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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  August 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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your voice your vote in the race for the white house.. and donald trump is recalled seeing video of the cash being brought off a plane
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a spokesperson later had to clarify the statement. the latest poll numbers show clinton....continuing to open up her lead over trump.... abc's lana zak has the latest on the controversies this week. < package: on the campaign trail thursday donald trump again told supporters he saw money being sent to iran. these comments shocking as trump's own spokeswoman confirmed earlier in the week that trump actually saw video in geneva and not money being flown to iran? the president denying the us would ever pay for the release of hostages- maintaining that it was iran's own assests that had been frozen. sot obama: it wasn't a secret, we announced it to all of you! //we do not pay for hostages. the president also disputed trump's allegations that the election will be rigged. sot obama: of course the election will not be rigged!
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while in las vegas, an empassioned hillary clinton--taking her first question from the press in a while-- sot clinton: "he has cheated contractors, and i take that personally..." making a comparison between her father as a small businessman and donald trump's foreign manufacutring and bankrupcies sot clinton: i've met people who were distroyed by donald trump so take a look at what he's done, not what he says. nats coffman ad "i'm a marine -for me country comes first" this is an ad for republican tag: and clinton's lead continues to grow in the according to the latest mcclatchy/marist poll. lz, abcn, w> to the latest mcclatchy/marist poll. lz, abcn, w> some new images just into our newsroom.... police need your help to find these guys. the duo is wanted for robbing a store, trying to fight the
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all that...just for some beer. it happened last month at a business near tropicana and mountain vista. these are pretty clear images of the guys.... so if you know them... contact police. . we're now learning the name of the american woman ...who was killed in the knife attack in london. officials identify her as.... darlene horton. the 64-year-old was married to a florida state university professor. police say.... they have a 19 year old in connection with this attack. but investigators appear to be ruling out terrorism... instead they say.... they believe the man was jus mentally ill. five others were also injured in the attack. aerial spraying is now underway over a miami neighborhood in an effort to kill the mosquitos carrying the zika virus. 15 people in a 1-square mile area have contracted the virus from mosquito bites.. and the cdc has issued a travel ban for pregnant women in that area. more than 100 teams have been deployed into the field to test 24- hundred people.. and 20-thousand mosquitoes statewide for the virus. nevada's highest court has
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electricity rates.... to appear on the november ballot. the supreme court ruled that a referendum by opponents.... was fundamentally flawed. justices say. the ballot's summary for voters was quote: "inaccurate" and "misleading." the referandum was aimed at killing a 20-15 state law.... that allowed the p-u-c to impose higher charges for rooftop solar customers. you may have seen some ads on t-v or online as part of a new campaign against drunk driving. but you've never seen this. can tell you how much you've had to drink in a matter of seconds. plus.... tourism in the valley is about to get a major boost. it all starts at mccarran. hear what officials have planned.. and before we go to break.. a live look at the olympic stadium in rio de janiero.. where the opening ceremonies are only 1-day away. we'll be right back
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>> deborah: i'm deborah norville. coming up, a navy seal dies in
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jim: i'm one of them. fermin: yo tambien. barbara: i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. fermin: social security helps us pay the bills. he retirement that we've earned. barbara: that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. fermin: his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street. barbara: risking retirement security on the stock market. fermin: what if it crashes again? jim: wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. barbara: i wonder who he's working for. jim: because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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those self-service checkouts at the grocery store. something doesn't scan... the machine stops working.... you have to get help.... well now... new research shows ....there's an unexpected cost.
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pkg full= dayna on cam= the department of criminology at the university of leicester (lester) reviewed more than a temptation. criminal justice experts say those self checkout lanes present shoppers with an ethical dilemma. 4.03.27 "they're choosing between getting caught and punished versus getting something for nothing. and they're choosing what can i get away with? what am i willing to do?" msu denver criminal justice professor dr. denise mowder says the low-risk crime of opportunity gives of crime. 4.05.51 "and in their minds because that's what criminals do, they hurt people." vo cover= the report found self-checkouts can provoke aggressive behavior especially when something doesn't scan right. graphic= looking at dollars and cents, researchers found the amount of money lost through stolen items in some cases more than doubled when comparing self- checkouts to registers with a human cashier. now it could be an honest mistake or just customer confusion. but researchers also found having zero interaction with a
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4.04.57 "i can see this happening more and more, and like most crime, it will dip down and stop for a while, and then it will probably go back up." dayna cam tag= the study also found scanning items using your smart phone can also lead to errors - in one sample it found ten-percent of the items in a basket had not been scanned, because the shopper was distracted. in tonight's financial focus.. investors seemed to be in a holding pattern ahead of tomorrow's jobs report. dow down 3 nasdaq up 7 sp500 eve the big local gaming stocks were mixed today. boyd gaming was down about 3 percent. caesars entertainment added 2-and a half percent. red rock resorts was down by 2-and a half percent. some good news for the tourism industry. hainan airlines will begin the first-ever non-stop service between beijing and las vegas.
