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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now -- new information about the dog -- and its violent history. 13 action news -- just obtained a statement from the county -- saying the pit bull attacked another dog -- about a month ago. but that incident -- was apparently not serious enough -- to declare the dog as dangerous. fast forward to this week -- when that same dog attacked -- and killed a 9-year-old boy --who was looking for friends to play with. new details -- on the arrest of a gunman -- inside t-j maxx. patrol trooper -- already had "jason mote" in custody -- before swat officers arrived. the swat team -- still had to clear the store -- to make sure there wasn't a second suspect. 13 action news reporter -- bryan callahan has details -- on how the trooper got there so quickly. as the employees and customers inside the tj maxx were running out of the store and calling 911. the trooper's wife was next door shopping and called him... and arrested "jason mote"..
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he was pointed out by customers. metro officers arrived soon after and set up a perimeter because of reports of a second shooter. the arrest report says "mote"... pulled a gun on a woman inside his shirt... as people ran out of the store. he then reportedly went to the front of the store and began digging through the purse. that's where he was arrested by the trooper. officers say no shots were fired... and mote was the only suspect. they say the gun he was minutes ago, we got steve ross' son has been arrested. booking information shows shane ross is charged with robbery and burglary. the family has just released a statement that says how stunned and devastated they are with the development. the statement goes on to say shane has battled addiction problems for sometime and may still be struggling with those demons. we are encouraging him to fully cooperate with police to help determine exactly what has
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about this breaking news story. this was the scene yesterday..... as rain storms rolled through the valley... let's check in with... 13 first alert..... chief meteorologist bryan scofield... to find out... if there is a chance.... for a repeat.... this weekend. whipping it up into southern nevada today. timing changes every hour but so far the common window looks to be between 1pm to 5pm this afternoon. the rain chances are small just like yesterday; ranging around mainly sunny skies being common for the valley. highs will range around normal values which is close to 100. believe a man -- who may be tied to a number of robberies
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been arrested. the suspect -- caught after robbing a burger king -- near spring mountain and rainbow this morning. witnesses say -- he pulled up on a motorcycle. investigators -- are trying to figure out -- if the suspect they arrested-- is this man -- metro says -- he held up 3 businesses -- tuesday night -- near rainbow and warm springs. was also wanted for two other attempted robberies. investigators are trying to figure out..... what caused a helicopter to crash..... at the nevada training range. here's a look..... at the type of helicopter.... involved in the crash. officials with the air force base tell us.... the crash happened.... around -10- last night.... less than a day..... after a pilot ejected
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"the blue cut fire" in san bernadino county is still raging.... tonight... still burning around.... -37- thousand acres. the good news... it's about -26- percent contained..... at this time. and... some evacuations have been lifted. unfortunatly... officials say... nearly -1- hundred homes... and... -2- hundred other buildings were destroyed.... by the flames. an area of san diego -- sprayed this morning -- because of concerns over the zika virus. officials say -- they've found mosquito larvae -- known to carry the zika viu south park neighborhood. they sprayed a two-block area -- in that part of the city. they say it's a precautionry step -- and that the virus -- has not been found in any mosquito larvae -- in san diego so far. that isn't the case in miami. florida officials say -- mosquitoes have spread the virus -- to five people. and u-s health officials -- now warning pregnant women -- to avoid several areas of miami -- identified as infection zones. they also say -- it's difficult to predict how long active transmission of the virus --
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u-s olypic swimmer..... ryan lochte has issued an apology..... for the robbery scandal..... that's overshadowed..... the last several days of the summer games. on instagram today.... lochte wrote... "i should have been much more responsible..... in how i handled myself.... and... for that.... i am sorry.' two of the others involved in the scandal... jack conger and gunnar bentz.... arrived back in the u-s today.... after being held for questioning by police.... has agreed to pay.... -11- thousand dl a charity..... to get his passport back. the 2016 olympic games -- haven't been a money maker -- for sports books across the state. and that's even though -- it's the first time -- in more than a decade -- the games were on the betting board. the last time people could put their money on the games -- was for the 2-thousand olympics -- in sydney. a funding fight.... over the potential.... to get an n-f-l stadium.... here in the valley... 13 action news..... political analyst.... jon ralston joins us now.... with more!!! ---i talked thursday to mgm
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said he supports the stadium but questioned just how much public money it should get. he said expanding the convention center is a must-have and the stadium is a nice- to-have. ---responding to that interview on twitter today, state senate majority leader michael roberson, the most powerful man in the legislature rebutted murren and said he will hold up any special session to make is passed. that is, he won't just pass the convention authority expansion without the public money for adelson's stadium. ----roberson has had heavy financial support from adelson -- six figures, in fact. and two of adelson's top lobbyists immediately retweeted roberson's tweet.
