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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 13, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. records shattered. katie ledecky does it again. >> new olympic record. >> crushing rivals to bring home another gold. >> good the whole way through. michael phelps proves he's human. >> phelps gets the silver. >> his three-way silver tie. and the soccer stunner. sweden beating team usa. goalkeeper hope solo lashing why she's calling her opponents cowards. "gma" is live in rio. devastating flood. the south under siege. torrential rain, 15 inches in just one day creating disaster. emergency crews pulling off hundreds of rescues. good samaritans saving others. this tanker swept away and the unfavorable forecast. more rain ahead. unmaking a murderer?
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the subject of the popular netflix documentary series "making a murderer" is set to go free. what it could mean for his uncle steven avery. trial experts weighing in this morning. and gator attack. florida woman fighting for her life after a trip to the everglades. >> as she reached in to retrieve the can, that's when she was bitten by the alligator. >> air-lifted to this hospital overnight. the witnesses who jumped in to save her. good saturday morning, everyone. as you can see, dan has the weekend off. ryan smith is here. ryan, can we just say we always love it when you're at the news desk. >> well, i love being here. >> do you really? >> i really love being here. i'm channeling my inner dan. >> please don't. >> don't go there. >> good morning, everyone.
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victories. >> oh, my goodness. take a look at this incredible scene. katie ledecky so far ahead in the 800 free, it looked like she was swimming alone. got out, got a hamburger, came back in and still won. 11 seconds of the runner-up breaking the world record she set just seven months ago. >> yeah, her gold adding to team usa's medal count. the u.s. is leading with 50 medals. that's 5-0, everyone, followed by china with 37 and japan with 24, but it's all about those gold medals, 20 of them right there. >> then there was the soccer sshocker. team usa losing to sweden, making it the first time since women's soccer was added that they won't play for the gold medal. abc's matt gutman is there at rio with more.
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calling it the soccer shocker is probably the right term. this is the biggest upset so far in these games, but the u.s. seemed to make up for it in the pool. michael phelps only winning silver and sort of ceremoniously passing the baton to that human torpedo known as katie ledecky who, as you just mentioned, seemed to lap her opponents in the pool. overnight katie ledecky with a seemingly superhuman domination in the woman's 800-meter freestyle obliterating the competition by 11 seconds. so far ahead, it seemed, she was swimming the wrong way, not only besting her own world record but completing a sweep of the 200, 400 and 800-meter freestyle events in a single olympics. no one's done that in 30 years. >> it's all good the whole way through. >> reporter: out with a major splash before retiring in her last race winning the gold in the 200-meter backstroke, her second gold medal at the rio games. michael phelps seen congratulating dirado on her win just before all eyes turned to him during his final individual race in rio, the 100-meter butterfly, phelps in sixth place going into the turn, chugging back, but unable to catch up to a 20-year-old singaporian, joseph schooling
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gold, phelps finishing a three-way tie for silver, the runners-up raising hands together in a show of olympic spirit. it was phelps' 28th career medal. and anthony ervin barely edging out the competition winning again, 16 years after earning his very first gold medal in the same event. but it was not all triumph for team usa. this morning the u.s. women's soccer team, considered a shoo-in to win its fourth consecutive gold, booted losin 4-3 to sweden in an epic match all coming down to this epic moment. the swedes posting this celebratory photo on twitter with the caption, "yeah." u.s. goalie hope solo scoring something of an own goal saying right afterwards, "i think we played a bunch of cowards. but, you know, the best team did not win today. i strongly, firmly believe that."
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i'm really bad at it." now, i'm not sure that you could call that an apology, but the class that may have been lacking on the soccer pitch was more than made up for at the poolside. michael phelps so gracious with that young singaporian who had crushed him in that event and earlier phelps had kind of left the door open to not retiring after these games. last night it was slam shut and amidst all of the drama and the applause, phelps' son baby boomer was there on hand with his little earmuffs. the problem is, guys, he slept >> oh, that's all right, though. dad will be showing that to him for years. by the way, matt, enjoy your day at the office. >> yeah. >> tough day. >> thank you, i mean, i'm really sorry, guys. it's hard work here. >> it is hard work, and i'm glad to see that you're able to spend some time on the beach, okay. >> i know. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> soaking in the rays right now. >> thanks, matt. and joining us now from rio is espn reporter and analyst julie foudy. julie, good morning to you. >> good morning.
