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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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someone trying to get in. bedroom. no supers img3439 00:00:35-00:00:44 "they both came on both sides of our bed and instantly put the guns to our heads and the guy was like 'give me all your money, give me all your money everything.' i was like 'i don't have anything bro.'" this tense standoff lasted for a while... until one of the guys saw who had just been dialed-- 911. the women say dispatch was on the phone the whole time... listening in... they say when the criminals realized this they took off. phone with the cops so i wasn't giving them my phone." one of the ladies rushed out the door and ran toward the front of the complex... hoping to find some clue that would lead to these guys... she couldn't find a trace. standup 11:30:20-11:30:24 this road right here is the only way to drive in and out of this complex butt to 11:38:27-11:38:32 but the couple's apartment is in the very back and this wall is low enough to jump img3439 00:02:21-00:02:28"maybe they caught on to their schedule they're like only two girls the ladies who live here did
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collins thirteen action news. chopper 13.. fast and first over a big truck fire that shut down part of us-95. you can see the burned utility truck from the air along the highway near lee canyon road. nhp says.. fortunately.. no one was hurt. no word yet from investigators on what caused the fire. the first day of school is in the books.... but... for some c-c-s-d parents... the same concerns. tonight... contact 13... investigative reporter..... stephanie zeplin takes a look at some very small kids... crossing.... very big intersections. as the cars speed past, melissa boyd worries about her daughters. 01.43.38 i watch the news, i see how many pedestrian deaths we have every year 41 first grader jilli, and her fourth grade sister kira, have to cross glendive here at las palmas entradas, to get to the bus stop. 01.42.35 that puts my children crossing a major cross-street 39 no crosswalk, no crossing guard 42 they were assigned
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transportation moved them to a bus stop on the same side of the street. but this year, the transportation department says their old bus is too full. 01.44.48 i thought it was...unacceptable 53 that's the nicest way i can say it 55 i thought it was unacceptable 57 45.00 whatever problems they're having, my child's safety is far more important than that 45.07 the clark county school district sent us a statement saying the bus is too full and "a few weeks into the sc transportation department will do a recount of ridership to determine where openings exist. at that time, there is a possibility for a route transfer." but they told melissa it will be six to eight weeks before they even consider changing her daughters' bus stops. 01.45.36 two months of my kids making that unsafe crossing 39 twice a day? 40 46 i dont think that's appropariate, i dont think that's safe, and i really dont think it's in the best interest of my children 55 and thats what ccsd transportation should be 57 stephanie zeplin,
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big problem in the clark county school district... this year. there are still more than... -3- hundred.... teacher vacancies... and.... the school year started today.... with those spots being filled.... by long-term substitutes. the district says.... it's continuing to work through the hiring process.... for current applicants. there were about -7- hundred vacancies.... back in february..... when governor brian sandoval declared the teacher shortage... an emergency. an important reminder for everyone to please drive carefully if you live near motorists aren't used to seeing a lot of children now that schools are open again. and be especially aware in school zones. law enforcement agencies will be looking for speeders and motorists who don't stop for pedestrians.. and pedestrians who don't use crosswalks. we've put all of our back-to-school coverage in the school section of our website. you can check it out at the southwest part of the valley is getting a new welcome
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new spring valley area command will open.... near sahara and durango. -1- hundred -1- officers from nearby commands..... volunteered to work here. they will cover territory..... once patrolled.... by enterprise and bolden area commands. metro says.... adding this new station will help with.... officer response time. i-15 and charleston car on fire ad-lib a local business is stepping-up to help thousands of people across central italy in the wake of last week's deadly earthquake. the death toll from the 6.2 magnitude quake is approaching 300. while searchers look for more victims in the rubble.. many of those survivors are now being forced to overcome a long list of problems.
