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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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club is behind bars. what investigators have uncovered about his relationships with minors. tonight.. metro says its investigation is ongoing.. while a lot of parents are asking some tough questions. and.... only on action news.... best. (anchor sot) (alex frakes, attends biys and girls club)) i've known him since i was about 7, and he's been a dad compassionate but also very disciplined at the boys and girls club on southern highlands parkway... with the latest. mahsa. adlib gina frakes, parent) i would never even imagine will to be that's sort of a person.
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(track) he's the director of an organization charged with police believe some incidents ...happened right on the property! the alleged crime? (sot) (he was arrested for lewdness with a child?) ohhhh!!!!! (track)(vo = show all the daytime interviews we are not using/shows we are digging deeper/night footage me and girls) parents at the boys and girls club in southern total shock. many didnt know what to was closest to.. people who've known him for years. (sot) did you ever see anything inappropriate at all between him and any student? no frakes, attends club, sot) he would actually be the kind of person about that kind of stuff if an incident did happen like that to me, so ( you felt that comfortable?) yea (track) the 44 year old husband...has says... he was very tough when kids misbehaved. she recalls one incident -- (gina, sot) he called all the parents he discipline the kids again there was zero tolerance for any behavior like that
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investigate...the community thinking about the potential victims... the frakes...thinking about the alleged suspect. (gina sot) this is his life, i mean he's a program director there, this could be very detrimental to his career, his family. ### the end adlib flashbang nats near tropicana and boulder highway.... literally ended... with a bang this evening!!! chasing people around an apartment complex.... with knives. when authorities arrived... they found a man.....
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including..... a baton and a knife. after authorities threw flashbangs into the area... the suspect lit a fire inside the apartment.... which forced him out. he was then taken.... into custody. a young woman is dead and her killer is still on the streets tonight. detectives say the victim was found battered and partially clothed.. and the man you see on your screen is the prime suspect. 13-action news anchor christopher king is talking to friends who say they knew the victim.. he's live at the home right now. that woman's body-found right behind that door. tonight-we speak with the people who know and love her. they can't understand why anyone would want to hurt their friend. "it was like a nightmare-like a dream-doesn't feel real." for kamili albez..this nightmare is all too real. "heart broken." eight hours a day..five days a week..albez..would sit right across from wendy rodriguez at
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don't even know how i'm going to return to work monday." but this morning..albez..walke d onto the job at a property management find out..horrifying news. her friend and co-worker..was murdered. i couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hurt her." albez tells us..through her tears..the victim's family just sweet, just biggest heart, just giving, just the sweetest santana..who lived at the home. "devastated-broken." crystal distefano worked with rodriguez as well. "she was amazing-and beautiful." distefano tells us..rodriguez..could light uo a room..with charming..and friendly personality. "she's one of those people-she just walks into the room and she just glows." albez..fights to accept..she'll never again..see her friend. "just seeing her chair empty today was too much." jaime santana is 5-foot-10..and
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this scion. if you have any information on him call police right away. live on lilac court, ck, 13 action news. an elderly couple is in the hospital tonight after a fire in their home near sahara and fort apache. firefighter say a stovetop and ht fire in the kitchen. the man and woman in their late 80's were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. accused of hitting a teacher and a student with a baton.... has been found not guilty... on all charges!!! this is a picture.... of officer james lecinsky.... who's on the left... and his lawyer. he was also accused..... of trying to cover up the attack.... at "the jeffrey behavior school". authorities say... lecinsky told his supervisor.... that the assault occurred.... because the student and teacher were wrestling. both deny that. your voice, your vote in the
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while secretary of state. here's what he said when asked why americans should trust hillary clinton. (bill clinton/(d) former u.s. president (no font necessary) this is the biggest load of bull i've ever heard, first of all, the fbi director. first of all, the fbi director said, when he testified before congress, he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails that are classified. clinton addressed the asian american journalists other speakers included green party candidate jill stein and utah attorney general sean reyes.. who was there on behalf of donald trump. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson was also in las vegas today talking with voters.. saying he's the alternative candidate to clinton and trump. johnson sat down with 13-action news political analyst jon ralston and told jon it would be a mistake to choose between the republican and democratic
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lanes of traffic. they can travel down to di - but that would double the time it takes to get to the actual bus stop. mike's next door neighbor gordon says ccsd does this every year - and he has to call to get kids' re-assigned to the appropriate stop. "every year i have to call ccsd transportation." "if somebody makes the same mistake and then they make the same mistake again and again and again and again. the same mistake." but this year - things are different. mike and gordon say when the called ccsd for a reassignment - they were told that the stop would not be changed until after the first 2 months of the school year. seatbelts save lives!
