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tv   Las Vegas Good News  ABC  August 6, 2016 2:37am-3:08am PDT

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there is a good crowd of folks coming out on this steamy thursday night. before we get started, who is ready for the weekend? [cheering] beautiful. we have a special treat tonight for you. bay vegas' own daniel park is sitting in for the house band who is currently on tour in milwaukee. dan is a staple of the las vegas scene and plays all over what are you up to these days? you are everywhere. >> doing a bunch of stuff. we are playing at gold spike on the weekends. and i play by myself at lily barnett bellaggio on thursdays. >> give it up for daniel park and the house band. >> i enjoy talking with quite a few celebrities while here visiting las vegas.
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>> planet hollywood held a charity poker tournament and g.m. at planet hollywood was there to support the cause. >> it is near and dear to my heart with a bunch of organizations that goes into schools and works to develop good business habits and how to be more entrepreneurial and build a better future for our kids. >> cards. >> there are players behind me still in the game in the action, but i lasted longer than some. >> the tournament didn't go that well. i did all right at the first table. a few people got knocked out, moved us to the second time and that buy was rebuying and rebuying and going in on everybody hand.
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>> almost. >> all right. i had some moments of brilliance. >> friday august 5 marks the 50th anniversary of caesar's. the summer has flown by. i feel like we were just at the kickoff. >> it culminates on august 5 with a massive campaign and a lot of celebrities and iconic figures. so the real foundation of success has always been our employees and we are so lucky that we have five employees that have been with us since the first year of the property. 50 years. so we are honored to be able to recognize them today. on behalf of all employees from the past to the present, we
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job you have done to make this property what it is today. and a special commemorative pin that shows 0 years of remarkable contributions. we are telling you that you are our legacy ambassadors. thank you. these are the official legacy ambassador pins. thank you for all your commitment. >> we have a special sho tonight on the weekend as we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of caesar's palace. over the past 50 years the family has grown to include not just the iconic caesar's, but nobu, flamingo, harrah's, bali, rio, the cromwell, and the linq. tonight famed comedian, actor
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folks, eddie griffin. don't go anywhere. daniel, take it away. ??? >> now it is time for the weekend's lucky seven. the seven best bets for the weekend in vegas. jennifer lopez is is back at planet hollywood with all i
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raw personal moments, lopez keeps fans on the edge of their seats in a once in a lifetime concert experience. >> tonight miss your chance to see paul thurston and his cast of characters headline at planet hollywood resort and the high roller is the world's tallest observation wheel towering 550 feet in the air. enjoy the best views of the las vegas strip during a 30-minute ride in one of their spacious air conditioned cabins.
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wayne, up close and personal at bali's windows show room. this is an intimate experience to allow fans to connect with the legend like never before. >> see the eddie griffin experience live at the rio. laugh nonstop at the raunchy but true outlook on pop culture and everyday life. this is one up close and personal show you don't want to miss. >> adamed a eve had two sons, cain and able. and they got married. to who? >> if you haven't seen donnie and marie at the flamingo yet, now is your chance. don't miss this legendary duo entertain you with the well-known pop duet and timeless covers. ??? rock of ages takes you back to the time of the great classic rock tunes. it's billed as a musical, but
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rock show with powerhouse singers and a killer band. check out the show at the new home at the rio. here is your chance to win two tickets to see rock of age this is weekend at the rio. just text rock of ages to 27-126 and answer this question. who played stacy jack in rock of ages on the big screen? text us your answers now and one lucky viewer will win the tickets. now it's time for your live check out jennifer lopez this weekend. rod stewart is playing at the coliseum. barbara streisand at the t-mobile and hunter hays at the cosmopolitan. and d.j.s at dre's and calvin harris and the chain smokers.
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and swiss beats. at excess, check out dylan francis and cascade. marquee nightclub has cash cash and porter robinson. amber rose and d.j. gusto. and above and beyond and heading off the strip to the smith center about the legendary life of dean martin. and last but certainly not lea glass bowl at funkhouse and freddy b at gold spike. this has been your live nation
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the best drinks and mixologists in the world. we have our own master mixologist daniel here on the weekend. when he is not travelling the world on carnival cruise lines, he is right here in las vegas. he is going to show us how to make some of those great classic drinks. daniel? >> the old fashion drink with
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complex notes of bitters and fruity aftertaste. for an old fashion we need a sugar cube soaked with four dashes of bitters, two bar spoons of club soda, muddled together. and 2 ounces of bourbon, stir and strain garnish with an orange slice and cherry and also for more with citrus flavor, i prefer to spray orange oils over the top.
