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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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fire crews rushed to the site but couldn't help him... he used to say that he was scared being so high and i told him he should find another job and he was like it's the only job that i think pays the most money-- jacqueline says-- only went to one thing. there three boys... he said he wanted to get his kids something that he didn't have that's why he was always working setting up a go fund me for the family-- once we have it we'll post it on ktnv dot com. at 6 pm-- hear more from his brother in law who believes his death could have been prevented. live at tivoli village lesley marin 13 an a motorcyclist is dead.... after this crash.... on the 15.... at the "d" street... off ramp. it happened... around noon. we're told a driver..... slammed into the motorcyclist.... who died instantly. right now...
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who was at fault. she just ran up to me and it was the best feeling ever . every dog has it's day.. including nala. the golden retriever was separated from her owners after a crash on the 15 last week when she took off into the desert. but today.. she jumped in a car near whiskey pete's in primm.. and a short time later she was back with her family. i was very excited to tell him so he could find out, i wanted . we'll show you about another 13-action news live at 6. tonight... the son of las vegas city mayor pro tem.... steve ross remains... behind bars! 13 action news has received the arrest report..... detailing some of shane ross' alleged crimes... police say... it was nearly.... a -2- week crime spree! he's accused of at least.... -10- robberies.... in the southwest. ross was taken into custody... last week. police are after 3 suspects who
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roberto's. it happened around 1am at the restaurant near rainbow and charleston. investigators believe this latest holdup may be connected to other robberies at roberto's locations earlier this year. -24- hours ago.... we were gearing up..... for what would be.... a busy night..... let's send it over.... to -13- first alert.... chief meteorologist bryan scofield... bryan... are we in for a repeat... of last night? the system that brought us all the shower activity yesterday is now to our east, bu could still see isolated t-storms tonight on the back end of this system, primarily in the mountains. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. tomorrow and thursday we'll see temps warm back to the low 100s. take a look at this. another reminder to not try driving
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chief meteorologist bryan the system that brought us all the shower activity yesterday in the mountains. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the take a look at this. another reminder to not try driving through street flooding. chopper 13 fast and first over sahara and lindell this morning where a lot of water was still in the streets. it was high enough for one car fire officials tell us more than a dozen people were rescued from vehicles last night after they were trapped by flooding. the southern nevada health district is confirming..... to 13 action news..... the first human case of west nile virus.... in southern nevada.... this year. they say... the victim is a female... over the age of 50. she was hospitalized..... with the more serious neuro- invasive form of the virus... but... has since been released.
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for one of the men charged..... with killing a teenage boy... over an eye- pad. michael solid is facing.... robbery and murder charges. back in -2- thousand -13-... officials say.... he and another man stole the eye pad .... belonging to -15- year-old marco arenas... arenas was ran over..... when he tried to.... get it back. the incident happened..... during a time..... when a series of thefts of apple products began.... happening around the nation. the battle over a proposed n-f-l stadium in las vegas is heating up. 13 action news political analyst jon ralson has more on a new site that popped up.. opposing public funding for the ----new website went up today suggests no public money should be used for stadium proposed by las vegas sands' sheldon adelson. i asked one of the site's backers, a leader of a progressive group, what she thought of senate majority leader michael roberson essentially saying he would block the convention
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play bite: 12:12: "that he is in the pocket of sheldon adelson...." 12:40: "....because i believe that." ----strong words, but this political fight is about to turn ugly. strong social media words, saying in the rj that he thinks the issues should be linked. but his words echoed the words of adelson.
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daily fantasy sports sites.... could be making a comeback.... here in nevada. sites like.... "fan duel" and "draft kings" were ordered to stop operations here last year.... because they didn't have a gambling license. the two sites proposed a bill.... that would give them a new pathway.... to operate legally. daily fantasy sports companies scored a major victory monday.... when they were cleared to resume operations.... in new york. your voice your vote in the race to and donald trump is stepping up server.. during an appearance on jimmy kimmel live. "jimmy my emails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. they're so boring. we already released i don't know 30,000 plus, so what's a few more." trump is now calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. the associated press is also reporting today that half of
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clinton while she was secretary of state.. gave money to the clinton foundation personally.. or through groups. today.... president obama got a first hand look at the devastation.... caused by the historic flooding.... in southern louisiana. -60- thousand homes were damaged... and.... -13- lives lost.... in the massive flooding.. after touring the flood-ravaged neighborhood of east baton rouge parish... he met with residents..... who suffered damage to their homes and businesses. he assured the flood that they are not alone. the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. the president met with local officials.... and the first responders. he also thanked some of those..... who saved lives.... at the height of the flood.. there's an easy way to help donate money to the louisiana flooding victims. atm's at u-s bank locations nationwide are accepting money for the american red cross through september 16th.
