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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  March 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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sports director harry mong and nick posch. also with us, how are you? >> good. >> welcome. >> the polar plunge this saturday. >> yes. >> for those with have not been a part of it, tell us what it's about. >> we raise at least $125 to get a sweatshirt like this. this is from a few years ago. >> which you'll want after. >> yep. get a sweatshirt. they have access to our party and then they get the opportunity to plunge. and leading up to the plunge, which happens at noon on saturday, we have activities, raffle prizes. it's a halloween party in march. >> can people come dressed in masks and all kinds of fun outfits? >> yes. they do. i forget what one of the costumes are going on.
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whoville. reno 911 cops. >> you're doing this for a special benefit, raising money for what? >> special olympics nevada. we have over 4,000 athletes in the state of nevada that we provide completely free sports training and competitions for. and all of the money that's raised goes to them to provide facilities, sports equipment, meals at the competitions, transportation. >> how do we get involved? >> you can sign up for the polar plunge at or go to the web site. from there. you can register. if you want to volunteer or become an athlete, you can go to our web site. information is there. >> nick, you're an athlete. what sport do you play? >> i do bowling, golf, basketball.
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>> golf is. >> different balls. >> i've been doing it since i was six years old. >> were you an actual golf course or on the putt putt? >> my dad took me to like a learning course. it from there. >> are you a better golfer or bowler? >> probably both. >> nice. >> i bowl on a thursday night league with my mom and dad and i scored a 195. >> wow. >> i score like an average of a 90. average. i have a terrible score. >> i'm terrible at it too. how many participants are there? >> in special olympics in general? about 4,000 athletes. but bowling is one of our biggest sports. our competitions usually have 400 athletes over two days.
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>> and track and field is the third. >> i was in the 2014-2015 usa games. >> so for the whole country, you placed fifth? >> it was like over 100 and something athletes there. >> that's phenomenal? >> for what sport? >> bowling. >> oh, my gosh. >> for everything. >> 2014 we got to take 14 athletes and four coaches to jersey to compete against everybody and all the athletes in the country. yeah, he took fifth place in bowling you have. >> this happens around the country and some places they have a chicken coop for people who don't want to take the plunge, but want to participate. >> yes. so you can raise money either way. if you want to plunge, raise money. if you want to donate to somebody who is registered. and if you don't want to plunge, you can put a foot in, you can put a pinky in.
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>> i've done the polar plunge before and i've done it in very cold climate. you can do this polar plunge. i promise you. this will be nice and easy for you. >> yeah. i'm from the east coast, too. and the water is still cold no matter what. >> the water cold when it's 90. >> when you get out of the water here, it's 80 degrees so you're not shivering. >> perfect place to do it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> very cool. >> have a splash at the polar plunge happening this saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at sunset station. contests, games, raffles, they'll be a part of it the proceeds will benefit special olympics of nevada. to learn more, head to that web site. up next, live music at its best. >> daniel park will soothe the soul as he hits our stage in just a few minutes.
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blend >> welcome back to the blend. he's a multi talented local musician who grabbed his first instrument at only five years old. daniel park plays throughout the city, including weekly residency at the bellagio and he'll hit the stage this weekend to celebrate a new single and video. >> you look so sharp in that picture. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> i'm doing great. >> we haven't seen you in a little while. but now you're at the bellagio. >> i am. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you're making new music. >> making new original music. >> how long have you lived in vegas? >> three years. >> when we first talked to you, you were touring all over the place. >> yeah. >> now you've got this situation at the bellagio weekly, which is school 'cause you get to play to the audience in multiple states. >> yeah. every week -- last week i played
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australians and they're like hey, we want you to come out now to australia. yeah, it's been amazing. >> from all over the world. >> yeah. >> tell us about your new music. >> i am coming out with a bunch of singles this year. i thought i would have the music changing. so i'm focusing on just singles. so this year i have like five in the works, i guess. so this is the first one out of the five. >> very cool. second. i know you're premiering it this >> yes. on sunday i'm doing -- i have a music video that's kind of the extra push. >> that's so awesome. >> really cool music video. filmed with a local director from unlv. it was really cool. >> where did you film? >> just a bunch of areas around town.
