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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 24, 2016 4:15am-4:31am PDT

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point that the town is gone. many of the older buildings there have collapsed. i've certainly seen police trucks race by me. so there is a sense that authorities are headed for that area. it's a very mountainous area. the roads aren't easy. it's not an easily accessible area of italy. it will take a while, i imagine, for rescuers to get there. the mountains and windy roads are making for rescuers to get to victim. reports of victims under the rubble. the power is out. there are reports of gas lines being ruptured. phone lines are down. many challenges including the fact that on top of the quake, the usgs reports at least seven aftershocks. >> and several powerful aftershocks. i want to go back to the live picture. the mayor of this town said many of his residents were buried by
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debris piled up. and you can understand why he said that. he also said half his town is gone. this is going to be an amazing humanitarian effort that's going to last days if not weeks. >> this struck north of rome. it spread across a fairly wide area. it hit four different regions in that area of central italy. it was felt as far away as rome. >> and why the buildings are fragile. these towns were built and created in the 1200s. many of the buildings are fairly old and why a lot of them came down this morning. >> a developing story we'll be following for you all morning.
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much like "world news now," much like "world news "the view" was unique in the time slot when it debuted in 1997. the ladies are set to begin their 20th season. >> you can't dispute it's rarely been boring. dan harris with the details. >> reporter: the view has become famous for those unforgettably outrageous moments. >> i gave you an opportunity to -- >> >> you didn't give me anything. >> reporter: and to celebrate the premiere of the 20th
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stories you've never heard before. >> rosie said to me, i want you on the show every day. i said no, you're crazy. >> reporter: more than 18 co-hosts, more than 4,000 episodes and some 25,000 hot topic, "the view" has had quite a run. it all started back in 1997 with barbara walters. >> daytime network executives came to me and said got my ideas for a daytime program? i've always wanted to do a show with women of different generations, backgrounds and views. nobody thought it would be very successful. >> reporter: the multi-host format was the first of its kind. >> nobody was doing panel talk shows before the view. >> reporter: from race. >> to pretend it didn't say that. >> reporter: nothing was off limits. >> this is upsetting to me. >> reporter: perhaps the most controversy generated during the run occurred during rosie o'donnell's tenure as moderator.
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trump -- >> there he is with his hair. everyone deserves a second chance. he's the moral authority. left the first wife had an affair. left the second wife and had an affair. >> reporter: and then there was bill o'reilly's explosive appearance. >> it's an interesting forum for a guy like me because it's a progressive show. listen to me. you'll learn. >> he started really talking about this sweeping generalizations about muslims. >> why aren't we saying -- >> it's inapprri >> because muslims killed us on 9/11. >> oh, my god. >> i felt my behind being propelled out of the seat. you know, like a poltergeist. >> reporter: politics has been one of the hallmarks of "the view." >> i think "the view" opened politicians to a thinking woman's audience.
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salt should not be afraid to come on this show. >> that's the biggest pile of dog mess i've heard in ages. >> why are you scared to go on shows like this rather than "meet the press"? >> "meet the press" is easy. you're tough. >> do you think being on the show with a bunch of women who never shut up is going to be calming? >> look, i was trying to find a show that michelle actually watched. and so i thought that this is it right here. >> not a lot of shows stay on the air for 20 years that are driven by women. that's really worth celebrating. i give that credit to everybody on the show, but especially to barbara for having the vision that she had. >> take a little time every day to enjoy "the view." >> this is perfect. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> cool. we're around here, especially excited for the 20th season. our alum from "world news now" is going to be there. she was part of the new video they debuted last night.
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? two new ones.
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>> i think i might need one. i'm going to be looking into it. >> what was the name of it again? so why let the facts get in the way of a good story of movie poster. >> a building inconveniently located? why not just move it? several hundred miles. no one will notice. right or wrong? >> reporter: it's the ominous new sci-fi thriller "arrival." >> more landed around the world. >> this is one of 12. >> reporter: spaceships popping up everywhere. the movie posters show the alien crafts hovering around the planet including this one over hong kong's victoria harbor. hold up, that's shanghai's famed oriental pearl tower located more than 700 miles away. the geographical plunder caused a firestorm. one likened it to putting the statue of liberty next to the hollywood sign.
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baby from "american sniper"? and this scene from "spider-man." a broken lamp, seconds later, it's back without a scratch. and in "gladiator," check out this air cylinder. they didn't have nose in ancient rome. and a storm trooper hits his head, here it is again. and one we still can't believe. that's luke skywalker calling for carrie, as in his co-star, carrie fisher. >> carrie! >> reporter: t.j. holm, new york. >> i didn't know that one. >> i didn't realize that snuck through. >> there's one in "free willie." he's riding on the whale wet. next scene, dry. >> that's the news for that half
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central italy. rescuers are desperately digging through rubble to free survivors as you can see in this video. three small towns were hit the worst by the six point two magnitude earthquake here's a live look at just some of the damage... authorities aren't sure how many people are still trapped...but they expect the death toll to rise. this morning the mayor of one town is asking for help as collpased buildings and they tremors from the quake also rattled rome...that's about 100 miles away. breaking overnight here in the valley... a woman is woken up by intruders in her home near gowan and rancho! now police are searching for the two suspects responsible. police tell us a woman was home with her small child when she heard footsteps just before midnight. the two intruders kicked her


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