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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 10, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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all-new today on "right this minute" -- the viral videos show. >> i think this is the end. >> explores wedged himself through a narrow cave. >> tighter and tighter. >> why crazy can't begin to describe what they see next. >> ah! >> a tanker overflows in traffic. >> oh! >> oh! >> what's coming out that's not coming off easy. >> oh, brother. >> a woman finally gets the reunion she's wanted. >> for 40 years. >> see one family's incredible story of joy and forgiveness. >> plus the saga of a stolen puppy's long journey home. >> ooh! >> and playing a game of electric slide water roulette.
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powerful. >> how this guy is getting psyched up for the shock of his life. >> why? why? why would you do that? >> our videos exploring with josh have taken 1.4 millions all over the world. in this latest video it starts with beautiful shots of cannon beach which will be very familiar if like me you have watched the goonies 800,000 times. but that's not the meat of this video because after he's gone from there, he goes near mount >> kind of that scary movie. >> looks like one of those tense movies, you're watching exploring -- >> don't go in there! >> oh, no he's going in there because he's exploring. it's exploring with josh. >> dangerous and scary. >> as they start getting deeper into the cave it starts getting tighter and tighter. >> while they're pretty nervous and it is getting pretty tight they're still feeling okay it's safe. because you said nick there is a
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way over there. not in this enclosed space here. >> the enclosed space is, how about that? >> see that. that's my limit right there. >> my limit was way back there wt stairs. >> yeah i was going to turn back. >> but there was a bit of a surprise on the way back. >> any pokemon in there? >> no >> flash light? >> you didn't see he doesn't have a flash light. >> no -- >> oh! >> yeah, you see this young girl, she looks maybe 7 or 8 years old. she doesn't speak english. as you can see look at her little face she's all scared. >> cool they did find something. did they keep her? >> no but they tried to help. >> what's the story behind her getting down there? >> basically what happened is this young girl got away from the parents, went adventuring and just got lost a little bit. >> if you looked closely you actually have seen this girl in the video before.
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looking at the opening of the cave when the camera pans over, right there. that's the little girl, and there's her parents. don't worry eventually they do bring her up. >> she went back. she started crying. what kind of crazy situation. >> good thing josh went exploring with exploring with josh because josh find that little girl while he was exploring. >> two things i know for sure. our "right this minute" viewers can always expect the unexpected and the unexpected is expected. here we are pulling stop. pay attention to that sewer truck right in front of us. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh. >> m gosh. >> what a croppy commute. >> yes. and it's about to get worse. >> he had a blowout. >> oh. a blowout of the worst kind because the tak just explodes, and sewage just starts to go all over the road. >> why? why did i just suddenly decide
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>> it was locked up in there and finally it was ready to release. >> oh. >> hey, what goes in must come out but it was not supposed to come out right there. now you see, the traffic starts to move. but watch this white car as it comes into frame. >> oh! >> oh, that's at least three passes through the car wash. >> oh, that's just nasty. >> oh, this next video takes and while the tow truck drivers there are shaking things up a bit, instead of attaching the tow to the front they just slide up next to the car in question, and watch how it goes down. >> it's like a side mounted fork lift. >> i think that's why this video called evacuated in 59 seconds because in less than a minute they're in there like swim wear and they're out. >> wow. you don't want the wrong people to get a hold of this truck. >> that's awesome.
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so quickly. >> the irony as the camera pans over you see -- >> yes. >> what you're watching here is forgiveness. and joy. this is christina. she's 44 years old. she's been longing to meet her biological family for 40 years. >> here's -- >> the person that she's forgiven is this man right here. her maternal grandfather. he and unmarried all those years ago and her catholic grandfather insisted that christina be put up for adoption. and now she got to meet him in cincinnati ohio. >> how did that all come together after so long? >> the law changed in ohio where people could apply for their actual birth certificates. when she was able to do that she learned that her birth name was christian marie. she also learned she had a family.