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i want to make it clear. >> yes, but you will be at the beach soon, right? >> i'm working hard. yes. >> okay, so, julie, let's start with the u.s. women's soccer team losing to sweden. they're not going to medal, first time they haven't made at least the semis. and goalkeeper hope solo said we played a bunch of cowards. did something happen we didn't see, or is she just being a sore loser? you have to be gracious in victory as in defeat. >> she is sadly just being a sore loser, paula. and the interesting thing is is what she's referri way that sweden played, and really what they did was they sat in a little bit more, they knew that the u.s. was a stronger team. they took a tactic in soccer that is very smart, very common, they played low pressure defense, and it's frustrating to play against, i get that, and there were some raw emotions with it, but i don't like what she said. a lot of people reacted to it on twitter, of course, and especially those of us who have played on the national team for a long time. we thought it was pretty classless. >> yeah, like you say, being gracious in victory and in
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>> and, julie, we got to talk about the two sports legends just killing it in rio, katie ledecky, michael phelps, put it in perspective for us. how dominating are their performances in terms of the annals of history of swimming? >> well, if you start with katie ledecky, i was at that 800-meter swim last night, and you heard matt mentioned it, and, ryan, i think you said something about it. she was 11 seconds ahead of the entire field. she is waiting for them to come, and when you think about athletes at this level, there's to be that far ahead and separate as much as she does from the field, i think you mentioned she had a hamburger, ryan. it looked like she was eating a doughnut at the finish line. >> she did. >> it is crazy what she's been able to do and, remember, this is -- she's 19 years old. that's four golds and one silver for katie here at this games, and michael phelps, a games that many thought he wasn't even going to originally compete in, he is killing it, as well, with
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it seems like he's going to race in the medley relay tonight to get another gold. he could end at 31 with 23 golds. >> 23. >> that is incredible. julie, we got to say gold medal coverage from you. and if you want to take a page from ryan's book and have a doughnut and hamburger this morning. >> yeah. >> ask katie. she knows exactly where to go. >> that's good living, double-fisted. >> thanks, julie. >> thanks, julie. all right, now to that state of emergency switching gears here in louisiana this morning as raging floodwaters sweep through the state and neighboring mississippi. now, crews carrying out hundreds of r work surely isn't over. abc's phillip mena is in baker, louisiana, with the latest. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: ryan, good morning. the rain here is relentless. so many homes and businesses here like this one evacuated and this morning underwater. some parts of louisiana hammered with nearly two feet of rain in the last 24 hours. this morning, the south is under siege.
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rainfall and flooding. some parts of the state seeing three months' worth of rain in less than a day. residents trapped and desperate to be rescued like this family in east baton rouge, louisiana, forced to leave their flooded home and walk through the rushing water with a baby in tow. their local sheriff stepping in to help them cross safely. >> you see the sheriff has the infant, trying to keep the baby dry. >> reporter: for this man, through the wiow way out pulled from his sinking vehicle to safety by a good samaritan. >> i just told him, you know, don't panic. i'm here for you. i'm going to get you out of these waters. >> reporter: neighbors and friends in the flooded communities helping one another get to safety. in one case, the flooding turning deadly. just north of baton rouge, a 68-year-old man killed after being swept away by floodwaters strong enough to knock this tractor trailer off the highway. >> oh. >> reporter: the national guard
7:10 am
the governor of louisiana declaring a state of emergency, and the rapidly rising river is now a big problem here. several already at flood stage and expected to hit record levels. the rain here not stopping any time soon. it is going to be a rough day ahead here, ryan. >> really coming down there, phillip. stay safe over there. thank you very much. rob marciano tracking those floodwaters anwh that part of the country. good morning, rob. >> good morning, ryan. like phillip just said, i mean, it's not moving and it continues to come down. this has all the moisture of a tropical storm, but it's just sitting right north of the gulf of mexico tapping all that moisture. you can see the rainfall just continues to dump on eastern parts of baton rouge, a flash flood emergency again for some of the parishes just east of that city. some of this moisture getting up into the midwest. we're worried about flood watches here. this is good right through the weekend from cleveland, ohio, back through the midsouth including memphis as this
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north but feeds into this cool front and stubborn area of high pressure feeding this north and this has been pumping up the heat across the east coast, we've got dangerous levels of heat there. we'll talk more about that and the thunderstorms that have been produced by that heat here in the northeast in about ten minutes, paula. >> look forward to that. thank you. let's turn to politics. donald trump's campaign feeling the heat with sliding poll numbers and a litany of controversial comments. now hillary clinton is adding to the pressure releasing her tax returns and calling for trump to do the same. our mary bruce is on the beat hi, mary. >> reporter: hi, good morning. well, paula, we've seen this before. donald trump makes a provocative accusation, doubles down, digs himself in even deeper and then later tries to shrug it off. >> of course, i'm being sarcastic. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump is playing the sarcasm card again after repeating this false claim more than 20 times this week. >> he is the founder in a true sense. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis.
