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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  September 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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blend, the perfect cocktail to mark summer's unofficial end. plus, before the curtains close, we sit down with the jersey boys. and the original art and craft show is back. we'll get you ready for the las vegas harvest festival and all the goodies you can find inside as the blend starts right now. ? it's a great day ? ? so make it everything ? ? you want it to be ? ? it's yours and it's mine ? ? it's a great day to shine ? shawn tempesta: morning, labor day morning, shawn tempesta. jj snyder: i'm jj snyder, good morning, everybody. happy holiday. shawn: yeah, it's weird. labor day. it's a holiday, not holidays. those are coming. jj: well, i kind of made a holiday out of the whole weekend, that's what i'm thinking. shawn: i'm just sad i can't wear white anymore. jj: oh, yeah. no more white shoes, shawn. shawn: very depressing for me. jj: my mom used to make that rule. shawn: did you ever do -- do you uphold the white rule?
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thing and i think that by the time i came around, i was like no, we don't do that anymore. although i do love to wear the white in summer. shawn: i've got to be honest, if i had an all white suit, i'd be wearing it today. just to spite the rule. jj: i'm gonna get you a white suit. shawn: there we go. i'll go all white and be like that one cool kid at the prom that goes all white with the top hat. that's gonna be me. what are you doing today? it's a shorter day for us today. jj: yeah, i'm milking this weekend for every moment that it's worth. husband and my dogs. shawn: awesome. jj: that's where it's at. shawn: very cool. jj: what about you? shawn: i'll be doing as little as possible. frankly, i may go home and take a nap. jj: good for you. shawn: first up this morning -- jj: why not start now. ( laughter ) shawn: first up this morning, get a taste of summer's end. jj: oh, yes, our friend chef doreen fong stopped by with a little bit of spark that'll add some wow to any of your party plans today.
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here to get us ready is chef doreen fong. welcome back, doreen. doreen fong: thank you. thank you and hi. nice to meet you, jj. jj: nice to meet you too. doreen: nice to meet you too. jj: thank you. shawn: we go way back, doreen and i. jj: i heard that. doreen: way back. jj: we had a moment in the studio. doreen: we did. jj: i'm just really excited you're here to help us celebrate the holiday weekend. doreen: i'm excited to help you get started. shawn: we all need a drink because we've gotten started on the wrong foot today. we could all use a drink. doreen: it's wednesday. jj: yes, it is. doreen: thanks for that breaking news, wednesday. shawn: so what do you got for us? doreen: so i was super inspired just by the summer and i had some cool drinks, and i wanted to bring something that was interesting that i heard about from brazil, something kind of unique but make it friendly and you can make this with alcohol or without, so for those who don't want alcohol, fresh juices, but i'm calling it aj's citrus sparkler after my roommate anna johnson because she wanted me to name something after her. so anna, this is for you.
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doreen: shoutout to anna. shawn: about time she gets a drink named after her. >> it is. shawn: she's like your right hand girl. doreen: she is. she's been my best friend for like 20 -- i'm dating myself. >> wow! doreen: it's yeah, like 20 years. shawn: man. doreen: it's been a long time. jj: good to have good friends. doreen: it is. shawn: now i feel like our friendship is really young, it's still blossoming. doreen: no, six years, six years, something like that. ours, one day. jj: i'm new and exciting. doreen: 15 minutes. shawn: 14 years and about 20 years until we get a drink named after us. doreen: no, it might be sooner. so really quickly i'll get into the drink. fresh lime juice. shawn: love it. jj: ok. doreen: so. shawn: don't try to cut corners by the way. doreen: i'm not. shawn: not you. when you go into the grocery store and try to get the green plastic thing with the pre-done juice. doreen: don't buy that. that's nasty. so little lemon juice. jj: you want to squeeze them yourself you're saying? shawn: of course, yeah. doreen: squeeze it yourself, squeeze it yourself. i'm making one for each of us. jj: and we have good citrus here
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you can get some stuff. jj: so you should be able to get some really good limes. doreen: we're lucky because it all comes from florida, peru? jj: the oranges? shawn: wherever the citrus is. doreen: i think these came from peru. tangelos, i just cut them up and stuff like that. shawn: what's a tangelo? jj: yeah. doreen: it's like a mixture. shawn: it's an orange, right? doreen: so yeah, it's an orange. shawn: oh, ok. doreen: so get some fresh mint. that's always important. so i like to rip up my mint first too, and that way you get just, you know, the freshness of the mint. shawn: exactly. it smells so good. jj: mint goes a long way in a cocktail, doesn't it? doreen: it really does andoo. i didn't bring my muddler so we're just going to improvise. jj: what, no muddler? shawn: here we go. where the heck's the muddler? doreen: the muddler is missing so we're gonna use a plastic spoon today so if you don't have a muddler, don't sweat it so you're just smash everything together, make sure that your sugar gets dissolved. make it easy, okay?