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her for about five years. and they found each other through social media. her birth mother died five years ago. but she was finally able to meet her dad. and her siblings. >> oh. >> they said she looks just like her. >> i cannot imagine what this must be like. these are your family members. but you know nothing about them. and yet you're so connected. >> there's a lot of joy but there's also a lot of guilt. >> her prayed for her every day. he believed he did what he thought was right at the time her adoptive parents have been supportive of her journey to go find who she came from. >> this is a second opportunity for everybody involved. a second opportunity for her grandfather to reconcile but also have the relationship with his granddaughter. >> she now lives in vienna. she flew all the way across the world to come meet these people. >> wow. >> and it was a dream come true
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changed so she was able to do this. >> what a crazy, crazy experience. >> a very ugly moment caught on camera in russia. st. petersburg. we already see some stuff dumped into this canal here. you see like a cooler and some drinks. >> oh! >> ooh. >> there goes one of those rolling streetside kiosks. >> that cart was full. >> looks like that group of people pushed it. >> four guys went running down the street after dumping this stuff into the canal. and you see some folks in a boat. >> this is the alleged mafia and people describe seeing those four guys that go up to the woman that owns that cart, pull her aside and have a discussion. they seemed agitated and came back and exacted their tax per se on her entire business dumping it into the canal. >> some of the inventory was retrieved by these guys on the boat but her refrigerator, her cart obviously was destroyed. >> now over to china where we
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automated teller, waits for more than an hour. >> is he waiting for someone else to come in so he can rob them? >> here she comes. has no idea someone is waiting in a booth a few doors down. this creep sticks his head out and makes his attack. >> oh, no! and she's in an enclosed space nowhere to run. >> a perfect ambush. >> but in her case, a very curious twist her. he makes her take her shirt off. here's the she was there to make a deposit. she walked in with a big wad of cash. when he got in to her booth, she had already deposited all the money that she walked in. she has nothing left. believe her. said show me. take off your shirt. make sure that you have nothing. she didn't have anything to give him. he walked her out and let her go. >> wow. >> the good news here is police looked at other security cameras
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do his crime saying he was just hungry. >> the brides planned a magical harry potter themed wedding. but the groom -- >> he hasn't read a single one of the books. >> see how he gives his best effort to come under the spell. >> he does not have a clue. >> and it's the sweaty palm video of the day when a sky diver gets twisted. >> why this malfunction could have put his life on the line. >> okay. >> oh. f italy is only at olive garden.99, choose 3 of 9 of our favorite italian dishes to get everything you want, all on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. hurry in and create your own tour.
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[ tires screech ] ? flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! ahh! this is probably more of a breakroom activity. ya think?
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came out. her wedding was at hogwart's castle, so to speak. that was the theme of her wedding. >> you had to figure out where you had to sit. do they use a sorting hat? >> yes, there is a sorting hat. there was an owl. because in the harry potter books owls were messenger agents. by the way her groom, he didn't know it was planned. all he had to do was show up. >> it was completely my idea. no input in it whatsoever. >> a couple trial runs and that was it. the owl -- >> this guy doesn't even know where he is right now. his head is spinning looking around thinking oh, my god how much am i going to be paying for this? >> you're on to something nick because he hasn't read a single one of the books. >> and he still won't because it looks like she made the flowers in her bouquet out of the books.
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what's his name? >> ron weasley. >> he's all right, yeah. >> this guy does not have a clue. nor does he care. he's like, i was just here for the cake. >> but how does she not encourage him to watch -- this is like obviously one of her biggest passions. >> but she picked a good guy because if he's willing to go along with this, and just have a good you know cheerful attitude i say well done leo, well done. >> look, it's pretty awesome. >> freak out here. that's what it's described as from the youtube channel. very confident sky divers here. >> nothing like the joy of free falling. >> yeah. >> check his altimeter. that's right. ee jeblgt, and -- twist. >> oh, crap. oh, wait, untwist. >> woo-hoo! >> oh, wait. that's not supposed to be that way. >> oh, [ bleep ] >> i believe they call that a
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so takes a quick look at that malfunction, and decides, i'm not even going to mess with it. cut away. here comes the backup chute -- >> okay. >> i was like, whoo! >> it did work. >> here's the interesting part behind all of this. >> just cut away. i've been coaching for a few days and have partially disassembled my gear for demonstration purposes but haven't done a line check and repack since i was certain that i'd be careful when reassembling >> you can't get too overconfident. quadruple check if you're going to be putting your life on those line literally. >> good news here is we've got an experienced sky diver and it seems that he knew what to do, knew how to get out of this sticky situation. >> when you're sky diving you've got to follow the ghost busters rule. >> don't cross the line. >> woo-hoo. >> this is charlie.
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behind the camera seems happy, as well. charlie's been gone for six years. in fact, in 2010 charlie was stolen when their house was robbed. and they thought they were never going to see charlie again. well, as coincidence would have it, six years later, charlie was found 170 miles down the road in this, which is the first time charlie has come back home. >> oh. >> yeah! >> somebody start counting. >> and then charlie. >> oh. >> oh, my -- >> the owner behind the camera is like, yes, that's what we need to do. >> this is what mommy taught you. >> and they just start singing together because there's no tricks that mom taught charlie all those years ago and the very first thing he does when he goes back is he starts singing again.
