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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  August 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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in the mountains. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. now here's a look at some of the top local stories we're following. chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. now here's a look at some of the top local stories we're top local stories we're following. parker 12:45:39- 12:46:10 take vo at 12:45:48 i'm parker collins near boulder highway and lamb all morning both of these lanes were shut down all
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in front of this business here but one man inside decided to make a run for it the trooper followed that guy and eventually both of them fired at each other the trooper was hit in the badge amazingly he didn't even have to go to the hospital but the suspect was killed there were two other people in that car they have been detained. i'm lesley marin reporting from rancho and gowan and it was at this house right here where 13 action news told you a story about a mother and daughter who were burglarized while s believes it was her neighbors who went in and took some of her items.. and now she's wondering when arrest will be mad marti i'm marti glaser .. as 322- thousand students gear up to head back to school on -the school district is taking steps to add more schools in the longterm, but for now the temporary solution includes the use of portables. house minority whip steny hoyer
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and presidential candidate hillary candidate. and he got unsually candid with 13- action news political analyst jon ralston. jon. ----sat down with steny hoyer this week. second ranking democrat in the house. he and i talked about the so- called iran ransom -- he didn;t like the word but all but acknowledged how it looks. ----then i asked hoyer if clinton's high unfavorability he was pretty candid, i thought: (youtube time codes) 13:21: "sure.... 13:55: "you and i agree. of course." ---steve question: did he say anything about hillary not having media availability? ----yes, and it was surprising. i asked him if he thought she should call one and he said, "i think it would be useful." i wonder if she will
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useful." i wonder if she will take his advice. the governor of maine ... who donald trump said...he would find a place for in his under fire who donald trump said...he would find a place for in his under fire tonight! governor paul lepage... claims...a legislator called
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voicemail message! voicemail "i want you to prove that i'm a racist. i've spent my life helping black people and you little son-of-a-(expletive), socialist (expletive). you ? i need you to, just friggin. i want you to record this and make it public because i am after you. thank you." lepage didn't stop there.... later telling reporters quote... "i wish it were 18-25....and we would have a duel".... before saying he would point his gun right between the representatives eyes. today -- lepage says he meant no physical harm... but he's still refusing to apologize. gov. paul lepage everything i said to that man, is less insulting than being called a racist, in my mind. lepage faced backlash in january as well... after he said black drug dealers were coming into the state... and impregnating young white
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presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump... engaging in a nasty war of they compete for minority voters! each...trying to paint the a racist! sot/trump: hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, =-flash- clinton: this is someone who retweets white supremacists online, like the user who goes by the name "white- genocide-tm." trump has been actively trying to fight back against the xenophobic narrative... immigration...and today -- meeting with hispanic leaders at the trump hotel here in las vegas! trump even proposed a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants... but also added a "build the wall" t- shirt to his online store! meanwhile... it was announced today.... president obama will campaign for clinton in pennsylvania next week... while vice president joe biden
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more serious questions are being raised after a deaf man is shot and killed by police. we'll show you some new cell phone video.. as many are asking if it could have been prevented. plus.....some major president's...equal-pay pledge what employers are promising to do...that could put more money in your pocket. and remember....chopper 13 brings you breaking and first.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood,
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er screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients, joe heck makes no sense. down 3 the big local gaming stocks were pretty- much flat today. mgm resorts gained about a half- percent. wynn resorts gave back almost 1- percent. target..
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equal pay pledge. the announcement was made today.. which is women's equality day. the pledge includes a promise by employers to conduct a yearly analysis of pay by gender.. along with a review of hiring and promotion guyidelines. the pledge was announced in june during the united state of women summit.. as part of a white house effort to address the gender wage gap. : thousands of people could lose their jobs after a merger between two of the top competitors in the beer anheuser-busch has been given the go- ahead to acquire miller. according to documents.. 3- percent of the workforce will be cut after the merger. annual reports show anheuser-busch had more than 150-thousand employees at the end of 2015.. and miller had 70- thousand. that could translate into more than 6-thousand lost jobs. newly released cell phone revealing more about what went down during a police chase! that chase ended...
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a deaf man. you can see....what appears to be 29-year-old daniel harris' blue volvo stopped perpendicular to the road... and the trooper standing outside the car! suddenly -- the driver reverses and pulls away -- starting the chase! it ended tragically seven miles later just feet from harris' charlotte, north carolina home. his brother -- also deaf -- says the whole thing happened because police aren't trained enough in dealing with the hearing impaired! sot - sam harris victim's brother "if the officer had known that he was would have ended differently police say...they were trying to pull harris over for speeding. they're now searching through police dashcam and bodycam video to find out why he was shot to death. frightening moments for passengers on a southwest airlines jet.... a man steals a truck...and slams it...into the people are boarding! what he was doing just moments before....that had authorities so alarmed! plus.. a horrific crime in mississippi- two nuns..