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turning deadly..... here in nevada... is a direct result of people not wearing seatbelts!!! brian la-voie knows first hand... he lost his teenage daughter.... hillary.... in a car accident... back in -2- thousand -10-. 134425 put your seatbelt on ,it may not be cool,it may not feel cool but wiwill tell you what i have to go to the cemetary to visit my daughter go home let your parents see you. 134433 lavoie continues to speak out.... and... continues to fight for legislation.... to make.... nevada's seatbelt law..... a primary.... not secondary concern... a las vegas woman says she's blowing the whistle over the treatment of animals at a pet boarding business. contact 13's darcy spears is digging into allegations of abuse.. and what she uncovered will startle you. and... incredible images tonight.... from louisiana....showing the devastation.... from the unrelenting rain.... you won't believe.... what police officers discovered....
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bryan a kansas woman is accused of using her own children....
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business are struggling to stay alive. she turned to contact 13's darcy spears to investigate the plight of more than 100 animals at a local rescue. so.. have they truly been saved.. or is this another case of rescue gone wrong? /nats: dogs barking like crazy on cell phone video/ dogs in distress. adrienne 9:35 the head and the back has been eaten by fleas, flies and mites. confined in cages...
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being walked. with little human contact and not enough care. adrienne 19:17 that's poop next to the food. adrienne gallotta took cell phone video and pictures this summer while working at k-9 barracks and bath on nellis and judson. adrienne 1:55 these dogs are being caged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. she says this shih tzu named soda pop was in desperate need of medical attention for a bad ear infection. she worried about cages stacked on cages. and though some dogs got rags or newspapers, others lived on bare concrete or wire. she says her concern animals' welfare fell on deaf ears. adrienne 7:56 that was the reason that i came to you guys because you can't get anywhere with anybody. elizabeth rubin runs k9 barracks, but most of the animals there are from her organization adopt-a-rescue pet--or a.r.p. as contact 13 reported in june, metro served a search warrant at k9 barracks and found more than a hundred dogs. they documented 18 confined to
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adrienne 3:26 it has become a warehouse of dogs that are either unadoptable or old or sick. a.r.p. is supposed to foster and find forever homes for animals. but adrienne learned for many dogs, k-9 barracks isn't a temporary stop. one of the dogs who lived there was big momma. adrienne 15:48 she couldn't get up. she probably should have been put down some time ago. 15:57 she had a big sore from sleeping on this concrete for as long as she did. our calls, texts or email. (nats door open) so we took our questions to k9 barracks. :43 i'm darcy spears with channel 13. we're looking for elizabeth. ariel she's not in at the moment. the first thing we saw? darcy 1:02 there's a mouse running around right there. it just came around the corner. there's a mouse running around right there. we ask the employee to call rubin to see if she'll meet us for an interview and let us tour her facilities. ariel 2:41 i was told that you
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leave. darcy 2:48 is that her way of saying that she's not going to respond to our attempts to get her side of the story? ariel. this is what she's telling me. county animal control records document problems at k-9 barracks for years. gfx over photos in november 2013--strong odors, stacked, overcrowded cages and "five dogs standing on bare wire." in july 2011: "... many violations of overcrowding, sanitation and no water." and as far back as june 2008, they advised rubin about overcrowding and not enough the animal foundation refuses to work with her. michelle quigley animal foundation 1:00 imagine if you were being deprived of what's innate in you--or natural. 8:51 keeping animals, especially dogs and cats, in a cage for days and days and days or weeks at a time is not normal and it's not humane. as the county's contracted shelter, the lied animal foundation routinely works with rescue partners throughout the valley. but they cut ties with a.r.p.