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there is the dry lake bed. some really cool spots. >> a u.s. and a great opportunity for you to get a director from unlv. >> exactly. it's really cool. >> do you write most of your own music or do you get help from people? >> i get help from friends. like sometimes we'll jam out and like hey, i like that. but hey. it's usually created most by me. sometimes i'll get help from friends. >> you're going to be performing at the open air session. >> yes. >> this happens with all the air strings are. >> yeah, yeah. right next to the bunk house. this is a free event. it's really a cool thing. night. it's gonna be released on my web site the next day, on monday. >> how exciting. how many instruments do you play ask what do you play? >> just two instruments. this is an acoustic guitar. this is an electric violin. i started with an acoustic
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>> we were talking back then, it's not like they were back then. >> yeah. >> you don't even have to choose which one you play because you play them all at the same time. >> exactly. so i have this fancy pedal system at my feet that let's me record anything on the fly, it's called looping. some bigger artists do it now. biggest one being ed sharon right now. yeah. it's great. it's really cool. be able to mix different instruments, vocals and stuff together into one song the way i hear it. >> the way you envision it. , what song are you singing right now? >> it's called "run aways."
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show me why you feel this way why you feel this way girl i need to know i need to know you told me you were gonna stay
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you told me you would never leave now girl you got away you've gone away you left your cigarette burning on the floor and a suitcase empty by the door door and a note on the table said good-bye reply to you what can i do we could have been -- no we could be somewhere far
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thought we were gonna change the world no no no [ applause ] >> a pleasure. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> wow. >> again, musician daniel park will perform at open air sessions this sunday downtown. the show starts at 8:00 o'clock. plus be sure to catch his new single and music video "run aways" which premieres the following day at daniel park he's also on facebook and twitter. >> while you're on facebook and
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we will be right back are you battling a cold? is your skin dry and cracked? winter weather and the harsh vegas wind can take a toll on your skin. here to show us how to protect yourself against the elements, valerie greenberg. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for that lovely introduction. >> our pleasure here. how can we protect our skin and heal the damage winter weather has caused? >> well, i'm thrilled you asked that. i have the solution for you because during these winter months, the air is cold and dry and our skin really needs 24-hour care, especially our hard-working hands that can become dry, cracked, irritated and pretty much begging us for some relief. this is a new skin care line for hard-working hands called protect and repair. let me tell you what's so from
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it actually acts as a glove when you put it on, creating a barrier that protects and hydrates your hands from all that washing and those drying antibacterial lotions that we use throughout the day. now, in the evening an extra bonus is the rapid repair that will soothe our dry skin and allow our hands to get rest while we do. what's so amazing is that this is offering a discount right now. if you go to their web site, you can get discounts off the product at cvs. >> fantastic. how much can we expect to pay for that? >> if you go to their web site, you can see everything that they'll give you discount wise in terms of price points. but it's very affordable. >> with the cold weather comes those sniffles and colds. studies show the cold virus transmits better in cold air. what can we do to find relief?
