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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we're following breaking news... fire investigators believe an arsonist started a fire at a church in north las vegas... this is video we just got in from the scene... near lake mead and 5th street. the fire was started around 12- 30... and was quickly put out. members of the holy trinity african methodist episcopal church were out surveying the damage. thankfully, it doesn't appear to be extensive. parker collins is at the church right now... trying to find out why it may have been targed. he'll have a live update at around that same time... there was another fire.... this time near the strip. a vacant two story apartment building behind the stratosphere was destroyed.... and investigators believe squatters may be to blame. witnesses told fire investigators that they saw a person hop out of a second story window and run from the building. emergency crews are now trying to figure out if this was the same person who called 9-1-1 and was taken to the hospital with burns to 20 percent of his body. there's good news and bad news
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the bad news... it hit florida's gulf coast overnight. the good news... it's weakened to a tropical storm. the storm packed 80 mile per hour winds... and brought a lot rain with it. thousands of people are without power this morning. but even as the storm weakens as it moves inland, florida's governor is warning that this storm is still powerful enough to kill people. sot gov. rick scott / (r) florida bottom sot mos "we bought cases of water." "i'm still a little worried about the tidal surge." after moving through florida... a weaker hermine is expected to hit the carolinas. with the front passing over head, winds will be picking up but rain chances are now out the door. high temperatures still remain mainly in the low 100s with a few areas of the city lucky enough to be around 98 degrees. from 11am to 7pm tonight winds will hold between 10 and 20 mph
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25 and 30 mph. labor day monday will consist of breezy but not gusty conditions along with sunny skies and highs in the lower 90s. i am happy to report that sunshine and low to mid 90s extend through thursday but winds will be breezy between 10 and 20 mph. police have seperate homicide investigations on their hands
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morning. 2 shootings break out just and this morning, they've left 2 people dead. the first happened around 8 last night... near palacio park which is along lake mead boulevard, just east of mlk. metro tell us the victim was in his late teens to early twenties. they believe the gunman is around the same age as well. detectives are working hard to piece together the details of what led to the shooting. it's not clear if any arrests of have been made. the second shooting has left another man dead.
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it happened near paradise and twain. we're told the victim suffered 4 gunshot wounds and was rushed to sunrise hospital. hours later, he died from his this morning metro is investigating a crash in the south east that killed one person and sent another to the hospital. officers tell us around 3 yesterday a van was turning left at boulder highway and russell, when it collided with an s- u-v. the two people in the van were taken to the hospital... where the female passenger died. the 85 year old driver is injuries. police are still looking into who was at fault. the man convicted of killing a 15 year old boy... while trying to steal his i-pad, will be spending at least the next 20 years behind bars. michael solid was sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole. in 20-13, solid and a friend tried to steal the ipad from marco arenas, and during the struggle the teen was hit by their suv. the other robber, jacob dismont is scheduled to be sentenced next month.
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ut this lady, he's throwing her to the ground caught on camera... a c-c-s-d police officer pepper spraying a mom right across the street from tarkanian middle school. and this morning.. we're hearing from a new witness... who tells us this was actually the mom's fault. take a look at this video also taken of the fight, you see the woman swinging at the officer just seconds before she's sprayed. he need to fing taser her the ccsd police department s conduct a traffic stop monday... when the woman came after him, and the officer used the proper amount of force to bring the woman into custody. this morning... mexico's president is standing firm. hours ago... he sent out another tweet saying that his country will not pay for the border wall that donald trump is proposing. and as for trump's immigration plan... he appears to be sending mixed signals... wednesday night he gave a tough speech...
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have to leave the country before they try to gain legal status. but then yesterday.... trump suggested that it's still not clear what will happen to the illegal immigrants already living in the u-s. "oh there's softening. we've got a lot of people in this country that you can't everything in stabilized. i think you're going to see there's really quite a bit of softening." trump's immigration stance has angered some of his supporters. several members of trump's hispanic advisory council quit support the republican nominee anymore. vice president joe biden hits the campaign trail for hillary clinton-- where he talked about how her challenger donald trump... is affecting his current duties. po-130th i get a call from the president saying 'joe, you've got to go to latvia. you've got to meet with the president of latvia, estonia and lithuania because donald trump's saying he's not sure if he would honor the nato commitment if russia invaded them. (buttedwith) vote2016thupkg3 i don't belive the guy is a bad
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uninformed." there were some tense moments during the v-p's speech when he was interrupted by a heckler who was upset because his friend was killed in iraq. :40-:44 po-131th "my friend died. more shouting from protester. (butted with) :58-1:03 po-132th "let me ask you a question... come back after and talk to me about it. okay?" biden went onto say all that really matters is that donald trump is "simply not qualified" to be president, and hillary --supers-- thursday parma, oh vice pres. joe biden (no font needed) (cover this with cell phone video courtesy: mccullogh family) " i lost ray mccullogh says he got "turbo" the italian grayhound while he
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his ex-girlfriend sold the dog while he was at work. the marine says he tried to find turbo... but could never track him down. he eventually moved to las vegas, and earlier this week he got a call from a veteranarian back in michigan... who tracked turbo down by his microchip. ray mccullogh "i was really heartbroken for a while and this call just turned my heart upside down." ray's friend who's a stewardess helped get him to michigan, and the v- a gave him a letter making turbo an emotional t-s-d... so the dog could get on the plane back to las vegas. colin kaepernick making headlines again for refusing to stand during the national anthem. but this time, he's not alone. also ahead, new video showing the space x disaster. why this explosion will affect children in the most remote areas of africa.
