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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  August 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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homicide -- near tropican and maryland parkway. these are live pictures from the maryland parkway. these are live pictures from the scene. investigators say -- a person is dead -- after getting into some type of altercation. they were taken to desert springs hospital-- where they later died from their injuries. no word on any suspects. we will bring you updates --as we get them. our top story on 13 action news live at 5-- a chilling discovery. outside an apartment complex. the gunman -- still on the run good evening -- and welcome to 13 action news -- live at five. i'm christopher king. metro -- now treating this -- as a murder investigation. 13 action news reporter -- david schuman -- is live in front of the apartment building -- near cheyenne and pecos -- where the body was found. david. it's still early in this investigation -- police are going in and out of this building where officers say a woman found a body lying out
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and the shooter is still out there! the department says about a half hour before the body was found...six neighbors heard multiple shots go off. one said anything to police about hearing a struggle or any shouting that might have been part of an altercation. officers say the shots most likely weren't reported because the sound is heard often in this neighborhood. neighbors say getting used to gunshots the way they have is no way to live. sot 153903 joanne rasmussen, neighbor "i have to be here to see all of the drug addicts and all these crazy people around here. no control over it and we need more help" run 11 police are interviewing people to try to figure out the circumstances surrounding this. they don't know yet whether the victim lived here. reporting live david schuman 13 action news right now -- 6 people -- including 3 children -- are recovering -- after
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the flames -- breaking out at regency place apartments -- on decatur at sahara. las vegas fire and rescue -- releasing this video -- from inside one of the apartments. take a look -- everything charred. officials believe -- the fire began in the living room -- or the kitchen. right now -- a live look outside across the valley. things are looking pretty good out there but will it stay that way? let's check in with 13-first-alert meteorologist -- karla huelga. karla -- any chance for another round of storms -- l a couple of days ago? a pacific storm system will pass to our south and as it does drag in cloud cover and moisture. expect chances for rain with this system through monday. high temps will hover around 100 through tuesday. some days could even drop to the upper 90s. the system will be out of the area by tuesday morning and slightly warmer temps in the low 100s are in store for friday. the system will bring some milder air in with it, dropping high temps back to around 100 for friday and next saturday.
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of a beloved police dog. --from complications -- after serious heat exhaustion. kingman police -- taking amigo to a local vet clinic wednesday. the k-9 -- becoming ill -- while searching for hikers near white cliffs. amigo -- had been with kingman police for only one year.
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southern california. firefighters -- getting the upper hand on the flames. he fire -- now 68-percent contained. more than a-hundred homes -- destroyed since the wildfire broke out on tuesday. mandatory evacuations -- now being lifted in the wrightwood area. people -- now able to check on their homes and assess the damage. still no word on how this fire started. a massive fire -- tears through a storage facility in columbus, ohio -- forcing nearly 200 people living in the area -- to run for their lives. the blaze -- but were forced to back off -- when they realized the cooling system --contained ammonia. crews were also afraid -- the building might collapse. hazmat teams were called in to monitor the situation -- while the fire burned itself out. no one was injured. a huge scare for one florida family. what's supposed to be -- a routine boat ride home -- turns into terror -- as the vessel capsizes -- trapping a baby girl. abc's mark remillard -- with
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nats - 911 what's your emergency i'm in the river my boat crashed and i have a baby still in the water at 10:30 friday evening cocoa beach police received a frightening call from a mother in distress. nats - you said the boat is completely capsized? it's upside down? yes we're totally upside down and i think my toddler is under the boat. please send somebody the family was returning from dinner with relatives when their vessel struck powerlines. everyone was thrown overboard. tammy bossard i had charlotte in my hands and my boat had flipped and c the boat and bryan and sharon pulled me up and we heard kennedy crying and we couldn't find her. with help from a person in a separate boat, four officers quickly entered the water and pulled nearly everyone to safety---except kennedy. dorothy dixon, good samaritan the rescue came very fast, but the mom and dad did everything they could, they were looking under the boat and dad was sitting on the bottom of the boat holding the baby but luck was on their side.