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>> these are the founders of isis. these are the founders. >> reporter: even when given the chance to clean things up. >> you meant that he created the vacuum, he lost the peace. >> no, i meant he's the founder of isis, i do. >> but he's not sympathetic to them. he hates them. he's trying to kill them. >> i don't care. he was the founder. >> reporter: but now trump suggests he was just kidding, kind of. >> obviously i'm being sarcastic then, then -- but not that sarcastic, to be honest with you. >> reporter: all this as trump's poll numbers tumbling. clinton leading in the key states of colorado, virginia, florida, even north carolina. trump is already warning of potential cheating. >> the only way we can lose in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton is ramping up the pressure on trump to release his tax returns by releasing more of hers showing the clintons earned mor paying a federal tax rate of more than 34%, and she's using
7:13 am
>> if you didn't see the tax returns, you would think there's almost like something wrong. what's wrong? >> now, despite the added pressure, still no word on when we will see trump's returns. he has said he will release them but only once an ongoing routine audit is complete. paula and ryan. >> all right, mary. and for more political analysis and some creative analogies which we always look forward to let's bring in the one and only matt dowd. matt, good morning to you. we just heard from mary bruce. you know, hi released her tax returns and she's challenging donald trump to release his. will it work? will we finally see those tax returns? >> i think the short answer is no. i mean, this is unprecedented. i mean, two presidential candidates not releasing their taxes. but the problem for hillary clinton is they both, donald trump and her both have transparency and trust issues in the course of this. as you remember with hillary clinton with her e-mails, and to
7:14 am
each other overweight. it doesn't work in this course of thing, so they both got trust problems. >> love your analogy, magnitude. love them. >> thank you for that. >> now, the latest polls show that clinton has a commanding lead over trump in key battleground states, double-digit leads in colorado and virginia. matt, can he recover? >> well, i think historically when you've been this far behind in an election, this close to an election, in the last 90 days, nobody has pulled it out in the course of this when you look at the history of the last 60 years of this. the problem for donald trump he's behind everywhere. hillary clinton has a lead everywhere so in the electoral college it doesn't even matter at this point. it's a bit like katie ledecky in the 800-meter freestyle. when you're that far ahead, it doesn't matter what lane you're in, so it really don't matter what state you're in at this point in time. >> he has double-digit leads in key states like virginia and colorado too. so he's doubling down on those comments that president obama was the founder of isis saying he was being sarcastic. are you buying it and are voters
7:15 am
has -- donald trump has basically shot himself in the foot, the leg, the arm, the shoulder. he's done all of this to himself in the course of this and full of holes. i think donald trump's main argument now is don't believe what i say. it's basically a presidential candidate saying don't report what i say because i don't really mean what i say in the course of this. he is in deep trouble right now. he's got to figure out a way to recover but has to do the one thing he hasn't done, which is be disciplined. that's what he has to do. >> disciplined and donald trump, we'll see how that goes. >> if that works together or if they're mutually exclusive. >> exactly. thank you so much, matt. appreciate it. >> thanks. by the way, a quick reminder there will be much more on the race for the white house tomorrow morning on "this week" right here on abc. we want to move to a terrifying alligator attack. a woman on vacation in florida's everglades was rushed to the hospital after being bitten by a gator in a surprise attack from the water. abc's adrienne bankert has more. >> reporter: this morning, a florida woman is fighting for her life after an alligator nearly ripped off her hand.
