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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  August 9, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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plus donald launching a new line of attacks against hillary clinton while losing in some key states. we have some breaking news. investigation agents are investigating a shooting in jackson, tennessee. tbi has confirmed that one of their agents was involved in the shooting, but they have not said anything else about how the agent was involved. a large group of tbi agents are investigating what happened. good afternoon -- i'm megan telles and i'm steve wolford. let's begin with the latest on what's happening outside. the winds are picking up.. but is there a chance for any rain? 13-first alert chief
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latest. bryan. breezy winds will continue through tomorrow as a weak pacific system pushes through the area. also, as we continue to track tonight, expect breezy winds with gusts between 25 - 30 mph little cool-down as high temps drop to about 100 both tomorrow and thursday. on wednesday and thursday, expect mainly sunny skies with a slight chance for rain in the heat back up. expect a high of 103 on friday, 107 saturday and 108 sunday with sunny skies each day. the sunshine continues for the start to next week, wi of 108 monday and 106 tuesday. the kansas city water park where a 10-year-old boy was killed remains closed at this hour while investigators try to figure out what went wrong. authorities say caleb schwab died from a severe neck injury.. but some witnesses are now
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had been decapitated.. while riding the world's tallest waterslide. steve castaneda says he saw the boy in the front seat of the raft with two adult women in the seats behind him.. when caleb somehow fell out. castenada is a registered nurse.. and ran over to help. both women suffered minor facial injuries sot steve castaneda : it was a very loud boom boom/ i knew immediately that someone had fallen off the raft sot steve castaneda : one of and so i told him there is nothing we can do. the ride will remain closed indefinitely.. but the rest of the park is set to re-open tomorrow. right now -- the second murder of a jogger in just one week is under investigation. people living in princeton massachusetts remain on edge as police search for a killer. 27 year old vanessa marcotte -- a google account manager -- went for a jog on sunday and never came back. police found her body
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attorney joseph d. early jr we do not know, if this was a random act. we are asking the residents of princeton and the surrounding area to use an abundance of caution. we're asking the public to be careful police sources tell abc news, investigators are looking into signs of sexual assault. this is the second high profile case in less than a week involving a young woman murdered while going out for a jog in broad daylight. one week ago karina vetrano's body was found by her a jogging trail near her parent's home in queens new your voice.. your vote in the race for the white house. donald trump has been stumping in north carolina.. while a new national poll shows hillary clinton's lead widening. abc's karen travers has more on today's developments. donald trump blasting hillary clinton in north carolina. trump sot: hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment.
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nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is i don't statement "what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be the president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way." trump's campaign not walking anything back, saying 2nd amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified which gives them great political power. all this as a new national poll shows hillary clinton and trump's facing more backlash from republicans. gfx: senator susan collins of maine writing in a washington post op- ed that she wont vote for him because he "lacks the temperament, self- discipline and judgment required to be president." she told cnn she's not sure who she will vote for collins sot: i have a lot of concerns about hillary clinton, and i'm not going to support her clinton continued her campaign swing through florida.