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prosecco fresh italian kitchen.. says it will donate 10-percent of its profits over the next week or so to help in the relief effort. the f-a-a's rules..... for the commercial use of drones go into effect... today. keep in mind.... these are not rules.... for personal hobby drones. new rules say.... they cannot fly higher... than -4- hunred feet.... or at night. and.... they must remain.... in the visual sight.... of the human operator. and.... commercial drone pilots must pass.... an aeronautical exam. operations have returne normal at los angeles international airport after a chaotic night. false reports of an active shooter caused panic and flight delays. l-a-p-d later said "loud noises" caused terrified passengers to run for safety through emergency exits and onto the tarmac. many even took cover under planes. "and all of the sudden there was a flood of people running to the bathroom saying there was a shooter coming and everyone inside was in a huge panic." police searched the airport
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passengers remained on the ground. at one point.. authorities detained a man in a zorro costume. he was later released. these two brothers..... in court for the first time... after being arrested..... in the shooting death of the cousin..... of n-b-a superstar.... dwayne wade. chicago police describe the suspects.... as gang members.... who were on parole.... for previous gun charges. and say.... they are responsible for killing... -32- year-old... nykea aldridge. she was to register her older children.... for school. the solar debate is heating-up as we close in on november. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston sat down with a democratic billionaire who says two big industry players could have the answer. john. ----steyer says solar already would be competitive with fossil fuels if oil companies had to pay penalty for
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here on rooftop solar "disastrous" but said he believes the merger of solar city and tesla, two companies doing business here, should help. ----i asked him how, considering both are losing a fortune. here's what he said: play sound 5:27: "in both of those businesses...." 5:55: " silicon valley for decades." ----the question is how long it will take. solar city lost 25 dollars in the second quarter of this year. and tesla lost even more, close to 300 million.
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working fast. after a week of mixed signals from his campaign.. republican presidential candidate donald trump is set to deliver a major speech on immigration this week in arizona. some believe trump is starting to signal a shift on his immigration policy.. possibly toward prioritizing deportations to target criminals first.. and away from removing all undocumented immigrants up front. on day one, i am going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country." on the democratic side of the race.. hillary clinton has been busy raising money. she has held 31 fundraising events this month. that includes 3 events yesterday in the hamptons which brought-in more than 11 million dollars. clinton has also been benefitting from some starpower like actor ashton kutcher.. who stumped for clinton in his
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kutcher encouraged a crowd of more than 100 people to vote democrat. some sad news out of the entertainment industry tonight. fans are mourning the passing of comedic actor gene wilder. the oscar-nominated star was known for his roles in several mel brooks comedies like "young frankenstein" and"blazing saddles".. along with the title role in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory." gene wilder was 83. a child is recovering.... it happened.... just before midnight.... near ann and decatur. the child was taken to the hospital... but... is expected to survive. officials are investigating.... how the gun went off. it's not just the first day of school for students. i tried really hard not to cry today, doing good so far. it was also the first day for a lot of parents to say good-bye to their kindergartners.. and there's something new this year that will affect thousand of those young students. plus... the kids are back in school... and... back on the field.... playing sports. maybe...
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should your kid... be playing? the answer.... may surprise you. find out why some pediatricians are trying to force the vaccine issue.. and what it could mean for parents and your child's health care. bryan. first week of public school and las vegas has a chance for rain, sun, wind and heat! i am tracking your school forecast and the rest of the week in your 13 first alert forecast!
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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in his pocket.... while he was in class! the teen smelled smoke.... and felt a burning sensation.... in his pocket. he was able to avoid.... being seriously hurt... but.... he was left with first degree burns. he's not the first. on-line... there are more reports of "the samsung galaxy s-6 exploding". in a statement... samsung says..... the incidents are rare.... and said.... it would look into the situation for a lot of parents across clark county.. go for the first day.. and watching their the first day of "all-day" kindergarten! it's a little hard i think, sending your kid off to someone else to give them education and help raise them into the person they're going to be parents-- dee dee and william-- proudly watched their son enter his first day of kindergarten. i tried really hard not to cry
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young students will be the first kindergartners to start full time instruction-- going from three hours-- to now six. kindergarten sets the foundation for everything they're going to learn the additional instructional time for kindergartners spans across the district-- thanks to recent state funding. administrators say three hours just wasnt enough time to get kids ready for first grade-- allowing them to fall farther and farther behind throughout their education-- contributing to the districts low rankings across the nation. but now-- theyre hoping this this is a long term investment, it's not a short term investment, it's a long term that will make a difference for the entire community especially for students-- who may not be familiar with a classroom. one of the things we found is many of our students don't have a pre-k experience, this is their first experience in school one of those students-- dee dees son-- making the additional instructional time for him-- even more important for his future. i think kindergarten is very, it sets them up socially as
