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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 3, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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year. >> steve: they are rewarded by continually playing the big boys to start the season. >> brian: give them credit. think how far this win is going to go not only for wisconsin this season but how far it's going to go for paul chryst and recruiting in this region. >> steve: nationally this marks two teams that have lost in the first week, back to 1972, nebraska was top ranked and arkansas at number four. this is going to be an interview you want to hear. here's todd. >> todd: coach, you grew up in wisconsin, coached in wisconsin, went to wisconsin, you come back as the head coach. you told me you were on the field four other times, once for a concert and three times to watch friends play. how was this for you? >> obviously i'm happy but i'm really proud of this team. that's what i love about this game, it's a player's game. i feel best for them.
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because what they did and they put it out there against a really good team. i'm proud of this group and i'm really happy for them. >> todd: it's hard to know what you're going to get from a quarterback who hasn't really played and started a game since 2011 i think it was and first collegiate start to come out in this environment. what did you see in bart houston? >> he was bart. he's going to compete and there's going to be a couple plays we're going to want to learn from but he competed and kept his poise throughout it and i was everyone played together. we had that spurt where we gave them some momentum. the fumble and the pick six. guys just stayed with it and hats off to the team. they came through in a big way. this was fun because it took everyone. >> todd: i know you have a whole season to play and this is one game but watching your players and how excited and emotional they were yesterday to walk through on this field, to get this win against an lsu team
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could be a national champion, how much does this mean for all these young men who grew up packer fans watching brett favre and the other greats? >> two things. one, we want to enjoy the moment. they put themselves out here and they can't take that away. then i think there's another part. we as a team this year, how we choose to take this and go forward, that's on us. that's the challenge. right now i want them to enjoy it. it's a great opportunity. it was a opportunity and they took advantage of it. >> todd: great job, coach. congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> todd: we have bart over here. hey bart. how are you doing, man? how are you doing? >> doing good, very good. that was a solid victory.
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best of luck to them, but we drove, we fought. the defense made plays. we made some plays. i'm going to have to get a lot better next week too. >> todd: you're named after bart starr, first start of your college career is here on lambeau field. what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot, i think it means more to my dad. that's his favorite player. i don't know, you couldn't have made up a better story, i guess. it's an awesome experience. i lovela i'm so happy. it's a great time. >> todd: there were some ups and downs. things weren't going well. how were you able to overcome that? >> keep confidence, keep driving and keep going. i think we might have gotten a little satisfied after the first drive in the third quarter and that's why we kind of didn't do as well after.
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to keep the confidence up, keep driving, keep striving for victories. >> todd: heck of an effort today, man. congratulations. >> thanks. >> steve: this is a disney movie, brother, right? this is real close. this is a movie script. wow. a special afternoon in a special place. >> brian: that's the difference between college and nfl. >> steve: no question. yo d bart houston hadn't started since 2011 in high school. starts and wins at lambeau field. be sure to tune into abc tonight at 8:00 eastern for saturday night football presented by wells fargo, usc/alabama. in the end, they did the leap. there's no flag on the play. a win by wisconsin.
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zone and my car can get from zero to 30 in one second and yours takes eight seconds, whose fault is that? >> well today they get a ticket. >> this stop -- >> [ indiscernible ] >> just ahead on more of today's fresh videos. >> what's going on here? >> the kids are busted. >> oh, my goodness. there's no recovering from that. >> see what they got intto >> did you think this was a good idea? >> and he's ready to get a taste of [ indiscernible ] >> why this hot challenge might be more than he can handle. >> short circuited. >> yep. >> error 404. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive.