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of the mint and the orange to come out. shawn: infused. doreen: yeah. look at you, infused. shawn: been doing this segment long enough. doreen: yeah, exactly. all right, gonna fill it up with ice. wow, wow. jj: where are your manners? shawn: i'm done with it. ( laughter ) no, don't touch it. doreen: thank you, thank you. i was like what in god's name is flying across this counter? shawn: we're having a day. today's the day. doreen: baby comes. shawn: oh, man. soon that will be on me. jj: since we just met, i want to ask you about your instagram and social media presence because you have a lot of fun on social media. tell me about it. doreen: i do, it's all about food. it really is and about going to different places. i just came back from la. my dad was, sad, my dad was in the hospital but he's ok. shawn: ok, good, good. doreen: being in -- you're from la so there's a ton of great
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that's the one thing i think i really miss and so whenever i go there, i try to capture all of that. jj: what did you just put in here? this is important. doreen: yes, this is the brazilian spirit called kashasa. shawn: ok. doreen: so it's to brazil like vodka is to russia. jj: you know what it smells like a little bit. doreen: tell me. jj: tequila. shawn: oh, yeah, it does. doreen: little bit, and it's more on the -- little bit in the family of rum also but -- shawn: speaking of, yore putting in some rum. doreen: i'm am putting in some, i love malibu rum. i don't have a problem. i just like malibu rum. it's just really easy to drink. shawn: i didn't think you had a problem but now that you're so defensive. jj: you know what, that is a summer smell too, that malibu rum. doreen: is does, the coconut. shawn: it does smell fantastic. doreen: exactly. shawn: so what are we topping that off with? doreen: so i'm topping this off with a little bit of sparkling tangerine juice and that's why i said you can make this
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you have the juices and stuff and fresh mint and i really love crushed ice in this because it's just super refreshing. you like to bite on the pieces of ice, does that sound weird? shawn: no. my dad freaks out when i chew the crunchy stuff around him. doreen: was he a dentist? shawn: no, he's just very irritable. jj: he's just irritable. shawn: he's like -- i'll be eating soggy, soggy cereal and he'll be like, shawn, you're crunching the cereal. doreen: you're crunching the cereal. you can't help it. jj: my mom chews her gum loud so i think it's one of those things when you live with people you notice. like your roommate. doreen: she used to actually bite ice and crunch on ice all the time then had to get a crown because she cracked her tooth. shawn: on ice? doreen: yes, so beware, don't eat too much -- don't eat ice all the time. shawn: cheers. >> cheers. doreen: nice to meet you. jj: to labor day, right? doreen: to labor day. shawn: absolutely. jj: oh, good. shawn: that's really good. doreen: you like that? jj: i like the citrus with the mint.
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jj: really outdoor drink. shawn: keeping this one with me the rest of the show. be prepared. doreen: have a wonderful labor day. jj: thank you. doreen: you're welcome, thank you so much. jj: thank you. doreen: nice to meet you. shawn: aj's citrus sparkler. you can find doreen on twitter and instagram @dining with doreen. the website is also listed. in the meantime, if you'd like to make the drink yourself, just head to the website,, greatest website. it's right there.
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month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? shawn: it's a one stop shopping experience. on friday, the las vegas harvest festival original arts and crafts show returns to cashman center. over 24,000 handmade american arts and crafts will be on hand. jj: here with a peek at what to expect is brenda meehan also with us is one of the exhibitors romilee chain of
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good morning, ladies. >> good morning. brenda: thanks for having us, and look how festive you look. jj: thank you. shawn: quite -- i'm loving it. jj: i like this. shawn: it's a good look for you. jj: yeah, i can rock this. brenda: can you believe it's that time again. jj: no, it's fall. i love fall. tell me all about the festival. brenda: harvest festival original art and craft show is a juried show, so this is something that's been coming to las vegas and area for over 30 years. when you come to our show in cashman center, it is going to turn into a magical marketplace. when you walk in, you will see costumed exhibitors, you will see strolling enrt everything from unique arts and crafts to wood carvings to jewelry to gourmet edibles, you're going to find it at harvest festival original art and craft show. shawn: it really is incredible, and by the way, people say labor day marks the beginning of fall. no, no, no, no. harvest festival begins fall. brenda: you got it. shawn: this is the way it works. so this is different than any other art and craft show you might see. this is like -- >> absolutely. shawn: big time. yeah. brenda: it is, and you're gonna get some fudge for that. shawn: oh, there you go.