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education based, so i'm hoping it just gives him a good base other parents i talked with said theyre also looking forward to the additional instruction time for their kids-- and to save money on daycare. mk-- 13an. c-c-s-d is working to combat bullying.... in schools... with a new.... "say no to bullying" website. it's designed.... for parents and students.... to report incidents. once it's submitted on-line... administration is notified. the website will encourage students.... to come forward. we have more information about the website... and the link to submit an incident.... on our website ... k-t-n-v dot com. now that school has started.. parents might be wondering about how many sports they want their children involved in. today.. a new report from the american academy of pediatrics says parents should encourage their children to try several sports until they are 15 or 16 years old.. even if they plan to play only one sport in the future. experts say having children
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them at risk for injury. from contact -13-... "fitbit" reveals -2- new devices. the company added... a swim-proof flex two... to its tracker line-up. the model allows you... to leave it on for laps in the pool... or while taking.... a shower. the flex two was introduced... along with the charge two... an update.... to the charge h-r. the black-and-white display is -4- times bigger.... than the previous model. people across parts of southern ohio residents are the mess caused by severe flooding. in norwood.. high water found its way into buildings.. basements and garages. the storm also left debris scattered across roads.. parking lots and yards. in another neighborhood.. some people couldn't leave their street until crews came-out and cut away downed trees on the road. adlib let's go to 13 first alert meteorologist karla huelga high pressure will remain in control of the forecast in the short term, but there is a large system brewing in the
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way down first to the pacific northwest then eventually closer to the area. ahead of it, it will start scooping up moisture and sending it our way starting tuesday and it looks like there may be enough moisture in place by wednesday afternoon to bring slight chances for rain to the area on wednesday and thursday. as far as temps are concerned, we will see highs around 105 on tuesday, then a slow decline expect 104 on wednesday with more cloud cover, 103 thursday and 100 by friday. expect breezy winds on thursday and friday as the system approaches the area. the system will pass mainly to our north and will have two batches of energy associated with it. the first batch will pass to our north on saturday, kicking us up to the lower end of the windy category and the second batch will pass to our north sunday which will keep us lower end windy that day. it will also continue to drag in milder air which means lows
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saturday and to 97 on sunday the area. ahead of it, it will start scooping up moisture and sending it our way starting tuesday and it looks like there may be enough moisture in place by wednesday afternoon to bring slight chances for rain to the area on wednesday and thursday. as far as temps are concerned, we will s on tuesday, then a slow decline through the weekend. expect 104 on wednesday with more cloud cover, 103 thursday and 100 by friday. expect breezy winds on thursday and friday as the system approaches the area. the system will pass mainly to our north and will have two batches of energy associated with it. the first batch will pass to our north on saturday, kicking us up to the lower end of the it will also continue to drag the controversial vaccine debate....
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debate.... could soon come to an end... if a group of pediatricians.... have anything to do with it. what they may do to force the issue... and... the impact it could have.... on your child!!! and later on 13 action news live at 6.. a warning for college studen scams that could get you to pay for services you can find for free. stay with us. a group representing many
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the american academy of pediatrics released a policy statement today saying doctors should address parents' concerns about getting a vaccine for non-medical reasons. and.. their minds.. the group says it's okay for the doctors to stop seeing their child to force the issue. it's also calling on states to stop allowing non-medical exemptions for vaccines. a consumer alert.... for anyone who uses... "epi-pens"!!! a cheaper, generic version.... will soon be.... available. mylan.... the maker of the life saving allergy treatment... announced the plans... today. the generic.... will be available.... in "several weeks".... and... will be half the cost...
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follows... national outrage.... over the branded version's.... high price. the wait is almost over for dancing with the stars fans. the cast of season 23 will be announced tomorrow on good morning america. the list of possible competitors for the coveted mirror ball trophy includes olympic swimmer ryan lochte and olympic gymnast laurie hernandez. as for the pros.. julianne hough is officially returning as a judge while her brother derek will return to the dance floor. it looks like th enough moisture in place by wednesday afternoon to bring slight chances for rain to the area on wednesday and thursday. as far as temps are concerned, we will see highs around 105 on tuesday, then a slow decline through the weekend. expect 104 on wednesday with approaches the area. the system will pass mainly to our north and will have two here's a look at what's coming up.... in tonight's primetime line-up... right here on abc... -8-... its "bachelor in paradise"
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for action news... live at -11-... that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's "world news tonight".... up next. remember.. we're always on at and on our free mobile app. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news live at 6.
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in football going for two can be risky. in pizza? it's a sure thing.
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.99 each. better ingredients. better pizza.
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breaking news tonight. we're learning of the death of gene wilder. the passing of a comic legend. tonight, hollywood's biggest names celebrating his life as we learn new details about his final moments. also, the race for 2016. hillary clinton's top aide, huma abedin, separating from her husband, former congressman anthony weiner, after his new sexting scandal. tonight, why donald trump calls this a risk to national security. shooting scare. the false report that had thousands of passengers ducking for cover at l.a.x. running from the terminals and onto the tarmac. what really started the panic. tropical threats closing in. the dangerous weather we're tracking. plus, the system building steam as it moves into the gulf. and grounded. two pilots pulled from their flight and hauled into court. accused of being too drunk to


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