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fastest- growing.. and largest-spending groups of international visitors to the valley. the new service begins in december with flights on mondays.. wednesdays and fridays. : crude oil prices rose almost 3% today to just under 42-dollars a barrel. that translates into gas prices averaging about 2-40 a gallon right now around las vegas. that's down 4-cents from this time last week.. but still about 30-cents above the national average. it's officially wedding season! all....can take a toll on the bride and groom! but now... there's a new app to help you plan your big day! and all these pop ups, [/cc], [cc]i found myself having a checklist app, and i had my guest list on excel. all my details were just in different places [/cc], [cc]i realized, why isnt there a tool out there that provides everything i need in one central location[/cc], , this former colts cheerleader ....
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day"- the online resource//// allows couples to map out their entire wedding experience! they can update each month ....with new features and resources. a temporary tattoo ....could soon be the solution stopping drunk drivers. it uses sensors to measure your blood alcohol level... and it sends that information to your smartphone. then you, your friends, doctors or police can have access to that information. engineers at the university of california san diego ....are still working on the dev tattoo can be more effective than a breathalyzer. what happened during one man's recent trip to the dentist will make your jaw drop. hear what the dentist did ....that sent a patient to the emergency room. todd adlib
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nevada is one of the worst places in america for the sex trafficking of teenage girls. thankfully, catherine cortez masto went to work to help law enforcement fight back. as attorney general, she made sex trafficking a felony crime and increased sentences.
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catherine's a problem-solver. that's what she's all about. isn't that something we need more of in washington? i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. was out of his cell.... and walking to a different area of the jail. that's when another inmate jumped him.... roof was not seriously injured.
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possible death sentence. grandchildren an ohio woman is dead after protecting her grandchildren from a sexual predator. columbus police say 29-year old kristopher amos tried to lure the two children into a back alley. that's where he was confronted by candy arthur. police say amos then pulled a knife and stabbed her in the chest. she died yesterday after fighting for her life since the attack in late june. amos is now charged with murder. an illinois dentist is paying big time....for a big he dropped a tool ....down a the throat of a patient as he was performing a root canal. the tool got stuck in the man's stomach! the patient didn't know it though... until ... a few days later... he developed sharp pains... he had to have emergency surgery. he took his dentist to court... and won a nearly 700-thousand dollar settlement. we're following a developing story right now. president obama is considering a new designation for the nation's election systems as "critical infrastructure." the
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protect the system from cyber attacks. todd walker has a closer look at how serious that threat may be. pkg full= --todd look live-- donald trump bemoaned what he called a rigged election system this week.. the white house responded today saying that was a claim made by people who don't win elections.. but with russia suspected of hacking the d-n-c's emails a couple of weeks ago.. there are concerns about just how secure some of our voting is.. -vo cover-- 43 states will be using electronic voting machines this year that are at of its machines because they are such a big risk. 6:11 about a third of their machines are so old and so insecure they can't use them that was more than 15 years ago.. and a lot of those machines haven't been replaced. computer security experts say they are extremely simple to hack.- 7:37 the big picture concern of course is this is going to skew the results :41 because it's a computer it's a computer like all other computers so you can change the programming and you can skew the results ever so slightly in
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beaty says he wouldn't trust his vote to an electronic machine right now.. many are still running windows xp.. which microsoft stopped updating security on for more than 2 years now. for the now, i'm todd walker. many are still running windows xp.. which microsoft stopped a flash flood watch is in effect until friday 5am for the city and most of southern nevada. local flooding and pooling on road ways are likely to continue through already occurred and we may have another chance for wide spread rain and thunder as we move into the evening. rain chance will taper downward into the overnight and fizzle out through friday. remember, if you see any standing water on the roads, turn around and find another way to your destination. if at all possible, stay indoors away from windows during any and all lightning storms. by the weekend, mainly sunny skies are back and rain chances are nowhere in sight.
