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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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night. some roads in north las vegas looked like this...causing some real problems for drivers! good morning las vegas! i'm ... and i'm xxx.... we want to get right to some amazing video of overnight of rain hitting the valley! take a look at this major flood boulevard. when our crews were out there the water was up to mid thigh! cars were buried under the water! should we be prepared for more severe weather like this today, greg?
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on the west side of town is searching for the three armed suspects who got away. police tell us three men went into the robertos near rainbow and charleston just before 1 a-m. they demanded money and got
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connected to some other robertos robberies. this exact location was robbed a few months ago. right now... a warning for women across the the valley. metro and north las vegas police are on the hunt for an armed purse snatcher who targeted 5 women within hours of each other. we brought you this story as it was breaking on good morning las vegas yesterday. now we have confirmed with police the suspect targeted four women in north las vegas and one woman at an apartment vegas. each time, police say the suspect pulled a gun on a woman and got away with their purse. it's a story that's putting many women on high alert. 000022- 000027 i just ran up here the other night at 11 pm for some diapers that's really scary 0002 10-00 214 really scary because i'm here all the time with the kids right now police don't have a description of the suspect. if you have any information, call police.
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surveillance pictures on your screen. police are looking for these three people, accused of a robbery in north las vegas near ann road and simmons. police say one man had a gun when they robbed a pharmacy. this morning construction workers are grieving after a deadly accident at tivoli village. authorities say a worker fell to his death yesterday afternoon when some scaffolding collapsed. 3 people were on the scaffolding at the time. 2 managed to jump to safety. osha is now investigating how the scaffolding failed. investigators are recommending a deadly shooting of an unarmed man not be charged. investigators say the officers acted in self-defense. u-s marshals warned metro keith childress was an armed fugitive. metro was operating under that assumption the day they found childress. in addition, police say he wasn't following orders--so they fired. it turns out he was holding a cell phone, not a gun. childress' family is devastated to learn the officer probably
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20:58:42:29 i can't even explain the way i feel right now, i feel completely... lost, i can't believe this, i can't believe what i heard in that courtroom today 20:58:55:22 the family says childress was not running from police or avoiding jail time. they say he was visiting family before facing a judge in phoenix on a robbery charge. it could be a few weeks until the d-a makes a final decision. pick-up truck back thanks to good samaritans and the power of social media. pete daforno says his truck was stolen from the venetian parking garage sunday morning. pete posted on facebook about the truck-- it was shared hundreds of times. a man who saw the post, recognized the truck on the streets yesterday! gary: "he had the stereo he wasn't racing or doing anything until he realized i was up behind him" that man tried to stay with the
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the thief eventually lost him, but then another man spotted the custom truck in a parking lot near sahara and maryland parkway. daforno got a call... and showed up, along with police. :30-:38 pete: "surprised, happy and i feel violated." me: "violated?" pete: "yeah i feel violated. a worker from a nearby business says their security cameras show the thief changing his clothes inside the truck and putting on a wig with curly hair before running away. police still haven't found the thief. "that wall will go up so fast your head will spin" donald trump's controversial views on immigration could be shifting. trump has cancelled a major address on his immigration policy.... a day after his new campaign manager said trump hasn't decided whether he will support the forced deportation of millions of undocumented
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rally here in las vegas. no specific reason was given for the cancellation. but the campaign says they want to keep the focus on hillary clinton. trump has continued to criticize her involvement with the clinton foundation. clinton's running mate...tim kaine questioned trump's attack at a rally here in las vegas yesterday. :43-:52 before you go about attacking a charity why don't you come clean about your own business dealings and tell the american people who you are in debt to. as the back and forth co on the campaign trail, a federal judge has ordered the release of nearly 15- thousand documents the f-b-i discovered while investigating clinton's server. the fallout is here for u-s olympic swimmer ryan lochte. the gold medalist has lost four sponsorship deals from companies including ralph lauren and speedo for lying about being robbed in rio. speedo says they'll be donating a 50-thousand dollar portion of lochte's fee to a charity in
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will not compete at the paralympics in rio de janeiro. this after losing an appeal against a ban imposed for state- sponsored doping. this morning there are more concerns over the zika virus spreading in florida. we'll tell you why doctors are saying it's not just pregnant women who should be extremely careful about getting the virus. plus... new research has found how to tell if a person is depressed by their instagram! certain posts are an indicator... ((ad-lib)) a big congratulations this morning to students who are
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graduating from clark county school district after a summer of hard work! the district is holding a summer commencement this afternoon at the orleans arena. it's for students from high schools all around the valley who worked over the summer to complete course work they were not able to finish during the regular school year! now to miami--- where concerns
