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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  August 9, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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killing his estranged wife. you may remember -- erlinda penaflor's body was found in her home near sloan and washington sunday. investigators say she died after having a fight with her estranged husband arthur lopez . he's now in custody. good afternoon -- i'm megan telles alongside 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. we'll get to all of your headlines in just a moment -- seeing some nice breezy winds as they step outside....will it continue? (ad-lib) breezy winds will continue through tomorrow as a weak pacific system pushes through the area. also, as we continue to track the moisture from tropical depression javier, it still looks like chances for rain will stay to our east. tonight, expect breezy winds with gusts between 25 - 30 mph with a repeat of the same tomorrow.
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little cool-down as high temps a slight chance for rain in the heat back up. expect a high of 103 on friday, 107 saturday and 108 sunday start to next week, with a high new at 3 -- this horrific picture just into our newsroom. this is what's left of a car -- where three people died over troopers say the car for some reason overturned and then caught fire. three people inside were thrown out and died of their injuries. right now --a desperate search is underway after a security guard is attacked... 13 action news reporter parker collins was the only one there watching police take several guys into custody. 11:08:45-11:09:06 take vo at 11:08:51 for hours this morning police had this entrance at boulder station taped off they're telling us a security guard was attacked by three guys they stole his gun and
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nearby neighborhood surrounded they had the helicopter out the canines out eventually they found two of the guys one of they do catch him... do their work like that." 2:16 11:09:27-11:09:34 that security guard had to go to the hospital but they think he'll live near vegas valley and lamb parker collins 13 action news. right now-- a man is on the brink of death after he was shot multiple times near lake mead and hollywo police say it happened just before midnight and now they are searching for at least one suspect. if you happen to know anything -- call authorities. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire at a vacant building overnight. firefighters were called to an area near paradise and saraha around 2- 45 this morning. when they arrived, they reported smoke coming from the roof. they say the fire started near the a-c unit. it was quickly contained. fire officials say no one was hurt and it's not clear how much damage the fire caused. at this hour...southwest gas is
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that ruptured last night in henderson. road construction crews hit the line near stephanie and wigwam. northbound lanes of stephanie were closed following the incident. southwest gas has not said how long it will take to fix the line. three children are dead after a freak accident at a county fare in tennesse. the kids fell down from near the top of a ferris wheel. witnesses watched in horror.. as the cart the girls were riding in... tipped over.. the young passengers, bouncing off the ride before hitting the grun as abcs kendis gibson reports -- now authorities are treating the incident like a crime scene. overnight, a scare at a county fair. sot broadcastify i've got three kids that fell from the ferris wheel. sot tba add sot here if we get anything that works according to investigators.. the cart carrying the young passengers snagged another cart on its way up.. spilling them out.. one witness.. saying the children bounced off the metal briding of the ride.. evenually hitting the ground 30-45 feet below.
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i don't know these little girls but i just hate seeing that. an ambulance and a helicopter.. taking the injured children to the hospital. authorities say they were alert and talking after the accident. this morning, investigators are inverviewing witnesses to determine what happened. sot - captain tim davis : we're // trea scene at this point till we can determine whether there was any malfunction, make sure there was no foul play, that it was just an accident. kendis gibson abc news, ny a day after delta airlines canceled 1-thousand flights...another 250 flights have been canceled from tuesday's schedule .... a power outage on monday in atlanta grounded hundreds of thousands of passengers around the globe. georgia power confirmed it was a "switch-gear" problem.
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electric keep equipment safe from power surges. the airline is offering refunds to passengers on canceled or "significantly delayed" flights. it also said passengers whose flights are canceled or delayed more than three hours will get travel vouchers valued at 2-hundred dollars... for future flights. and this just into our newsroom -- florida officials say four more people have likely contracted the zika virus through mosquitoes. it now brings the amount of to 21. we're on top of a major developing story -- search crews recovered the black box' from the missing el faro cargo it was 15-thousand feet deep in the ocean. the ship sank during hurricane joaquin in october of 2015. we're now waiting to see if the box will provide any crucial information as to how the ship sank. to your voice, your vote in the race for the white house now. donald trump has just wrapped
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say. 032 we're tired of incompetence, we're tired of not taking care of our military...our vets.040 coming up in our second half hour -- hillary clinton in miami -- touring a health facility pushing for more actions against zika. a wildly popular las vegas strip show is changing locations! after a five-year-run at caesars palace -- absinthe now has a new home -- we'll tell plus -- a crazy story out of new york this afternoon where authorites are investigating a meth lab...but it's where they found it that will make you say "what?:" remember chopper 13 is brining you breaking news fast and first. i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security.