7:16 am
wrist in a spot, and her hand was pretty much dangling at that time when she got in the helicopter. >> reporter: the 49-year-old woman was vacationing at a campsite in the everglades when she was attacked. >> this woman apparently dropped a can into the water. she was standing on the dock, dropped a can into the water, and as she reached in to retrieve the can, that's when she was bitten by the alligator. >> reporter: horrified witnesses jumped in to help holding her up from going completely into the water. >> she got on her knees with her left hand on the dock, leaned over and grabbed the can, and when she did that, she caused, you know, a ripple in the water or splash, and there happened to have been a gator laying right there. >> reporter: the woman in critical condition undergoing surgery as doctors try to save her hand. >> it was still attached, though, very severe almost full amputation of the hand. >> reporter: whoo. this attack happened in a remote location only accessible by boat
7:17 am
authorities say the woman was on the dock and the group with her preventing her from going into the water likely saved her life, ryan and paula. >> thank goodness. >> oh, my gosh, slipping in and out of consciousness. we'll try to get an update on her condition. last time, critical. >> all right, adrienne, thank you so much. >> thanks, adrienne. let's turn back to weather, by the way, rob talking about the heat gripping a large part of this country including right here in new york. >> it is, and the heat and humidity, sometimes you get these pop-up thunderstorms. there were big ones yesterday. dangerous lightning in poughkeepsie. five people actually injured and three, at least three of them in critical condition. they were sitting on a park bench under a tree and lightning came down and that's trouble. springfield, massachusetts, also seeing severe weather all across the northeast with more expected today, but the heat is going to be dangerous levels. i think this is definitely the hottest day of the year up and down the i-95 corridor. tomorrow we really don't cool things off much, so if you are outside or going to the beach, just be aware. those thunderstorms can come up in a hurry, especially in the afternoon and some of them will have some dangerous lighting.
7:18 am
in the way of humidity but red flag warnings in the west, a lot of heat out here for the next day or two. temperatures inland california will be up and over 100 degrees. going to be a steamy saturday for many. try to stay cool out there. all right, it's time to check in with our mvp, ron claiborne. you got other news headlines to get to. >> thanks very much. and good morning to you, paula and ryan, sara, robert. good morning, everyone. we begin with a deadly plane crash in virginia that killed six people, at least six people
7:19 am
authorities say the small plane was coming in to try to land in shannon airport near fredericksburg when the pilot aborted and attempted to take off again, but the plane flew into trees at the end of the landing strip and burst into flames. and now to florida where a spirit airlines passenger flight was forced to make an emergency landing in orlando. the plane with 179 people on board was headed to pennsylvania but had to turn back when smoke was reported in the cockpit and the airline spokesperson said it was caused by an air-conditioning malfunction. six crew members were treated at the hospital and then released. and a horrific vehicle crash on a highway in ohio, a van carrying a high school water polo team was struck by a semi truck killing one teen and injuring five other people. it happened in a rural area southwest of toledo. police say it appears the mother of one of the water polo team members who was driving that van may have failed to yield the right of way. and some amazing first steps, angel colon who was shot and wounded in a mass shooting at the orlando
7:20 am
of himself walking on his own. this is the first time he was able to do this since being injured. colon was shot in the leg and rescued by police. 49 people were killed. finally, alex rodriguez hanging up his pinstripes playing his final game last night for the new york yankees before a sellout crowd in the bronx. a-rod ending his 22-year career with a key hit. you see it there, an rbi double in the yankees' 6-3 vict the tampa bay rays. his stellar baseball career, though marred by admissions of steroid use and his suspension for one full year. that was two years ago. after the game, a-rod emotional about the send-off he got from his hometown fans. >> all that i had been through and for them to show up on a night like tonight and show me that type of love is something that i'll never forget. it was overwhelming. >> a-rod has 697 career home
7:21 am
the steroid use, but is this really the end? there are rumors. >> no way. >> coming back? >> you don't believe it? >> he may be coming back to another team, possibly miami marlins, or maybe retiring. >> he needs four more home runs. >> i think he's retiring. i was at the game. >> you were. were you cheering? >> i was 1 of those,000 cheering, yeah. i like him. >> yeah. i don't know. is he going to make the hall of fame? >> absolutely not. what do you think? >> it's the steroid use. >> there will be an asterisk. >> hall of fame career. >> if bonds goes in, he es that's my take or shoeless joe jackson or pete rose for that matter. >> going deep now. >> you're unequivocally in our hall of fame always. >> there you go. >> well, thank you. that's a transition. >> good save, paula. >> i love it. well, coming up on "gma" this saturday morning, the stunning bombshell surrounding "making a murderer." that conviction of brandon dassey overturned. what it means for steven avery. >> that's the big question. plus, don't call them over the hill. the athletes in rio showing their younger competition they're still in the game. love that story. and reality check. we're talking back to school.