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on. after nearly an hour of searching responders found her and pulled her from the water. tammy bossard god was with us. mark remillard abc news new york "hey hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go." demonstrators -- protest outside a private fund-raiser for donald trump -- last night in minneapolis. it was the republican nominee's first trip to minnesota -- since throwing his hat in the race. some who attended the fundraiser -- claimed they were pushed -- even spat on as tey it's your voice -- your vote in the race for the white house. donald trump -- reaching out to hispanic voters -- as he struggles in the polls with people of color. the meeting --at the trump tower -- with the national sending rapists and robbers -- across the border -- vowing to deport anyone living in the country illegally. the group -- now looking to help trump change his message -- and connect with the hispanic community
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day at a private fundraiser in nantucket. the private event -- reportedly cost as much as 27-thousand dollars to attend. clinton also heads to another fundraiser -- in provincetown tomorrow. pop-icon cher is scheduled to headline the event. it's fight night over at the t-mobile arena. nate diaz squares of against conor mcgregor -- in u-f-c 202. it's a highly anticipated rematch. and these guys don't like each other. earlier this week -- throwing water bottles -- du conference. diaz won the first bout --with a second-round submission of the heavily favored mcgregor. usually police usually get called out -- to break up fights. this time -- the fight comes to them. (chief james drury/dallas police) "he's been around all week looking for trouble, why one man decides to attack officers -- with slices of pizza. plus -- a nightmare for one valley neighborhood. their homes -- slowly falling apart. why they say construction
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bringing you breaking news fast -- and first. stay with us you see this innocent-looking elderly man.
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-- is an armed drug dealer -- trying to evade investigators detectives say they surrounded
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staying. when police order him to exit the home -- miller -- disguised as an elderly man -- walks outside. the trick doesn't wrk. investigators pull off miller's mask -- and arrest him. authorities -- finding 30-thousand dollars -- and two loaded weapons -- inside the home. a highly unusual arrest in oxnard, california. police go to a house -- searching for a domestic violence suspect. they were told -- he locked himself in a laundry room -- officers were about to leave -- when they decided to take one last look -- inside the dryer. and -- you guessed it. that is where they found 30-year- old ivan lopez. he got out and surrendered peacefully. police in pennsylvania say -- a man attacks an officer. and his weapon of choice -- a box full of pizza. authorities say -- sean mulloy -- tries wrapping a chain around a police station. oh wait -- that's when things
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police) "the officer was in here, heard it, and went outside. the man became belligerent and then just started to attack the officer." police say -- mulloy punches the officer. then he throws a box full of pizza at him. officers used a stun gun on mulloy. they believe he was upset -- because they stopped him for driving drunk -- a couple of days earlier. be careful -- next time you get the munchies -- and reach for a brownie. a nebraska man -- suffers an accidental overdose -- getting high -- without even knowing -- he was eating marijuana. he says he was unloading some brownies in the back seat of his car. turns out -- they were laced with pot. he realizes something is wrong. his wife -- calls 9-1-1. (wife) "hi, i need an ambulance. my husband -- i think he's overdose. he accidentally ate some pot brownies." (911 dispatcher) "when you say accidentally, you mean like he didn't know they were?" (wife) "yeah, he ate these brownies and didn't there was thc in them." (wife) "he's starting to panic." the man's wife says -- he even called their cat some really mean names -- while he was
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emergency crews are making progress -- as they battle a wildfire -- in northern nevada. lightning -- sparking the flames on thursday -- quickly burning 66- hundred acres -- and threatening homes. a sage-grouse habitat -- now in the path of the fire. it's being called the worst natural disaster -- since hurricane sandy. catastrophic flooding -- devastating baton rouge, louisiana. authorities -- now saying -- 58- percent of the parish is flooded. nearly 4-thousand people -- left homeless and living in shelters. one survivor -- f tears -- as tells a reporter -- she still can't go into her flooded home (fights back tears) it's gonna be okay." the national guard -- handing out much-needed food and water to flood victims. an army of volunteers -- helping homeowners cleanup debris. and president obama -- will visit flood-striken region -- on tuesday.