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s us pay the bills... ...and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street... ...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. i wonder who he's working for? because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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busy walmart parking lot. police believe the suspects were entering the lab through an open culvert!
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for them to determine how often the lab was used or when it was last used. authorities are now working to secure that culvert so no one else can get in. an update now on a story we told you about a couple weeks ago. the popular show absinthe is moving to the cosmopolitan of las vegas. the show is closing at caesars palace after 5 years. spiegelworld will collaborate with the cosmopolitan and re- imagine the former ballroom space next to the rose. rabbit. lie. supper club. absinthe will play its final performance at roman plaza at caesars pala currently lives....on friday, october 21st-- and will commence previews at the cosmopolitan late 2016. october is a big month for the strip! check this out... the monte carlo is shutting down several venues.... to make room for a huge transformation. on october third, the hotel plans to permanently close the pool, the pub and a shopping area.... known as the "street of dreams." construction crews will then begin
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will be known as "park mgm" and "the nomad las vegas." the renovations are expected to be finished in two years. after the break.... we've heard plenty of stories ou pokemon go... but this one may top them all! how one player was able to save a man's life...thanks to the app! plus -- if you're tired of seeing all of those "clickbaits" on facebook... the company has your back. what they are doing to make your timeline cleaner.
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nevada is one of the worst places in america for the sex trafficking of teenage girls. thankfully, catherine cortez masto went to work to help law enforcement fight back. as attorney general, she made sex trafficking a felony crime and increased sentences. she gave victims the right to sue their captors. and expanded the sex offender registry to protect kids. catherine's a problem-solver. that's what she's all about.
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wildly popular game! vhon balite was walking down the street looking for pokemon when instead -- he found a man who appears to have fainted. the good samaritan knew basic life saving techniques, and
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the paramedics arrived. they believe the man may have suffered a stroke...and that balite is the reason he's still alive. another life saving moment! while some people may have concerns about driver-less cars... a missouri man says his self- driving tesla... actually saved his life! the man says he was in the middle of his commute home when he felt a sudden pain. he didn't know it, but he was having a pulmonary embolism... and couldn't drive. "it was kinda getting scary. i called my wife and just said somethings wrong and i couldn't breathe, i hyperventilating." the man says he trusted the tesla to stay on the road until he got near a hospital and he was able to drive the last few blocks to the e-r. the man believes if he would've had to pull over and wait for an ambulance he may not have made it. this wildfire burning now in the mountains of san bernardio county, california is blowing smoke our way. the fire has quadrupled in size since sunday. the so called pilot fire
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thousands of people living nearby have been forced to leave their homes. nearly 900 firefighters are working to get it under control. they have been able to coat some homes in a fireproof gel. so far more than six-thousand acres have burned. speaking of mother nature....let's send it over to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. breezy winds will continue through tomorrow as a weak pacific system pushes through the area. also, as we continue to track the moisture from tropical depression javier, it still looks like chances for rain tonight, expect breezy winds with gusts between 25 - 30 mph with a repeat of the same tomorrow. the good news is that the weak, pacific system will bring us a little cool-down as high temps drop to about 100 both tomorrow and thursday. on wednesday and thursday, expect mainly sunny skies with a slight chance for rain in the mountains on wednesday. as the system moves on, high pressure will once again take over, which means things will heat back up. expect a high of 103 on friday, 107 saturday and 108 sunday with sunny skies each day. the sunshine continues for the
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hillary clinton had a surprising supporter show up at tropical depression javier, it still looks like chances for rain will stay to our east. tonight, expect breezy winds with gusts between 25 - 30 mph with a repeat of the same tomorrow. the good news is that the weak, pa us a little cool-down as high temps drop to about 100 both tomorrow and thursday. on wednesday and thursday, expect mainly sunny skies with a slight chance for rain in the mountains on wednesday. as the system moves on, high pressure will once again take over, which means things will heat back up. expect a high of 103 on friday, 107
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the sunshine continues for the start to next week, with a high of 108 monday and 106 tuesday. hillary clinton had a surprising supporter show up at her rally just outside orlando... see that guy behind her? that's seddique mateen--- the father of the man who shot and killed 49 people at pulse nightclub back in june. now some are questioning whether it was appropriate for
