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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 18, 2016 4:15am-4:31am PDT

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it to close this past weekend. the police department in king, new hampshire, agreed to pay a woman $300 after a mix-up. the officer there broke the car window to save what he thought wsz an infant strapped into a car seat on a 90-plus day. but the infant was a realistic doll. something the office realized. >> that's understandable. >> and i went to put my finger in the mouth, and it was resistance, and i'm like, this is a doll. it felt like a baby. it looked like a baby. everything about it was baby. >> the woman who owns the car says she started collecting the realistic looking infants after her own son died at age 20. she's agreed to put a sticker on her car alerting passers-by that the doll is not real. >> good idea. khloe kardashian with a message after a skin cancer scare.
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linsey davis has more. >> reporter: the kardashians are known for sharing the most personal parts of their lives on reality tv. now khloe kardashian is opening up on her website about a skin cancer scare. >> this is the first time she's really getting into detail about what that experience is like and her really real scare with skin cancer. >> reporter: the 32-year-old reality star said several years ago after getting a few moles checked out, doctors found a cancerous mole on her back. there was one mole on my back that was skin cancer, she says. i had eight inches of skin removed. it was painful. it was a lot of skin, but most of the time the removals haven't been that bad. >> khloe hopes to share this story in hopes it would make people speak to their doctor if they see anything irregular in their skin. >> reporter: the star shares this chart on the abcs of skin cancer to help others identify irregular moles saying i haven't
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that if you notice something doesn't look right, you will take action and in a january episode, she refused to take a test to find out if she was a carrier of a gene that would put her at risk of developing breast cancer. she says now i'm extra aware of my skin, body and moles. linsey davis, new york. >> the cdc says skin cancer is the most common cancer. it's great she's sak about it. >> they recommend everybody should check their own bodies at least once a month and see a dermatologist once a year. >> and everyone can get it. even if you're black. it doesn't matter your skin tone. >> people think if they're darker or olive skin, i'm not susceptible. everybody is susceptible. the little girl sparking a controversy, the big game hunter getting death threats after her latest trip.
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>> world news now" continues after this from our abc
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? a 12-year-old girl is sparking outrage this morning
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recent trip that she took with her dad. it's because the photos were of animals she killed while the two were hunting big game together. >> some even threatening to kill the young girl, and now she and her dad are speaking out. clayton sandell with the story. >> reporter: it's the big controversy over big game. >> it's something that i cherish and i enjoy. >> reporter: on an african hunting trip last week with her father, the 12-year-old from utah posted pictures of her kills. this impala, this zebra calling it a dream hunt. the photo with a dead giraffe racked up 73,000 comments. some positive, but mostly outrage and even death threats. one saying you and your red neck father should be hunted. >> they love animals. we love animals too. it's just we also love hunting. >> reporter: they did nothing illegal and point out some african countries rely on money
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conservation efforts. >> they don't understand that conservation aspect of it. >> reporter: but many wildlife groups say trophy hunting should be a thing of the past. >> it's 2016. we shouldn't have to kill an animal to save it. >> reporter: but this 7-year-old is not apologizing. >> i'm a hunter. no matter what people say, i'm never going to stop. >> reporter: and as her for her online critics, she said she's simply going to ignore them. many of us waited to say it's not hunting if you don't eat the animals. the family has said that the giraffe they killed, the meat does go to local villages. and you often hear from the big game hunter that is the animals are going to feed people. >> feeding some 800 orphans is what they claimed over the next month from their kills over the last month or so. >> but they also say there's another big problem which is poaching, which are people who go after endangered animals and are not giving to the same
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ben-hur is con ben-hur is considered one of the best movies of all time in the u.s. it's on the american film institute's list of 100 greatest movies. >> many think it's time for a remake. chris connelly sat down with the cast headlined by morgan freeman. >> reporter: along with the brother turned against brother story line, an action set below decks and behind gleaming steeds. >> there's nothing more spectacular than seeing four horses riding in unison.
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>> you should have killed me. >> reporter: rising star jack houston found that playing leads in this 2016 incarnation also meant performing with the imminent morgan freeman. sometimes actors are intimidated by their first opportunity to act with you. >> that's as it should be. >> yeah. >> i'm a really good actor. >> reporter: what should people know that's different about this version of the movie? >> i'm a big lover of the '59 version. while that's a story about revenge, this is a story about hope and love and forgiveness and redemption. >> this is re-imagining. >> reporter: backing the quest for freedom, what's fun to play about that? >> i'm quite a powerful character. it's good to be the king. >> reporter: another significant update, it's multicultural approach heartening to the woman who plays esther, judah's >> i'm middle eastern and
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to play a major role is one of the first times. i love that she has a voice, and i love that she's strong. in a way that women haven't been portrayed in this era. >> i watched my father be killed. i know what it's like to want to take your feelings out on others. >> reporter: all setting the stage for the eternal chariot race. george lewis painting the "star wars" homage with this scene in "the phantom menace" and this one cranking it up with twists and thrills. chris conley angeles. this one has a lot to live up to. >> no lack of action scenes in it, clearly. no, not at all. but the original one, 11 oscars. tying for the most ever. >> no pressure. >> let's see if you can do that, morgan freeman. >> that's the news for this half
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the blue cut fire continues to rip through southern california... a couple caught this terrifying video while they were trying to escape the flames. they did manage to make it out safely. however, this fire is still threatening homes...with 80- thousand people told to evacuate . it's also affecting us here in the valley... we have the whole team tracking this... greg bennett is tracking our air quality here in the valley... yasmeen hassan is watching i- 15...where the northbound lanes are back open...but southbound lanes are still closed at cajon pass. let's get started with her... blue cut fire continues to burn within southern california. current acres burned is now at


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