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every time, every year. brenda: the event gets a large crowd, but the great thing is it's comfortable, it's indoors and very comfortable in air conditioning at cashman center, there's lots of parking, there's shuttles and also it's a great family friendly event. shawn: nice. brenda: and when you come with the kids, you buy one ticket, it's good for all three days, and they're going to want to go to kid zone and see all of the great activities we have for them. shawn: nice. jj: fun and so creative for everyby. brenda: yes. >> yes. jj: romilee, tell me a little bit about your goods here. what did you bring in? romilee chain: i brought in some of the fascinators and mini hats that we have here. they're just fun and whimsical, great for the holidays, the kids to go trick or treating, a party. shawn: yes, you're ready to go. romilee:i'm ready to go. jj: so fun. what is a fascinator? romilee: a fascinator is like a little mini hat on a headband. shawn: oh, like what you're wearing. romilee: like what i'm wearing, exactly. jj: it's fascinating.
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thing but they're very popular right now because everybody likes to be festive at work or a party or wherever, but they don't want to wear something huge and hot and heavy, so this is kind of a fun little thing you can do and be part of the festivities. shawn: it's really cool. can i say by the way, the name of your company. romilee: yes. shawn: is fantastic. romilee: thank you. shawn: two old bags designs. come on. how did you guys come up with that name first of all? romilee: well, it started with my sister and i. i taught her how to sew and we for whatever reason began with handbags, and she came up with the name and tug was really cute to be the two old bags. jj: oh, my gosh. shawn:it's so cute. it is so awesome. jj: and memorable. shawn: and a local as well. romilee: yes, yes, i am from las vegas now. i moved here about a year ago. shawn: fantastic. great to have you full-time. romilee: thank you, i like it. shawn: worth noting though that there are designers and crafters from all over that come to this event. brenda: as well as you're going to see your favorites from las vegas and area too, so it's a good sampling of everything you could possibly find. you can go into harvest festival
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knock out all of your holiday shopping. jj: that's a good idea. what are some of the other items that we would see if we were strolling around? brenda: well, we have from nevada smells this beautiful potpourri, and i like to stock up for the year. you can get potpourris. you can go through our gourmet alley and you're going to see everything from dips and toffees and mr. fudge is gonna be there, best fudge in the whole world, hundred year recipe. you're going to see jewelry and shawn: wow. brenda: everything possibly and fine jewelry, wood carvings. everything you want to see is going to be at the event this year. shawn: come with an empty stomach? jj: yeah, there's plenty to eat there too. tell me about the food area. brenda: yes, yes. when you travel down and see all of our booths, there's tons of sampling so you can sample the soups and dips and scones before you purchase them, and then of course, in our food area, there's gonna be lots of yummy
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americana entertainment. shawn: awesome. jj: you know what that reminds me of, just watching that video, this is maybe a step beyond a craft fair. this is almost like a proper state fair. shawn: yeah. jj: there's so much going on, entertainment and food. brenda: there is, and we are very thankful for your support and the community's support, and we also like to give back. we are the largest food drive for safe nest so if you bring a bag of nonperishables and ca food, we will fill their pantry for a year and you'll get $2 off. shawn: that's phenomenal. jj: oh, nice. shawn: that's really good. i know you do every year you do a fantastic job of raising money. all the loveliness of a state fair with the exception of the smell of livestock. it's a smell of potpourri, which is so much better. >> that's a good point. shawn: that special discount, how do we get the tickets? is that something we have to do ahead of time or at the door? brenda: you can go online and get tickets ahead of time. shawn: ok.
9:16 am
the event and you can also bring your canned food and nonperishables, and you'll get your coupon on site. shawn: what if we bring our kids. we can't donate them unfortunately. brenda: what's really cool is 12 and under is free. shawn: oh, great. brenda: and you get your hand stamped and you can see everything and come back all three days. shawn: that's great. jj: what are the most popular activities for the kids, like where do all the kids congregate? brenda: i'll have to tell you, operation christmas child, at their booth they're going to get to make a complimentary little bracelet to take home and make another one that goes in a shoe box that will be sent around the world to kids in need. shawn: that's so cool. brenda: we have for all those mommy bloggers out there, macaroni kid is gonna be on site doing all kinds of free crafts for the kids. we also have discovery children's museum. it is going to be action packed. we have an environmental friendly maze. we've got it. shawn: it's gonna be a lot of fun. it's great having you. >> thank you. shawn: romilee, we'll be looking out for you. romilee: thank you. jj: yes. shawn: traversing the aisles. make sure look for the
9:17 am
shawn: she's not a witch but it's a witch's hat. jj: it's great shopping, food, entertainment for the entire family. las vegas' largest and best annual art and craft show is back at harvest festival. it's at the cashman center friday through sunday beginning at 10:00 a.m. each day. for tickets, get them at the gate or head to the brenda will be back later this week with more on the nonprofit organizations that the festival is helping, yes? brenda: yes, thank you so much for that, and we're excited to come and tell you a little bit community at harvest festival original art and craft show.
