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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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a trooper lucky to be alive... after being hit by a bullet in a shootout with a fleeing suspect. the one thing that may have saved his life. plus... an urgent health warning after a man comes down with a disease that hasn't been seen here in the valley in nearly 10 years. right now, we're tracking storms as they make their way into the valley. here's a look at our desert doppler radar. but just how severe will these storms be? let's check in with 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scof 22:45-22:51 "patrol... we've got subject shots fired
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his badge - and his vest...the
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13 action news reporter parker collins... shows us how close a call this was. (intro) parker collins :00-:05 all morning not a single car could pass along boulder highway because before that, a trooper tried to pull over a car right about here. one guy inside took off in this direction and the trooper followed him (vo) eventually both of these guys shot at each other. killed. witnessed told me they heard (sot) marda pearson :24-:30 "that's not the first something that's happened here. and it's very scary, especially when you hear that type of gun play. (ll tag) parker collins :31-end troopers say there were three people in total in that car, the two others have been detained. near boulder highway and lamb parker collins, 13 action news the man accused of luring girls into sex trafficking...appeare d in court this morning. the judge set bail for 63-year-old david coil at
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if he makes bail.... he will be under house arrest and must surrender his passport. investigators say coil posted ads on "craigslist"-- seeking young girls to give massages in exchange for compensation. a victim reportedly told police they were hired to perform a victim reportedly told police they were hired to perform explicit sex acts. an undercover metro officer responded to an ad. the two eventually met up at a wendy's where coil was arrested. right now, police are searching for two armed robbery suspects. a local business near sun city and del webb. the pair took off with an undisclosed amount of money before police arrived. no one was injured. an early morning fire tears through a mobile home near nellis and craig. thankfully no one was inside at the time. fire crews say they arrived to flames ... and managed to keep them from spreading to several nearby properties. the mobile home was under rennovation at the time.
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"the peoples autism foundation"... went up in flames... you'll remeber we broke this story yesterday morning. the giant fire near harmon and polaris destroyed school supplies that the non-profit was planning to give to valley kids. the foundation sent us this video last night... showing piles of new backpacks and supplies. the group also says... they were able to raise nearly 65-hundred dollars during our donation drive yesterday, and that's not including the mail- and there's still time to help! you can still drop off donations at two businesses-- "mondays dark" and big frog custom t-shirt printing. the info is on the screen now, and on our website-- it's your voice, your vote in the race for the white house. republican presidential nominee donald trump is here in las vegas... afterall. trump was originally scheduled
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canceled earlier this week. but --just a short time ago--- he held a roundtable with hispanic leaders and small business owners. online and on-air, donald trump and hillary clinton continuing to go after each other on race relations. clinton's campaign unveiling a new ad featuring trump's appeal to african american voters...alongside images of white trump supporters shoving, even punching black protesters. trump released a video of his ow reminding viewers that hillary clinton's own words in the 90's have been called "racist" by several groups. ((sot)) tim kaine, (d) vice presidential candidate "if you start dividing people up against one another blame game, name calling, then all of a sudden you find that you can't solve your problems." trump campaign c-e-o steve bannon is also under fireafter s charged with domestic violence in 1996. the guardian now reporting --that he's registered to vote at an address where he does not
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identified the first case of saint louis ( encephalitis here in the valley... in nearly a decade. according to the southern nevada health district...the victim is a man over the age of 50. he was treated and released from the hospital. the virus..we know... is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes. the f-d-a is now recommending all blood donations be tested for the zika virus. more than 22-hundred people in the u-s have become infected with zika and the number is the virus is linked to a birth defect that can lead to babies being born with abnormally small heads. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a police officer battling flames pull a man from a burning car. his struggle to free those trapped inside...that you have to see. disturbing video of a driver running down a 6-year-old boy in broad daylight and taking off. we'll have an update on that little boy's condition and the hunt for the driver. remember chopper 13 is bringing
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first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was down 53 points, closing at 18,395 december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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run.. who hit a child with their minivan... and then took off! watch closely. you see the minivan hit the 6-year-old boy. the van seems to slow down... as the boy's father runs and picks him up. the driver gets out for a second...but then takes off. witnesses say everyt tony gaspar witness (tony gaspar, witness) "i would do the same thing, like his dad, pick him up, asking for help." the boy is now in the hospital with serious injuries to his hip. police say they were able to see the van's plate number... from the video. a man trapped inside a burning car-- when suddenly a police officer to his rescue.. the entire thing was caught on camera. this is what the georgia
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that fireball is an s-u-v... and trapped inside were two people. the passenger ...on the drivers side... was yelling for help. you see the officer trying to put the flames out with his extinguisher. the impact of the crash jamming all of the doors the officer had to bend the door frame he could pull the man out the window. 2:39-2:53 nats of officer pulling bending the car and pulling the man out outcue: men falling to the ground after explosion. as out.. there was an explosion from under the hood. the driver of the car died in the fire. other officers on the scene described the heat from the flames as "unbearable from 50-feet away." a bizzare scene at an airport in nebraska.
