i traumatized him, i told him the truth. >> you could have said they come from lambs. >> whoa! >> dr. dolittle here. >> this is lapping time. when a ewe is in labor -- >> do you feel anything? >> i see a head. >> she is so much courage. for the first part, they can take part of the birthing process themselves. every once in awhile, you do need to get involved. this 3-year-old girl decided she would help this lamb deliver that little baby.
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glove. >> this is her second lambing. mom is guiding her. she has to grab the legs of this baby lamb. she is not doing this as work, she is doing for for fun. >> she finally finds the leg, grabs it, anchors herself and she is able to pull it out. >> i feel like i'm in junior high again. >> i feel like i should be going once the head is out, the little girl grabs the legs and keeps pulling until the entire thing is out. it's alive and moving. >> i got it. >> i am super proud of her.
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eat certain vegetables, look at her. >> they are popping up all over the place. >> i'm going to show you how i do my make up -- >> are they at sol opponent going to take their clothes off? you would be surprised these regimens are pretty intense. >> i think it should include wiping a butt. >> you nailed, it, dudes. >> some of these ladies have an entire ritual. they start with tea. >> i don't like all of this stuff. i just want it gone so i can go
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sometimes they have containers for their eyelashes. they have buffers, pads, washers. in 2016. bra off, sports center on, go to bed. >> we have to make one of these. >> it was already in my head. >> it requires one wet wipe, you go like this -- >> that's more than most men. >> this is how i take off my make up. >> you need the buzz word, to 18 years old, and a legal u.s. resident.
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burnd the enter the buzzword. >> go to and enter protocol. >> later this week, we'll have a bonus give away. that's right, a flat screen tv. good luck! while aaron is away, his animals
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why these cool. last year i was super lucky. i got to go to australia to give you a taste, this one is even better. this is the kind to tell stories and take you on the tour of the city, and it's the sound effects that bring you into the
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it tabs us into buses, through thing, in things, over things, over things. it's a phenomenal experience. >> yeah, i really like the audio that goes along with the video. completely. >> if you can't get to vienna -- >> they picked the most perfect time of acquire to make this video. it is one of the most beautiful cities i have been to and they
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we all wonder, those of us with pets, what are they up to during the day? aaron left cameras in the house to find out what his animals were up to. another edition of aaron's animals. this time we're going to be begging for an invite. >> oh my god, i love it. >> and you have the dee jay -- >> all right, that is the sound of a real party right there. >> of course, typical, the party was a real rave.
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broken, and then aaron is home. >> this video was sponsored by truth orpg. they want to get the truth out about smokes. that secondhand smoke is bad for family members in the house and their pets. >> this episode is over, but
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on "right thisse on the judiciary committee recognize that their job is to give this person a hearing. >> reporter: president obama is expected to make that pitch in person to top republicans. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley have both agreed to meet with the president in the coming weeks. kendis and reena? >> thank you, arlette. one of the senators who would be asked to vote on a supreme court nominee took a trip to africa last week and got up and close and personal with some of the animals.


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