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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  August 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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today on "the morning blend," what will our nhl team be made? the rumors are swirling. a special home he needs. up and cooler smithfield live on our stage at the blend starts right now. good morning everyone on this day before friday. we're taking a live look outside at the high roller. they just announced shawn beginning september 1st there will be a chocolate tasting experience. >> oh, dear lord. >> a 30 minute adventure, including a showcase of five different types of chocolates. the story behind them, that's by our chocolate expert, and there
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>> for more details go to high roller >> absolutely. have you been on the high roller yet? girlfriend, we got to get you on the high roller. so good. >> i not. >> you just got in town. there is a lot to do, high roller -- >> they do yoga classes van a happy hour. >> they should have ma sues on that, too. i would guess a massage, and it's like oh, wow, there is the ground. we were their good old days. we'll hear from them in a little bit. it's their first time in vegas. they're fantastic. they're going to get wrecked. welcome in. i'm shawn tempesta. >> i'm jj snyder. >> it was a personal best for for the first time the community pulled together to help them succeed in their campaign goals. it's going to help create a foundation for better life for all. >> and here with more is vice president of donor engagement in
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cappas, vice president of volunteer engagement and human resources. good morning, ladies. congratulations on reaching this goal for the first time in six years. this is amazing. >> thank you very much. we're excited to have achieved $7.7 million back into the community. >> that's a nice chunk. >> thank you. >> explain how companies can get involved in being able to help you continue this mission. >> we got fantastic partnerships with over 300 different companies in town. us to run workplace fundraising events and campaigns at each of those companies. and that brings to us 20,000 donors. and those combined gifts help make a difference in our community. >> excellent. >> in addition you have a very exciting event coming up at the end of september. tell me about that. >> yeah. so we have our united way day of caring event, largest community
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will partner 1200 volunteers with 23 nonprofit agencies and 16 elementary and middle schools. so we'll utilize a lot of our corporate groups, community volunteers. we're still looking for 500 volunteers to assist us on that day. >> wow. that's an army. we're asking for the army. that's you. got to help them out. let's talk about the volunteer activities and the nonprofits and schools that are participating. >> absolutely. we basically have something for every volunteer out so if you want something from assembling dental hygiene kits to food backpacks for children, or you can get out and paint and plant gardens at schools. we really have a little bit of something for everyone. we have 99 projects going on. >> wow. >> wow. >> and some of the great supporters are caesars enter takenment with 310 volunteers. we have cosmo toll i tan. we have so many corporate volunteers that are supporting
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community, too. and it's on friday, september 30th. we have a kick off celebration at town square to start off the morning at 7:30. so the volunteers will enjoy breakfast. they'll get a goody bag, water bottle, and go off to their sites. they can do half pro day projects, 930 direct to 12:30 or four-day project at 9:30 to 330. >> the full day is only six hours. i'm good at that. how do volunteers get connected? >> so it's v we have a website. you can go to, sign up on our website. takes about two minutes to three minutes. you can sign up as an individual or get your friends, your family, coworkers together and sign up as a team. it will be a fun day. >> and the weather will be cooler too. >> yes. wow. cannot come soon enough. >> this is inspirational because the united way has such a big reach across the community.
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the projects you do. and it just seems like there is maybe something for everybody. if you want to give back. what will be some of the individual projects that happen on that day of caring? >> we got projects that people can engage with children, people can engage with seniors. again, projects at schools. we got all sorts of projects to engage the community. >> absolutely. >> it's like a let's all fix up >> absolutely. no question. the money that you raise is phenomenal. you have a huge volunteer base, which is great, but to be able to do all the stuff you do is not easy. this is why it's so important. >> absolutely. central to our mission is really to unite the community. it's in our name, united way. in making impactful change and improving the lives. the gifts that we've been able to raise through that campaign, through our corporate partners
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collaboration and projects that impact folks in the area of education, financial stability and health. those are the three areas we work on in. >> something we could all use help with. thank you so much. >> appreciate it. come out and volunteer. >> and congrats, as well on raising that money. for more information on the united way of southern nevada head to the website on your screen. don't forget, mark it down, is their day of caring. let's all get involved. >> you can make that happen. come on. still to come on "the morning blend," who is moving where? the latest changes. country duo smithfield is live with us here in vague as to night, but we have them first. a performance.
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i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here!