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this time of year. winds will pick up friday/saturday and hold between 10 and 20 mph through the weekend and into next week. gusts look to reach between 25 and 30 mph. are back and rain chances are nowhere in sight. high temperatures will rebound back to our normal range for winds will pick up friday/saturday and hold between 10 and 20 mph through the weekend and into next week. gusts look to reach between 25 and 30 mph. and all lightning storms. by the weekend, mainly sunny skies are back and rain chances
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rebound back to our normal range for this time of year. winds will pick up friday/saturday and hold between 10 and 20 mph through the weekend and into next week. gusts look to reach between 25 and 30 mph. a new cancer therapy could revolutionize treatment.. and it's already producing success stories . car-t threapy is not chemo or radiation. doctors take out the patient's blood and re-program the cells. they essentially train t-cells to attack and kill cancer cells. one man underwent the treatment after his 4th battle with
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that i used to do right now i feel....then i ever used to robert says he had some severe side effects but went into remission within two months. car-t therapy is still in clincal trials which means it's being studied very closely studied and modified. a new robotic moon mission.... is set to get off the ground next year! 'moon express'.... just got the green light from the federal government. the company says... they don't want to take you into space.... they say people have expressed an interest in sending...the cremated ashes of loved ones....into space. we'll be right back hello las vegas! we're back with this week's thirteen
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the las vegas city council is hosting a back to school fair on friday night at the centennial hills park. the fair starts at six-thirty. stick around afterwards and watch star wars, the force awakens. a complete list of back to school events and fairs can also be found on our website. artist nan coffeey will attend the debut of her show it's a rad, rad, rad, rad world at the skye art gallery at the forum shops on saturday. the show is free and open to the public. legendary singer barbra streisand performs saturday this is her first tour since 2012 and she is only performing in nine cities. if you want to see this week's full list, just head to k-t-n-v dot com. i'm megan telles. see you next week!
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spears gave notorious prankster jimmy kimmel a taste of his own medicine by waking him up at 2am with a dance to her hit "make me move." you can see
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bed. rihanna also enjoyed waking kimmel up in 2015 for april fools. now here's today's top stories 'now trending' with 13 action news anchor dayna roselli. in 1962-- marilyn monroe sang it. but today....first lady michelle obama said it with a tweet.... and its now trending. president barak obama is 55-years old today. the first lady wished him a happyb her post-- mrs obama said "55 years young and that smile still gets me every single day." attendance at seaworld is down and so is its stock price. seaworld entertainment stock plunged to an all-time low today -- shares dropped 11-percent at the start of trading. seaworld said attendance at its theme parks in the second quarter dropped by nearly half a million guests -- the company blamed a "shift in the timing of holidays," a drop in
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orlando market. the company did not mention the animal rights activism or the lingering impact from the c-n-n 2013 movie "blackfish." who hasn't always wanted to come across a machine that dispenses piping hot pizzas? well, check out the pizza a-t-m at xavier university. it's the first one in north america. some people that have tried it say it's the best pizza they've ever had! for more stories now trending -- go to our website ktnv dot-com. join us tomorrow for good mo to 7! coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup.. 8:00.... battle bots 9:00 .... greatest hits then all new on 13 action news.. live at 11.. car thieves ...are getting clever...and using new technology... how you can prevent it from happening to you. plus...there's now a company that's in the business of killing pokey- mahn... how it's protecting players.
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later tonight for 13 action news.. live at 11. thank you for joining us. "inside edition" is next. - we are leaving with you ...with a live look at rio... the site of the summer olympic games... we're now just one day away... from the start of the opening
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>> furious melania trump. she is fighting back own claims about her immigration status. and stadium of boos. >> boo. >> why american olympic soccer star hope solo was booed in rio. >> and a beautiful jogger murdered in broad daylight. the new gadgets women can use to stay safe. >> what every female jogger needs to know. >> and was it homicide? navy seal in training. now his loved ones want answers. >> it was his life-long dream. that was taken away from him. plus, fit to serve. first daughter sasha obama's summer job. then bombshell.


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