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in miami where she pushed for more action to combat zika. clinton sot: this is a serious challenge and one that we need to be mobilized to address before it expands even further. o/c close: the clinton campaign is now considering expanding their electoral map to arizona and georgia - two traditionally could be worth the investment. kt abc news washington. clinton - v the parents of two americans benghazi are suing hillary clinton. in the wrongful-death lawsuit filed yesterday.. woods say the attack was directly caused by clinton's use of her private email server while she was secretary of state. they also say she defamed them in statements made to the media. fatally shoot worker - v a man is dead in new york after another man grabbed a police
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police said they were flagged down about efron guzman being disruptive inside a bronx deli. the two officers went to the deli and tried to escort guzman out, when a struggle occurred. that's when police say guzman managed to get one of the officer's guns from his holster, and shot a 49-year-old worker from across the street. guzman is in critical condition. the officers were not hurt. take a good look at the man in this surveillance footage. metro is desperately pleeding for public's help finding him because they say he sexually investigators tell us he broke into a hotel room on boulder highway near d-i.. over the weekend-- then beat up and sexually assaulted a worker....police say he took off when another employee came to the door. if you recognize the man, or see him anywhere... please call police immediately. a 500 dollar reward is being offered for information on a stolen kitten. police say someone stole the cat during an adoption event saturday at the pet store on eastern and russell. rescue workers say they're
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vaccinations, and they want to make sure he's getting the proper care he needs. check out this new video of italian coast guards rescuing 84 migrants! the migrants faced choppy sea conditions as they crossed the mediterranean from libya to southern italy on a fishing boat. there were several women and children on the boat. so far -- 3,177 people have gone missing or have died trying to cross from northern africa to europe. the hooters team gave its tie today to prepare meals for children who might otherwise go hungry. it's part of the hooters hotel 'month of giving.' the hotel has taken what would have been their marketing budget for the month, canceled advertisements and tore down billboards to give back to several local charities -- like make-a-wish of southern nevada and the salvation army. only two meetings remain for the public to offer input in splittint up the clark county school district. tonight's town hall starts at 6
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you can also watch it on the clark county tv channel. the final meeting is tomorrow. a big congratulations to the las vegas athlete making us proud in rio! cody miller won a bronze medal and set an american record in the 100- meter breaststroke. growing up...miller swam at desert breeze aquatic center for the sandpipers of nevada swim club. the current coach was miller's teammate for ten years. miller's next event is saturday. he's expected to swim in a relay with michael phelps. we'll have new details about her appearance in a hit t-v show. and -- the internet is abuzz all because of this there an n'sync reunion in the works? this and other stories now trending straight ahead. and we are continuing to stay on top of breaking news in tennese. the tennessee bureau of investigation agents are investigating a shooting involving one of their own.
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shooting. stay with us, fans of former boy band n-sync are now dreaming of a re i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. social security helps us pay the bills... ...and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street... ...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks.
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because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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headlines we are following on this tuesday. it's all after justin timberlake posted this photo on instagram-- it's him, lance bass, j-c, joey fatone and chris kirk-patrick. the guys got together for j-c's 40th birthday party, and timberlake documented the milestone with the image captioned "j-c's 40th... know..." naturally, fans immediately started wishing for more and its now taking the internet by storm. after teasing fans about whether it would happen.. mariah carey has confirmed she will make a guest appearance on the television show "empire." she'll have the role of a singer named "kitty" who collaborates with jussie smollett's character.. jamal lyon..
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empire fan. dopey took a nasty tumble during a show at disney world, and it wasn't part of the skit. an ambulance was called to disney's hollywood studios after dopey slipped through the railing and fell on goofy during the fantasmic show. both cast members were treated on site and released. the show will go on. for more stories trending right now.. go to or get our fr and to sound off.. join us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv. use #nowtrending. anchors adlib and toss to bryan breezy winds will continue through tomorrow as a weak pacific system pushes through
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depression javier, it still looks like chances for rain will stay to our east. tonight, expect breezy winds with gusts between 25 - 30 mph with a repeat of the same tomorrow. the good news is that the weak, pacific system will bring us a little cool-down as high temps drop to about 100 both tomorrow and thursday. on wednesday and thursday, expect mainly sunny skies with a slight chance for rain in the mountains on wednesday. as the system moves on, high over, which means things will heat back up. expect a high of 103 on friday, 107 saturday and 108 sunday with sunny skies each day. the sunshine continues for the start to next week, with a high of 108 monday and 106 tuesday. after the break... a new study out today shows tropical depression javier, it
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to our east. tonight, expect breezy winds with gusts between 25 - 30 mph with a repeat of the same tomorrow. the good news is that the weak, pacific system will bring temps drop to about 100 both tomorrow and thursday. on wednesday and thursday, expect mainly sunny
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mountains on wednesday. as the system moves on, high pressure will many people smoke marijuana... and in today's health report.. school starts in a few weeks.. rest? results of a new study might suprise you. and.. don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming.. video on demand and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play. students around the valley are
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the mori
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according to doctor harneet wa- lia a sleep expert at cleveland clinic, your teen's reluctance to get up for school doesn't mean they're lazy. dr. harneet walia/cleveland clinic "it's the internal biological rhythm that wants them to stay up late in the night and wake up late during the morning, but due to the social responsibilities and school hours, they have to wake up at a normal time and which sleep than the average adult, usually between nine to nine and a half hours a night. new at 3:30.. a suprising trend has emerged in a new report on how many babies are being born in the u-s. with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. where there are pink and blue blankets... diaper bags... and binkies galore... you can bet there are babies. but will we be seeing fewer of these fixtures of babyhood? new numbers out of a c-d-c be the year with the lowest number of newborns, compared to
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age 15 to 44, that anyone has ever seen. the numbers don't mean more or none at all. and the new findings continue a trend. rates have dropped more than 10 percent since 2007. but even for those who see this as a worrying direction... the new study points to another trend -- fewer babies born to teens. time will tell whether 2016 will, in fact, be the year of the baby bust. but at least for those who need their infant fix... there's always youtube. breaking news just into our newsroom -- me just arrested this metro police have just arrested this man you see on yoru screen for sexually assaulting a hotel emplopyee we told you about earlier in our newscast.