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shawn: oh, yes, sadly all great shows must come to an end and september 18 will mark jersey boy's final show at paris, las vegas. from the streets of new jersey to the live stage here in vegas, the show's been thrilling audiences on the strip since
9:20 am
can't believe it. jj: eight years, the curtain's not coming down quite yet and joining us from the cast, graham fenton who plays frankie vali and sarah lowe, swing and dance captain of the production. welcome, guys. shawn: great having you. graham fenton: good to be here. sarah lowe: thank you so much for having us. jj: wow, eight years. graham: eight years, yeah, unbelievable. sarah: i hear the music and i get a little -- i get a little nostalgic already. graham: it's just starting to set in now like wow, this really coming to an end. all depressed. jersey boys has been such a great -- not only has it been a great show, phenomenal show, if you haven't seen it, see it before it's gone, but you've been such great members of the community as well. sarah: thank you. graham: well the community has really embraced us in such an amazing way. we wouldn't have been able to run for these eight years without amazing support from the community, locals coming again and again and again, and we actually get to know some of the fans and everything, and it's been amazing. we love to give back any way
9:21 am
shawn: no question. jj: tell me what it's been like to play the roles you've played. graham: frankie vali, it's living legend. it's funny, the question i get a lot after the show is is frankie still alive? not only is he still alive, the guy does like 70, 80 concert dates a year, so he's still out there killing it and i'm trying to do my best frankie vali and hopefully i've honed it in over the last few years, but it's huge shoes to fill. shawn: we have the pictures up right now of you and the boys. graham: who's that guy? shawn: curiosity, have you played frankie vali in front of frankie vali? graham: i haven't played the show in front of him, but i did have to audition for him to get the show. shawn: no kidding. graham: no pressure, no pressure. shawn: how was that? graham: out of body, strange, weird. shawn: i'm gonna play you now. graham: right, exactly. feel free, i'm gonna interpret your life for you. sit back, enjoy it. jj: sarah, you've been leading the dancers so what's it's been like to lead this team through
9:22 am
it really feels more like a family so you kind of almost take on this position of, i hate to call it like mothering but, you know, to go in and do the same show night after night after night, you have to find your inspiration nightly and don't want it to -- part of the reason we've stayed open for so long is because of how strong it is, how great and wonderful the cast is from start to finish and they never let up. it moves so quickly and you have to be on your toes every night so t them to do that and remind them i'm not giving you this note because i personally think you're not doing terribly but the big picture is, we all -- graham: if i may gush over sarah, she has -- the swings are the hardest job in the show. she covers three different roles in what, 27 different characters or something crazy throughout those three different tracks that she's in, a that, has to keep us, you know, has the unenviable job of knocking on our doors and going okay, you snapped here instead of here. get that hand up here.
9:23 am
the multitasking cast member. sarah: yeah, yeah. the swings definitely have a hard time because you're not on stage nightly but have to be expected to go on at any moment and you're always in the building, so we've gone from -- i've played a man before, i've gone into different positions and we've all -- shawn: sarah, that's deep. graham: private life, we'll get into that. sarah: i'm currently looking for work so i play --. shawn: i play as a man, a woman. here's the thing, are you of one of the greatest shows on the strip. it's gonna be a celebration too. you guys are the longest running broadway production in strip history. sarah: yeah. graham: it's amazing. shawn: that's awesome. sarah: it's really, you know, to have that happen out here is so rare and to be a book musical and have a full two hour show with an intermission and have people keep coming back is really a testament to how beautifully the show is written and constructed and to how wonderful our performers are in
9:24 am
throughout the piece. it's hard to see something like that go because it's been so magical. shawn: no question. jj: eight years, so any great memories that come to mind? what do you think you'll walk away with? graham: getting to sing these iconic songs night after night in front of an amazing audience. it's the amount of times you get to come out after the show and see people who are, i was crying, you took me back to this amazing time in my life or seeing kids, you know, eight, ten years old who now all of a sudden discovered this music and fall in love with the show so to be able to bring that to a new generation too i think is pretty cool. jj: yeah. sarah: it really is. every night when you come out there's people who go through it and as a swing and dance captain, i get to watch the show a lot more, you know. the people who are in it don't get to watch it, and it's part of my job to watch it and see -- to be in the audience and hear people have that moment where they recognize a song or get so
9:25 am
when they hear sherri for the first time and the kids who come and have no idea that these songs have been going for that long, you know. shawn: sunday september 18, final show, see it before it's gone. quickly, what's next, ten seconds. graham: i'm gonna become my wife's cabana boy and chef. >> nice. sarah: i'll also be applying to be his wife's cabana boy and chef. shawn: that's great. it's great having you guys. congtu success. jj: thank you, guys. sarah: thank you so much. jj: get your dose of do-wop before the curtains close on the jersey boys at paris, las vegas, the final show is set for september 18, that's a sunday. for tickets call or visit the website on your screen.