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we still have to go on with our day and colds are absolutely no match for the cold remedy products. they're classic cherry lozenge is proven to shorten the duration of your cold by almost half the time. and they're multi-symptom quick melt relieve a lot of symptoms you might have when catching a cold. now, pharmacists, this is their number one recommended brand and my absolute go-to. let's talk about these cherry lozenges that i mentioned before. they're a consumer favorite and they are absolutely number one seller. what's so great is that these are actually some scientific backing to back this information up. there were two studies done, nonplacebo, conducted at the cleveland clinic and dartmouth college and really substantiating this information. now let's talk about the quick melts that dissolve on your tongue without any water. so pop them into your mouth from your pocket and they're super efficient and will also relieve your symptoms and have all the relieving qualities that the
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now, last but not least, i want to talk about the multi-symptom lozenge that comes in a mixed berry flavor for all of you that don't love cherry. that is a must have for somebody starting to feel under the weather. it gets you back up on your feet that much faster and isn't that what you need? 'cause if you're not feeting well, you still have to go to work. so this will take care of that for you. >> you know what's perfect is you get a box, you leave it at work, so you give it to everyone around you who is getting a cold, not just for yourself. >> so true. >> protect everyone. >> all your colleagues will love you that much more. >> exactly. do you have any other quick tips for us? >> i absolutely do. since you're going to be feeling so good because your skin is going to be rejuvenated and you won't be feeling i will, you want to look good. i suggest incorporating pops of color had it comes to layering. get some hats, maybe a vest, long sleeves. that way you can look fierce, fabulous, while you're heading
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>> some great ideas for us. thank you so much. >> thank you. elements. for more ways on how, head to shawn? >> thank you so much. taking good care of your tires will help you cruise down the street without worry. a big part of that is making sure your tires are perfectly aligned and keep moving in the right direction. here with more on that is district manager of big o tires, las vegas, eric slabaugh. great having you again. >> thanks for having me back. >> so big o tires, we see tires in the name. you sell tires. you're way more than tires though, right? >> way more than tires. customers come in every day and they're surprised that we actually specialize in brakes, alignments. we do full factory service maintenance. your 30, 60, 90, 120 k mile services. we repair vehicles. so if you have a problem with a
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check engine light on, we repair that also. so the name says big o tires. but we are complete auto repair. >> you're big o everything? >> yes. >> which is a good thing. >> yes. >> i want to get in the tires for a second. this is a very important thing. a lot of people seem to -- they look at tire alignment and they're like, i can skip that. not necessarily the case. it's going to cost you a lot more in the long run, right? >> absolutely it will. your vehicle being properly aligned extends your tread life significantly. when your vehicle is out of alignment, your tire wear is extensive i. brought a sample here. this is -- >> is a tall guy here. >> the tall tire where you can see the excessive wear here which is called toe wear. when your vehicle is aligned, happen. >> i'm seeing here, whereas on the outer rim here, there is a lot more, it seems, grip that's left. >> correct. >> there it's just been worn out entirely. >> correct.
9:23 am
of alignment right now. truly, i need to go to the chiropractor. same thing can happen with your tire if it's not properly aligned, you're getting a lot of wear on one side and not necessarily the other. >> it's just daily driving. the majority of the time if you hit a bump in the road or you hit a parking curb when you're trying to park your vehicle, you're gonna knock your vehicle out of alignment. but majority of the time your vehicle can be out of alignment and sometimes there are symptoms that you can spot on your tires which we look for. other times symptoms go completely unnoticed. so you as a consumer would be driving on your vehicle damaging your tires and you wouldn't know it. and i was going to say, one way to avoid this is we do offer free air pressure checks at our facility. so if you bring your vehicle in and get a free air pressure check, our guys will generally check for your alignment wear and look for dry rot like on the
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extensive dry rot is another reason you want to check your >> whereas, people say the batteries are pretty bad out here in the desert. your tires can take a beating as well. >> correct. rot. to give customers an idea of what that would be. >> you may not be able to see it in that camera. if you get close, you can see hairline cracks in the tire. that's what really causes the major failures that you see. >> correct. that's when you see the guy pulled over on the side of the road because his tire exploded. >> yeah. not a good thing. you could be that poor sucker -- >> i think it's happened to all of us at least once. we've been that guy. >> terribly embarrassing. you brought in some new tires. >> i did. >> tell us the difference between the two. obviously one is for a bigger car than the other. >> this is for an all tampa bay terrain vehicle. this is our big o brand tire. >> you have your own brand?