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a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
7:30 am
we do want to welcome you back to "gma" on this saturday morning and happening right now, deadly floods. the south is under siege as torrential rain creates a disaster. louisiana is in a state of emergency. one person dead and hundreds rescued. now more rain ahead is in the forecast. and also right now, a police officer shot and killed during a traffic stop in hatch, new mexico. now, the three suspects are in custody after carjacking a vehicle and leading police on a high-speed chase. oh, and, by the way, you can own a little piece of elvis. the king's original birth certificate, birth record, i should say, is hitting the auction block. it's a log that the doctor kept, documenting the birth of elvis presley in tupelo, mississippi, on january 8th, 1935. a record is expected.
7:31 am
take a guess. >> it says 100 grand in the prompter. >> you got it. you got it. amazing. >> excellent work.logetic cheat >> i actually would have thought that it would have been a little bit higher. >> i don't use a prompter. it's all in my head. >> you're all shook up. >> that's right. >> like elvis. also coming up, i absolutely love this story. you're probably going to, as well. the olympic athletes proving that you're as young as you feel. age is no barrier. we'll tell you how they do it. there is a 41-year-old gymnast that's going to be competing. >> yeah. can i just say amazing. but first the sensational new developments in the case profiled in the docume >> that's right, a federal judge in wisconsin overturning the conviction of brendan dassey who was found guilty of helping his uncle steven avery kill a woman, and abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: this morning, one of the men at the center of the true crime sensation "making a murderer" could soon be a free man. >> we're really happy to hear that it was finally overturned. >> reporter: a federal court in wisconsin overturning the 2007 conviction of this man, 26-year-old brendan dassey, found guilty for helping his
7:32 am
halbach when he was just 16 years old. >> i suspect what's going to happen, this is all gonna go to the seventh circuit, and they're the ones who will ultimately decide what happens in dassey's case. >> reporter: millions watched the netflix docudrama that put a spotlight on their cases raising questions suggesting dassey was mentally unfit and coerced into a confession that he later recanted. dassey's attorney opening up recently to >> what you have here are police officers who are using psychological interrogation tactics that were designed for seasoned adult criminals. >> brendan. >> reporter: a federal judge now throwing out that confession stated "repeated false promises when considered in conjunction with all relevant factors, most especially dassey's age, intellectual deficits and the absence of a supportive adult rendered dassey's confession involuntary." the judge ordering dassey to be
7:33 am
if there is no new trial. >> if this prosecuting attorney decides not to appeal this decision, he will be free from a life sentence, and that's pretty astounding. >> i hope so. >> reporter: steven avery's mother learning of the news as she was visiting with him at the prison. >> as long as my son gets out too. i'm kind of old already, you know. >> reporter: and avery's attorney, kathleen zellner, optimistic his conviction will be ort "justice for brendan as another law enforcement fabricated confession bites the dust." for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> so it was all about these false promises, and you're a lawyer, so you can weigh in on this. >> i think, yeah, all about the false promises, the idea he couldn't process the entire scope of what was happening and that's why i think him getting out doesn't necessarily mean steve avery gets out. >> it's still a fascinating development. >> absolutely. >> so many are just gripped by this particular documentary. let's send things over to rob for another look at the weather. hi, rob.