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captioning provided by -- for allergy symptoms, allegra? is the fastest
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allegra? gelcaps... not just fast. allegra? fast. what's going on here? >> i'm -- [ indiscernible ] >> oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. there's no recovering from that. >> everywhere. >> it is everywhere. and it is baby powder. >> stop. >> that's soft? >> yeah. >> well guess what? th >> make it rain. they made it rain. >> give it to mommy. >> no, no. >> oh -- >> no! >> i'm in the middle of creating my artwork, mother. >> it wasn't me. >> okay. >> do you think this was a good idea? >> i can't get mad. i can't hate this. i can't even frown. this is fantastic. this is money. >> this one is too cute, as well. this little girl she's got her
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in her pocket. >> put it in your pocket. >> pockets are like the nemesis of small children. >> put it in your pocket. >> oh, yeah so of course it's all -- >> i want to put it in my pocket. >> i love how she's like something don't fit in this pocket. >> put it in your pocket. >> two videos from the curious world of curious animals. first video -- >> whoa. animal. it is an eaglet. and the folks over at pine stream media decided to put a gopro up in the eaglet's nest to see what they would do. well they weren't camera shy, we can tell you that. >> eaglet. >> picking and poking and prodding at it. still -- >> and it survives. >> empty nest syndrome at that point? kick the chicklet out, see what happens? >> fly, gopro, fly!
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that's not sure if they were trying to evict it or just, you know, curious what this thing was. >> let's head on over to another curious family, the bears. >> the bears. >> and that hammock is d.o.a. >> it's so cute. >> supercute, mom and two cubs playing around with the hammock in this british columbia home up in canada. gosh aren't they cute? roughhousing. but there's more. mom is dealing with three one playing over here by the tree. >> bears not uncommon to this yard. they say. but this is the first time the bears chose to play around with the hammock. >> they're cute. but you should stay inside. >> yes. and it's exactly what these folks did. yeah they kept their distance. let the bears do their thing. be curious. be playful. have fun. and not --
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>> there are challenges, and then there are these challenges. [ indiscernible ] >> these guys in indonesia show up to this restaurant to eat noodles but the ones they're after are going to be super stinkin' spicy. -- the entire planet earth. >> apparently these peppers, each one is at about 100 to 200,000 on the schoolville unit scale. >> doesn't look too intimidating. just looks like a pile of noodles. >> sure with some red sauce. but that red sauce is going to burn. >> there's so much chili in here i can see it. >> sorry, once he moves that egg out of the way it's looking pretty intimidating to me. >> one, two, three. >> oh, he's going. big bites, too. >> oh, yeah. he looks quite normal. quite calm. no problem.
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start freaking out. i should say for his body to start convulsing with fear. >> there's no water on the table. >> this is -- >> looks like he short circuited. >> error 404! [ indiscernible ] >> he starts turning red. he starts sweating. >> and in no time he has to take his shirt off because he's now drenched. and he can't sit still. he was so hot that went deaf for about two minutes. >> that's possible? >> i can't hear anything, man. [ bleep ] i can't [ bleep ] anything. >> eventually even dips his head into the sink and drenches himself in water. >>-feelings i've ever had in my life. >> he's going to be making similar faces tomorrow. >> haven't had so much fun in a long time. >> it's going to a video with a special view. >> he went over the side and i was like uh-oh
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>> and still to come -- he's climbing up to save a kitty stuck in a tree. >> keep going. >> oh, poor kitty. >> see his daring operation to get her down safe and sound. plus why his first day on the golf course makes for an epic fail. >> okay. we're better than that. >> i've never done that. man, my feet are killin' me. same time tomorrow, fellas!? dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles absorb a hard day on your feet for comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. dr. scholl's work insoles. hi, i'm henry winkler and i'm here to tell homeowners
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this annoying but brilliant sport. first up featuring this 8-year-old. this is rudy who is in australia ranked number one for her age in u.s. kids golf. she's on the course. got a drone out. they got cameras. they're going to catch us a beautiful swing. she does have a beautiful swing which can going to come into play in three seconds. boink. >> oh, bull's-eye, baby. >> why would you do that? you put the drone directly in the line of her shot? >> yeah, you this, this incredible drone shot as she tease off and the ball is going to sail off and pull back and seriously what's the chances she's going to hit it? 100%. we head to someone who apparently is on his very first day. >> oh. okay we're better than that christian. >> i've never done that. >> yes. >> oh, come on dude. >> i go golfing with you, because he makes you look good. >> thing is, to add insult to injury look where the ball still is. it's exactly where it was when
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it's just sitting there mocking him as he tries to pick himself up out of the bunker slash water. >> oh, my gosh. >> nick your theory is that cats want to be left alone. right? >> yeah exactly. i don't think cats need to be rescued from trees. >> well, he thinks differently. with his 100th rescue. >> of the same cat? >> no! it was his 100th rescue over georgia is the kitty in the tree. apparently she showed up about three weeks ago and one day she didn't come to eat so they figured uh-oh we might have a problem. after two days of being up there, up the tree. and there you see her. she's so little on those branches like -- >> reaches out and gives her a little rub like hey, going to be okay. >> can you hear that barking dog? up in the tree. >> exactly. >> same thing. >> she'll hear that dog.