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to show up at the rally. 1:34 'm a member, so as i member i get the invitations. nothing particular about it. :1:39 2:23 " i love united states and i've been living here a long time.2:28 during the rally, clinton mentioned the orlando shooting. she expressed support for those still grieving and the first responders who rushed into pulse nightclub and saved countless lives. . from contact 13 tonight -- it's one of the most frustrating things on your facebook feed. cl you know the headlines... things like -- you gotta see the crazy thing this dog did. forcing you to click the story to find out. and usually the payoff isn't even there mary moloney reports -- facebook is making a change, that could impact your feed now. it seems like your facebook feed is crowded with posts like this -- "you'll never believe which two stars got into a fight on the red carpet." the picture tells you nothing. and the headline adds this enticing line -- "click to find out which starlet they were fighting over." of course
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and as soon as you get directed you're not alone. here's the problem. since others clicked that link -- the post gets shown to more people -- and it gets higher and higher on newsfeeds. thus perpetuating the clickbait. but facebook says it's had enough. and is changing it's algorithm. so you'll see more posts from friends. and less from brands and publishers. who -- by the way -- pay close attention to this kind of stuff. facebook is also taking it a step further. basically -- facebook will ident specifics in the headline, or exaggerate the article -- or create misleading expectations on the feed, and give them less prominence. this isn't the first time f-b tried to clamp down on clickbait. and it probably won't be the last. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney this next story is proof that you're never too old to try new things. meet 80-year-old linda watkins of wisconsin....
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birthday by trying her hand at ziplining. her whole family was on hand to watch her tackle the feat. linda loves adventure! she went white water rafting on her 70th birthday-- and now her family is wondering what she has brewing for her 90th... adults have a new place to play in las vegas. dave and busters officially opened its first nevada location in downtown summerlin yesterday. the entertainment venue has food.. drinks and all kinds of games. the company says they are still while everyone is obsessed with the olympics in rio -- there are also cat olympics -- we'll tell you more, and -- this invention for pet lovers at one airport is going viral right now...what is it? the answer straight ahead. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. go nowhere we'll be right back. who needs summer olympics when
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you can have kitten summer games?! it's a real thing hosted by the hallmark channel. 90 cat-letes are "competing" in events such as sprinting,
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the whole event-- which was taped in april-- was used to find homes for the furry competitors who were all shelter kittens. all of the cats have now been adopted! and here's something many would appreciate -- this is a bathroom at a milwaukee's airport...for man's best friend! the "service animal relief area" features fake grass on top of a flushing in case you were wondering, owners must still pick up after their pooches. afterward. the final countdown is officially on for the riviera hotel. clark county tweeted out this photo of the approved permit to implode what's left of the iconic property. the implosion is scheduled for next tuesday at 2 in the morning. you can watch it live-- right here on 13 action news. if you've been watching the olympics.. you may have noticed the dark brown circles on some of the athletes michael phelps. it's actually an ancient type of therapy.
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"cupping." heated glass cups are placed on your skin, and its supposed to help increase blood flow and reduce soreness to the cupped area. the bruises left behind take about two weeks to disappear. while many athletes on team u- s-a like phelps swear by the treatments... science is mixed on the actual evidence. vo rapper snoop dog and lifestyle icon martha stewart are joining forces in the kitchen this fall... the two will co-host a cooking show on v-h-1 called "martha and snoop's dinner party." it will feature the two stars celebrity friends. this will not be the first collaboration between stewart and snoop. the rapper appeared on an episode of "martha stewart living" in 2008. crystal pepsi is now oficially back on store shelves!! the clear cola was introduced in a 19- 92 super bowl commercial which featured van halen, but was only on the market for a year. you may remember -- in december, pepsi gave away a six-pack of crystal pepsi to 13-thousand people through an
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pepsi says it will be available for eight weeks only. right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30. including hooters taking some time off today to make las vegas a better place to live....who they helped by making some food -- next. and -- hillary clintion is facing a major lawsuit right now. who is suing her and what they say she did. and taking a live look in north carolina where donald tyrump is holding a rally ....(ad-lib)
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plus donald launching a new line of attacks against hillary clinton while losing in some key states. we have some breaking news. investigation agents are investigating a shooting in jackson, tennessee. tbi has confirmed that one of their agents was involved in the shooting, but they have not said anything else about how the agent was involved. a large group of tbi agents are investigating what happened. good afternoon -- i'm megan telles and i'm steve wolford. let's begin with the latest on what's happening outside. the winds are picking up.. but is there a chance for any rain? 13-first alert chief


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