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county. high level shelter staff members noted "inadequate housing and veterinary care and lack of exercise and socialization." darcy stand up at animal foundation 12:51 adopt a rescue pet applied again last year and, again, the animal foundation said "no," saying the same concerns existed at alarming levels. experts say there's much more to a dog's welfare than the place where it's kept, and adopt a rescue pet simply isn't meeting the animals' needs. michelle quigley animal foundation 7:41 once you know there are problems, are pointing them out to you, you have a duty to either address those problems or maybe do something different. adrienne says the a.r.p. dogs need to be rescued all over again. adrienne 12:29 if we do not speak up, if someone doesn't share this voice of these dogs, they will never have a chance. darcy 10 pack metro has an open criminal investigation through their animal cruelty task force. so far, no one has been charged. darcy spears, 13 action news. right now.. louisiana is bracing for even more rain.... over the weekend!!!
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claimed.... at least.... two lives and.... the state's governor has declared a state of emergency. in livingston... there has been more than.... -17- inches of rain.... over the last -24- hours. and... in walker, louisiana.... caskets have been unearthed from a cemetary.... and.... can seen floating..... in the floodwaters. the rising rivers have begin to crest..... at historic levels... and... streets all over the state are quickly transforming.... into streams. by the weekend, the valley will be back to the summer sizzle! degrees above normal coming close to 110 with some areas warmer! winds will be mild through the weekend; between 5 and 15 mph. remember to prep yourselves for the heat and never leave pets or people in cars. by monday and tuesday the heat holds but then the winds pick up slightly, between 10 and 20 mph with
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allowing for clouds to build and there is a hint of some rain chances to the valley thursday morning but it is too far out to confirm a solid chance for rain. temperatures however, will slowly fall to around normal values by the end of the week. normally we are at 102 in the tonight... a stunning reversal....
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millions of arm chair detectives!!! and later.. the pentagon is weighing-in on pokemon go. find out what they're doing to make sure the popular game doesn't jeopardize national security.
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police say the driver of the van pulled in front of a semi.. causing both vehicles to collide and land in a ditch. a 19-year old girl was killed. 5 others had to be airflighted
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about today.... the murder conviction of brendan dassey... is being overturned.... by a federal judge. he's one of the men featured..... in the netflix documentary series..... "making a murderer." dassey was convicted of murdering..... teresa halbach.... in -2- thousand -5-... at age -17-.... he received.... a -41-year jail sentence. he'll be released if prosecutors don't bring him to trial again.... within -90- days. the pentagon is saying no to pokemon go on government-issued phones and devices. according to the washingto pentagon officials sent a memo to workers saying the game could be used by spies to locate sensitive facilities where secrets are stored. the pentagon says personal phones are okay as long as military employees use good judgement. police officers will be knocking on hundreds of doors in a few hours.... hoping to piece together clues.... about a murder. and.. find out why the mother of a man accused of trying to assasinate trump during a las vegas rally.. says she desperately needs to
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in hopes of finding leads.....
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they plan to knock on.... -5- hundred doors... tomorrow. metro released... this surveillance video of a vehicle of interest.... in a homicide investigation. police say... this car may be linked to the murder.... of -60- year-old.... heriberto diaz... who was gunned down..... near lake mead and marion.... in february. an update on the british man accused of threatening to kill donald trump at a las vegas rally. his mother is now asking a judge to grant her visitation. 20-year old michael sandford was arrested in june after he reportedly tried to take an officer's gun during a trump rally. to use it against the gop nominee. sandford's mother says she's worried about her son's mental health.. and believes he would benefit from seeing her. his trial begins in october. we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your wake-up weather
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for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street...
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tock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. [jess]quality top tier gas helps protect engines from harmful deposits. hmm,wonder what that's like... hey! ninjas! step away from my engine. spin move! scorpion! kaaa!
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the eternal quest to live
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some really old sharks. scientists say... the greenland shark is the oldest living animal.... with a backbone. they tested.... -28- sharks which recently died... and -8- of them.... were about -2- hundred years old... one was twice.... that age. that means.... it was born.... at around the time.... in the u-s. that does it.... for this edition of 13 action news.... live at 11.. but... stay with us.... for "jimmy kimmel live".... coming up next. our next reports begin at 5am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night. a man accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid is now
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, salma hayek -- from "pitch," mark consuelos -- snoop dogg -- and music from grouplove. with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. very good to have you.


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