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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country music duo smithfield is on the rise with a fresh song that combines rock and bit of country. they will be opening tonight at the brooklyn bowl. >> they stopped here at "the morning blend" nice and early in vegas. really too early for vegas. jennifer fieldler, as well as trey smith. great having both of you. first time in vegas. >> yes, first time. >> when did you get into town? >> yesterday. >> last night. >> overwhelming with all the -- >> it was overload last night.
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morning. so you're on kind of a wave right now, 2016 artist to watch by people, by the huff post, by "rolling stone." no pressure. >> no pressure. >> you both are new on the scene. tell us about the articles. >> we got "the huffington post" in the new year and people country to follow, and "rolling stone," which is a huge deal in the music industry. >> of course. >> that's been my favorite to be part of. >> i'm sure your friends texted you. we were like what, seriously? it's pretty awesome. >> it's very exciting. you had all the articles come out. you had a single, nothing but the night. nothing but the night. it's been making a wave here. >> yes. >> tell us about that. >> well, vegas series listeners has been playing on the radio, and that's the largest country station. reaches everywhere. so we have been very blessed to
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it's been in the top 30 the last 14 weeks, the top 30 count down. and yeah, so pretty excited about it. >> and that's a big one. nowadays it's -- 15 years it's been tough to sell cds and downloads of the music. you have 1500 downloads per week because of that serious push, right? >> absolutely. just keep rising, and people discovering us from all over the world. >> and people seeing our song at the show is like -- >> that freak you out, people watch -- >> yeah. they like it. >> my song. >> okay. not only on the radio but you made an appearance on a famous country stage this year. appears at the grand ole opry. >> yes. >> that's pretty sick. >> that's been a dream of mine since i was a little girl. and the fact i got to do it with my best friend. there it is. >> is this actually broadcast on the radio?
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>> oh, that is my -- yes. >> hello. >> we got john princess over here on the electric guitar. >> mike is the one from the picture. >> he's the one from the picture. >> i know you are native from texas. >> they're from nashville. >> okay. you let them come along anyway. how does it feel to be on that stage at the grand ole opry? >> you know, you're only on the it was like the fastest eight minutes of your life, because you walk on and walk off, and like what just happened, right? so that's what it was for me. very special stepping into that circle, but it went by so fast. >> we're out of time for this interview, but where are we going to see you perform in town? where is it happening? >> we're playing at the brooklyn bowl, opening tonight. we're excited about it.
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>> you're going to perform us now. what are you going to perform? >> the single. >> yup. >> take it away. >> all right.
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[ applau thank you so much for that. congratulations on all your success, and we'll see you tonight. tonight is the night. catch smithfield live tonight at 7:00 p.m. inside brooklyn bowl. just head to the brooklyn bowl website, be sure to catch the latest from smithfield on their website and on social. i love country music. i remember ten, 15, 20 years ago. my goodness, country is killing it.
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>> thank you. >> congratulations. are you on facebook or twitter? smithfield is. so are we. >> you can find us at vegas morning blend, links can be found on our website. stay with us.
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retirement is something we all look forward to, but with so much information out there how do you know if you're making the right decisions in regards to social security, roll overs, investments, the whole nine yards. tackling some of that for us today, two premier retirement
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they are referred to as nevada's retirement brothers. it's question day. we'll direct those to nick. >> make sure they go to the smart one. >> we got these retirement questions. we got question number one. i plan on retiring in the next five years. should i pull my money out of the stock market when it takes a dive or leave it where it is? >> go ahead. >> if you're planning on retiring in five years, th question is taking money out of the stock market, that's a difficult question. we would have to do an analysis on the portfolio and review everything to make that determination. rather than just giving an answer to that simple question. >> that was a political answer. >> he gave you no answer at all. here is the thing. if you're five years away from retirement it shouldn't be a big dip that has you exit the market. it should be that you're getting so close to retirement. you got to ask yourself do i want to lose my money when i'm
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left to recover losses or do i just want to make sure i protect what i have? most people who come into our office are coming in saying i see retirement around the corner. i don't want to take big, excessive risks. i remember what 2008 was like, i remember 201, because they worked during the technology bubble burst. they worked during the sub prime mortgage mess. but they have many future years worth of contributions to make up for the losses. if you're five years away ask yourself that question. do you have enough years of contributions to weather a big market decline? and if you answer that question no, because i'm retiring soon there is your answer. >> i'm the king of terrible analogies. once you're ahead, you don't want to take all the spins. >> we feel like that viewer watching that show, saying what are you doing? as advisers sometimes people come in and we look at that and they're pressing their luck over and over again and we're thinking you're just right
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you already can accomplish your retirement dreams. why are you pressing your luck on this? let's protect what you have. >> i like that. >> we can take a -- the rest of the show is -- okay. all right. >> how far in advance do i need to meet with a financial adviser to craft a full retirement plan? some this. some people very seldom getting an early start on it. when is a good time? >> what's your answer? how far in advance? >> i say depends on where you are on your stage of life. if you are -- for instance for us we specialize in people in 50 and older. so someone is going to retire in the next ten years, 50 or older, we are the adviser that specializes for that particular niche. if someone is 30, 40, they need a different adviser that is focused on maximizing growth