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directly to disaster relief. new at 5.. congresswoman dina titus is announcing a 2 million dollar grant from the department of justice to provide medical services to crime victims. the grant is mostly funded by penalties.. fines and restitution imposed on criminals out of the doj's crime victims fund. police in north las vegas want you to be on the lookout for these three guys. they're accused of robbing a pharmacy near ann and simmons detectives believe at least one of them was armed. they fled the scene in a dark 4- door sedan. no one was injured during the hold up. tonight... a group of c-c-s-d students can finally call themselves.... high school graduates... these students were able to walk across the stage and get their diplomas... after they missed the chance to graduate..... with the rest of their classmates. they worked through the summer to earn their high school diplomas... either by completing needed courses.... or... by passing.... their proficiency exams.
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know that i'm graduating late. i did it. so i'm proud of myself." each graduate wore a cap and gown.... representing their school's colors. what happens here stays here.. but that doesn't apply to big jackpots on a slot machine. a woman from oahu is taking home more than 10-million dollars. she hit the jackpot with a 3- dollar bet on the megabucks wynn wheel slot machine at wynn las vegas. a lot of people had a chance to champion this morning.. but he wasn't exactly expecting the warm reception. we'll share the priceless moment at mccarran airport. plus... the countdown is on.... for the first day of school. and... it's important to pay attention.... to your surroundings... especially with a new rule..... that puts kids in places.... you wouldn't expect them. a pricing glitch at a popular department store could cost you money.. depending on which aisle you find it. we'll explain how we found one store selling one product for
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friendly".... as they're made out to be. the current t-v rating system is not accurate... according to a study published..... in the journal... "pediatrics." it reveals... violence is prevalent in shows... regardless of rating. and.... is often "trivialized... and glamorized"... so kids may have a hard time differentiating it.... from reality. an american champion is home. olympic gold medalist connor
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morning and got more than he expected at airport baggage claim. 13 action news reporter david schuman was there for the priceless moment. "usa! usa! usa!" 21:06:17 "i expected my mom and my dad and my close friends to be here but nothing like this." this is connor fields' bmx family. the henderson man says he's known most of the people here nearly his whole life. after the initial hugs and high fives...he took out what everyone wanted to see most. cheers 21:06 "i still look down and it hasn't really sunk in yet. ittle bit but it's so crazy just to look down and see it. i can't believe it." 21:01:06 lisa fields, mother "i'm still pinching myself sometimes." david schuman "it's surprisingly heavy. his friends said they were shaking holding it. this thing right here is a representation of years of hard work and everybody that was at this airport today is just so generous with his time --
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21:04:11 cole floyd "everybody loves to ride with him. the clinics are really fun, he makes it really fun." 21:07:10 connor "i was one of those kids once and i remembered that i looked up to the pros and i wanted to be like them so i but first connor will take a month off....and probably answer a lot more questions about rio. 21:08:11 connor "it's a tough thing down there. you get lonely, you get homesick and there's a lot of pressure but i truly felt the support so thanks everyone from the valley for the support mccarran airport..david schuman..13 action news. from contact 13.... a new survey shows.... americans are having a tough time..... putting money away. according to the certified financial planner board of standards... americans are facing challenges like... mounting credit card bills... staggering student loan debt... and auto loans..... that sometimes stretch..... -6- or -7- years. nearly half of americans in the survey say... they don't always have enough money..... after paying the bills. a new report points to a major
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for anyone with poor credit. "nerd wallet" says... some -48- million americans have a credit score.... around -6- hundred or below. and... the personal finance site says... those people are most likely to carry a predatory... subprime credit card. meaning... their card probably comes with more complex agreements... and fees... than card holders.... with good credit. school buses are returning to valley roads.. but they're not the only buses carring students. new this year.. many magnet school students will be riding r-t-c buses. who don't live within the busing area for the school they attend. so.. with so many students on different types of buses.. authorities want everyone to keep an eye out. "everybody needs to be more cognizant. we've had a three month lull for the summer. parents, drivers, and kids need to be back to school mode." mayer says parents are also responsible for teaching their children about staying safe.. like crossing behind the school