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shawn: hi, right now, roll up
9:28 am
john zito band. every wednesday night they take over count's vamp'd. jj: here with more about the awesome electric jam is john zito himself. good morning. shawn: hello, sir. john zito: good morning. how you all doing? jj: hey, thanks for joining us in the morning, huh? john: yeah, thank you for having us. shawn: introduce us to the rest of the guys here. john: yes, absolutely. right here on base we have barry barns. shawn: nice. john: over here on drums, paul disibeo, commonly referred to as pauly d. paul disibeo: pauly d, the original pauly d. john: exactly, yes, he is. i'm sorry, go ahead. jj: vegas for a long time. how long have you been together? john: this particular band has been together over five years, and we are half of another band that's called count 77 if some people have heard of them. it's the three of us along with danny kocher on vocals. shawn: nice. john: and stony curtis on guitar, and we also have tommy paris on keyboards and background vocals. shawn: awesome, very cool. john: yeah, we just got back from detroit. it was a great time. just played out there and just got back the other night. have a lot of dates lined up and our new album just game out. it's called "soul transfusion"
9:29 am
a new john zito band cd, too. shawn: wow, you're like the male tyra banks. ( laughter ) got so much going on. thank you. actually ou've been playing vamp'd for a while as well. john: yeah, that's how all this, that's how count 77 came about too, and a lot of other musicians. it's a great place to meet musicians and bands have formed out of there and count 77 was like that. i'd have my trio and we'd play and start inviting danny up and stoney and i have known each other from the blues circuit for some years, and he'd come up and play and just kind of clicked, man. we were just having fun with it for all the right reasons. it took us back to when we were kids, hanging out with friends, just learning music and hanging out and playing, and it's kind of grown into this big monster that we didn't really even expect because we were just having a good time with it. jj: it's the jam, right? john: absolutely. jj: so wednesday nights you do this, a jam? john: every wednesday it's free. shawn: it's not the same show every wednesday. john: no, definitely not. this week we have a special guest, jeff duncan from armored
9:30 am
shawn: awesome. and let's talk about that cd, you were mentioning the album. where can we pick this up? john: that's available everywhere-- amazon, itunes, zia records. shawn: wherever amazing music is sold. john: thank you. shawn: you're gonna perform for us today, right? john: absolutely. shawn: what are you gonna perform? jj: what are you gonna do? john: it's a tune off the last john zito band cd we just did and it's called "lonely, broke and wasted," and that's the title cut off the album. shawn: well, let's hear it. john: all right, thank you much, man. ? music ? ? halfway down spiraling out of control ? ? -- hears that song ? ? -- dusk becomes dawn ?
9:31 am
is born ? ? no one knowing what went awry ? ? backed in a corner by a pistol surprise ? ? what pulls you through but dreams of better days ? ? all i got is days of love and scorn ? ? ? ? nobody knows you when you're down ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all week long ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all i know ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all week long ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all night long ? ? ? ? watered down trash as they blew you down ? ? the county judge and his money game ? ? get me jaywalkin' ? ? made a shame of my name ? ? don't know where i'm going ?
9:32 am
? blood rushing through me ? ? running slowly within ? ? saw ya grievin' now ? ? ? ? nobody knows you when you're down ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all week long ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all i kno? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all week long ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all night long ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all i know ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all week long ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all night long ?
9:33 am
? backed in a corner by a pistol surprise ? ? what pulls you through but dreams of better days ? ? all i got is days of love and fun ? ? ? ? nobody knows you when you're down ? ? low down ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all i know ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all week long ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? all night long ?