7:34 am
you know, with all this heat and humidity what you want or any time of the day is a good cooling thunderstorm. they can be cooling and scary at the same time, but, look, they can provide this spectacular image. one world trade downtown new york city, a little rainbow here on the south side and lightning strike there on the north side. that is gorgeous stuff. we're going to see more of that today, but before it happens, why not head to the beach, water temperatures in the 70s all the way up to the cape areas, northern new england will still be in the 60s and bathwater down across the south again. thunderstorms late day so just be fast on your feet and get out of the way once that happens. the rest of the country looking at some rain across the south, of course, that's our lead story. but some cooler air marking its way into the west here with temperatures that are skyrocketing in the east as far as the humidity is concerned and
7:35 am
this weather report is brought to you by petsmart. i'm getting a slew of complaints on the desk that there was only one beachball in the -- >> we need a 15-beachball forecast. >> and i gave him a beachball today. >> i'll bring it up to committee. >> there's only one single one. >> tomorrow i'll bring more than one beachball. >> i need more. more beachballs. >> beachballs are promised. there you go. all right, well, coming up on "good morning america," breaking the age barrier, the athletes shining at the summer games. don't you dare call them over the hill. >> are they under the hill? >> no, they're over the hill. >> okay. >> no, they're not over the hill. they're under the hill. >> they're on the hill.
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now to the olympic athletes who are proving that age is nothing but a number. you know, these competitors in the 2016 games, they're in their 30s, 40s and 50s. and they are in it to win it. i don't know why 30s is old. >> but you're not in your 30s anymore, are you? >> well, maybe i am. >> maybe. he still won't tell me how old he is, ladies and gentlemen. but these folks are outshining some youngsters as they show the world they've still got what it
7:40 am
joining us again from rio still on the beach. still tough day at the office for you. good morning to you. >> reporter: welcome back to my office, paula. yeah, it's a tough gig. now, we did start noticing early on in the games a large number of american athletes who in some cases have been around for decades still dominating in their sports, so we did a little research, talked to a bunch of them, and the one thing that seems to be universal among all of them, they're not intimidated by those little whippersnappers. at these olympic games youth is overrated. athletes considered over the hill have been climbing atop the medal podium with freakish frequency. in swimming, anything over 30 is considered ancient, but superstar michael phelps now a papa himself racking up gold in his fifth olympics. here breaking another record with his 22nd gold. he's 31. >> michael phelps has done it again. >> reporter: and his teammate ryan lochte a year older.
7:41 am
35-year-old anthony ervin proving he's the fastest swimmer at the olympics with a gold medal in the men's 50-meter freestyle final. there's no age limit for competing in the games but retired olympian dominique dawes of the 1996 gold winning magnificent seven says age can have an eye-opening effect on competition. >> you know your body better, and you know what's worked for you in the past and how to handle pressure and you put life in perspective. >> reporter: 41-year-old bernard lagat is the oldest american ever to run in the olympic kristin armstrong just won her third gold for team usa after biking over 19 miles 1 day before turning 43. are there any advantages to being older in these games? >> one of the advantages of many is the experience and the love that i have. when i woke up before the time trial, my alarm went off, and i looked ow the window, and it was pouring rain, and i know that no matter the condition, you have to bring your game. >> reporter: but not all of these athletes are back after
7:42 am
equestrian phillip dutton, at 52, the oldest member of team usa, a medalist now for the first time after six olympics. now, the secret sauce for many of these athletes, wisdom. we talked to a bunch of them and they said they train smarter rather than harder. a lot of them have been here many times. they also talk about balance. kristin armstrong, 43, has her son here, so does michael phelps and one more tidbit about michael phelps, his friends telling me that he's competing here with something he hasn't competed with for years, joy, guys. >> great perspective, matt, and that also gives us all, all the old folks, hope, maybe for more years we can compete. >> those whippersnappers have nothing on us. >> old man walk. >> get an ice pack. we'll talk to you. coming up on "gma," how to save big on your back-to-school shopping. the bargain sites you need to know about is straight ahead in our "weekend download."
7:43 am
download." we're right back. the new chicken mcnuggets look fantastic: made with 100% white meat chicken, no artificial preservatives, flavors and colors, it just might convince the judges here today. (crowd cheers) and they've done it! the new chicken mcnuggets rightfully claim their gold!
