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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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expands. but we begin with breaking news. roads are closed right now in the area of charleston and maryland parkway after a series of crashes.. and a man getting in a fight with first responders. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is live at the scene with the latest bryan? you can see the carnage behind me here... but police say it stemmed from a hit and run a mile down the road. they say the red dodge magnum took off from that accident and ran a red light hitting the mustang. the passenger in the dodge has major head and neck injuries. she is in extremely critical condition tonight. police say the driver of the dodge briefly fought with firefighters on scene before being taken to the hospital. witnesses report the dodge was weaving before the crash.. and officers are doing dui tests. the driver of the mustang was also taken to the hospital, but we are told he was walking another hour or so at this
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callahan, 13 action news. new details on that mercury- contamination scare at johnson junior high . the epa and clark county school officials now admit the mercury may have been in the building longer than first reported. tonight.. we're speaking with the student who first came in contact with toxic substance. 13 action news anchor christopher king is live at the school right now with the chris. families are bringing their kids' belongings here to the school for testing. they wan to find out if their stuff is contaminated with mercury. tonight we talk with a student who tells us he first came in contact with the substance in tuesday. but the school did not act until wednesday. i saw it on the ground." gagik babajan..was amazed by the strange silvery liquid..skittering around the gym floor.
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swooped away." his pencil fell under there- like hundreds and hundreds of droplets." one of at least a dozen to mercury. a lot of people touched it. i was sitting with 15 kids who touched it." gagik may have tracked it home..uwittingly..exposing his two little brothers. the same shoes i used on tuesday-i walked around in my house-so i spread it all my house-the carpet-and we're worried that it's in our house right now." clark county schools..locked down walter johnson junior high school..on wednesday. "i touched the mercury on tuesday." 'we're i determine the date. it was prior to wednesday." superintendent..pat skorowsky..admits..the district does not have clear timeline of when the mercury first appeared in the school. "it is concerning-but you'll have to remember we're working with a lot of unknowns." in the meantime..gagik tells us..he's been feeling sick. when i came home on tuesday-i didn't want to eat-i just laid down on the couch and i had a trying to piece together the want to do anything." the superintendent says he's
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the epa tells us they've cleared all the classrooms and 7 school buses. the be here again tomorrow and sunday. by hey hope to clear the whole school to re-open on monday. here's where things stand right now by the numbers. 12 students and staff members were exposed to the mercury.. and we know of at least child who reporte as of this morning.. the epa had cleared 168 bags.. with more than a thousand left to be tested. parents are urged to bring all meterials or clothing that could have been contaminated back to johnson junior high for testing. that process will continue tomorrow and sunday from 8am to 8pm. metro is investigating a violent fight outside a gas station on blue diamond road and valley view road.
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involved in the dispute and someone was cut...possibly from a knife. the victim is expected to be okay. metro is after a killer right now in connection with a murder late this morning. it happened just before 11 at an apartment complex near desert inn and maryland. we're told the victim was taken to umc trauma but died a short time later. no word on what led to the murder. it has been 5 years since 15-year-old alyssa otremba was brutally alyssa otremba was brutally murdered.... and her family still doesn't have justic. overwhelming support from arbor view high school students. at tonight's football game... a moment of silence was held in honor of alyssa...while bandmembers wore a green ribbons in her memory the 15-year-old was tortured and killed on september 2nd, 2011, while walking home from a friend's house. her mother says this year has been especially difficult because the anniversary of her death came right before they learned the trial of the accused killer was delayed again. 04:22:21- i lost a part of my heart...
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the trial for javier righetti was delayed for a mental evaluation. it's official tonight. the clark county school district is being re-organized. here are some quick facts to explain what it means for parents. individual schools will have control over budgeting.. decisions. every school will create its own "precinct" consisting of teachers.. support staff and parents from schools.. with 20- percent going to central administration. the reorganization could look very different at each school--and that's because your child's prinicipal will gain more control. each school will essentially become... its own district. meaning school leaders will have a lot more say over what
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we talked to parents about what they thought about the change. 07.22.58 i dont think they should make it so many districts 23.00 i think they should cut it down maybe but not as many districts as theyre assistant superintendents who will make sure everything is okay. nats of crowd chanting today dozens in our local native american community front of the bellagio fountains---protesting the proposed construction of an oil pipeline in north dakota. organizers say the pipeline ...could possibly contaminate the water and would be built on sacred native american land "over the weekend.... their heritage being plowed over." earlier today... the obama administration temporarily blocked construction on part of the pipeline.