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----the sands and roberson think he does. but democratic leader aaron ford told me today that he does not think the legislature should be held hostage. you can find the full story on our website ktnv dot com. your voice your -- vote in the race to the white house. donald trump -- and his running mate -- mike pence -- touring flood- striken baton rouge today. the two -- meeting volunteers -- and cheers from the crowd in front of samaritan's-purse -- mobile kitchen. they handed out toys -- and supplies to people who -- displaced by historic flooding. they need a lot of help.
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incredible. nobody understands how bad it is. it's really incredible so i'm just here to help. some were calling on the president -- to end his martha's- vineyard vacation -- to visit the area. the white house -- announcing today -- president obama -- will visit baton rouge on tuesday. we're learning more about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. the new york times -- now reporting the democratic presidential nominee -- told investigators -- former secretary of state -- colin powell advised her -- to use a personal e-mail account. the ci the f-b- i's notes -- handed over to congress earlier this week. clinton claims -- the conversation happened during a dinner party in 2009. but powell's office -- releasing a statement saying -- he doesn't remember that conversation. a deadly night for pedestrians... in our valley... two people hit by cars..... in separate crashes... just hours apart. 13 action news reporter.... megan telles has more.... on what happened. the car that was coming there was no telling if it was going to go or not.
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by oncoming traffic just hours before i heard it on the news this morning, 2 or 3 people. and i still crossed. it's just faster. easier. the safest way to cross any intersection is to use these traffic signals nat pop "wait" the man last night didn't follow these simple instructions it's incredibly frustrating. erin breen, director of the vulner road users project at unlv says we're 8 fatalities ahead of last year's record in clark county we've had 5 in the last week and people should be alarmed. we're right in the middle of pedestrian campaign for pedestrian safety nevada law enforcement and highway patrol joining forcew thru august 29th to stop this epidemic. especially with ccsd back in session in 10 days. 18 year old darran ung...gets it the point is with crosswalks,
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given the right of way you just have to look out for the drivers who don't pay attention the thing is tag: 15:31:55 most pedestrians i talked to were shocked to learn that someone died in the same intersection they cross every single day. megan telles 13 action news. hope for a boost in business is falling flat. and... the famous shop featured.... on "pawn stars" is being the broken promises.... that are crushing the dream of other business owners. someone could be calling you tonight -- about a tax you need to pay. but it doesn't even exist! the key words -- you need to listen out for -- so you don't lose money. children with hearing loss..... could be at a disadvantage..... when it comes to their grades. luckily... there's something.... you can do right now..... to help them succeed....
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? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. financial guidance while you're mastering life. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood
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to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. i hope the women of nevada remember that when it's time to vote. told you about. 13 action news -- confirming -- las vegas mayor pro tem -- steve ross' son -- is in fact the man being connected --to the string of robberies we reported. the city of las vegas tells us -- shane ross is the suspect-- picked up after robbing a burger king this morning. he could also be the man -- seen on a motorycle that's blamed for 3 other businesses. as we've just told you, -- the ross family confirms shane ross has been arrested and says they fear he may still be struggling with drugs.
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put out a warning..... that scammers could be trying to hit you up for money right now.... with kids heading back to school! it says.... i-r-s impersonators are calling people..... and demanding they wire money immediately..... for a "federal student tax." don't fall for this. a "federal student tax"..... doesn't even exist. the i-r-s will never demand money.... that way. they'll generally mail you a bill..... first. if you think you're dealing with a scammer... don't give them any of your information... and... tonight-- the once highly- anticipated shopping center -- run by rick harrison -- from the hit show "pawn stars" -- is in touble. in just the last week -- the pawn plaza has lost four of its businesses. 13 action news anchor -- lesley marin -- speaks to one local owner -- who says the entire place -- is going under. intro: 121422 121436
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already close> a donut shop, pizza parlor, smokes pountinerie and las vegas flip flops-- went dark -- as owners closed their doors at pawn plaza this week. 13 action news spoke with several business about what exactly is pushing them out. pawn plaza-- not only has the reality show but also made headlines when it opened. yet-- owners at one business-- that wanted to remain anonymous over fear of backlash.. say they are only seeing 30 to 40 customers a day, they've received two notices of rent abatement and owners aren't doing anything to make things but if they leave..they fear losing everything. 132312 132323 the way the lease was written rick can come after all of our assests this location our house our car..anything we own he can just rip it from underneath us tag: 121559 121609 at 6 hear more from this business owner and hear why they say they've lost most of their life's savings reporting from south las vegas blvd lesley marin 13 an at least....