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week of school. many students could be seen wearing pants and long sleeve shirts... even in the hot temperatures, in hopes of avoiding mosquito bites. schools are now also incorporating lessons about the zika virus... it's very scary, actually, but the school has prepared us very well right now there are at least 37 confirmed homegrown cases of zika in miami. now florida's governor is sending miami an additional 5-million for zika preparedness...while also adding to the scare, the c-d-c says the link between zika and giullain-barre syndrome is growing stronger. this syndrome can cause total paralysis. today president obama will be in baton rouge to take a look at the deadly and destructive flooding there. 13 people died in the flooding and tens of thousands of people were displaced by the high water. the president declared a major
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available for home repairs...temporary housing and other assistance programs. the white house says the federal response to the flooding has already been much more effective than the initial response to hurricane katrina. just in this morning...stanford university officials say hard liquor is now prohibited at undergraduate on- campus parties. beer and wine is still o-k. the change comes after former stanford swimmer brock turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman after they both drank at a campu uproar when a judge sentenced turner to six months in jail. good morning las vegas... time now is x:xx --- :01-03"nats of rain" take a look at the rain and hail coming down in the northwest side of town yesterday. this is from our very own audio guy tony pernatozzi. he says the hail was about quarter sized. greg will have your full
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right now almost 14-hundred firefighters are battling a wildfire ? music ? extraordinary starts here. new k-y intense. a stimulating gel that takes her pleasure to new heights.
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barbara county california. fire officials say the rey fire is caused by the dry conditions in the area. the fire is now burning over 27- thousand acres and is 30-percent contained. back here in the valley... pouring rain...hail...lightni ng and flooding plagued drivers overnight. the worst of it was in north
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one couple was caught in floodwaters near alexander and lamb. we spoke with the woman who rushed to get help for her husband in a wheelchair. the water was literally up to here when i walked through here other people in the area pulled over...waiting out the storm. almost an inch and a half of rain fell in 30 minutes. toss to greg looks like the las vegas valley instability into the atmosphere and with most moisture holding to the mountains, rain chances will mainly stick to the spring mountain and sheep ranges with a small chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms to develop in the valley. so far, numerical models are indicating early evening for
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about 10 pm tonight. high temperatures though will hold slightly below average; ranging between 96 and 102 degrees valley wide. central las vegas looks to hit 99 by 2:30 this afternoon. temperatures do climb as we continue to move out moisture and clouds. by wednesday and thursday,
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wide with mainly sunny skies but a bump in winds to breezy conditions. 10-20 mph winds will be common with an occasional gust between 25 and 30 mph. the breeze holds into friday morning with highs falling slightly to between 96 and 102 degrees into saturday and by sunday 98 to 104 degrees will be common with mainly sunny skies and mild winds into this morning a family is continuing their desperate
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behind me is 80-year-old daniel caballero who has been missing for almost a week now. caballero was last seen by his family at the aquarius hotel in laughlin thursday. they were on vacation from california. granddaughter carmelina merin cabellero it was supposed to be fun just took. twist caballero was seen on surveillance video f gas station in bullhead city. now the family is handing out fliers hoping someone will recognize him. the family says he doesn't go anywhere without his suspenders and sombrero. he also keeps his money in a red handkerchief, so you may see him pulling that out. if you've seen him contact police. two men facing charges for their involvement in the armed confrontation near cliven
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jerry delemus is expected to enter his plea today. blaine cooper is due in court thursday. they are considered organizers and leaders of a conspiracy to stop the b-l-m round-up of bundy cattle in 2014. the men are among 19 defendants currently in federal custody for the stand-off. now to a 13 action news update on a swarm of killer bees in the south west part of the valley. the exterminator who was stung hundreds of times by those bees jose moreno-pacheco had been in critical condition since the incident near russell and fort apache. we're told he passed away last thursday. a las vegas family is facing hundreds of dollars in h-o-a fines because of their dog's barking. simon and lauren hayag recently got a letter saying their 150 pound cane corso is a nuisance. the family says he's a nice dog and is just doing his job when
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can see how big he is in this video! 17.14.33 i can totally understand and see why they look at him and judge him for who he is, just based off of his looks 39 the family says they even had their neighbor write to the h-o-a saying the dog is not a nuisance. we reached out to the mirasol h-o-a and progress residential who are renting the house to simon and lauren.. but haven't heard back. good morning las vegas... take a look at this sign... it's posted at the register of a gas station downtown. we went to check it out this interesting request.... plus... (christine gallet and diane armstrong) it'ss just so humbling especially in today's time. you don't see children that young who have such a big giving heart a little boy is using his birthday to give back to
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louisiana. his story is going viral this morning.