9:34 am
? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? lonely, broke and wasted ? ? ? shawn: that is awesome guys, thank you so much. that was phenomenal. jj: yeah, you brought it. shawn: thank you so much for having us. >> if you weren't awake before, you're awake now. that was amazing. again, john zito, electric jam happens every wednesday night at count's vamp'd, sahara and
9:35 am
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personal best year for united way. for the first time in six years, the community pulled together to help them succeed in their campaign goals, and it's gonna help create a foundation for a better life for all. jj: here with more is vice president of donor engagement, angel williams. also with us is chris cappas, vice president of volunteer engagement and human resources. good morning, ladies. shawn: ladies. >> good morning. jj: congratulations on reaching this goal for the first time in six years. this is amazing. angel williams: thank you very much. we're very excited to have achieved shawn: wow. angel: to put back into the community. shawn: oh, man, that's a nice chunk. angel: yeah, thank you. shawn: so explain how companies can get involved in being able to help you continue this mission. angel: we've got fantastic partnerships with over 300 different companies in town, and those companies engage with us to run workplace fundraising events and campaigns at each of those companies, and that brings to us 20,000 donors, and those combined gifts really help make a difference in our community.
9:38 am
jj: now, in addition you have a very exciting event coming up at the end of september. tell me about that. >> yeah, sure. jj: take it, chris. chris cappas: so we have our united day way of caring, our inaugural event, largest community wide volunteer event where we will partner 1200 volunteers with 23 nonprofit agencies and 16 elementary and middle schools, so we'll utilize a lot of our corporate groups, community volunteers. we're still looking for 500 volunteers to assist us on that day. shawn: wow, that's an army. we're asking for the army. that's you. >> yes. shawn: got to help them out. let's talk about the volunteer activities and the nonprofits and schools that are participating right now. chris: absolutely. so we basically have something for every volunteer out there, so if you want something from assembling dental hygiene kits to food backpacks for children, or you can get out and paint and plant gardens at schools, so we really have a little bit
9:39 am
shawn: wow. jj: wow. chris: and some of the great supporters are cesar's entertainment with 310 volunteers. we have cosmopolitan, we have amerigroup. we have so many corporate volunteers supporting this, but individuals around the community too, and it's on friday, september 30. we have a kickoff celebration at town square to start off the morning at 7:30, so the volunteers will enjoy breakfast, they'll get a goody bag, t-shirt, water bottle and then go off to their sites and they can do a half day project 9:30 to 12:30 or a full day project from 9:30 to 3:30. shawn: even the full day project's only what, six hours. chris: right. shawn: i'm good at math. that's great. how do volunteers get connected? chris: so it's very easy. we have a web site. you can go to sign up on our web site, takes about two minutes to three minutes. you can sign up as an individual or get your friends,
9:40 am
together and sign up as a team. it'll be a fun day, and the weather will be cooler too. shawn: yes, wow. could not come soon enough. jj: this is really inspirational because i know the united way has such a big reach across the communities. i just heard about all the businesses involved in the projects you do, and it just seems like there's maybe something for everybody if you want to give back. what will be some of the individual projects that happen on that day of caring? angel: we've g people can engage with children, people can engage with seniors. again, projects at schools, we've got all sorts of projects to really engage the community. shawn: absolutely. jj: it's kind of like a let's all fix up the community day. shawn: absolutely. no question. the money that you raise, the seven and change million dollars, is phenomenal. obviously you have a huge volunteer base, which is great, but to be able to do all the stuff you do is not free. this is why it's so important to
9:41 am
angel: yeah, absolutely. so central to our mission isy, right, it's in our name, united way. shawn: of course. angel: in making impactful change and improving the lives of southern nevadans. so the gifts that we've been able to raise through that campaign, through all of our corporate partners and our donors really go to fund collaborations and projects that impact folks in the areas of education, financial stability and health, so those are the three areas that we work in, primarily. jj: those are biggies. shawn: absolutely. shawn: something we could all use a little help with. angel: yeah, absolutely. shawn: ladies, great having you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. come out and volunteer. jj: and congrats as well on raising all that money. for more information on the united way of southern nevada, head to the web site on your screen. don't forget, september 30, mark it down, is their day of caring. let's all get involved. shawn: that's as little as three hours and you can make a difference. come on. i'm catherine cortez masto
9:42 am
tor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
9:43 am
we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. vested over a half-million dollars in congressman heck's campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees, but risking our retirement in the stock market, cutting benefits, putting wall street ahead of us. congressman heck -- what's wrong with washington.