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holders... aren't using the right card. a new j-d power study shows... people usually pick a card..... for its rewards program. but.... you might be better off... with a cash back rewards card. and.... many card holders love airline travel cards.... that issue miles. but j-d power says... these cards can be a bad choice... unless you spend at least..... -5- hundred dollars.... each month. and... the future is here. "uber" is testing its new... self-driving cars..... in pittsburgh. topped with cameras... radar... g-p-s receivers... and laser scanners..... to collect mapping data. customers..... who are okay with riding in the cars... will have to opt into the program.... in advance. at least initially... a trained driver.... will sit in the vehicles... to monitor.... the ride. here's one for the x-files. this bright flash -- that lit up parts of the sky -- over san diego last night -- continues to be a mystery. the streak of light -- lasted a few seconds -- before it disappeared.. but it was captured by this
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telling our sister station -- aren't sure what caused the light flash. adlib let's go to.... 13 first alert.... chief meteorologist... bryan scofield.... blue cut fire continues to burn within southern california. current acres burned is 37,000 acres with 26% containment as of friday. stay away from las vegas this weekend so the air quality should stay in the good to moderate levels. with only ozone being our main concern. our upper level low of cal-nev-ari is holding onto some monsoonal
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today. timing changes every hour but so far the common window looks to be between 1pm to 5pm this afternoon. the rain chances are small just like yesterday; with mainly sunny skies being common for the valley. highs will range around normal values which is close to 100. as we move into the end of the weekend, partly cloudy skies
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will drop a little though as we are going to see temperatures below 100 degrees. however, monsoon moisture surges at this point and rain skies return and high parents mistaking hearing and behavioral issues..... and high temperatures climb but only back to our normal 100 to 105 degree range. parents mistaking hearing and behavioral issues..... could lead to a huge disadvantage..... for kids! but... there's a very simple to help your kids. and at six -- alkaline water is the latest health craze... but what exactly is it and are the health claims true? contact 13 is filtering out the misconceptions tonight at six. more than..... a million kids suffer from some more than..... a million kids suffer from some
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loss... it's a problem..... that's being confused.... for behavioral problems. if left untreated... it can have a negative effect.... on your child's life. studies show.... a child with any form of hearing loss is up to.... -10- times more likely.... to fail a grade. but... there's an easy solution. have your kids screened.... for hearing loss. and.... if they can't hear.... as well as other kids... talk to their teachers about having them.... sit closer to the front... or... come up with a way.... to get information across.
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west's -- "the life of pablo" clothing line -- in person. today -- 21 pop-up stores -- launched around the world -- including right here in las vegas. the store is open at the fashion show mall -- until 9 tonight. it'ill open again -- from 10 a-m to 9 p-m tomorrow -- and on take over. highs will drop a little though as we are going to see temperatures below 100 degrees. however, monsoon moisture surges at this point and rain chances will return; this time, between 20% and 30% and holding through tuesday afternoon. by wednesday, mainl skies return and high temperatures climb but only back to our normal 100 to 105 degree range. new on action news live at six -- a man -- shot and killed -- in a deadly road rage dispute. now -- three months later -- and with no suspects in the case -- how the victim's girlfriend -- is taking the search for justice -- into her own hands. line-up.... right here on abc... at 8... it's "shark tank"... at -9-... "what would you do"? at -10-.. it's 20/20 and then....
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live at -11- that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's world news tonight... up next. we'll see you back here in 30- minutes -- for action news -- ktnv-dot-com -- and on our free ktnv mobile and tablet app. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son,
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when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. gold medalist ryan lochte breaks his silence. tonight, the apology -- 24 hours after this surveillance was revealed. and for the first time, michael phelps is asked about his teammate and the scandal. also breaking tonight, donald trump moments ago taking aim at president obama. asking why he's golfing instead of visiting the disaster in the south. just hours after trump toured the flood zone himself. the friday rush hour nightmare. the deadly collision. two buses crashing into each other. for the first time, we take you inside the fire zone tonight. moving at stunning speed, east of los angeles on the way to vegas. nearly 100 homes burned to the ground. and the new headline tonight about zika right here in the u.s. now several cases in a major


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