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this right now, if you purchase any four big o brand tires, we have a $100 instant rebate. >> oh, great. >> off a set of four tires. we'll also throw in free rotations for a lifetime, free rebalancing for lifetime, and free flat repairs. >> oh, wow. >> also with this you get three years of free road side assistance. and you get tpp tire protection plan. so you're covered the first three years. >> and you're taking a look at the treads here and the treads here and look at your car and you're like wow, i don't see those treads on my car. >> right. come by, let us do an air pressure check. beyond our sale, we also have our michelin tires have on any select four, we have a $70 factory rebate that you can mail in and get $70 back from big o. we also have our cooper tires
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and you can mail that in. last but not least, if that's not enough money back on our big o credit card, if you sign up, you can get up to an additional $50 back when you take advantage of the 0% interest. >> you're giving away money. >> that's right. >> it's fantastic. how many locations of big o? >> we have 11 locations and soon we're going to have another location open probably next month to april. >> very cool. congratulations on all the success. >> thank you. >> they got their own tires. i had no idea. >> thank you so much. >> by a set of four big o brand tires and get an instant savingses of $100. that include has free alignment check as well. it's available through the end of march. if you want more information, you can find the closest big o tires location near you as well on the web site right there on your screen. they're also on facebook. before we head to break, express your creativity with paint. the paint with a ranger event is happening this saturday at spring mountain ranch from 1 to
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participant also go for a walk, find a quiet spot and paint on paper. they were offer basic painting instruction and provide water color supplies. there is a limited number of spots available. call to reserve a spot and to get more details. group sign-ups will be limited to three people. they'll be on our show to talk
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we'll be. reverse the aging process and take years off your face due to professionals at my tight face. no matter your age, they can help make you look younger and feel better about yourself with their advanced technology. here to help you treat yourself to a new you, deshani fitch, owner and founder, ceo and cosmetic laser specialist at my tight face. great to see you.
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>> your skin looks absolutely incredible. >> thank you. >> you actually use services as well? >> absolutely. i'm so lucky that i can use my own technology on myself whenever i have the time to do so. yes, i do use quite a bit of my own machines on myself. >> and you are 50. >> i am 50. i will be 51 this year in september. >> and obviously when you go get your treatments, you also do it every so often just to maintain? >> to maintain is very important. and also the fact that i feel good when i do my treatment. it makes me feel better about myself and look better. >> and you get a lot of compliments. >> a lot of compliments. >> let's talk about some of the services you offer. let's start with ultralift. >> yes. we have started launching it a month ago and it is a great treatment which we can do the face and the body and as no down time, great improvement in skin
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it's safe and effective and also absolutely visible results each time you do it. >> is this for men and women? >> both genders. >> okay. and results, when do you see them? >> immediately you see it. and it only gets better. 30 days and 60 days, it only gets better. so it's quite amazing. >> it's progressive? >> very. >> let's talk about clear and brilliant. what exactly is that? >> clear and brilliant is a treatment that we do which rejuvenates and retextures the skin. it can scars, acne scars, fine lines, and it's like a skin resurfacing treatment. it's the baby version of another procedure that requires down time. >> this is good for around the mouth area? >> the whole face, the entire face. >> people complain about the fine lines around the mouth. >> pigmentation, all of those issues.
9:32 am
and you just look radiant. this is something you can do as a maintenance, too, every other month, every two months, to keep your skin looking youthful. >> and unlike traxel, you have no down time. >> no down time. you don't get red and peel for days in the house. the very next day you're good to go. >> fantastic. let's talk about face and neck tightening. do you have something for that? >> we have several devices, technology and modality that we employ for this procedure. it just depends on the age of the candidate, the tone and texture, and then i decide actually which treatment, modality will work for this person. >> and when it comes to the neck tightening, you need a couple procedures? >> you do need a couple procedures for neck if the neck is in a bad kind of condition, as well as the face. these treatments are noninvasive, nonsurgical. but you can not expect amazing
9:33 am
some of them, absolutely you can expect fabulous results from the first one. but some you need progressive treatments in order to see results. >> it depends on the severity of your skin. >> exactly. because it has to work the tissue in order to give you a result. it just won't go on and go okay, all your wrinkles are gone and your tightening is complete. no, it's not going to do that. >> it tightens over time. >> yes. >> let's talk about eye tightening and wrinkle reduction. >> that's also a grave concern of a lot of people. a lot of people have eye problems and we can resolve some of those issues for them. but you do need progressive treatments and the modality that we use depends on how severe the eye concerns are. >> the after picture looks incredible. >> yes. >> he's smiling 'cause he's happy. >> yes. i think so. >> let's talk about some of your signature treatments. what are they? >> there are too many to mention.
