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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new video this morning showing a murder suspect's past... right now police are searching for this armed and dangerous man. 0-4 i just wanted to be able to get her to help as soon as possible u-f-c fighter miesha tate helps a little girl who was hurt on a hike at mount charleston! you'll her from her in just a good morning las vegas! i'm ... and i'm xxx.... the time now is ... let's get started with 13 first alert meteorologist greg bennett... ((ad-lib))
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breaking overnight a woman is
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police say she was driving on the 95 when at least one shot hit her car around 2:30 this morning. the suspect took off and police are still looking for that vehicle. the woman was not injured but police did find a bullet on her car. police say the victim doesn't appear to know the shooter. 13 action news reporter parker collins is headed to the scene now to gather more information. he'll hv up at 5. this morning a woman is dead after being hit by a motorcycle in north las vegas. police say she was crossing the street near lake mead and civic center when she was hit outside of a crosswalk. the motorcycle driver had minor injuries.. north las vegas police say it doesn't appear that alcohol or speed is a factor. right now henderson police are investigating what lead to an apparent murder-suicide in the anthem highlands area. police were called to a home near anthem highlands drive and democracy yesterday around 6
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found two people dead from gunshot wounds. their names have not been released yet. henderson police responded to a domestic dispute in that same home once before. this morning... we have new video showing escaped murder suspect alonso perez's violent past. perez.... who slipped out of his handcuffs, and managed to escape from the north las vegas police station--- has now been on the run for four days. police say this is perez shooting into the peterson motel and apartments... the manager of the complex says perez fired nine shots at the building... thankfully, the bullets just missed him,. "this guy just has no regard for life at all." "anyone out there right now that he runs into, even if he's smiling, don't approach him." north las vegas police echo that sentiment... they believe perez is armed and dangerous. they say he has a small tattoo of the "air jordan" logo on his neck. call 9-1-1 if you see him.
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remembering a woman who made history in las vegas. thalia dondero...the first woman elected to the clark county commission passed away yesterday of heart failure. dondero was 96 years old. overnight british airways travelers waited in long lines at airports across the world because of a computer outage! the airline says customers were delayed checking in for their flights...some people waited in line for three hours at the san francisco airport. there wer also delays in this was the second major computer outage in the last few months for the airline. in may, british airways had to delay and cancel hundreds of flights because of an outage. take a look at this video behind me--- you can see, hundreds of bees taking over a valley family's front porch! it forced the family to spend their labor day indoors. :34:17 i don't know if they are allergic to bees stings , i'm scared for the kids outside
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ana gonzalez lives near boulder higway and russell. she says her apartment complex manager couldn't get an exterminator out to help because of the holiday weekend.. even when gonzalez asked the manager if she could hire her own exterminator...they said she would have to pay for it herself because it's not an emergency. we tried to get in touch with the manager but had no luck. the manager did tell gonzalez they would send someone out today. vm u-f-c fighter miesha tate i for her selfless act on mount charleston. tate was hiking, sunday, when she noticed a mother struggling to carry her 6-year-old down the trail. kai had broke her arm on the hike at mary jane falls. so... tate offered to carry kai down the mountain. 2:06-2:15 i grabbed her and carried her the rest of the way down i'm a little bit sore today but it was worth it and we made it down. the girl's family thanked tate on instagram saying tate saved them hours of hiking and helped
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good morning las vegas... time now is xxx... :2-:8 nats of coughing hillary clinton has a coughing attack on the campaign trail... it's what she said next that has trump reacting this morning.. sot - kira parrish / delta fair ride victim "i really thought i was going to die." sot - anna people injured this morning... more on what caused it later in this half hour. ((ad-lib)) taking a live look right now in long island new york where you can see waves are pretty big there as hermine is still over the north