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risk. we're not as good as other people out there that might specialize in that. if you're retiring an adviser like us is the way to go. >> that was a good answer. my answer, if you haven't had that plan yet, today. call our office today. it's never too soon to have a retirement plan. >> very smart. question number three. if i retire and begin receiving my pension benefits, pensions i wish i had them, can i still work with the pension benefits? >> yes, you can. you have to take into consideration the tax consequences of that retirement income, that pension coming in. if you have a significant job or significant income coming in, sometimes if you defer that pension benefit a little while longer, it will grow, the monthly payments the income would grow more later on. if you say no i want to work part time and a opinions, just to supplement my pension and possibly social security income you can absolutely do that. we like to say what are the tax ramifications of that? does your pension plus a job make your social security 80%
9:24 am
sometimes we'll find that that part-time job is actually costing you more in taxes than it's actually creating in income. >> might as well sit back and relax. >> exactly. that's why we like to evaluate that. >> let's get the last question in. how do i calculate if i have enough money to retire? >> 45 seconds to answer that question? great question. because that's the question everyone asks. have i saved enough to have money last the rest of my life. we'll look at you one on one, and help you determine how long your money can last. we'll be honest with you and say hey, you know, this is actually how much income you could realistically expect the rest of your life. >> we have to know how much you spend. is your house paid off? how much does it cost you to live every month? as soon as we know that we can tell you your number. >> these all are questions from viewers. we want to make sure they know that they can e-mail you with these questions. >> absolutely. >> and the e-mail is right there
9:25 am make sure we get some of your questions answered. hard answers. easy answers, hard questions. i don't know. >> great answers to great questions. >> there we go. i like that. great having you, gentlemen. if you would like to learn more about how to retire well abe and nick make it easy. call the number on the screen. if you want a three copy of the book seven secrets to the happy retirement, the number is on your screen. for more information about the retirement brothers v website ashton they have their own radio show that airs on three different stations. they're famous. thanks, shawn. time for your senior care moment, sponsored by the spotlight senior services guide. did you know medicare fraud errors and abuse cost taxpayers $60 billion per year? the nevada senior medicare patrol exists to help medicare beneficiaries and their families, and caregivers, detect
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these simple tips. only give your medicare number to a trusted provider. never give out your personal info in exchange for free services. by the way, medicare never calls or visits you to sell you anything. and review your medicare and insurance statements for mistakes. for more on the nevada senior medicare patrol program and to report any concerns, call the number or head to the website listed. and they'll be hosting in connection with the las vegas clark county library rh are you smarter than the scam artist prevention, at the summerlin library, tuesday, september 6th, at 3:00 p.m. the senior care moment is sponsored by the spotlight senior services guide. call the number on your screen or vis out their website to receive your free spotlight guide connecting you to valuable resources and services that will improve your quality of life. more to come on the blend in just minutes. stick with us, because we'll be
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welcome back to "the morning blend." are you at risk of a heart attack? this morning we dive into the details on what exactly can trigger one. and how you can reduce your chances of having one. >> dr. keith boman is a cardiologist with wellhealth cardiology and joins us more. how are you, doctor? >> great. glad to be here. >> talking about a positive subject today, something we all have to shine a light on, because this ends up affecting so many of us. 43 seconds in the united states, every 43 seconds someone has a heart attack. >> wow. >> explain what a heart attack is and what the difference is between a heart attack and stroke. >> essentially a heart attack to the heart is the same as a stroke to the brain. >> okay. >> the same process. so what we talk about today with the heart would apply to someone
9:30 am
the brain and not the heart. >> okay. >> so heart attack is essentially a problem with circulation to the heart. as you know, the heart has its own arteries that supply it. and they're very small, 3 millimeters. very small. >> wow. >> there is four or five of them, but they're very small, just like the end of your pen. and over a period of time as we get older we develop plaque in those arteries. and generally the plaque you won't know it's there, dsn but as the plaque grows, sometimes one of those plaques splits or cracks, just as if you were to touch your finger. what would happen if you cut your finger? you get a clot. what happens inside the core theiry artery is the body doesn't know it's your finger or it's inside your heart. it doesn't know the difference. and a clot forms on the plaque. and when that happens, it occludes the art require, so
9:31 am
we're only talking 3 millimeters. >> we have a model here. this is a -- this is blown up for scale for us. >> this is really blown up for scale. >> i'm thinking -- you think of the heart, you think it's these huge arteries. >> this is really quite impactful the way this is presented. the first presentation here is a normal artery. you can see it looks clear. there is no yellow plaque. plaque is made up of calcium, fat and other components, which you can see o to time. >> wow. >> but -- >> it's where you want to be. >> this is where you want to be. this is where you don't want to be. so the process that occurs that i was explaining is the plaque builds, as you can see here. it doesn't cause a problem. then what happens is the cells that cover the plaque split or become unstable. and the body thinks you've cut yourself. and so it sends clotting material -- >> trying to protect itself. >> exactly. doesn't know the difference.