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welcome back. back to school is here and it's one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. parents are expected to shell out -- get this -- $650 per child. savings expert lisa freeman is here to tell us how to stretch the dollar. lisa, thanks for coming. we know some schools have already started. the majority start a little bit later, but what are some of the best ways we can save? >> well, first, the expression don't spend it all in one place is a great tip. you want to shop in multiple stores and look for those doorbuster style deals you see in the weekly ads and just buy those and move on. also, make sure that you buy -- you take a list with you and be very specific, so, for example,
7:47 am
shoes, that way you stay on track and it helps you avoid overspending. >> they're going to try to get you in the door. we're not talking about deals online. what money saving apps are out there? >> on your smartphone you can find some great money-saving tools. for example, the flip app. it assembles all of the best deals, all your local ads in one spot in your -- at your fingertips, so you can find the best deals really fast on all the stuff you back to school. >> that makes it nice and easy and convenient. so what do i buy now and what do i buy later? i like to spread it out. >> everything on deep discount will be all those school supplies like notebooks, paper, all that stuff, backpacks. these are really on deep discount now. snap those up now. also warm weather clothes. back-to-school sales on end of season type kids' clothes, you're going to see tons of items for under $10 at walmart, at target, at old navy, great time to shop for that stuff. >> such an exciting time for kids. i know i always look forward to getting that trapper keeper right before the school year.
7:48 am
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? ? "good morning america" is brought to you by flonase allergy relief. you are greater than your allergies. >> i got so much respect for "pop news." i'm not going to do what dan does. i have been waiting with bated breath for sara. >> oh,la >> great to have you here. >> yeah. >> thank you. i hope dan is watching. barbara strays sand returned to her hometown of brooklyn to perform "climb every mountain" with jamie foxx. ? climb every mountain ? >> wow. >> yeah. ? every stream ? >> the duo sang a stirring rendition of the song from "the sound of music" entertaining a barclays crowd of
7:53 am
and more. the pair performed at the staples center in los angeles earlier this month. jamie is featured on barbra's album "encore" out august 16th. don't you forget how talented he is? >> so good. >> because he's such a great actor that you forget that hes that like vocal range. >> it's not fair. he is so talented everywhere. you want to hate him but you can't. he's likable too. >> you want to hate him? >> i >> the only thing better than nailing a sports report is proving you have skills of your own. >> this report even managed to get in on the fun. whoa. >> and only the 17th take. >> yeah. >> it was a tv journalist from southern australia who pulled off a backward basketball shot while finishing off a piece about the summer games in rio. his reaction alone is worthy of a gold medal. >> i'm not sure that --
7:54 am
>> it could be special effects if you don't see the arc of the ball. >> that was a repeat, right? >> he did not do that four times. but i was told never to believe a shot unless it stays in the shot the whole time. >> yeah. we don't see where it goes. i feel like somebody could be above dropping -- >> i was also told never to question your own "pop news" so i'm going to go ahead and believe that happened. up next in "pop," a new study that could save us a latte spills during your morning coffee break. scientists are revealing how we should hold coffee cups to reducepi the claw hand. >> how do we do it, sara? >> the method -- you guys are my models published in "achievements in the life sciences" recommends drinkers grip from the top of cups instead of the side. >> how do you drink out of it then? >> you don't drink like that. you only carry it that way. >> oh. >> south korean researchers tapped into physics using a combination of equations, lab experiments and test walks for the potentially spill-proof solution. now, what i hate is when you're in a restaurant or getting your cough 23i and they touch the lid of your coffee. >> yeah, don't want you touching the lid. >> only do this if it's your own
7:55 am
do not do this for a friend. >> what if it is hot? >> you don't want it to spill. >> i burn my hand. >> you'll burn it here more where the liquid is. i don't want to get scientific for you, ryan. you're a lawyer. >> but then that's like a double move instead of just holding it and drinking it, you have to hold it from the top and -- >> as i said in the other "pop news" pod, we're told to never question "pop news." >> right. >> and that probably works for a martini as well. >> it never works for a martini. i know that from experience. now this is merging your favorite cookie with a chewy candy from the oreo magic vault. they're launching limited edition swedish fish oreos. and, you guys, i want you to try it. this special treat is exclusive to kroger supermarkets but snackers can shop for it on ebay available for up to $13. only slightly overpriced. >> sara, you know, i always eat the middle. >> ryan is fake eating. and paula is the mikey like's it. >> that's wonderful. >> you like it? >> yeah. >> really? >> i want one. >> at first it's like weird, but then it's pretty good.
7:56 am
i'm going to do it. >> oh, gosh, cookies flying. >> these are good. >> try this old one. >> it's oddly good. >> have a good day.
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