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extraordinary starts here. new k-y intense. a stimulating gel that takes her pleasure to new heights. k-y intense. phyllis schlafly has died. schlafly was an outspoken anti-
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more recently schlafly threw her support behind donald trump's presidential campaign. trump called schlafly a conservative icon who led millions to action and reshaped the conservative movement. schlafly was 92 years old. it's another busy day for donald trump and hillary clinton-- who are both trying to gain ground in key battleground states. today clinton will be in florida, while trump will visit virginia and north carolina. both candidates camapgined in ohio yesterday. and at one point, hillary fit--- into an attack on trump. (hillary clinton, (d) presidential nominee) "(coughs repeatedly) every time i think about trump i get allergic." trump's campaign responded on twitter saying she "must be allergic to the media...she finally spent a minute with them." for the first time, both candidates are traveling with the press. on trump's plane, he answered qusetions on his immigration policy... trump: i'm not ruling out
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q: including a pathway to legal status. trump: no. to become a citizen you're going to have to go out and come back in the race is tight. a new c-n-n o-r-c poll just in this morning shows a dead heat among likely voters. trump has 45-percent and clinton with 43. vm president obama has canceled his meeting with the president of the philippines-- after he made some controversial comments. president obama and rodrigo duterte were set to week.... the white house said the president planned to confront duterte about killing suspected drug dealers without trials. duterte didn't like hearing that... 0-8 (rodrigo duterte, philippines president) "who is he? i am a president of a sovereign state butted with :15-:22 i do not have any for his comments and says he regrets that
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this morning some people in oregon are upset over what a group of guys did to a historic rock formation... that's what everybody takes a picture in front of. they maybe would want to share that with their children, their grandchildren what they did to destroy it was all caught on camera. and new video coming in to our newsroom this morning of how hermine really put a damper on
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formation in oregon is destroyed...and the people who knocked it down were caught on camera. you cans see the group in pacific citytipping it over. the people who captured this video on their phone confronted the vandals....who told them the rock was a safety hazard...and that's why they tipped it over. but not everyone is buying that explanation. (kel) "the fact that they went through all that effort to intention and just leaving is just heartbreaking." an oregon state parks spokesperson says the group will face fines for violating park rules. police say they could even face criminal charges, once they're identified. sot david bienick / reporter, wcvb-tv here in chatham, the wind is now whipping across the beach! waves are picking up. there's a no swimming ban in hermine as it moved up the
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holiday weekend. but further off the coast... royal caribbean's anthem of the seas got caught in the rough waters. and now, we're hearing from one of those passengers. sot derek biedermann / passenger eating in the restaurant, dishes going all over the place the cruise did eventually make it to calmer waters... but dangerous waves and rip currents are expected to continue in the north east.... high pressure and dry air along jet is keeping skies mainly sunny today with temperatures slightly below normal and winds between 5 and 10 mph out of the west/northwest. as we move through the week though, the jet will push back to the north and cooler air will not flow much into
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will slowly creep back into the lower 100s. will slowly creep back into the lower 100s. thursday through sunday will be the warm days within the outlook; ranging temperatures between 97 and 103 degrees valley wide. mainly sunny skies look to hold along mild winds with the potential for breezier on next monday. in regards to hurricane newton, it is a category 1 with sustained
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17 mph. it will be going through the gulf of california into arizona where it will interact with tucson and phoenix as it tracks into new mexico. when it does this, it will downgrade to a tropical storm the az/nm boarder, it should be a depression or subtropical low pressure system. major flooding and damaging winds will be a huge issue for
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this morning a dozen people are recovering from two fair accidents over the holiday weekend. now we're learning that an accident in memphis that left teens dangling from a ride was caused by human error. sot - matt snyder / delta fair director of safety "the ride operator panicked and hit a button that released the safety bars before the ride was actually in the cradle."
