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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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across the valley. overnight... police say.... the same man may have robbed -5- different women. 13 action news anchor.... lesley marin spoke to women.... about how to... better protect themselves. police say out of the 5 women who were robbed-- 2 were
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north las vegas. now woman we spoke to say they're going to start packing their purses with more protection. pkg: 5 different woman robbed at gun point across the valley! really scary because i'm here all the time with the kids this map shows-- the different locations this suspect hit between las vegas and north vegas...all in 2 and a half hours sunday night. i just ran up here the other night at 11 pm for some diapers that's really scary each time police say he went for the woman's purse. so we asked woman-- how do you i carry wasp spray and i have it at the house and in the car i've never thought about it i've never thought about having to do anything police say women always need protection and need to pay attention to their surroundings... anything to make sure you aren't a target buy some pepper spray if this is what's going on and speaking of pepper can buy your own..conveniently at any walmart for around 10 dollars. reporting from nlv lesley marin
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your voice.. your vote in the race for the white house and today.. the fbi released thousands of new "non-work related" hillary clinton emails from her time as secretary of state. it came as clinton's running mate.. senator tim kaine.. was in town for a rally. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston got to talk to him about the new emails and jon.. he seemed to say 'nothing to see here.' say 'nothing to see here.' ---news today of 15,000 emails previously n have to be delivered and probably released. and you have colin powell saying the clinton campaign is trying to pin the scandal on him. ----i asked tim kaine about that today and he was dismissive of the issue's seriousness. play bite: 15:01:06: "i've also seen her..." 15:01:36: " you do work at home."
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do work at home." ----so that's all this was about -- meanwhile...
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canceled a rally..... scheduled for friday..... here in las vegas. the rally was reportedly set to focus on trump's.... anti-immigration plan. this.... after claims..... that trump is softening his stance on immigration..... following an overhaul of his campaign team. trump though... in an interview on fox news this morning says.... he is not.... changing his views. sot - donald trump / (r) presidential nominee dt: we have to be very firm.
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q: so you're not flip flopping? dt: no, i'm not flip flopping. no reason was given.... for trump's sudden cancellation. the trial is now underway.... for one of the men charged.... with killing a teenage boy.... over an eye- pad. michael solid is facing robbery and murder..... with a deadly weapon charges. prosecutors say.... back in may 20-13... 15 year old..... marcos arenas was walking down the street.... with his eye-pad... when two men tried to steal it from him. they ended up dragging him..... from their s-u-v.. and... running him over... killing a sad update on a story we've been following. an exterminator.. stung hundreds of times by bees earlier this month.. has died. jose moreno-pacheco had been in critical condition since he was attacked august 4th near russell and fort apache while investigating a bee hive. we're told he passed away last thursday. would you want to touch anything covered in someone else's sweat? managers at a valley convenience store say 'no.'
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"questionably moist money." plus... (nats of dog barking) that dog's bark has landed.... one family in trouble.... with their h-o-a... the h-o-a is calling the dog.... a nuisance.... but... the family says.... they're barking up.... the wrong tree. we're finding out..... who's to blame in a story..... you asked us.... to investigate. and count on chopper 13 to keep you on top of breaking news fast and first and only on 13 action news. we'll be right back.
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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with during the summer in las vegas. a gas station on charleston will no longer accept bills that customers take out of their shoes or bras because they're sweaty. 13 action news reporter david schuman takes digs into the facts about the hygiene of money.
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questionably moist bills are subject to denial. we're sorry but it's unsanitary. so says the sign at the register of the am-pm on 4th street and charleston. "money is money. when it comes down to it, it's money." some people aren't thrilled about the new policy. others agree with what management is trying to do. "people find money on the street, they find money on the ground. you don't know. in the casinos, ew." "the people that work here do not want to have those type of david schuman "the fact is the out of a wallet, it's filthy. researchers at nyu studied a batch of one dollar bills and discovered more than 3,000 types of bacteria..........meaning that it's actually cleaner for a person to sit down on this toilet seat than it is for the cashier to be handling cash everyday." one customer offered a possible solution. "they should just wear gloves.