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temporarily blocked construction on part of the pipeline. the government acknowledged complaints from the standing rock tribal nation...and said their concerns had not been fully heard your voice.. your vote in the 2016 election.. and a new poll is putting a spotlight on hispanic voters. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston explains what it could mean for the candidates in nevada's senate race. poll in nevada... 13 action news." ----61-22, cortez-masto is ahead among latinos. quarter don't know much about either candidate. high number. ----potential problem for her. 6 percent won't vote in senate race, just vote against trump. 60 percent don't know how either stand on immigration. is that a danger sign for her? play sound ----heck is not her, if she can consolidate that base. conventional wisdom always is that hispanics care mostly about immigration than any other issue. but this poll shows just how
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immigration. and here in nevada it is much is the most important issue thousands of dollars worth of stuff is stolen from a henderson storage facility -- but one item in particular might raise eyebrows. a "furry animal suit" that looks like a mascot costume was taken....and the owner is heartbroken. 13 action news reporter david schuman talked to the man under the mask. this is oreo. he walks around...he waves...and he loves to dance. music nats for years...oreo has been steavphan feasel's alter ego -- a character he himself for a while -- and a way to make friends with other self-proclaimed "furries." 04:04:32 "we just see it as a comfort zone because a lot of us are shy." butt with 04:11:04 "feeling free basically, away from the whole human thing." the suit isn't cheap. it's worth 26-hundred dollars. and's gone. 04:08:02 "they got away with the whole body, the head and the hands." oreo was stolen from steavphan's unit at public
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bicycles..r-c cars and construction equipment. it wasn't the only unit burglarized. cory ausiello says his heart sunk when he discovered what had happened. 04:21:49 cory ausiello "it's really hard to know that the stuff is gone." the manager wouldn't answer any questions about the burglaries. we left a message at their corporate office that wasn't returned. as for oreo... david schuman "a friend of steavphan's actually spotted the suit here on fremont street downtown where of course there are always a lot of people dressed up. but that wa and they're no closer to finding the costume now than when it was first taken. david schuman, 13 action news." a big ripoff is moving from street corners to the internet. see why that great online deal for name-brand merchandise could really be too good to be true. the red flags.. so you don't waste your money. and.. an urgent warning tonight about one of the most popular smartphones on the market.
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says the smartest thing you can do with it right now is to turn it off. bryan.
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he says he was trying to park on his life. he says he was trying to park on the 9th floor of a parking garage but his car wouldn't one of the tires.. leaving the car dangling from the side of the building. with the help of a bystander.. the 24- year old was able to climb to safety from an open
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able to slowly lower his car to the ground. a clerk in clinton, connecticut is recovering after a car smashed into his store. the impact sent shelves flying... but more importantly, it sent the clerk flying as well. from this angle, you can see the impact as he is tossed among the debris. miraculously, he has no broken bones. the driver was charged with reckless driving. a major blow for brendan dassey-- one of the subject's from the popular netflix series "making a murderer" today his overturned conviction dassey had been accused of helping his uncle kill a woman, but in august... a judge ruled that investigators tricked dassey into confessing. he was ordered to be freed within 90 days.... unless prosecutors appealed or decided to retry him. the 26-year-old will know stay behind bars. counterfeit products are no longer being found on street corners. they're also starting to show up online. 13 action news anchor beth
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waste your money.
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2 years ago after her knockoff iphone charger set her bed on fire. beware of any website promising major savings on brand name products. remember if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. for 13 action news, i'm beth fisher, helping you so you "don't waste your money."> from contact -13- general motors has issued a worldwide recall for more than four a software defect can prevent air bags from deploying and seat belts may not work properly. one death has already been linked to the recall. the recall affects certain model vehicles -- from 2014 to 2017 model years. now to an extremely rare safety warning -- owners of the samsung galaxy note- 7 smartphone are now being urged to immediately power them down --- and don't use them ever again. so far..