9:34 am
age spot removal, skin tag removal, spider vein removal, laser tattoo and all the laser hair removal, all laser services. we also have skin revitalizing treatments and peels. we just have so many things to choose from, too many to mention actually. >> what are your hours? and where are you located? >> monday to friday, 10 to 5. saturday by special appointment. only two saturdays a month are we open. >> you can't work every day. >> i know. i need a break. >> yes. but you're locate where had? >> at the lakes business park and the most important thing is i do the consultation. so they don't get the consultation with my technicians or receptionist or anything like that. every consultation is very special to me, so i do all of the consultations and discuss options for what they need with them. >> so people can book it with you personally? >> right. and some of them request that i
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available, i'm more than happy to accommodate them in it. and of course, this is complimentary. it's free. the first consultation is free. >> you're not charged for the first consultation? >> no. it's complimentary. so you really have nothing to lose. your consultation is free. you get to talk to me about what we at my tight face can do for you and if you are agreeable, then you can book a treatment with us and move forward with us. >> and spring is right around the corner. >> right around the corner. so is summer. >> bikini weather, yeah. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good to see you again. call the professionals at my tight face skin tight lounge for special pricing on the treatments mentioned today. they are located on west sahara in the lakes business park. to learn more about the specials or to book an appointment, go to the web site or call the number listed. they have financing and they also offer free consultations. thank you so much. watch 13 action news live at 6 and each weeknight for your chance to win 250 bucks. here is how it works.
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word, then after that log on to before 7:00 p.m. to enter. if you don't win, don't worry. make sure you watch because a new key word will be announced each night. watch 13 action news live at 6 for your chance to win 250 bucks. good luck and give me a cut 'cause i told you about it. still to come on the "morning blend," hidden secrets and heartache come to light in "the family." a sneak peek at the new series with joan allen.
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you're watching the "morning welcome back to the "morning blend." are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? this time of year sometimes the difference between staying healthy and coming down with the flu is what you choose to eat. >> that's right. lifestyle expert parker wallace is here with easy and delicious recipes that will boost your
9:39 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is all about tasting good and feeling good. >> because there are certain things you can eat that boost your immune system and you don't even think about it. >> and boost your metabolism and that's always a benefit, too. so wonderful halos, you probably seen these everywhere. these are in season right now through april. these are little bits of california goodness. they're mandarins and you can pop these into salads, i love to do a chicken salad, a mandarin, oriental chicken salad. but you can get a little bit more creative and this is with mandarin and a balsamic glaze with some thyme. try a little bit. >> yes. >> by the way, i'm italian. this is not nearly enough. >> and what's so great about these, they're only 50-calories and kids love them because they're super easy to peel. my friend, who is going to be on your show in a couple of days,
9:40 am
helped me peel all of the mandarins for this segment. so it's great for kids and loaded with vitamin c. >> no question. >> so so yummy and you can really get imaginative. >> putting that on your salad, you can get rid of dressing. >> exactly. or squeeze it into olive oil and add a little salt. so wonderful, sweet scarlet grapefruit. these are new grapefruit right out of texas. texas is prime for growing grapefruits because's it's warm during the day and cool at night so the grapefruit really thrive. this recipe was developed by haley duff. >> really? >> the actress. she was trying to lose the baby weight after she had her baby, she came up with this recipe because she really wanted the sweetness of a dessert without all of the calories. so this is whipped ricotta with
9:41 am
the best part of the sweet scarlets is that you don't even need sugar. my mom would have to put sugar on. these are so sweet, you can eat it without sugar and look at the gorgeous color. >> is this loaded with vitamin c? >> oh, yeah. you get your entire serving of vitamin c for the day with just half a grapefruit. >> you're welcome here any time. >> so pom wonderful. this is pomegranate justice. what i love about this brand is you know how much you're get not guilty each bottle. the big mama is 12 california pomegranates, juice of 12. you're not having to pick out the anvils and juice them. it's already done for you. and two in the mini bottle. so this is loaded with antioxidants. i'm a cocktail girl myself. we're in vegas, you can make a pomegranate martini.