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because they don't see anybody take it out of a certain area." in the few weeks the sign's been up...employees say they haven't yet turned any customers away for reaching somewhere other than a wallet. near 4th street and charleston..david schuman..13 action news. wells fargo is paying.... a -3- point -6- million dollar penalty... for illegal student loan practices. the consumer financial wells fargo was failing to provide..... important payment information.... to borrowers... and charging illegal fees. more than... -4- hundred thousand dollars will help provide relief.... to affected borrowers. if you're looking to sell your home... now may be a good time... high demand is creating..... a surge in home prices! according to "the greater las vegas association of realtors"... the median price of existing valley homes sold last month... was -2- hundred and -36- thousand dollars. that's up.... more than.... -7- percent a year ago. the national association of
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there aren't enough homes for sale. there's fewer existing homes... and... fewer new homes. and.... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers..... any weekday.... between -11- a-m and -1- p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. -25- wildfires are burning across the western part of the nation... right now. and... while firefighters are now flocking t why those affected.... by "the blue cut fire" are finally getting the message.... they've been waiting for. plus.. an hoa says one family's big dog is a nuisance and they're sticking them with a fine. but they says the dog is just doing its job. we'll getting our paws dirty and dig into the issue in a story you asked us to investigate.
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city.. but it's been nearly a week and the 80-year old man still hasn't been found. 13 action news reporter..... marti glaser headed out to talk to the family..... hoping to bring their loved one.... home. just across the water from laughlin in bull head city . the family of 80 yer caballero who has been missing for almost a week continues to search can we leave these fliers caballero was last seen by his family at the aquarius hotel in laughlin on thursday evening while vacationing from california sot granddaughter carmelina merin cabellero it was supposed to be fun just took. twist a twist that now has them handing out and hanging up fliers anywhere that will allow them to. what is this like having to go
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places? it's tough a glimpse of hope for the family came friday when surveillance video shows caballero at a gas station in bulls head still no sign of him yet they continue to battle the heat stand up and plug on passing out these fliers ..hoping someone will recognize their loved one in his dressy pants suspenders wearing his sombrero his family says he doesn't go any where without in hopes someone will come forward .. and they will find there loved one anbr marti glaser 13 action news two dog owners believe they are being targeted by people in their h-o- a for having a big dog. the pup is 150 pounds.. but they insist he's not a nuisance.. regardless of what the hoa rules might say. when you ask.. we investigate.
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there are family dogs, and then there is buio. the 150 pound cane corso rules the yard. but lauren and simon hayag insist he's a nice dog. 17.14.18 he's a sweet boy, he's a very loyal dog 20 s so when they got a letter in the mail saying buio is a nuisance, they were upset. 17.06.37 id say honestly it's because 38 if you see buio, he's a big dog 41 if you're a little old lady walking down the street, you're going to get intimidated by him 45 l and targeted, perhaps discriminated against for the way their dog looks. 17.14.33 i can totally understand and see why they look at him and judge him for who he is, just based off of his looks 39 s the letter says buio is a nusiance for barking too much....and according to the mirasol hoa cc and r's "excessive noise from an animal will not be permitted." but when action news came to their house 17.27.52 we wanted to see what happens when you come on buio's turf and there he is behind us,
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couple times, but if you keep walking or just stay there he just usually goes back inside 28.04 sz but now they're facing up to one thousand dollars in fines for the barking. 17.17.31 i believe its fair that we have a guard dog 34 so he's going to do his job 36 s they even had their neighbor write to the hoa, saying he is "not bothered in the least" we reached out to mirasol hoa and progress residential, who are renting the house to simon and lauren, but have not heard back. 17.08.25 we have to do what we can to keep our famy and buio is part of that 30 l evacuations orders.. put in place because of the 'blue cut' fire.. have been lifted. that blaze destroyed over 30- thousand acres and forced i-15 to be shut down in both directions last week. tonight.. there are still at least 25 wildfires across the west including one outside spokane, washington that exploded in size overnight from 250 acres to more than 5-thousand. evacuation orders are now in effect for that fire.. while firefighters from all
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working to contain it. tonight...mostly cloudy. a chance of thunderstorms in the evening bringing strong wind and heavy rain at times. then a slight chance of thunderstorms after midnight. lows 74 to 79. southwest winds 10 to 15 mph decreasing to less than 10 mph after midnight. .tuesday...partly cloudy. chance of thunderstorms in the aftern highs 92 to 96 on the west side of the valley... 95 to 99 on the east side. west winds up to 10 mph shifting to the south in the afternoon. .tuesday night...clearing. lows 76 to 80 on the west side of the valley...78 to 82 on the east side.