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it might seem like there's not much to identify you on a boarding pass...but online security experts say there information hidden in the barcode on the pass. they say that's more than enough to get a hacker started and they're easy to crack. so next time you fly...treat your boarding pass like any other imporant document you don't want ending up in the wrong hands. this sign behind me is up at the register at the a-m-p-m on fourth and charleston. it says due to rising temperatures... it won't be accepting sweaty "boob or sock money"...because it's unsanitary. the sign has been up for a few weeks but employees say they haven't had to turn someone away yet. we spoke with some customers who have mixed opinions on the
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different germs and i think the people that work here do not want to have those type of nasty germs on their hands." butted with "it's stupid." "they should just wear gloves. sweat might be the least of the store's worries. researchers at n-y-u studied a batch of one dollar bills and discovered more than 3-thousand types of bacteria! looks like the las vegas valley will be pulling in less insbi atmosphere and with most moisture holding to the mountains, rain chances will mainly stick to the spring mountain and sheep ranges with a small chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms to develop in the valley. so far, numerical models are indicating early evening for valley rain chances. meaning, 5 pm to about 10 pm tonight. high temperatures though will hold slightly below average; ranging between 96 and 102 degrees valley wide. central las vegas looks to hit
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104 valley wide with mainly sunny skies but a bump in winds to breezy conditions. 10-20 mph winds will be common with an occasional gust between 25 and 30 mph. sunday 98 to 104 degrees will be common with mainly sunny school armed... in one small calfornia city. in kingsburg--- which is just south of fresno... the high schol is allowing up to five staff members to have guns on campus. concealed and students don't know which teachers have weapons. the school district passed the rule in april. the idea came from the superintendent, who says the school must be able to respond quickly if something dangerous happens. the armed staff members have to have concealed carry permits and have to undergo training. listen to this... a new study suggests the pictures you post on instagram frequently.. apply more filters.....
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the study has not been formally published. as louisiana is cleaning up after devastating floods the community is coming together. one 9-year-old boy is helping to do it's topping our look at today's stories now trending... (carson boutte) we're going to give them lunch so they don't have to stop what they're doing. we're just going to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods that have flooded carson chose to celebrate his birthday by handing out pizza to flood victims! his dad says they thought it would just be their family but then the post went viral on facebook and people started donating. the family ended up delivering
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stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, we have some incredible and terrifying video to show you this morning... take a look as an s-u-v crashes right into a store! that story is coming up at five... plus parker is following some of the aftermath of last
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vegas, leaving behind heavy rains and flooding. police are telling women in the valley to be on alert..after a man robbed several women at gunpoint..trying to take their purse. breaking overnight..another roberto's is robbed. why police think this could be connected to other robberies at the restaurant chain. good morning las vegas! i'm beth fisher and i'm dayna roselli. before we get over to greg, we want to show you some incredible video from last night's severe storms that rolled through the valley.


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