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49-er's quarterback colin kaepernick causing more outrage this morning... he refused to stand for the national anthem again last night. and before the game, the q-b wore these socks during practice-- showing pigs dressed as police officers. kaepernick says he's worn them before... as a symbol of quote "rogue community in danger. the san francisco police association is asking for an apology, but they also invited him to visit their academy. and this time when he kneeled during the national anthem, he was joined by teammate eric reid. kaepernick's alma mater-- university of nevada, in reno is standing by him-- at least for now. u-n-r's president says the memorabilia from the star quarterback's record-setting career with the wolf pack will stay on display at the airport in reno..
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travelers and residents. the plan to split up clark county school district is a big step closer to becoming a reality. the state board of education just approved regulations that would de- centralize power in the school district. supporters say that gives parents more of a voice. but the board of trustees is are moving too fast, and the most needy areas won't get taken care of. the proposal still needs final approval from state lawmakers. next week. time now is x:xx --- a warning for all pet owners living close to the desert. a deadly predator strikes again and this morning, and other family is grieving. also ahead, a massive mixup. two 5 year old boys get swapped, put on the wrong planes, and handed over to the wrong parents. now jetblue is responding to
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we're getting in more video showing the moments a space- x rocket exploded at cape canaveral in florida. the company's c-e-o says the blast happened while the rocket was being fueled, but there still not sure what went wrong. :17-:22 (butted with) sot von johnson/resident: it was like a small earthquake. that's a lot of power
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it was carrying a satellite that would have provided internet for people in sub-saharan africa. facebook c-e-o mark zuckerburg says he's disappointed about the launch failure, but he's committed to his mission to connect people all over the world. with the front passing over head, winds will be picking up but rain chances are now out the door. high temperatures still remain mainly i low 100s with a few areas of the city lucky enough to be around 98 degrees. from 11am to 7pm tonight winds will hold between 10 and 20 mph with an
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these winds do strengthen as we move forward into saturday and sunday. 30 to 40 mph gusts will be common both days between the hours of 11am and between 15 and 25 mph. these winds will be out main pain within the forecast but everything else is looking stellar! high temperatures will be in
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with mainly sunny skies. labor day monday will consist of breezy but not gusty conditions along with sunny skies and highs in the lower i am happy to report that sunshine and low to mid 90s extend through thursday but winds will be
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a henderson family has an urgent warning for pet owners this after her chihuahua is killed by a coyote. monica parker lives near major and boulder highway. she says tuesday night when she
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inside-- only of them came. she says she heard a squeal, but never found annabelle. . a few days later she finally found her body. a neighbor down the street had there dog taken 2 weeks ago from a coyote. (butted with) 131733.sigh.... i didn't think that would happen131736 this is not the first time a viewer has reached out to us about a coyote problem. just a few weeks ago... our crews took this video near boulder highway and tropicana-- showing a coyote roaming free through the neighborhood. morning... after two five year olds were placed on the wrong planes and sent to the wrong cities. andy martinez was staying with realtives in the dominican republic for the summer. but when it was time to come home... he was put on the wrong flight... and sent to boston. and another five year old boy was sent to new york... where andy was supposed to go. andy's mom spoke through an interpreter yesterday--- saying
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andy up... and was presented with the wrong kid. "and then i am told he is not there and i'm told he is not there. and i say 'oh my god where is he at?" maribel martinez says it took several hours for jet blue to figure out what happened... and get her son on the phone. andy was eventually placed on another flight... and taken to new york. in addition to apologizing... jet blue offered the family a but the martinez's declined--- and said they don't want to fly with the airline again. the family of the other boy who was mistaken for andy... has not spoken publicly about the incident. staying with the airline theme...we bet something like this has never happened on one
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it says it all--except why she did it. we'll have that part of the story coming up. also know what they man's trash. a couple of cubs happily dumpster diving . but wait until you see what happens next. with the front passing over
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high temperatures still remain mainly in the low 100s with a few areas of the city lucky enough to be around 98 degrees. from 11am to 7pm tonight winds will hold between 10 and 20 mph with an occasional gust between skies and highs in the lower 90s. i am happy to report that sunshine and low to mid 90s extend through thursday but and 20 mph. u-n-l-v is dominant in their first football game of the
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jackson state last night... and they started the scoring early... in the first quarter the rebels scored 28 and they started the scoring early... in the first quarter the rebels the finaly score.... 63 to 13. u-n-l-v's next game is at a person on a flight from l-a- to mexico was apparently a little antsy... and her moves are topping a look at what's trending today. check this out... the woman does a handstand in her seat.... but she wasn't done....she also did some stretches and even some yoga moves. as you can imagine... everyone was a little stunned
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mobrem/passenger) "she was saying, like miss, if you could please stop doing that? and the lady's like "i guess." she was a little weird, i'll be honest but she seemed like a sweet lady too." the lady apparently told the flight attendant she wasn't feeling well... and was just trying to stretch out. she did eventually stop... and just sat in her seat. and finally... take a look at these two bear cubs dumpster-diving in a pasadena cali neighborhood. the cubs were roaming around... when they decided to find some food. everything was fine... until a dog came out and scared them up into a tree. wildlife officials expect the bears to make it back into the woods on their own.... you can check out all of the
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coming up at -5-... another big meeting discussing the proposed n-f-l stadium... but this one--wasn't planned... we'll tell you what that means for the push to get las vegas a football team. ((ad-lib))
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starts with breaking news. fire investigators believe an arsonist is behind a church fire in north las vegas. 13 action news reporter parker collins fast and first near lake mead and 5th street with reaction from the church's pastor. parker adlibs parker adlibs charles wright pastor 3:26:47-3:27:03 "always praying


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