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highs 96 to 100 on the west side of the valley...99 to 103 on the east side. west winds up to 10 mph shifting to the southwest in the afternoon. .wednesday night through thursday night...mostly clear. lows 79 to 82. highs around 100. .friday and friday night...partly cloudy. highs 95 to 98. 76 to 79. .saturday through sunday...mostly clear. highs 96 to 99. lows 76 to 79. (bryan back to desk) five people are without a place to call home after their then a slight chance of thunderstorms after midnight.
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call home after their apartment went up in flames. out -- and why it could be a cause for concern inside your home. and.. there are a lot of things to remember before you catch a flight.. but you could make one mistake after you land that could make you a target for identity thieves. and.. don't forget to download.... the all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming.. video on demand....
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it's free in the app store...
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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a warning for the next time.... you fly. a threat to your personal security... hidden right there.... in your boarding pass. 13 action news anchor.... dayna roselli shows us.... why security experts say.... don't leave it in your seatback... or... just toss it.... in the trash: nats bags dropping off carosel (continue vo) business traveller scott jenkins is about to make a mistake that could cost him his identity. nat-pop ((take vo)) tossing his ((sot)) 20:26:34 - :39 - scott jenkins, traveller there's not a whole lot on the ticket that can identify ... ... hidden in the barcode of many boarding passes... is more than enough info to help a hacker get started. ((sot)) 20:19:58 - :04 ken colburn, data doctors this airline is giving us first name - last name - record locator - frequent flyer number ... there's a whole bunch of info worst thing that could happen is somebody has enough info and can compile other info from your social media accounts and
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((take vo)) the bar-codes themselves are easy to crack .. entire apps and websites are dedicated to doing just that. ((sot)) 20:07:21 - :32 a lot of people still think - look at hackers as these young introverted - well to do - male - boy or have you ... that hasn't been the case for 10, 15 years ... this is organized crime ((take vo)) so after that next trip - pass the trash ... and treat your boarding pass like any other important document you don't want landing in the wrong hands. anchor cam tag= another smart move say security experts... don't answer website security questions h for example, if your first dog was fido... go ahead and say his name was spot. just make sure you remember your answer though! dayna roselli 13 actions news. five people are out of their apartment in henderson after a small fire that started on the stove. investigators say heat from the flames caused the sprinkler system to activate.. flooding several units near eastern and serene. firefighters say it will be at least three days before those people can return to their homes. was someone at fault on a day
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next on 13 action news live at while a family says they want justice. plus.. -77- days to election day. and... a top nevada lawmaker has a unique dare.... for donald trump. right now....
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message.
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but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. i hope the women of nevada remember that when it's time to vote. defense.... tonight... the victim's mother is calling... for justice. and.. hillary clinton's running mate is in las vegas for a few campaign stops. 13-action news political analyst jon ralston talks with tim kaine about the nevada latino vote. but first.. rain for the valey.. is just minutes away. you're looking at the storm.... moving closer in real time. bryan.... adlib tonight...mostly cloudy. a chance of thunderstorms in
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then a slight chance of thunderstorms after midnight. lows 74 to 79. southwest winds 10 to 15 mph decreasing to less than 10 mph after midnight. a -13- action news update... the trial for the strip headliner.... accused of having and distributing child pornography has been delayed..... a third time. illusionist jan rouven's trial


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