9:42 am
margarita. i'm not going to be upset if you do that. we're talking healthy. this is all about really making mocktail kind offed fancy. so try this. this is just a little bit of lime seltzer and the pomegranate juice with some lime juice and then you dress it up. it's great to serve at a party. >> looks so pretty. >> yeah. >> and a lot of antiinflammatory properties, too. so you know it's good for your skin. you're not going to wake up puffy, even if do you have a cocktail. >> of course, the sicknesses are going around right now. a good lozenge will get you a long way. >> fisherman's friend. this is my new go-to. 'cause i pop these into my purse because here strong, but they're really, really smooth. and i love the story behind this. these were developed in 1865 by a pharmacist named james lofthaus. he was seeing all of these
9:43 am
sick and so he developed this so there would be menthol and it would be really smooth going down and clear up the sinuses and make you feel better immediately. so there are two different flavors here. the strong original and also the sugar free cherry. so you get the best of both, pop them into your purse any time you have a little of the scratchiness, then you feel so much better. >> have it ready to go. >> yeah. >> it's important to do that. >> i think the whole theme of this is you can be healthy without suffering. >> exactly. and taking a little bit of extra time to plan so you can have the healthy ingredients on hand, have your lozenges ready to go just in case. >> here is the funny part. i have three of those mandarins in my bag over at my desk. but i never thought to throw that into like a salad or brew schett at that. it's crazy. >> yeah. you can incorporate them into anything you would like. you can even actually freeze them and then put them into a smoothie and make an orange smoothie. >> really great stuff. >> a lot of the tips you showed
9:44 am
for recipes, lifestyle tips. there you are. >> you have your own mug. >> very fancy. >> so cool. >> the trademark is real. it's great having you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. this is great. >> for more delicious recipes and lifestyle tips, check out parker's web site at what'son parker did he say you can follow her on twitter. >> up next, is it actually him? joy and suspicious arise in suspicion. >> do you know someone who truly makes a difference in the community? you can recognize them with our give back award. head to click on give back and fill out the form. one lucky person will receive $500 for the from work they do from the america first credit union.
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in our hot in hollywood report, is he or isn't he? joy turns into suspicion when is a son who is presumed dead returned a decade after his disappearance. abc's new drama" the family" has a special premiere during tgit. joining us with more on the show, three-time oscar nominated actress, joan allen, who plays the matriarch. claire warren. great having you, joan. >> thanks. great to be here. >> so explain this -- this is a little bit confusing. tell us about the family, what should we expect and what the heck the son is doing. >> well, it really is kind of a mystery and a surprise because the warner family's youngest son ten years in the past was abducted and presumed murdered. and come cut to the present day and this disheveled 18-year-old kid is running barefoot along a deserted road and says that he
9:48 am
and so it really becomes a family reunification, certain one family members like do you -- are you sure that's him? and so you really get this story of a family who had been fractured by this horrible event, getting the reunification, but it's not going -- there has been a lot of trauma that everybody lived through. so everybody is trying to find and 1/2 date their way -- navigate their way through it. the story also cuts back to ten years in the past surrounding that day when he was originally taken. so the entire season bounces back and forth between the present and ten years in the past and you keep getting more and more information as the show goes along, which is very engaging. >> it really is pretty interesting concept. you play claire. you're a politician in the show. did your son disappearance eight, ten years prior, did that fuel your political aspirations or were you a politician before that? >> she was just starting to
9:49 am
you see in ten years in the past, the whole family is together and there is a park. we're in this smallish town in maine and all this city council candidates are -- have their boots up and are trying to put their bid in for local politics. and you see claire kind of haltingly going, i've got a parking permit proposal. do you want to listen to me? and people are kind of like no. so she's really just dipping her toe in. we'll cut to ten years later and she's the mayor of the town. and i do think she had a natural inclination towards growing into this type of political life, but definitely the trauma and the processing of her grief from that experience i think definitely channeled into her >> let's talk about the tasks that you're surrounded with, my goodness. some great actors around you. >> yes. it's a marvelous ensemble cast.
