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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 19, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> an all newew show today with great viral videos right this minute. the ride's definitely over. >> that was an uber driver pulling a passenger out. >> the story behind the nasty confrontation. what happened when cops arrived. know. >> i'm the biggest guy in town. >> the terrifying moment he proves it. >> a guy is out begging for money showing people that he has one arm but see the moment cops bust his clever scam. >> caught on camera, aunt julie's first taste of virtual reality. see the moment she got a message
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producer. >> this is a dramatic video if there ever was one. check this out. that was an uber driver pulling a passenger out by the arm. you hear women screaming in the background. after the driver pulls the woman out, that point another woman has already gotten back in the car. you hear another woman in the background calling police to show up to the scene while there's continued screaming. now this is a very short video. the woman that's in the car knew that authorities were being called and the reason she got back in was to prevent him from leaving the scene. now apparently this all started because of a verbal
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there's a lot of he says she says going on. apparently the driver said something that the woman didn't like so they started saying stuff back to him and it all seems to have started because of a route the man was taking and the woman suggested a different route. the driver says they slammed the car door twice and on their way back they threw it out the window. >> this two counts of assault. one of them with a broken finger. >> they have the right to leave their car. >> you are right but in this case he grabbed this woman and pulled her out and that's why she was arrested. >> these actions are not right on any level. >> we reached out to toronto police and they told us he was arrested on two counts of
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for september 20th. the actions are unacceptable and fail to meet our expectations at every level and we have removed his access to the uber platform. >> in this viral video it's several years old put trending. >> this elephant shares people. i am the biggest guy right now. >> i'm the ruler. >> you're going to be seeing him up close. he's like hey, let me get a little closer. the people in the car, i like how he slowly approaches as he
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now wou be a good time to drive away. >> watch what happens next. >> it's like being in a car crash. >> this is no more. vertical video is the best part. >> alice springs australia. 900 miles from the deerest big city. that means space for a kangaroo to rome. >> he is a big brute and he looks angry when he looks at you. >> he is like a furry t-rex. >> he's like, hey, what's up?
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>> this kangaroo can jump 25 to 30 feet. >> we heard of the long arm of the law. i would call this next one the one arm of the law. >> stuck in traffic a dash cam trained on this street beggar. he is showingeo arm going around asking for cash. here comes, officer i'm just going to walk down here. don't bother me, i'm not making any trouble. the officer puts on the larger i've ever seen. >> for some coverage. >> catches up to the begger in the street and what is this guy doing? does he not belong in the street? no. >> maybe he's not supposed to be begging. >> maybe he's not supposed to be
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watch this. >> i see it. >> no word if he was charged. >> hand it to this guy for trying as well. in germany this thief walks into a convenience store but if you before he pulled his mask down. >> he forgot. >> oh my goodness so he walked in with a beanie. this is me. watch what i can do so he walks up to the corner and struggled you can see it. >> he is on the struggle bus. >> he walked up to the clerk and he's like give me your money and
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in his right hand. still the clerk immediately listens to him and steps off. she brings back something for him but it's not cash. >> right in the face. goes running out the doors police have not caught up with this guy yet but i can't imagine it's going to take too long >> don't worry, in this case it's all happy here. >> she's a bit confused. >> maybe you should look into the backseat my dear.
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it's a little puppy. how can you not like a little puppy? >> thank you. this is what i needed. >> it's one of the sweet things that people get to do. it's not always bad. >> oh my >> using a vacation day for one amazing experience. >> work won't be on the brain during this fight. and using legos to show the love. >> our first kiss in the rain. >> he had a 16-year-old film maker put this together. >> see how this ends with a
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>> closed captioning provided by . ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. . >> he not only has the coolest last name ever but one video of one of his vacation days tt one amazing experience. >> i mean, come on. don't worry. no fails, no close calls. this is one you can just sit back, relax and enjoy. >> they obviously got up before the sun even rose and walked up at the top of the hill and now they'll get their own unique incredible amazing view and you see where they're heading right there. right there and have breakfast.
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day. >> look at the roads leading up there. can you pack a paraglider on a motorcycle? >> yes. >> just cruise on up there. fly down. >> it's so >> when the cat's bird watching. >> there was one very special trailer just for her.
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i wanted to tell you just how happy you made me. do you remember how we met? >> he had a 16-year-old film maker put this together. >> 16 years old kid did this? >> yeah. >> after a terrible ice breaker we had such a good evening. >> everything is awesome. >> how can i possibly forget our first kiss in the rain. >> oh, in the umbrella? how romantic. it's called talent. his name is morgan spence and he specializes in stop motion animation. >> breathtaking sites. >> the elephant in the water, come on. is that not awesome? >> just the water animation was incredible. >> she is probably watching and like this is a great trailer.