9:44 am
shawn: out with the old and in with the new this labor day. don't just trash what you don't want though. cash it in. it could be worth a lot more than you think. jj: back with more is gia graduate gemologist neil sackmary with nevada coin mart. welcome back, neil. shawn: mr. sackmary. neil sackmary: hi, mr. sackmary, that's great, right? shawn: i like it. neil: you can call me neil, though. shawn: that's very nice of you. thank you. let's talk about you have all this stuff in front of us. jj: wow! shawn: you're the expert at turning all of this into money. neil: let me tell you something, i got motorcycle helmets from harley davidson, i have christmas ornaments. i have foreign currency, graded coins, proof sets, silver dollars, foreign coins, silver dollar money clips, proof sets, mint sets, silver dollars, 90 percent quarters, 1964 and older
9:45 am
i have autographs, i have gold coins, i have the lone ranger books, i have any type of jewelry, i have gold, silver, costume jewelry, diamonds, rolex watches. whatever you want, neil sackmary buys it all. jj: it's fair to say you buy stuff? neil: i do. jj: yes. neil: i turn stuff or junk into cash. everybody else just wants to buy what's precious so that's why when you drive around las vegas and you see all the pawnshops and all the gold buyers, let me tell you, they're interested in one thing and one thing only, that's gold because that's all they know. that's what a person does for 35 years. neil sackmary is an expert. that means that neil sackmary can stand up in a court of law because neil sackmary is a graduate gemologist from gia. when you go to someone else and you look them dead in the eye you say, are you an expert?
9:46 am
when you come to neil sackmary's store, nevada coin mart on the corner of jones and flamingo, i have armed, on-staff security at the front door. let me tell you, if you go somewhere and they have firearms in the store because people are wearing them and they get robbed, they're running for the back room and you are left with the robber. neil sackmary and nevada coin mart have armed on-staff security at the front door, and they're there for your protection. shawn: absolutely. they're there to keep the guff away. neil: 100 percent. business and not having a security guard? i would walk in, i would look at the business and go, are you guys going out of business? like, know what i mean? i don't understand. you have four walls, they're all white. you can't afford something on the walls? neil sackmary has the most beautiful store you've ever seen in your life, you come in. shawn: it is nice. neil: it is beautiful and you'll enjoy it. jj: not just security guards, but you have how many cameras in the store? neil: i have over 50 cameras that are all high definition, they move with a joy stick and all that stuff.
9:47 am
i can see somebody's nose if i have to, which by the way, i watch the competitor. i just posted about it the other day. when i was leaving the store the other day, the competitor was right in front of me. shawn: oh! neil: and as i was pulling out and i was right behind him, i made a facebook post. listen, i'm flattered. let me just say it to you like this, but you, not a gold buyer. neil sackmary is a gold buyer, a silver buyer and a costume buyer. i don't have to sit and watch somebody and go, wow, that could have been me. shawn: how does he do it? that's what they wonder. so, a bunch of stuff. people end upbringing in bags or tupperware or rubbermaid containers of stuff. neil: garage bags, this is a box. can you imagine. like what do you do. shawn: do you have to de-tangle everything or clean it before you bring it in? neil: bring it in, don't do that. you know, it's really funny because i tell everybody, i'm talking to you. you need to stop what
9:48 am
it's labor day, you need to get up out of bed, stop eating, finish the last bite. whatever it is that you're doing, nothing is more important than coming down right now, seeing neil sackmary, turning stuff or junk into cash. do it now, do it now, right now, come and see me, neil sackmary. jj: you're on to something because people have the day off today. they might be wanting to clean out the closet. neil: of course. jj: is there anything they shouldn't bring down? neil: no. jj: to sell? neil: no, you might need money for hot dogs and that's later in the day, okay? you could come down in the morning because i'm open 9-6, 365 day a year. that means monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. oh, and of course i'm open sunday like a real business owner should be from 9-6. i don't decide to sleep in or not show up. neil sackmary is there every day. come and see me. shawn: don't need a decoder ring to figure out when you're open? neil: no, if you have a business and you're open different hours on sunday, you should be out of business. you should just go home and sleep.
9:49 am
you want to be loyal to your customers and you want your customers to show you loyalty, that means you're there for them every minute of every day and that's why they come and see me. come and see me right now, stop what you're doing, come and see me. jj: you have a very strong work ethic. neil: i do. jj: yes, you do. neil: and that enables me to have the hypnotic trance. shawn: the hypnotic trance. before we go, how about the hypnotic trance of food in our tummy. we need hot dog money. neil: hot dogs, very quickly. glazers greatest supermarket ever, $200 or more, you get a $50 glazer gift certificate because you might need money for hot dogs. do it at glazers, come in and see me, i give you money, you can go get hot dogs or hamburgers or cheese or whatever it is that you need. the important thing is this -- few seconds left, i'm talking to you. jj: uh-oh. shawn: uh-oh. neil: now need to stop what you're doing. this is the hypnotic trance, and i'm talking to you and you need to get up what you're doing and
9:50 am
you can see the little ghosts that we have here, they're all doing this, it's important because we're all talking to you. that's why you need to come down and see me, neil sackmary, a real person, i'm not a paid actor. i could go on and on but the important thing is this: that i'm talking to you. come and see me. jj: neil, i'm going to take myself out of the trance right now and just thank you so much. it's always a pleasure to see you. neil: you got to waive though. jj: nevada coin mart can give... neil: peop g jj: a big return on -- you don't want it any more so bring it down to see neil. for more information about them, visit their location on jones just north of flamingo. you can also call them or visit their website december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns.