9:32 am
we didn't know this 25 years ago. we didn't know what really caused the heart attack per se. as you can see from the final presentation here, the red clot then blocks the artery. so now there is no blood that goes past that clot, and the heart tissue that's distal to that clot doesn't have any oxygen, doesn't have any nutrients. remember, the heart doesn't rest, it's always beating. so it doesn't take long for the heart to say give me some oxygen. give me some nutrients. what happens is now it goes into a state called ischemia, not getting enough oxygen. and if that lasts long enough, five, ten minutes, you start to have cardiac tissue that dies. that's a heart attack. >> wow. my goodness. a lot of information. >> we're trying to keep it simple. >> that's what it is. more than i've known about heart attacks. >> it's really quite simple, but quite complex.
9:33 am
but it's a plaque and a clot that occludes a small artery in the heart that causes the heart attack. >> that is what is going on in the inside. and thank you for that explanation because i thought it was practical today. what's going on on the out snide how do i know if i'm having a heart attack? >> some people don't know. there is a certain percentage, and it's low, that can have a heart attack and don't have any symptoms. let's talk about the symptoms, because i think that's where we're going. generally you will have chest pain. re the number one reason why people go to the emergency room. and just by history, we can get a pretty good idea, is it your heart or not. let's talk about the chest pain that's consistent with heart attack that we're talking about. the pain is usually at rest. you're usually sweaty. the pain itself is generally sub sternal in the heart area but doesn't have to be. it usually radiates to both arms, the left arm, the neck, or
9:34 am
>> oh, wow. >> and there is usually some nausea associated with it. it doesn't go away in five minutes. most people describe it as a heavy pressure. but it doesn't come and go usually. it's usually continuous. now, the key is to get an electrocardiogram because ekg will show the ischemia. and the diagnosis is easy at that point to make. and in some cases if a paramedic is called they can do an ekg site. so we know in the emergency room that they're going to bring that person in and he's having or she is having a heart attack and do appropriate therapy. >> technology has come a long way. >> it has. >> that's pretty -- >> as long as it works. >> when it works. so yes. >> i was talking to you in the waiting room before we walked in and you said since the 1980s, there has been tremendous advances. >> oh, yeah. >> the information available is really -- >> when i started practicing, i
9:35 am
we didn't know that this clot formation was what was causing the heart attacks. it took another ten, 15 years to figure out the physiology of how that was happening and how plaque cracks or becomes unstable. generally you don't know you have these plaques. and these plaques don't just occur in the heart, they occur in all the arteries but more significant in the heart because arteries are so small and doesn't take much. >> it's unbelievable how small they are. i want to talk about reduce our risk of having one. >> there is something you can't do, family history and genetics very important. but there are certain known risk factors. and i think we talked about them on a frequent basis. diabetes if you have it. obese it needs to be controlled. hypertension, smoking is probably the worst in terms of accelerating this plaque formation. >> don't do it. >> don't do it. >> it's bad news. >> it is, by far the number one
9:36 am
in your life if you have it. >> it's incredible. powerful information. great having you. want to be on the left of that, not the right. >> these left. >> that left. know the signs, and risks, prevent a heart attack. if you want more on wellhealth cardiology head to the website on your screen. a couple community events to tell you about as we head to break. it's customer appreciation night at the west wind drive in movie theater. movies, including the new ghost busters, angry birds movie, central intelligence with kevin hart. and i think i said angry birds, but i'll say it again, angry birds. gates open at 6:00. >> in support of louisiana flood relieve the lsu alumni foundation is hosting a fundraiser at louisiana kitchen. it begins today at 4:00 p.m. and
9:37 am
and if down -- it's downtown in summerlin location.