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afraid. she relieved herself. >> couldn't have done that in the tree, huh? >> and there you see he picks her up. >> oh, poor kitty. >> helps the kitty in the bag. >> does the cat get anything special for being the 100th cat? >> you are our millionth customer. ?? >> the parents say that's a big deal down there. >> on television on "right this minute." >> what else do you want? >> all right. >> it's an impressive burnout but guess who's behind the wheel? >> hey! is he -- >> what the -- >> what is up cole? >> the story behind the talented 10-year-old with the need for
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chase is doing it again they're making some tiny food.
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>> better come with you. you've got to come right not none of this froufrou hipster stuff. >> but it's so small the invitation -- >> even if it's little, it's not right, it's out. >> okay well all they need is a votive candle to heat the oven. >> they actually make the waffles from scratch. interesting thing is -- >> are you kidding? >> they actually cook it. they actually have a little old-fashioned wafflemaker. but then after they do this you got to fry up the chicken. >> just -- that's what that chicken strip from breading. >> no. >> what else is -- >> oh, taste the chicken. >> that is not breading. that is flour. they flour it. >> that's a problem. >> when they fry the chicken they put it on the waffle. >> and then you got to top the waffle with some syrup. >> -- waffle. >> cole's first burnout in hell cat.
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>> i'm going to make a sweeping generalization here and say when girls are born they like smells like vanilla and butter cream and when boys are born we like rubber. >> oh, hey is he -- >> what the -- >> yeah! what's up cole? 10 years old. his first challenger hell cat. oh, 700 horse power of tire murdering goodness. did you not want to do that when you were 10 years old? >> i still want to do it now. >> i was fascinated which this. because i thought gosh if only -- if only i had that kind of car, that kind of horse power when i 106s years old. so to answer some of our questions we've got the whole family joining us "right this minute." what's up, guys? >> how are you guys?
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okay. whose idea was it to let a 150-year-old behind a 700 horse power car? >> it was cole's idea. he's been in the car with me numerous times and he asked if he could do it. thought we'd give her a go. >> wow. was your heart in your mouth though? i mean it's a hell cat and there you are, you're looking at your son inside was there ever a moment of eke? >> not really thank god. he did great. total was a lot of fun. >> what do you want to be when you grow up dare i guess a race car driver? >> yeah. i want to be a nascar driver. >> cool. >> yeah. >> now, sister haley i heard you voiced some concern from behind the camera. >> mommy. >> yeah? >> what if something bad happens? >> tell me about that. >> sometimes i go on youtube and watch like car krashss before and it's like what if this happens here? what if he loses control? and like goes through the fence
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>> cole you've just done a burnout in a hell cat. are you now officially the coolest kid at school? >> well i haven't went to school yet. but, maybe. >> you will be when you go back. >> that's a look at the day's best viral videos. thanks for watching. go check out for more content or catch us on
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police -- desperately search good evening -- and welcome to this special edition of 13 action news. i'm christopher king. a murder victim's family -- is furious with police -- after the suspected killer escapes custody. tonight -- he's still on the loose -- considered armed -- and dangerous. 13 action news reporter -- david schuman joins us with new details. david. 31-year-old mohammad robinson's sister says her brother was the door for a woman at a mcdonald's. she says that woman then went and told her man...who followed robinson and killed him. north las vegas police took alonso perez into custody friday as a suspect...but he escaped the detective bureau. we have these images of him but he still hasn't been found. perhaps the most distinctive part of his description is that he's got a small tattoo of the "air jordan" logo on his neck. robinson's sister is beside herself about her brother's death -- and she's frustrated


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