9:51 am
23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this ad. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
9:52 am
? ? shawn: time for our sleep tip of the day. it's sponsored by best mattress. do you suffer with a bad back? well, take note of these helpful sleep possessions that can help
9:53 am
jj: if you prefer to sleep on your back, be careful as it may induce your lower back pain, which in turn causes restlessness. consider placing a soft pillow or rolled up towel under your knees to facilitate the natural curve of your spine. shawn: sleep professionals also don't recommend sleeping on your stomach as it may cause strain on your lower back and possible neck pain and for more information on better sleep, you can visit they have locations in las vegas, mesquite, saint george and surrounding areas. they're also on facebook and agn, is sponsored by best mattress. i'm willing to bet the sleep tip people would say sleeping on the armrest like we're doing right now, painful. jj: i tell you, that was a good sleep tip. shawn: that was fantastic. jj: i am totally ready for a nap, shawn. shawn: we're two hams. i hope you're enjoying your labor day. what do you have planned for the rest of the day? anything? jj: yeah, i want to do as little as possible. shawn: amen.
9:54 am
that outside. i want to be in flip-flops. how about you? shawn: that's a rule that you could pretty much pull off flip-flops. where i'm from, you wear flip-flops any day of the year and you're just made fun of. who the heck are you, what are you, jason miraz. but here, you can wear flip-flops all day long and no one judges you. jj: i guess it is. it's sort of a southern and west coast thing, flip-flops. shawn: yeah, it's cool. i would wear them on the air but no one wants to see my gnarley toes. jj: i dare you to do that. shawn: oh, no. jj: when it's appropriate. shawn: nope, nobody wants that. jj: i'll go get you a pedicure. shawn: t last time i got a pedicure, i lost a bet with my wife. yeah, i'm gonna do as little as humanly possible. that's the goal. jj: yay. shawn: whenever you have a day off, the rare monday off. jj: yes. shawn: nah. jj: you got to just mix it up, know what i mean? yeah. shawn: i'll stay in. jj: take the makeup off, put a ponytail in and chill. shawn: i'm gonna put more makeup on. ( laughter ) shawn: just cause, i'm gonna take a bunch of selfies. by the way, when speaking of selfies, yeah, what a segue. go ahead.
9:55 am
photos from what everyone else is doing today. we get lonely here in the studio. shawn: we do. jj: we need some interaction with you guys. shawn: please, yes, there we go. the e-mail's right there at the bottom of your screen if you'd like to send us something or on facebook or twitter. not on instagram but make one for us and post all kinds of pictures. jj: know what i'm loving about this time of year, i felt the weather switch, yeah. shawn: the past days have been so nice. jj: yes, it's been about two weeks. to get in the car in the morning and it's 88 degrees and i'm like, now, i'm feeling like a las vegan. now i get it. oh, yeah. shawn: this is good. i could live like this. it's the two or three months out of the year. that's our winter for like the east coast. the summer is like -- you don't have to shovel heat, which is good. man, 110, i'm glad those days are wrapping up. as we leave, every wednesday it's an electric jam here with john zito. that's right. gonna be at count's vamp's. best of all, it's free. count's vamp'd if you didn't know, right there on
9:56 am
fantastic venue. jj: yeah. shawn: love it. jj: and we're gonna leave you with a performance from them here in just a moment. but first up, i want to know how the baby room is coming. shawn: by the way, baby room is doing fantastic, quick update on the baby room. i have three of the four walls done, gray, gray, gray. one last one, blue. that's coming up tomorrow. i do have a little bit of paint on the ceiling that accidently got past the masking tape, and i have no idea how to clean that. jj: always! shawn: i'll keep you updated. jj: you will bring in a photo? shawn: i will of the final one. shawn: here's john zito. have a great day, everybody. ? ? ? take little walk ? ? across the edge of town ? ? across the ground with this ? ? tremblin' heart in hand ? ? blood painted sky's ?
9:57 am
? with these silent trances ? ? in my burning soul ? ? lay me down low and ? ? it ain't gonna rain no more ? ? lay me down low and ? ? rain... the rain ? ? gonna rain... no more ? ? ? ? this daemon's day of madness ? ? that i can't resist ? ? in need and bleeding cold ? ? in the dark ? ? sanctify my body in this ? ? time of intemperance ? ? through these bridges that ? ? are burnt beyond repair ?
9:58 am
? lay me down low and ? ? ain't gonna rain ? ? lay me down low and ain't ?
9:59 am
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