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new data could also indicate a major cultural shift on marijuana use. according to a new gallup poll.. the number of adults who smoke marijuana has nearly doubled in three years. and.. about a third of those who regularly use marijuana reported addiction symptoms. the gallup survey also indicates the increase could be because more states are willing to legalize pot. nevadans will vote on legalizing recreational use we'll be right back with a look at today's top stories and bryan will have a final check of your forecast! and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup. a look a some of the top
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this is edward cortez born in chihuahua, mexico, he immigrated to the u.s. and was proud to serve our country in world war ii. he settled in nevada, became a baker and raised a family. his story isn't unique. america has always been a place where through hard work and perseverance generations have made a better life for themselves and their families. it's what america should still be today. i'm catherine cortez masto, this is my grandfather, and i'm proud to approve this message. you may remember -- erlinda penaflor's body was found in her home near sloan and washington sunday. investigators say she died after having a fight with her estranged husband arthur lopez
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breaking news just into our newsroom -- metro police have just arrested this man you see on yoru screen for sexually assaulting a hotel emplopyee we told you about earlier in our newscast. this is the surveillance video we are talking about. coming up on 13 action news.. live at 5... it's not the first time this preschool has been on 13 action news... we'll tell you the final straw that led to its closure car, you could be surrounded by cars just waiting for something to go wrong. what prevents some people from getting their vehicles fixed. those stories and more on 13 action news.. live at 5. then later.. all new on 13 action news live at 6.. a valley man has been hospital-ridden for the past eight months... and now he says he's having his electricity stolen by squatters next door! he says he can't do anything about it from his
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that story, tonight at six. that does it for 13 action news live at 3:30.. but stay with us for judge judy up next. we'll be back in 60 minutes for 13 action news live at 5. until then..
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>> announcer: misunderstanding over money... >> judge judy: at what point do you say, "i don't expect to be repaid?" >> there was never an agreement that he would not pay me back at all. >> announcer: ...or did they have a special arrangement? >> this is like we were living like a married couple but we weren't. >> judge judy: now it's making more sense to me. did you ever share the same bedroom? >> yeah. >> judge judy: so, on occasion, you were roomies with benefits. >> yeah. >> judge judy: did you leave that out on purpose?
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the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution dawn pannasch is suing her former friend, richard monteagudo, for money loaned for legal fees and living expenses. >> byrd: order! all rise. your honor, this is case number 17 on the calendar in the matter of pannasch vs. monteagudo. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. you folks have a seat. >> judge judy: ms. pannasch, you know the defendant since you were children. is that right? >> correct. >> judge judy: you lived next door to each other, close by? >> around the block, yes. >> judge judy: according to your complaint, there came a time when he was going through a difficult period. were you divorcing, sir? >> yes. >> judge judy: when was that? >> 2 1/2 years ago. >> judge judy: were you working? >> yes, at the time. >> judge judy: were you married at the time? >> during his divorce? >> judge judy: yes. >> no. >> judge judy: so, you invited him to come to live with you?


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