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>> when vegas needs to know anything about the history, we turn to one man, celebrity historian mark from "pawn stars." here is mark with this weekend in vegas history. >> this is mark hall patton, administrator of the card county museum. on this weekend in las vegas history n 1963 the linden test ban treaty that went into effect to end all above-ground nuclear testing. in 1966 caesar's palace opened and in 1979 t shut down for mob connections. that's this weekend in las vegas history. >> in honor of the 50th anniversary, we have live withous on our stage, the man himself. our celebrity historian mr. mark hall patton. >> thank you very much, mark.
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normally hear. celebrity historian. and you are back here and a good friend of the weekend in vegas. >> i enjoy it. >> we all enjoy it. we want to know, mark, in honor of the 50th anniversary k you give us a rundown of caesars palace. anything notable in your esteemed opinion? >> always nice to be esteemed, isn't it? interesting because it was the first casino that really aspired to be the place for the high rollers in town. its idea was that it was going to be the cool place to go to. if you were a high-end entertainer, you entertained at caesar's. >> highlights over the years of the last # 50 years of any big big, historical moments.
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have to look at at caesar's is it was always the high-end place. that was the place with the highest end rooms t place with the highest end games. and i think frank sinatra had an argument because the $2,000 limit game they bumped to $8,000, the $20,000 and he walked out. >> i can understand that. >> it's a pleasure to have you on stage. it's rare. thank you very much, mark.
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>> eddie griffin has no problem working the room with his seth brand of o he headlines the eddie griffin experience at the rio and we are so thrilled to have him here on the vegas dot com stage. welcome the man himself, eddie griffin along with his friend. come on, give it up, folks. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you, guys.
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>> you want me to help you out? >> let me help you out. this is the host with the most on the eddie griffin experience at the rio from caesar's entertainment and live nation. sitting to my right, we remember the late great richard pryor. i have his son on the show. mason pryor. as you can see, h like his daddy. and last but not least, all the way from detroit, one of the brightest and the coming to your bedroom real soon, mr. thomas t. wood.
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griffin. and have only done 72 films and seen a couple of dogs bark. i caught a squirrel once. >> give it up, guys. >> you are doing the show tonight, right? >> i have seen the show. so much fun, man. that is awesome. you just kind of own it. no script, just totally different. >> people are people and we all got us. my brain processes light and human. if it's not about feeding my kids, it's not funny. what do you think about politics? it don't matter. so hah hah. >> and the eddie griffin experience is more than jokes. you talk about father, politics, race, and we are the same.
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spontaneous applause bursts and talking about real people and in that tender moment, you must them up and it's awesome to see. >> my message to everybody here, man, black, white, asian, it don't matter. we all bleed red. you know what i'm saying? even if you a reptile, when that oxygen hets your hemoglobin, it will go red. >> together? >> his father raised me for about 10 to 13 years of my life. closest thing to a father i had. i never know mine. and i was 18, 19, when richard saw me on stage. hey, boy, where you from? i said, kansas city. what year was you born? >> 1968.
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i called him pop and he called me julian. and the introduction was done to his biological son so on the way out, i have had the pleasure of continuing the journey. >> when did you see mason perform? >> about seven years ago the brother was out here at another caesar's property. he opened the show and killed it for an hour and a half. so i have been w ever since. and what you doing, and is gracious enough to spend time with us on his particular journey to where the destination ends up. >> every night talking about the gratitude to the audience you have and there is a genuine appreciation there. so this is not a corporation that employs me.