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igniting fires. abc's david kerley has more on the alarming warning. script: a remarkable move tonight by the u-s government, telling consumers not to use their samsung galaxy note 7 phones. nats: "it catch fire." in an unprecedented action... the consumer product safety commission advising the hundreds of thousands of americans who have bought to "power them down and stop charging or using the device." nats: commercial "introducing the galaxy note 7..." enthusiastically announced its latest phones. but after the 35 instances of fires, including a florida man who claims his jeep caught fire while he was charging his phone. sot nathan dornacher: it was very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire. the south korean company has not issued an official government recall of the galaxy note 7, only offering to replace the phone.. and that's prompting government action. sot glenn derene/editor, consumer reports: i think the message is, really, if you're not going to coordinate
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stop using the phone. and that follows an extraordinary warning from the f-a-a ... calling out a specific consumer product saying passengers should not "turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft." sot steve ganyard: this is a serious thing. you put something that creates fire and noxious fumes on an airplane? that's about as dangerous as it gets. faa tests have shown what consumer devices... and large shipments of lithium ion batteries (nats) can do on an aircraft. your voice your vote in the race for the white house.. and democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will return to las vegas next week. her campaign tells 13 action news she'll be here next
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economy. no word yet on exactly when.. or where she'll appear. the u-s and russia are cooperating on a cease fire plan in syria.. set to take effect at sundown on monday. the date corresponds with the first day of the muslim holiday.. eid ( ) al-adha. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart.. sergei lavrov.. say if the ceasefire holds for 7 days.. the u-s and russia will begin a coordiat target the al qaeda affiliate in syria.. the al nusra front. charges are now being filed in
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vegas just being above the century mark. being above the century mark. sunshine will be around for all the sunscreen and drink that water as it will be very dry outside. by the end of the weekend a weak low will have moved onto shore around san diego and travel up the coast. las vegas will not expect chances for rain or even heavy clouds but winds will begin to whip up sunday afternoon and become gusty for monday. as this occurs, temperatures will fall
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will have moved onto shore around san diego and travel up the coast. las vegas will not expect chances for rain or even heavy clouds but will fall dramatically! high
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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five are from the oakland police department, one from livermore police, and a contra costa county deputy. all are believed to have been involved with a former prostitute who says she slept was underage. the floodwaters are pretty-much gone.. but the cleanup and recovery effort is just getting started in louisiana. governor john bel edwards was on capitol hill today asking congress for a 2-billion dollar package to help his state rebuild. the rain that caused the flooding is also responsible for 13 deaths.. and damaging more than 100-thousand homes. a las vegas athelete is paying the price for excercising his freedom of expression.
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endorsement of broncos linebacker brandon marshall for taking a knee during the national anthem. the new salami caprese panini from subway. pressed and grilled to cinematic perfection to get a golden brown crust
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part of the new chef-inspired
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of charleston and eastern. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is at the scene with a look at what's going on. bryan metro police have set up a perimeter--possibly searching for a suspect that possibly escaped into a back yard this is near eastern and charleston that possiblye back yard this is near eastern and charleston this is near eastern and charleston marshall knee denver broncos linebacker and
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today after taking a knee during the national anthem. the air academy federal credit union terminated its relationship with marshall. in an interview with sports illustrated.. marshall said he dealt with several instances of racial profiling while growing up in las vegas.. including high school.. when his older brother was pulled over while he was sleeping in the passenger seat. he says police insisted that because he was groggy.. he must have been high and requested to search their vehicle. we'll be final look at your weekend forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after 13 action news.
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vegas just being above the century mark. sunshine will be around for all outdoor activities so lather on
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outside. a man in illinois wants to break a world record... and he's using his background in welding to do it. the world's largest teeter totter could be sitting in his backyard. it's more than 100 feet long.. and lifts riders 50 feet in the air. welder.. chuck uhing.. says he started in 2014 with one goal- to make it into the guinness book of world records. guinness will let him know if he made it in about 8 weeks. that's our news for tonight. jimmy kimmel live is up next.. and remember.. we're always on at
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight -- eddie murphy. from "stranger things" gaten matarazzo. and music from schoolboy q featuring e-40. and now, you know what? here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad i'm here tonight. we have a great show for you. eddie murphy is here with us tonight.


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