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who like many people wants to share his hobbies with his doggie best friend. >> oh! >> don't do that to that dog! >> poor puppy. >> that rush of adrenaline didn't expect there to be quite so much torque. going for a nice drive down -- what's going on! >> you see he's okay with it. he's there with his bestest friend and they're just having a nice old drive. drain. >> yeah, now they've got to find mom. >> next "right this minute." >> and still to come today on "rtm" who wants to catch a plane selfie but see if this snap has a smooth landing. >> good. >> wow. >> plus -- >> yay >> the boys are happy to hear they're getting a new sibling. >> but that changes quickly. >> what little liam says that proves he changed his tune. >> momma -- mommy. fact.
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promotional considerations provided by -- relief with lidocaine. max strength lidocaine numbs away pain and itch. gold bond. relief starts now. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. the types of can watch over and over and over again and that is why i've got two more for you. both of them from viral videos uk this first one on that beach in st. martin's. >> watch your head. >> wow. >> i feel like this is like somebody taking a free throw in a basketball championship. you know, all the people down
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>> guess the target the pilot. >> this next video comes from greece and it's almost the same thing. watch. >> it's fascinating honestly. >> the weird human fascination of almost feeling like you're dying. >> but you didn't. >> yay. >> still alive. >> there's so many emotions that go into a pregnancy and you going to get. these kids give us all of them. >> mom's having another baby. yay champion >> is that good? is that bad? >> initially both liam and noah appear to be excited. >> that changes quickly. >> you are the baby. >> exactly. >> the 8-year-old noah is excited. while liam he starts off happy, and then he says -- >> mommy. i don't want a baby.
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>> there's a baby in mummy's tummy. >> it's so funny to see it dawn on him. apparently they didn't tell him before they produced this. >> daddy, i don't want a baby. >> moving over to these two youngsters, her big news in a very cool way. she's giving them gifts, and they're unwrapping their cool new t shirts there's one more thing. >> they already like the t-shirts. what's in this one? >> they both get in there real good and just start tearing it apart. >> uh-oh. >> the little boy is -- the little girl surely realizes she's about to be a big sister again. >> a baby -- >> whoa. >> a baby! >> wow. >> that kind of reaction is born
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beings from the time we are born. okay? you just accept it. it is our strength. >> that is deep in there. >> oh, baby. >> these guys have a new game to play. >> electric slide water roulette. >> it seems pretty powerful. >> why they'll want to think twice before taking a spin.
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>> it comes from the youtube channel of my kitchen and it is a baked potato filled with melted cheese, sour cream wrapped in bacon topped with scallions and delicious onion chips. >> oh, okay. >> you bake the potatoes once they're done you cut the ends to give it a flat surface you can then rest it up. you follow out the center, and
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bacon. put pieces of cheese inside those hollows. >> what you've got here is a baked potato with sour cream and all of the stuff you like. >> you brushed some barbecue sauce, put it back in the oven for a few minutes. after you've baked it for a little bit, look at that. the bacon's cooked. the cheese is melted. once they're done all you can do is top it with the cream, the scallions, the onion chips and omg. >> the responsibility of 1.1 million subscribers comes with a price as the guys from the where's my challenge channel are finding out. you might remember last time we saw them they were running on a treadmill with legos. this time around they've got a new challenge. >> today we're playing a game of electric slide water roulette. >> oh, oh. >> a little vat. >> i was like you. then the challenge starts and i realize this thing's pretty powerful. a spin wherever it ends up.
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body parts. you will then zap with the electric slide water thing. >> oh, no. >> straight -- >> ooh. >> oh. >> oh. >> you heard that -- >> i know. >> next spin the nose -- >> yes. >> and really think about that because that's just going to go past right up into your brain. >> oh. >> ooh. >> that one was pretty loud so loud in fact that was weird. >> away. >> does that thing really need to be that powerful to kill bugs? >> oh -- >> not even pressing a button. >> that one -- >> you see that -- >> and yet again the next eye roll. >> oh. >> he's going -- >> bring myself to do it. >> you might have to do it for me. >> oh. >> i thought for sure that guy was going to go, p.o.w.! >> believe it or not the next one is also --
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they know the taste buds this is good. >> he's going to want to tap out after you see what he does to himself. >> why, why, why, why would you do that? >> and so they're talking in each other's ears. they're talking elbows. all kinds of ridiculous that's what you have to do when 1.1 million people -- >> that's a look at today's top videos.
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an all new show today with great viral videos "right this minute." rescuers search through a collapsed hut because -- >> they heard a puppy. >> see the moment a tough little survivor is reunited with mom. >> it's a confrontation through a car window. >> [ bleep ] >> the threat of flying. >> the moment the glass is, too. >> a woman swims through water and lava. the story behind the adventure of a lifetime. and, a guy making his girlfriend cry. >> because she saw him come out with a box. >> but see why nobody saw this part coming. >> oh. >> oh! >> word has come to animal aid india that a hut has collapsed


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