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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  September 2, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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what she was doing to the officer before this all happened. plus... a state of emergency as millions brace for tropical storm hermine. the devastating storming tearing up the east coast after smashing into florida. and.. neighbors in disbelief after a fire tears through their church. why investigators say it wasn't an accident. right now a live look outside picking up and the temperature is dropping. so what does this mean for the holiday weekend? let's check in with 13 first alert meteorologist karla huelga. karla. these winds we have been seeing will stick around as we move forward into saturday and sunday. 30 to 35 mph gusts will be common both days with sustained winds between 15 and 25 mph. the strongest winds should occur early sunday into the afternoon. these winds will be accompanied with high temperatures in the
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skies. the east coast is bracing for hermine...the tropical storm now hermine...the tropical storm now making its way up the coast after making landfall as a hurricane in florida---the first in over 10 years. right now, tens of thousands are without power...entire towns under water governors from georgia, to new york
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governor we are cautioning everyone, we are no operating under and we have been informed we are having life threatening storm surge possibility that will cause major disruption. forecasters warn this storm will be dangerous with threats of dangerous riptides, wide-spread flooding, and even tornadoes new information this afternoon on the mother who was pepper sprayed and arrested outside her children's school. it all started when cynthia westre refused to obey a c-c-s-d officer's directions. after he asked her to pull over...she refused to show her driver's license and attempted to leave. at one point, she even placed her hand on the officer's chest and pushed him into a traffic lane. westre now faces several charges including battery of a police officer and resisting arrest. an african methodist episcopal
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say this was no accident. 13 action news reporter parker collins shows us why. 18:56:48-18:57:18 even hours after this fire was put out you can see some of the damage left over there are ashes left over above a hole in the glass where it looks like someone threw something straight in take vo at 18:57:04 investigators do think this was set on purpose i was speaking with the pastor he says thec opposition before but never an attack like this thankfully the flames didn't spread too far someone called 911 before that could happen. take sot charles wright pastor 3:26:47-3:27:03 "always praying we do have a number of homeless individuals and folk that are roaming the area and hanging out around the church in that fashion so that's an ongoing situation that well be praying for." 18:57:23-18:57:32 the pastor told me they're not planning to cancel any activities because of this fire in north las vegas parker
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it's your voice, your vote in the race for the white house. only 64 days left until the general election and the stakes are rising for donald trump and hillary clinton. trump started the day in new york city where he received his second national security briefing within the last two weeks. from there he headed to philadelphia where he met with african american community hopes of changing his perception amongst minority voters. as for clinton....the democratic presidential hopeful still facing more fallout over her emails.. real problem for hillary clinton but and combined with the fact that she's disappeared basically off the campaign trail she hasn't held a press conference in nine months the f-b-i releasing a summary of her interview with investigators...notin g she had over a dozen mobile devices...and two top clinton aides even admitted the whereabouts of these devices would become unknown...once she transferred to a new device. trump responding...saying clinton's reckless conduct
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and be careful on the roads. n-h-p will once again be joining forces with the california highway patrol for the labor day weekend. starting today...officers on both sides of the state line will be targeting motorists along the i-15 between southern california and las vegas. this is the third time the agencies have joined together. health officials are reporting the second human case of saint louis encephalitis here in clark county. according to nevada health district...the victim is a man over the age of 50. just last week another man also contracted the virus. he was treated and released from the hospital. the virus is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes a vacant apartment building goes up in flames. what witnesses saw just before the fire started...and who investigators say may be to blame. and a warning -- this video is disturbing -- and serves as a warning for all drivers. what happened to two kids after
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remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was up 73 points,
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overnight, a fire erupting from an abandoned building near sahara and las vegas boulevard. megan telles has the latest on the investigation. i'm in a neighborhood right behind the strat where this flames after midnight. investigators saying there was a person inside. that person jumped from the second floor window onto the first floor rooftop. jumping down, running away. 911 investigators getting a call hours later that there was a man burned. las vegas fire and rescue still trying to determine if the person who jumped is the same person who was burned this morning. this ash and debris here is what's left over of what was a rooftop. the fire so intense that it