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time for our pick of the liter sponsored by best pete is a good boy. 13-year-old cooker spaniel, and he's a handsome guy. >> joining us once again is kathy jung, president of the nevada spca and beautiful 13-year-old pete. beautiful. >> isn't he great? he does act like a puppy. he's a 13-year-old puppy. he's so much energy. he is very, very busy.
9:40 am
>> got busy there for a second. you notice how -- you said his me and he didn't turn and look at me. >> yes. he is deaf, but your dogs are smart. they can learn sign language. you know, he does know sit. he does know to shake. he'll give you his paw if you hold your hand out. he's such a good little boy. he would be great in a family. a family that likes, you kw, down and watch tv together he would curl up with the kids in a second. >> i think pete likes the whole ear love. >> oh, he does. he likes butt rubs, too. >> oh, my goodness. >> we're going to try that out. do we know anything about his story? >> he lost his home because his family moved into a much a, which is an awful story to hear because there are so many apartment homes that will take dogs. and that's okay, because they -- maybe the family didn't have
9:41 am
deserved, but they called us for an appointment and we welcomed him in. now he's looking for a forever home. >> he's such a cute boy. >> you can stare at him. his ears and he is a great smile and all about the tongue. >> he is certainly. and here is the thing. he is going to sleep eventually. >> yes. >> might be in an hour, might be five hours from now. when he does sleep we would like him to sleep in comfort. which is why when you adopt shall did. >> you want to try the bed out? come here. >> you adopt pete, you get a complimentary dog bet from best mattress. >> that's right, a great thing because the cover is washable. >> oh, boy. >> i'm worried about you. but he would love to go home with the bed and the cover is washable. >> he's like i'm -- this is why, he's young. >> there is too much toe see
9:42 am
but he is a great little dog. he is neutered, current on all of his shots. >> and i read that he's also potty trained. >> yes. he is house trained. now, he has lived in a shelter environment so you need to take him home and get him used to your schedule. a little refresher, teach him where the doors are and get him on your time. i'm sure you get up earlier than most people do, so you get this dog on your time and it would be a perfect match. >> there is that transition when you bring home a new pet,ig it's like having a houseguest, you need to show them where the bathroom is. >> this is outside and this is in. so if you want to adopt him come down to the sang chew hairy on dewey drive. >> yes, 4800 west dewey drive. we like to do it in the lobby, in a controlled environment, because we've heard awful stories when they bring them home. >> you see that happen, families get out of the car with their dog and come in and find a match
9:43 am
>> of course. and you he may not get along with your dog. you're picking their best friend. so sometimes it's great to bring up two or three and let them make their match. >> caramel last week. >> caramel i don't think went home. that's okay because there was a lot of great interest when they came down and they went home with somebody else. so that's great. >> you have a special situation. you have some puppies that need fostering. >> yes. we have puppies that came in that don't have a mom, so he would with like to see them go home to a -- to a they can -- it's a three-month commitment. we'll supply you with all the supplies you need to take care of them for three months. >> you supply the warmth. >> that's right. you supply the kisses. >> i love it. kathy, it's great having you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for everything you do. if you would like to adopt pete head down to the nspca shelter on west dewey drive. for more information visit the website or call the number on your screen. they're also on facebook and twitter. >> if you adopt pete you get a
9:44 am
mattress. you can watch "the morning blend" each monday for the sleep tip of the day, also sponsored by best mattress. do you know someone who truly makes a difference in the community? you can recognize them with our "give back" award. >> click on give back and fill out the form. one lucky person will receive $500 from america first credit union. they're a proud sponsor of this reward with "the morning blend." stay with us. we'll be right back. centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more --
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what will our nhl team be named? the rumors are swirling. plus, who is moving? >> back with more, he has everything. he knows everything. norm clarke. how are you? >> i'm really good. good to see you. >> the nhl team, now it's not
9:47 am
has no name, what's the name? >> well, all indications it's going to be the nighthawks. they had so many legal hurdles having to do with nights that they had to go another direction. >> okay. >> and i think they saved three different names with hawks, and all, and nighthawk i think is the best of the three. >> bill folek said he loves the name and that's the biggest tip off he's given t understand that that is barring some issue that would come up that they're moving ahead on nighthawks. >> can i ask you, how do you feel about that name? >> i'm okay with it. you know, we have a lot of nighthawks that come to vegas. late nighthawks. and so it's -- it sort of fits into our fabric of being a fun spot. >> if there was no blackhawks i would feel better about it.