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wheel of a truck and slam into a plane... as passengers were boarding. and.. an urgent warning for iphone users...why you need to protect your device immediately you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us. investigators in wisconsin are
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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the blast damaging 23 other homes in the area. a 57-year-old man was taken to the hospital ...after being injured. ( chief joe pulvermacher / fitchburg fire dept. ) "this is a highly- significant explosion. there's not a lot that have had an experience like this and none in the city of fitchburg that i am aware of." at this point, police have ruled out any criminal intent in the blast. a special needs student is safe after jumping from a moving school bus on a busy freeway in downtown houston.
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walking on another freeway in the middle of traffic. he wasn't seriously hurt. but it's not clear why he jumped out of the bus. federal charges may be filed against a man who authorities say stole a southwest airline's truck... at a nebraska airport... and crashed it into an airplane. authorities say the man was standing in front of the airfield ...screaming... that people were trying to kill him. he reportedly then bolted for the parking garage, jumped a fence and took off his underwear, he got into a running truck that was unlocked and slammed it into a plane as passengers were boarding. ((sot - chief tim connahan / eppley airport police chief )) "there was extensive damage done to that southwest plane. umm the individual did suffer appears some it appears some injuries from that crash." two southwest crew members were left with minor injures. police says it's unclear whether the suspect was high or had some kind of mental health issue.
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battling several wildfires across the region. several thousand people were forced to evacuate as an out-of-control blaze moves towards a popular tourist resort. strong winds and high temperatures are making it difficult for crews to contain this fire. fire officials believe arson is to blame. now to italy, where time is running out to find survivors of wednesday's devastating earthquake. rescuers believe those buried under the debris could s for up to another 24-hours. more than 267 people have died...nearly 400 others have been injured. right now, crews are using sound detectors and sift through mountains of rubble... for survivors. flooding continues in iowa. torrential rain causing the turkey river to rise 15-feet above flood stage. flood waters forcing people to evacuate. hundreds of volunteers and firefighters working around the
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from the rising waters. let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan.
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thousands of strollers are being small children can fall out of them. the safety first "step and go travel systems" were sold at "babies r us" and on-line. the strollers have a defect... that allows the tray folding mechanism dis-engage.. and the car seat can fall as well. so far no babies have been hurt. if you own one of the strollers, you can call for a free repair kit. we have the information on our website. apple has an urgent message for
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could be infected with malware that allows hackers to see nearly everything on your phone. here's how it works... the attackers send a text message ...with a link... that looks legitimate. when the user clicks on the link, the malware is secretly installed on the phone. apple has issued a new security update for users. the governor of maine....under fire for this profanity-laced voicemail... to a co-worker. you litt socialist (expletive). butt with i am after you what else he had to say and why he's not backing down. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us. an elected official-- donald
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trump has said he would find a
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for... in his administration--- coming under fire today. accused of threatening another politician. abc's marci gonzalez has the recording, and why this isn't the first time the governor's words are sparking controversy. maine's republican governor, paul lepage once again- defending himself - this i after leaving a profanity laced voicemail message for a democratic legislator - he claims called him a racist voicemail "i want you to prove that i'm a racist. i've spent my life helping friggin. i want you to record this and make it public because i am after you. thank you." the governor- not stopping there...later telling reporters: "i wish it were 1825, and we would have a duel, " saying he would point his gun right between state
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drew gattine it sounded like somebody who was capable of injuring me and violence.// i'm going to be careful gov. paul lepage everything i said to that man, is less insulting than being called a racist, in my mind. it is yet another controversy for the lapage- who faced are guys that are named 'd-money, smoothie, shifty,' these type of guys that come from connecticut and new york -- they come up here, they sell their heroin and they go back home. incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, white now these latest comments...sparking calls for his resignation. klein 13:54:26 the question i think will be whether there are legal ramifications// this goes beyond the pale of just blunt and blustery talk this can be
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tag- the governor did issue an apology, saying he meant no physical harm to the representative. mg abc news ny a lot more news coming up on 13 action news live at 3-30... including a desperate search underway in mississippi for whoever killed two nuns what was taken inside their home. instead of surrendering peacefully...a suspect goes on the attack. why officers were hot on his
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plus... a manhunt is underway after two nuns are found brutally murdered in their own home. did religion play a role in their deaths? but we begin with some breaking
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as several areas of the valley are seeing rain. let's get right to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield bryan. your voice.. your vote in the race for the


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