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trying to determine who or what caused this fire. mt 13 action news. a fourth grader in texas is being credited with saving the lives of everyone on his school bus-- after the driver has a medical episode while behind the wheel. the bus driver says despite her fan and the a-c... she started to get what she describes as "vertigo" and nearly passed out. that's when a 9 year old boy jumped into action. judy steele, school bus driver "i down everything started to spin." (butted with) "he kept rubbing my shoulder and talking to me. he stayed with me until the ms. judy is about to pass out." the boy helped the driver get to the next stop, where some parents called 9-1-1. the woman spent two days in the hospital, but she's already back at work. she says she knows she would have crashed into something, if the brave little boy wasn't
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this video -- is disturbing -- it shows two students getting hit by two separate drivers -- moments after getting off the school bus. it happened in austin -- here you see the 12 year old boy rushing across the street when he's hit by a truck. fortunately, he was not seriously injured. then, the very next day...a 17 year old was hit by a driver while going through the crosswwalk. that students was also okay. both drivers were cited by police, who say drivers need to pay extra attention around we're continuing to track tropical storm hermine as it makes it way up the east coast. tens of thousands are without power after hurricane force winds tear through florida. we'll take a look at the cleanup as millions more brace for severe weather. a new warning for smartphone users. the potential fire hazard inside these phones that's forcing samsung to stop selling its latest product. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news
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realtives in the dominican republic. but when it was time to come home... he was accidentally sent to boston. and another five year old boy was sent to new york instead of him. andy's mom says she didn't know anything was wrong until sh but it was not her son. maribel martinez mother "and then i am told he is not there and i'm told he is not there. and i say 'oh my god where is he at?" martinez says she did everything right... even paying the extra one hundred dollar fee to have her son accompanied by a flight attendant in addition to apologizing... jet blue offered the family a 2-thousand dollar voucher. but the martinez's declined--- saying they don't want to fly
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this afternoon... we're getting a look at more video showing the moments a space-x rocket exploded at cape canaveral in florida. the company's c-e-o, elon musk, says the blast happened while the rocket was being fueled, but they're still not sure what went wrong. retired astronaut mark kelly serves on space x's crew safety panel and spoke about the dangers. mk: // it's a difficult business to be in. you know, flying payloads into space at 25 tim sound is a really hard thing to do. and no matter how hard we work at this, there are accidents and they're gonna be accidents in the future. the aircraft was supposed to launch into space tomorrow. the aircraft was supposed to launch into space tomorrow. it was carrying a satellite that would have provided internet for people in sub-saharan africa. hawaii is preparing for more severe weather with hurricane lester headed for the island this weekend.
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of tropical storm madeline. madeline brought with it heavy rains and strong winds. residents are being urged to be ready to evacuate as the storm moves closer. in tallahassee, florida...hurricane hermine (her mean) left behind plenty of damage. it will likely be days before many places have power restored. todd walker is there where people are just starting to clean up. even though the sun came out in tallahassee t hermine had left most of the town stuck in the dark.. the line for gas at the in-and-out.. at times.. seemed more like a marathon.. 8:29 an hour this is the only place to buy gas this is the only place that's got gas but it's a good thing :33 it's one of the only places with electricity.. 10:12 man it's a whole lot busier than normal whole lot more :16 tolan barrington's bbq trailer is the other.. 1:56 everything from jefferson county to here is shut down there's no power to anything 2:01 he brought it himself.. (generator) hurricane hermine
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morning broke an 11 year streak without one in florida.. 4:10 it was kind of scary yeah :12 i was on the floor i was scared :15 vanessa floyd had a rough night.. 3:08 my carport was just torn down my whole car port :12 she navigated through downed trees.. and debris covered roads to find anything to eat.. 3:39 there's no restaurants open all the power's out :41 3:44 ahhh the rib man is open i'm going :46 having been through hurricanes before.. 11:12 i almost didn't open i thought abou knew this was a day he couldn't miss.. 11:18 i was like yeah i gotta go :20 after all.. the sun came out today.. 1:38 as soon as i saw the rain stop out the door man haha :41 in tallahassee florida, i'm todd walker. anchors adlib and toss to karla these winds we have been seeing will stick around as we move forward into saturday and sunday. 30 to 35 mph gusts will be
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the strongest winds should occur early sunday into the afternoon. these winds will be accompanied with high temperatures in the upper 90s tomorrow and mid 90s by mainly sunny skies. labor day monday will consist of gorgeous weather with highs into the lower to mid 90s and
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sunshine is planned throughout the afternoon so make sure to lather up on sunscreen if spending time poolside or lakeside and drink that water if doing outdoor activities as it will across southern nevada.