9:50 am
and andrew mccarthy plays the wrongly convicted pedophile neighbor across the street. and allison pill plays my daughter. liam james plays my son. ned guilford, mar -- margot bingham plays the police detective who is haunted by this case. it's just a fantastic group of actors. we've all been doing it for a while and there is a nice mixture of actors who worked on stage and on television and in film and we really got along beautifully. >> it's a great thing and it looks like the show is going to be a hit. we're looking forward to seeing it. thank you so much, joan. and congratulations. >> great. thank you. >> thank you. buried secrets, betrayal and heartaches are at the core of "the family." don't miss the special premiere this thursday night at 9 here on channel 13. a second episode will air on sunday at 9 on its regular spot.
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blend, including a look at what's happening today on the view. and remember to check out on our web site. you'll find past interviews, links to facebook and twitter
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we'll be right
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star taraji henson talks about her role as cookie today at 10 right after us. >> then at 2 on valley view live, saluting women in film. the only festival that showcases women in the industry, plus from fremont street, meet a contortionist who stole the show. >> we weren't talking about the cookie monster. >> in the mood for a scary movie? jeremy sisto on his new flick "the other side of the door." >> here is what i don't like about cookie monster. they started making him eat vegetables. come on. >> that's wrong. >> plus, stimulate your senses with 50 shades of parody. don't miss that special performances tomorrow. earlier in the show you heard daniel park. >> phenomenal. you can catch him this sunday night, 8:00 o'clock as part of the open air sessions concert in downtown vegas. we're going to leave with you another look and sound of his
9:55 am
i don't know. have a great day.
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somehow you feel this way why you feel this way. why you got to walk away oh, girl i need to know i need to know you told me you were gonna stay you were gonna stay you told me you would never leave now girl you've gone away you've gone away you left a cigarette burning on the floor and suitcase empty by the door . door and a note on the table said good-bye but i never had the chance to
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but do you think his delivery was a little flat on that one? just -- yeah. um, paul, i think it's a little bit more like, "it's amazing!" oh, wow. oh, mom, that was really good. thank you. wow. [ sighs ] feel like a hollywood insider... okay, i'll work on it. ...with prism tv plus gig internet speed from centurylink. >> announcer: "the view" starts
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the trump kids just came after whoopi, and she's talking back in "hot topics." hollywood nanny-gate. how susan sarandon's daughter claims their babysitter sent a sizzling sext to her husband. then, she already rules "empire." now cookie conquers "the view" when taraji p. henson hits the table. it all starts now on "the view" with whoopi, michelle collins, joy behar, candace cameron-bure, raven-symone, and paula faris. now, let's get things started.
10:00 am
>> hey. hello, hello, hello and welcome to "the view," y'all! welcome to "the view," y'all! welcome, welcome, welcome to "the view," y'all! [ cheers and applause ] >> we walked out to "no doubt about it" from season two of "empire" because taraji p. henson is here today. [ cheers and applause ] >> "gma's" sara haines and abc senior legal correspondent sunny hostin are at the table. [ cheers and applause ] >> so let's get into some "hot topics." shall we? now, donald trump's sons were on "fox & friends" yesterday, and apparently raven and i perhaps became part of the conversation. watch the clip. >> there are a lot of celebrities that don't agree with your dad, that don't think he's going to make america great.


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