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from their seats. one girl has a broken wrist and neck. sot - kira parrish / delta fair ride victim "i really thought i was going to die." sot - anna another carnival accident in chicago where six children were hurt. they hit their heads when a roller coaster came to a sudden stop. just this month there have been six different scares at amausment parks...including the death of a 10- year-old on the world's largest water slide in kansas. ol fields will be honored today at the clark county commission meeting. the b-m-x champion wil be recognized at 9 a-m this morning. fields is the first american to win a gold medal in b-m-x racing at the olympics. good morning las vegas... time now is x:xx --- 51946 it left me in tears 51947 butted with 52212 he put life into them as you can see and a lot of love .... a woman already devastated by the loss of her husband has something else taken from her.
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johnny manziel isn't going back to the n- f-l this season. his plans involve taking some notes... you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel
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this pimple's gonna last forever. aw com'on. to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. a judge to throw out two key pieces of evidence.
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lawsuit by accuser andrea constand. in the deposition, cosby talked about having extramarital affairs and giving other women drugs with their consent so they'd have sex with him. the other piece of evidence is a recording of a phone call between cosby and constand's mother. constand says cosby gave her pills and wine at his home leaving her incapacitated and unable to consent to sex. cosby has pleaded not guilty. clark county school district. the third and final vote that could lead to a reorganization of the district is set for friday. the proposal would restructure the district and move power from the central administration to individual communities. if passed the plan would take effect at the beginning of next school year. this morning a valley woman is asking for her horse statue back. it was stolen from her front yard, near desert inn and nellis. she says it's the last piece of
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52106 and see that empty space., it hurts i don't want to start crying again 52112 beverly voiss came home friday to find the statue missing. she says it took her husband sunny a year to sculpt... and is worth thousands of dollars. but for voiss it's the sentimental value that matters most...she just wants the statue returned. high pressure and dry air along with the orientation of the sunny today with temperatures slightly below normal and winds between 5 and 10 mph out of the will not flow much into valley wide. mainly sunny skies look to hold it is a category 1 with sustained winds of 90 mph traveling north/northwest at 17 tucson and phoenix as it tracks into new mexico. when it does this, it will downgrade to a tropical storm and by the time it hits the az/nm boarder, it should be a depression or subtropical low pressure system. major flooding and damaging winds will be a huge issue for
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actor chevy chase has checked a spokesman for chase tells t-m-z the 72-year-old is being treated for an alcohol-related issue at a treatment center in minnesota. the spokesman says the rehab visit is a quote tune up so that chase can be the best he can be. this is not the first time the actor has sought treatment for
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in 19-86, chase entered the betty ford center to deal with a painkiller addiction. tennis icon serena williams is making history at the u-s open. it's topping our look at today's stories now trending... :48-:52 pause for cheering nats number one ranked serena williams won her match yesterday giving her 308 grand slam single wins that's more than any other man or woman in history! roger federer use record. former cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel is going back to school. he has re-enrolled at texas a and m for the fall semester. manziel was a recreation, parks and tourism sciences major when he was playing for the aggies in 2013. if manziel does decide to return to the n-f-l he would start by serving a four game suspension--- for violating the league's substance abuse
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this morning for what she did for her son. pictures of her dressed up like a man have gone viral. she did all this for her son's donuts with dad event at school. she said she didn't want her son to miss out on all the fun. she says she's gettign a lot of support from other single parents online. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, coming up at five... firefighters in arizona are working through the night to make sure a fire doesn't re-ignite. that's not the only problem that fire is causing this morning... breaking overnight...british airways flights delayed across the world after a computer outage! i'll have the latest from the breaking news center...
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for the shooter. the scene.
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this morning. next-her the fighter describe what she calls "one of the most rewarding days of her athletic career." plus--long lines at airports around the world after another major outage. we'll have the details coming up. good morning las vegas! i'm beth fisher and i'm todd quinones. the time now is ... let's get started with 13 first alert meteorologist greg bennett... high pressure and dry air along with the orientation of the jet is keeping skies mainly sunny today with temperatures slightly below normal and winds between 5 and 10 mph out of the west/northwest. southern nevada. this means high temperatures will slowly creep back into the lower 100s. valley wide. mainly sunny skies look to hold along mild winds with the potential for breezier conditions on next monday.


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