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samsung is planning a global recall for it's galaxy note 7... after an investigation into a phone explosion finds the phone's batteries were at fault. the company will recall all 2-point-7 million devices. the note-7 was only unveiled a samsung is pausing sales and will offer customers another device as a replacement in the coming weeks. the i-r-s wants to give taxpayers a heads up -- there may be a delay in your 20-17 tax refund. it will apply to early filers claiming the "earned income tax credit" and the additional child tax credit. the agency says a new tax law requires it to hold refunds until at least mid- february. it also said extra steps to
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also result in a "slight delay." for many...heading to the fair is a labor day tradition. but if you're on a diet, the food temptations can be overwhelming. why nutritionists say it's okay to indulge. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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putting wall street ahead of us. congressman heck -- what's wrong with washington.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings.
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to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. i hope the women of nevada remember that when it's time to vote. but they're not always the healt nutritionist about the best ways to find balance. --take nat:-- "fair nat" when you think of the county fair there are a few things that immediately come to mind. --take nat:-- "fair rides" fun. --take nat:-- "animals at the fair" our four-legged friends. --take nat:-- "food nat" and of course --take nat:-- --131909-13-- "we got gyro's, corn dogs, hot dogs food. --take nat:-- --13:43:00-01-- "turkey leg. ribs." that's what otto and laura henderson came for. and the fact that there aren't
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in addition to her ribs she's got kettle corn and a soda. --take nat:-- --13:43:48-49-- "he has a bottle of water. enjoying it all without one ounce of guilt. --laura henderson otto henderson-- --13:43:11-28-- --you don't come here to be healthy you come here to eat everything fried in bacon or --take nat:-- --"guy on fake horse"-- most people come here for funnel cakes, pretzels, corn dogs and turkey legs. --take nat:-- --"guy at grill"-- just about everything's fried, roasted, or but if you do want a salad, more options are starting to pop up. --fair vendor-- --13:21:47-54-- --there's a lot of people that kind of try and eat somewhat healthy so we started offering greek salad two years ago.-- he says they're pretty popular, but not quite as popular as this fair favorite. --gina elio-- --13:06:05-09-- --this is the only thing i get is a funnel cake. sells funnel cakes not an these kinds of cheat meals
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then get back to eating healthy whole foods. --robin hutchinson/nutritioni st-- --09:13:06-16-- --just enjoy them for what they are don't over eat them you don't need to choose 20 different things 10 choose a couple things that are super satisfying eat them enjoy them and then get on with it-- --take nat:-- "people eating fair food" advice these fair food lovers are already taking. , i'm kumasi aaron. a lot more news coming up on 13 action news live at 3-30... including a young man convicted of sexual assault goes free after only three months in jail. now, there's renewed outrage over his release and the who gave him a light sentence. plus... a babysitter left in charge of a toddler...caught staggering through the streets allegedly drunk and high. the warning for parents before you hire someone to look after your children.
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9:36:53 "he should be in prison but he's not with us anymore." harsh words from law enforcement as they react to the ex-stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious he's released from jail. but first.. more controversy for hillary clinton while donald trump faces more backlash overhis stand on illegal immigration. your voice.. your vote in the race for the


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