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lower right of the screen you can see them sitting together. >> it's something i wanted to ask, the big question. >> will you marry me? >> that's cute. >> it was cute and simple and they'll probably have a very happily ever after. >> they'll want to be together forever. they'll never wan >> two women, two exercises. >> next right this minute. >> and still to come, learning to handle a gator and then things get wild. >> the tail starts to flick back and forth. >> but see what happens when the reptile teaches him a lesson instead. >> oh! >> plus it's the new tyler perry show that's too close to home.
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choose to smooth. venus swirl. gold bond? powder spray with a manly scent. separates the men from the boys. new gold bond? men's powder spray controls odor, wetness... smells irresistible. stay cool. if you're searching for something that finally relieves your pain, new icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. >> tlc is known for its reality programming but coming up on monday they're debuting their first scripted program and it's going to have a lot of drama. >> you're having an affair with the president. >> an affair right off the bat.
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>> yes. >> the show is about this woman, anna. she has an affair, allegedly with the president and decides washington d.c. is not so good for me so she goes back home to happy alabama. definitely not the white house. >> did you guys happen to notice that dude on the bike. that's brody, anna's high school flame. >> he had the man bun for the show. >> the name of the show is
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he is telling us about the drama. we have prody on the show right this minute. welcome to the show. so what is it like being in tyler perry's first scripted show for tlc. >> incredibly working with tyler perry. he know what is he is doing. it's the first time i've ever done anything like this and i'm enjoying every second of it. >> it's the as washington d.c. and los angeles. it shows it doesn't matter where you're at that you can have struggle and overcome it. you can take something that most people don't seem to understand and now we give it that voice that it needs. >> these two guys focused in on heather. did you get to work with her or she was in washington. >> she focuses strictly in washington. i didn't get to work with her but i got to meet her.
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series? >> yeah, just picked up the first 8 episodes starting on august 22nd and airing the first 2. >> does anyone dies or get -- >> it's something you need to tune in to see. >> we'll leave you at that. thank you so much for joining us. tyler perry's too close to home debuts on tlc monday night august 22nd. >> when people take vacations the fun thing to do is get close to the animals. the colorado gator reptile park, the student is this guy. sits down on the gator. been doing this for 12 years as a hobby and teaching this guy how to handle the gator. hands here, feet underneath the armpits, everything, cool. >> stressing you out?
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feel? >> stressed out. >> exactly. >> that's why he starts to fight back a little bit. the tail starts to flip back and forth. there's a lot of fingers near the mouth of the gator. >> what you don't see in the video -- >> are you kidding me? listen. >> oh! >> david just sent us the photo hes of his thumb. >> oh! >> he is holding the tip of his finger in the palm of his hand. the thumb which was unable to be reattached was instead put on display in the colorado reptile park gift shop as a reminder to
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plan to get back to wrestling gators. >> aunt julie's trying virtual reality on for size.
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>> i didn't really know but okay. you have a very classic look. all white. >> 1936. >> 1946 you add a little bit of color. >> well, happy days are here again. the war is over. >> exactly. >> you also start to see people of color on the cake topper.
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>> i thought it was when the afros came out. >> you start to see it. >> i have to say i really appreciate the more classic cakes but i really appreciate the artistry of them now. >> everything is nice and artistic. >> and games, movies, even viral videos, all but already kind of got started with the oculus. you put it on and it takes you to other worlds and the manual brain cannot tell the difference. >> he is trying to get his aunt to tryon the oculus rift. >> these guys probably put this woman through hell right now. >> there's history.
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hesitant. >> they get it down. >> not quite knowing what to do. >> the thing is though, there's an even better one. this is a an e-mail asking about this video from us.
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>> i love her. >> let's take this a step further. let's is have her watch this segment with the oculus rift and get that on camera. >> that's really going to freak her out. >> we want to say we love you. keep sending your videos and thank you for being so excited about the show. >> hope you enjoyed today's selection of the best viral for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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>> all new today on right had minute. with bad behavior in the neighborhood with some moms that are. >> out of control. >> how these role models set an example with a little rock throwing. >> this is how you talk about it, but no. >> a pot bel from abuse. >> he had severe wounds. >> see his remarkable journey to health and a new forever family. >> collin firth invented everything but then he had a crazy idea. how his 360 degree swing is getting all amped up. >> and dude's got it going on. >> >> you can find me in the


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