9:48 am
issue with it. what color is the sky at night? black. so you know. >> too many hawks? >> too many hawks. a lot of hawks. >> i don't care. call them the liberaces. >> all right. >> who is the manager going to be? >> well, that's going to be the next big step. the next big step is they're going to do the naming, and do and i had hoped that that might include the naming of the manager, which i sort of hoped that patrick awaoo who resigned in denver last month or earlier this month, but he's -- i think the new management rightly felt that his temperament was sort of an issue. he's got a great collection of talent and just sort of flamed out the last two years. and part of it was that he would
9:49 am
would sulk, if you were down, you know. >> can we talk about the pete rose restaurant? >> yeah. >> what's with that? >> it closed. it closed just short of couple -- couple months short of a year. and i liked it. i was there a number of times, and pete did his part in trying to make it work. he was in there on a regular basis. but i think he was probably just too e the other thing it's sort of like politics. if you got half the people that like you and half the people -- and i'm not sure what the percentage is, but he's got his detractors out there. and they might not, you know, and might be just teams that used to beat his teams that he doesn't really -- they wouldn't care to support him. so sorry to see it gone. >> tony saka, he was honored by
9:50 am
association and now he's moving. >> yes, tony has been around town for 30 years, real veteran. and he's going to do something at valley's in the same venue where wayne newton has been working for, what, i think since april. >> oh, wow, okay. >> so it's -- sounds like it might be a four wall deal, but i think -- and also i think it's a matinee, and good for him. he's done a lot of things for this town with his tv show that dating back 30, 40 years. >> no question. >> last week we had a fun time talking about the olympics and all the think nanny begans. do you have a michael phelps story? >> my favorite michael phelps story is after the '08 olympics, he came to vegas, everybody knows that, and he was known for wearing the hoodie and trying to learn poker.
9:51 am
would ask the palm if they would keep the pool open later so he and some of his party boys could get in the pool and he could win bar bets from them. >> oh. >> that would be some great video, i tell you. >> because they would compete? >> they would swim against him. and i heard this, it might have been relays of four guys, at a time, going as hard as they could go, and he still would take all of them on at the same time. great having you, buddy. >> gre >> catch the latest from norm on facebook.
9:52 am
9:53 am
for all of you -- for your rather skin, beauty and body needs, they were just on the
9:54 am
tonight they have a sculpture event happening at gordon bersch on paradise road. during the event you can actually meet the doctor and staff. >> you'll also be able to speak with others who have been treated and received special pricing only available today. you can also find out about all of their treatmentsthat their medical spa does. there will be food, drinks, give aways and drawings. get this, 5% of all the from this event go to veterans. >> tonight from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., rsvp by calling the number on your screen. and that's -- >> in the meantime for more information on all the services offered by similar ma try medical spa visit the number on your screen. they're located in the spring parking lot as desert springs hospital parking lot.
9:55 am
consolable. this stinks. we're losing kathy, another one of our fantastic interns. >> nice to meet you. >> an exceptional young woman, some talents. shawn you could probably list them. >> well, first of all, i was actually speaking at a class at unlv. john invited me to speak to the class, and i remember she was in the front, asking all the questions, and she was hungry. and i find out she is going to be an intern, and i'm like that's great. and both you and amanda this semester have done such a phenomenal job. they have been writing all the articles on the website. they're just really sharp. and asking all the right questions behind the scenes, too. you know when somebody's on their way to do great things. >> i think you're right. she's got the fire and that's what it takes.
9:56 am
and so since the nfl season is coming up, who are you going be watching? >> i'm a huge saints fans, so obviously drew breze. so who knows what's going to happen. might be his last one. hopefully not. hopefully he goes out better than 7-9 run this year first game against the >> yeah, the raiders. >> sports center. look at that. what's in store for the future? psychic, diary spivey will be live with us. there it is. >> the party is on friday at
9:57 am
at brooklyn bowl. >> the show begins at 7:00. head to the website for more information. and we'll leave you with their performance from this morning, little country for you. see you tomorrow. >> love you. >> great fun. ?
9:58 am
9:59 am
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