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several people -- rescued -- after rising water traps them in their cars. 7-inches of rain -- falling in just a few hours --.even causing the wall of a building to collapse. no one was injured. wx chat a pacific storm system will pass to our south and as it does drag in cloud cover and moisture. expect chances for rain with this system through monday. high temps will hover around 100 through tuesday. some days could even drop to the system will be out of the area by tuesday morning and slightly warmer temps in the low 100s are in store for wednesday and thursday. another system will start to push in and bring breezy winds to the area thursday and friday. the system will bring some milder air in with it, dropping high temps back to around 100 for friday and next saturday. wx chat tonight -- construction crews
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they're working on a sewer project -- stretching across a major portion of the valley. and after finishing one section -- homeowners say -- something stinks. 13 action news anchor -- tricia kean has thier story. < rita hickey: they shook me out of bed at 7:30 in the morning. rita hickey says the shaking was bad. rita hickey: i thought we were
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drilling out there. rita lives here on east oquendo road, near south lamb boulevard. and the drilling she's talking about, was happening here, right in front of her house. she took these pictures, that show "las vegas paving" working on what's called the "paradise-whitney interceptor." it's the county's largest sewer line expansion project in history, and covers 13 miles, with 3 different contractors working on it. rita watched workers digging, and pumping water out of this hole, over several months. rita hickey: if you pump that much water out of the ground, the dirt has got to settle. she says this crack appeared in her neighborhood ended back in january. so did this crack in her driveway. rita hickey: i'm afraid one day i'm going to drive up and find part of my driveway, my wall, everything on oquendo road. and she's not alone. fay bradford: we developed a bunch of new cracks. rita's neighbor, fay bradford, showed us cracks in her walls. the most noticeable in her
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i'm assuming because of the vibrations. she and rita admit they're homes already had some cracks before this construction project. but both of these homeowners say the cracks are worse now. so they filed claims with las vegas paving's insurance. fay bradford: and they denied it. and i don't understand how all 4 people in this cul- dde-sac could all of a sudden be developing wor all at the same time. we reached out to las vegas paving. they tell contact 13, quote: "it is the policy of our company to not comment on any matter with either pending or the potential for litigation." so we went to clark county commissioner mary beth scow. mary beth scow: it's a county project. but it's being carried out by the contractor. and our total expectation is that these will be taken care
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and now that las vegas paving sustain any damage. and i'm very concerned when i hear that this is happening. really the recourse is legal, since it's a legal contract. fay and rita aren't sure what their next move will be. but rita says she's scared about future damage. rita hickey: i'm afraid this is not over with. the ground is settling.> besides the cracks on her property...rita's water bill nearly 9- hundred dollars in march. she blames the construction project for a major leak, she had to pay for. we have more on this valley sewer expansion at k-t-n-v dot com. plus... a statement we received from the clark county water reclamation district that oversees this project. the school year starts -- in a little more than a week... and parents aren't the only one's -- shelling out big bucks on supplies. teachers -- are also trying to get their classrooms ready. how they're helping each other
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boxing legend floyd mayweather junior -- is giving back in a david was proud to be an american soldier. i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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children. more than 500 kids -- scoring some new backpacks -- with much-needed school supplies and books. this is the fourth straight year for the event. organizers say -- it'll help kids start the school-year off right. the event -- also featuring free sports physicals -- and dental exams. students who brought their local library card -- getting the chance to win a brand-new laptop and printer. the new school year is just around the corner. teachers who need to stock up on supplies -- got a chance to breaking the bank. the 6th annual -- "sharing is caring consignment sale" -- happening today. teachers from across the valley -- putting hundreds of books -- and classroom supplies up for sale -- at bargain prices. heather tomkowski/director of operations greater las vegas academy 19:06:01 "here in clark county when a teacher takes over their classroom they only have tables and chairs, they items. this now gives them an opportunity to purchase them at a very low rate." organizers say -- the event has saved teachers -- more than 15-
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began. superheroes of all shapes and sizes -- swoop in on springs preserve today. anyone dressed in costume -- gets in free -- all weekend long. there will be superhero themed movies -- wonder-woman story time -- and even a captain-america magic show. kids can make their own masks -- and enjoy some free ice-cream. still ahead -- a final look at your forecast. but right now -- here's a live looo you're watching thirteen action news -- where you get breaking news fast -- and first. a major milestone -- over at
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their 10-thousandth show last night -- with a special performance -- benefitting help of southern nevada. the show -- raising more than 78-hundred dollars -- to supply the non-profit's homeless youth center -- with musical instruments. a pacific storm system will pass to our south and as it does drag in cloud cover and 100 through tuesday. some days could even drop to the upper 90s. the system wl another system will start to push in and bring breezy winds high temps back to around 100 for friday and next saturday. and here's a look at what's coming up in tonight's
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at 6 -- nfl pre-season action -- between the san francicso 49ers and the denver broncos at 9 -- a special edition of 13 action news at 10 -- boston ems at 11 -- 13 action news that's our news for now. but stay with us world news -- up next. we'll see you back here -- after the game -- for a special edition -- of 13 action news. until then --thanks for watching -- and remember -- we are always on -- at ktnv-dot-com -- and on our free
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. ryan lochte drowning in controversy. the swimmer at the center of an olympic scandal making new headlines with his first sitdown interview since coming home. >> did you admit that you lied, finally? >> but his teammates are now pointing the finger at him. tonight, what they said really happened at that rio. the new donald trump? his appeal to african-americans, saying they should vote for him because they've got nothing to lose. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. pregnant women told to stay away from one of the country's most popular vacation spots because of zika. families going to extremes to stay safe. and the warning, there will be more cases. the overturned boat, the family tossed into the river. the frantic race to save a little girl. >> i have stranded in the


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