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because y'all will buy a ticket when my name shows up. i am happy for 30 years to be employed by you, and i hope to see you 30 more. that is how i do that. so we appreciate you coming out. >> i appreciate the towels you gave us in the oven. i don't know if you all noticed, but i was 160 pounds when i walked out here. i have oil and grease in my shoes. i appreciate that. i ain't going to say -- there's children here. anyway, look f i walk by you and my armpit hits you in the nose, it's because i'm sweaty and hunky. just say i travel with george
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beat cut, and this is my band. excuse me while i walk on water. >> give it up. go see eddie griffin. 7:00 p.m. monday through thursday. up next, our 60 second wedding. eddie, thank you. >> thank you. >> if you know the answer to the rock of ages ticket contest f you said correct. to find out who won, visit our social media. now it is time for my favorite part of the show, 60-second wedding. las vegas is the wedding capital of the world. we can't do a television show without including a wedding, but
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differently. fun, fresh, and fast. we do our wedings from dearly beloved to you may kiss the bride in 60 seconds. i am an ordained minister. i have to ask you r you ready to meet the bride and groom? that was all right, but i know we can do better. mark and jana, come on out. give them a hand, they look lovely. we not only have mark and jana, but avery. >> are you flower girl? >> i guess. >> perfect. why not. and mark here, how are you? >> doing great. >> it will little jittery. >> you have about 20 o of your
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that was your cue to slab. >> very nervous. >> how did you meet? >> at a bar, important. and a small town in ohio. >> any ohio people out there? ohioans? two people in the back. all right. beautiful. so let's get rocking here. mark on the right and jana and avery on the left. you look beautiful. so do you, avery. here is the way this is going to work. 60 seconds to do the wedding in order for the whole ceremony to be valid. understood? since your wedding is 60 seconds, your reception will be 30 minutes on the high roller and the world's tallest observation wheel for the happiest half hour in las vegas. question? >> how long will the honeymoon be? >> that is up to you. i am getting there. we have a special surprise if you complete the task at hand.
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this say secretary ir, you will see custom wedding bands from the diamond jewellers, the wedding ring experts but you asked about a honeymoon. a three-day honeymoon through the mexican riverier ra on carnival cruise lines. come on, that is pretty awesome, right? here is the catch. anniversary, mark, we have a box full of treasure here. the finest gold, amethyst diamonds, and that is my treasure right there. >> you are nailing it, mark. starting off strong. not even married yet and already killing it. you have to find the wedding ring in 60 second. are you up for the challenge, mark? >> do i have a choice?
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>> is he your treasure? >> he is. >> you two are disgusting. timer on the big screen. keep all the treasure in the container, if we would, please. game time. we await the ding here to signify our f 0 seconds. >> smelling it? >> dearly beloved, we are gathered here at the linq promenade to celebrate the union of mark and jana. your personalized vow as you dig. >> jana, i will love you to heavens above and even though i'm fixed and we can't have kids, whenever we try, i will flip your lid. >> how do you top that? >> i will love you forever. >> much better. >> do you take him to be your husband? >> i do. >> take him to be your wife? >> yes. >> all right. what do we have? 25 seconds, mark. so help him out.
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the tension is building. oh boy. we got five, four, three, two, one. he got it. he got! they're married. i pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss the bride. he's already going for it. daniel, let's give them their first dance. that was amazing. epic timing. so look at that. come on. wow. you have been watching the weekend in vegas. thank you so much f3 wow. you have been watching the weekend in vegas. thank you so much for joining
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students trade live in the classroom. >> 10 shares at a time. buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. >> three-to-one, four-to-one, he's up seven-to-one. these guys are kicking butt over here. >> announcer: and hear from some of the 150,000 investors who have experienced the power of this award-winning investor education. >> i'm now making as much money in this career than i made in the corporate life that i had with so much less stress and so much more flexibility. >> in may, we took $6,700 in our equities account and turned it into $34,000 by month' >> announcer: whether you seek supplemental income or a secure retirement, whatever your dream may be, online trading academy can help you live the life you want. >> all right, folks. let's go ahead and get into trading here. you got your rules set in place. i first want you to go in and identify those supply and demand levels. you got, you know, six-to-one reward-to-risk ratio right now. >> he had four-to-one. she had three-to-one. he's up seven-to-one in his. so, what we want to do -- we want to find where the next turn in price is going to be, and
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our position, because that's where the risk is low and the reward is high. movement of price in any and all markets is simply a function of this ongoing supply and demand equation. when we buy things in any other part of our life, do we want to pay wholesale prices or retail prices? >> wholesale. >> wholesale. here's wholesale. when we sell things in any other part of our life, we want to sell at retail prices. here's retail. but why is it, then, when people put their hard-earned money at risk in the market, nobody wants to buy here? the news is bad and all the arrows are pointing down. everybody wants to buy up here. instead of being the novice buyer, we want to be the seller to that buyer. >> announcer: financial markets around the world offer the best opportunities to build wealth. banks and large financial institutions continue to see huge gains in any market condition. at online trading academy, we can teach you to invest the way these financial institutions do using our patented core strategy. learn to identify market moves before they happen. turn the common mistakes novice traders make to your advantage. trade like a professional. >> one of the things that i've learned at


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