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home. more on whether investigators think religion played a role as
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evaded officers....and drove
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with passengers. abc's marci gonzalez...breaks down this security breach. package script: an alarming security breach at a nebraska airport- a man - on the tarmac- slamming an airline pickup truck into a jetliner... nats - "apparently somebody jumped in a truck on the runway out there." police say it started around 9:30 thursday night..with that man, in front of the airport in omaha - screaming that people were trying to kill him... chief tim connahan they tried to calm him down. he bolted for the parking garage officers chased the man. police say he jumped a airport taxiway, took off his clothes...then, in only his underwear, got behind the wheel of an unlocked and running truck... nats - wow officers- in vehicles- continued the chase... chief tim connahan one of our officers cut him off he turned around and came back, he drove under the jet bridge, of jet bridge 16 and ran head-on into the nose gear of a southwest flight that was parked at gate 17. that head-on crash into the plane- happened as passengers
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minor injuries.... the same for the suspect- who was restrained- and still screaming as he was taken into custody. marci gonzalez tag police are still investigating what caused his bizarre behavior. mg abc news ny some dramatic police body-cam video out of athens, georgia.. where a police officer risked his life to reach a man trapped the officer spotted the fireball when he arrived at the scene. two people were trapped inside.. including the passenger screaming for help. the officer was trying to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.. but the impact of the crash jammed the doors shut to the officer had to bed the door frame back so he could pull the man out the window. 2:39-2:53 nats of officer pulling bending the car and pulling the man out outcue: men falling to the ground after explosion. as the officer pulls the man
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the driver of the car died in the fire. other officers on the scene described the heat from the flames as "unbearable from 50-feet away." and some terrifying video out minivan... and then took off! watch closely.... you can see the min the 6-year-old boy! the van seems to slow down... as the boy's father...runs and picks him up. the driver gets out for a second... but then... he takes off. witnesses all happened so fast. tony gaspar witness (tony gaspar, witness) "i would do the same thing, like his dad, pick him up, asking for help." the boy is now in the hospital....with serious injuries to his hip. police say...they have retreived the plate number from
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look at the damage done to several ancient temples following an earthquake in myanmar. the images are the clearest yet of how badly the structures were damaged by the 6.8 magnitude earthquake. some of the structures date back to the 10th century. the earthquake killed at least 4 people and destroyed nearly 200 homes. the system that brought us all the shower activity yesterday is now to our east, but we could still see isolated t-storms tonight on the back end of this system, primarily in the mountains. for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. tomorrow and thursday we'll see temps warm back to the low 100s. thursday, another system will drop in from the north which will bring a little cool-down back to the upper 90s on friday and saturday. the system will also drag in additional moisture back into the area which will linger through at least saturday. chances for rain with this system will start in the mountains on thursday, then come into the valley for friday
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slight. also, expect breezy winds with this system on thursday and friday. the system moves on sunday and we'll be back at 100 that day then 102 on monday and 103 tuesday with the return of sunny skies. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. tomorrow and thursday we'll see temps warm back to the low
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will bring a little cool-down back to the upper 90s on friday and saturday. the system will also drag in additional moisture back into the area which will linger through at least saturday. chances for rain with this system will start in the mountains on thursday, then come into the valley for friday and saturday. chances will be slight. also, expect breezy winds with this system on thursday and tuesday with the return of sunny skies. investigators in mississippi investigators in mississippi are despra suspects right now.. responsible for killing two nuns inside their home. todd walker has the latest on the investigation.. and the haunting question of why? --pkg full=-- as gruesome crime stories go.. this one nears the top.. the brutal murders of two nuns.. found fatally stabbed inside their home in jackson, mississippi. sister paula merill and sister margaret held.. were both nurse practitioners working in an incredibly poor area in the town of durant, mississippi.. police found the two women when they didn't show up for work.. the door had been kicked in..
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nuns was found abandoned on the side of the road.. (rosemarie merrill/sister of paula merrill) :01 she was so good to the people down there and they just loved here. (butt) :05 she and sister margaret both went so far above and beyond anything that can be expected of a normal human being.:10 (david merrill/nephew) :01 "it's sad that people come to this whatever motivates them. my aunt and sister margaret lived their lives for people in the world who have nothing." :11 the two had been working in the area for years.. :43 "this is one of the poorest it rivals the bottom place in all sorts of statistics." :51 (mos) "she helped all our people in the community. and she helped me." (mos) "they take the time with the patients. they -- you know, they go... they go way beyond." 1:03 this community already didn't have much.. now they're faced with figuring out why two women who spent their lives giving.. were so gruesomely taken away.. i'm todd walker. an urgent warning tonight for iphone users. find out how you could be at
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we'll explain how to keep it from happening.. next. students get ready to go back to school... what the north las vegas library system is doing.... to make sure every child gets the help they need.
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students just have to get a library have access to free tutoring and test preparation. kids can get in-person homework help. tutors will look over essays and projects. and students can even take practice tests...of the s-a-t, a-c now here are today's top stories 'now trending' with 13 action news anchor dayna roselli. apple has an urgent message for all i-phone users: update your device now--- and it's now trending. apple rolled out an important security update for the i-phone after security researchers found a new piece of malware that allows attackers to see nearly everything on your phone. here's how it works: the attackers send a text message with a link that looks legitimate. when the user clicks on the link, malware is secretly
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it's national dog day, a time to appreciate the pooch in your life or admire the hound next posted our ktnv staff's dogs on our facebook page-- along with dot-com. join us monday for good morning las vegas-- from 4:30 to 7! in tonight's abc primetime lineup.. 8:00 - shark tank 9:00 - what would you do? 10:00 - 20/20 then on 13 action news.. live at 11.. donald trump makes a suprise visit to las vegas. tonight--a one-on-one with someone who spoke directly with the presidential candidate and as students prepare to head back to school next week... police say... there's a shortage that could
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looking into it...tonight at but we hope to see you again later tonight... for 13 action news live at 11! remember.. we're always on at and our ktnv mobile app. "inside edition" is next. thank you for watching.. and have a great evening..
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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the accused killer, killer, as the cannibal frat boy. his father breaks his silence. >> sorry for what my son did. then the working man who h wait until you see who is praising him today. >> people are going to be buying you beer for the next five years. and britney gets bronzed. her visit to the tanning salon just before her big return to the vmas. >> behind the scenes as they get ready for the big show. who will sit where? then tense times, first the panic at the airport. >> get down on the ground. >> now the mall. >> i think they are still shooting. >> can you believe balloons popping sent shoppers running for their lives?


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