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message for "isis"... and... they're putting it where anyone can read it... with a national billboard campaign. it reads... "hey isis.... you suck." this one went up in phoenix.... over the weekend. a spokesperson with the campaign says... education is needed to tell the public... muslims don't support.... "isis". the group hopes to have this campaign spread.... around the country. researchers at yale and harvard say a rise in the number of wildfires will expose tens of millions of people in the air pollution in the coming will experience consecutive days with high air pollution caused by wildfires. they're recommending changes in wildfire management and evacuation programs. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and '13 first alert weather.' the system that brought us all the shower activity yesterday is now to
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see isolated t-storms tonight on the back end of this system, primarily in the mountains. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. tomorrow and thursday we'll see temps warm back to the low 100s. thursday, another system will drop in from the north which will bring a little cool-down back to the upper 90s on friday and saturday. additional moisture back into the area which will linger through at least saturday. chances for rain with this system will start in the mountains on thursday, then come into the valley for friday and saturday. chances will be slight. also, expect breezy winds with this system on thursday and friday. the system moves on sunday and
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tuesday with the return of sunny skies. one product. one store. two different prices! and.... it could be costing you shower activity yesterday is mountains. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. tomorrow and thursday we'll see temps warm back to the low 100s. thursday, another system will drop in from the north which will bring a little cool-down back to the upper 90s on friday through at least saturday. chances for rain with this the system moves on sunday and one product. one store.
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and.... it could be costing you money.... if you don't find it.... in the right aisle! the investigation..... to get those prices fixed. and later on 13-action news live at six.. one young entrepreneur is using a unique idea to make thousands of dollars. why all it takes is a simple idea to tonight at six. a consumer alert....
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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could be costing you money! our sister station investigated.... after one dad noticed.... his child's medicine.... was a dollar cheaper.... near the pharmacy... than in the baby aisle. after calling tag corporate office.... it released a statement saying... there was an error... and.... they weren't sure..... how long it affected prices... but... that the store would fix the prices.... in the baby aisle. las vegas strip headliner britney spears is helping her home state of louisiana. she's teaming-up with american red cross and the crowd funding website 'crowdrise' to raffle off the outfit she'll wear at the upcoming m-t- v video music awards. the money raised will go to those affected by flood victims. every 10-dollar donation is a
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britney in person. tomorrow and thursday we'll see temps warm back to the low 100s. thursday, another system will drop in from the north which will bring a little cool-down back to the upper 90s on friday and saturday. the system will also drag in additional moisture back into the area which will linger come into the valley for friday and saturday. new on 13-action news live at six - two of the biggest names on the las vegas strip in a back-and-forth battle over the proposed football stadium. what sheldon adelson had to say directly in response to our and... here's a look at what's coming up.... in tonight's primetime line-up... right here on abc... -8-... it's "bachelor in paradise".... followed by "after paradise"... at -10-... the view: 20 years in the making and we hope to see you tonight... for action news... live at 11 that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's world news tonight.... up next. remember.. we're always on at and our free ktnv mobile app.
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at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a nice evening.
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tonight, donald trump taking aim. new and scathing attacks on hillary clinton. amid new reports about who got to meet with clinton while she was secretary of state. and tonight, clinton herself responding to trump's claims about her health. also tonight, what we've now learned about the deadly police shooting. the young father, who was deaf, shot and killed. pour was he trying to use sign language when he was shot? the state of emergency. the wildfires tonight. also, the severe storms hitting the middle of the country this evening, as president obama visits the flood-ravaged south. the uproar tonight. the student athlete who walks free, accused of sexually assaulting two of his classmates. the judge tonight under fire. and american families fleeced again? the life-saving medical device suddenly skyrocketing in price.


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